Chuckaholics and The Intersect Project Questions and Answers Session


The team at odds again

First Annual Question and Answer Session

The Intersect Project Podcast and Chuckaholics would like to extend an invitation to join us on Chuckaholics for a Q & A Session. Ask us questions about the show we all love Chuck.

No question is stupid and every question will be answered if we can. Tonight’s session is open to both Newbies and Chuck Veterans. Since this is the case, please be advise there may be some spoilers, thus if you don’t want to be spoiled then attending the session would not be feasible for you. 

The event will take place on Chuckaholics. There will be an article titled Q and A, and in the article’s discussion board  ask your questions. If you want to ask us a question put the name of the Author on the top for example, if you want to ask Paul a question, simply put

Paul, then your question—this way the question will be directed for Paul. It will make it easier for us to follow the questions. It will be an hour long session if people want to continue and time willing we always can extend the discussion,  we look forward to answering your question and meeting all of you.

In the Q and A article will be a list of Author’s who have made it too the session. This way if one of us cannot make it the question doesn’t get asked to the missing person.

The event will take place tonight at 7:30 EST.  The place is Chuckaholics.

This Friday Will be Another Q and A

We also would like to invite the newbies of Chuck to join us on 9/5, which is a Friday, to join us for a discussion about the first four episodes of our rewatch. The episodes will include the Pilot through Wookie. All questions should be about those four episodes. Chuck veterans should not spoil it for the newbies.

The session will commence at 7:30pm on that day. The place will be at Chuckaholics as well. We encourage all those that are new to Chuck to join us. No question are stupid, thus the more people attend the better the session will be. The session will also be an hour long.



    • It’s pretty awesome !! Would love to hear the female perspective on things…especially Prague and Season 3. Most of what I’ve heard comes from Chuck Vs. The Podcast and that hilarious comment that CM posted from Tumblr. I’m still too much of a gentleman to suggest it but I’ve heard from some females that Sarah needed a good slap throughout most of Season 3 !! LOL

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