Bio- just a little about me

Well first off my name is Seth Ramirez and I am a nineteen year old sophomore in college. I am studying to become a biomedical engineer, but enough about my boring personal life let me tell how I fell in love with Chuck.

I discovered chuck in early July when my brother was watching Chuck Vs The imported salami and as soon as I saw Sarah and Chuck kiss that first time I was like dang this show got romance, action, and comedy where has it been all my life. From there I actually started the show at episode one and watched all five seasons in about three weeks and am currently working on my third go around.

There are three main things that make me love Chuck so much. First is the chuck and Sarah relationship. All I really need to do is say Phase three and that should tell you all you need to know about why I love their relationship. Second is the chemistry between the actors. While the show is great in the happy moments its the sad moments where you can see the actors really do care about each other and how they work perfectly with each other. The final reason I love Chuck so much is because of Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, and Mark Christopher Lawrence. I know your wondering what do they have in common and it is one word Faith. I am a christian and proud of it and when I hear Zac, Adam, and Mark talking so openly about there faith even if its just on twitter, it just makes me have even a greater appreciation for the show. So I fell in love with chuck, and a common faith among myself and some of the actors drove me to love the show on another level.

Well that is me and I am glad to be able to share my Chuck story with all of the Chuck Family members. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

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  1. Welcome, Seth. Kind of amazing the age range of the Chuck fans….you would have been quite young when it first aired on NBC. It probably speaks to us for different reasons, but it was a show that seemed to have it all !!!

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