The Intersect Project Review of Chuck Vs The Tango

First,  I would like to thank Paul for his kind words on the podcast, and would like to say I respect the work you’re doing with the Podcast and most specifically the passion you show for Chuck.

I also don’t mind your schedule, college is important and sometimes there are more important things then Chuck. We all have lifes to live, but with that said. I have mentioned that each Podcast Paul does, you can find it hear on Chuckaholics. I provide the podcast on the Intersect Project Page or even in my review of the podcast.

My Take on Tango

It was a good podcast and Paul is right. There are a lot of first in Chuck vs The Tango. Especially for Chuck, who gets an Alias—Charles Carmichael.

We get the first Team Bartowski reference.

The first opening theme song.

Paul is also on point when we dive a little bit into the direction of Chuck’s future. It started with Big Mike and continues with Ellie and Sarah. Everyone is speaking about what’s good for Chuck, but we get little bit of what Chuck wants but something tells me the spy life won’t be an issue

Overall it was a good Podcast. I suggest you take the time to listen to not only Tango but his other podcasts as well.

Don’t forget you can find it on Itunes under Podcasts, and it is free, but as I mentioned at the top. For those that don’t have Itunes. I provide the podcast either in this article or over at the Intersect Project Page.








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