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  1. If you have a question for a specific person, post the name of the person you want to ask before your question. If you have a general question just go ahead and ask

  2. I had just finished my second rewatch of Chuck, and a favorite comedian of mine,Kumail Nanjiani put out an x files rewatch podcast. So I was like, Chuck fans are awesome and a rewatch podcast could provide great discussion!

    • Isn’t it great when a Show like Chuck, which doesn’t have a strong following like firefly or Veronica Mars for that matter has such a tight community. The fact that we talk about these characters like we know them is a testament to the production

    • There is actually. I been thinking about adding a Chuck Timeline to the site Chuck has a lot of years before 2007 that people should be aware of like 1999 when Bryce and Chuck met. It would also be the same year Chuck and Jill met. If we were to add that to the site would you like it?

  3. Paul, do you get much feed back on your pod casts? I haven’t been able to catch them all but what I have listened to are great.

  4. I think that would be kinda cool to see even if it is fan made, just to give a better feel for the background for the sho.w

    • I’ve worked in fire protection system inspections for the last 15 years. Still go play vol firefighter occasionally. Older guys hope for a nice quite day, younger guys want the world to burn. I use to be like that. I got smarter though. Get to station, check every piece of equipment on the apparatus, breakfast, wash and clean apparatus, run a few call, lunch, exercise, some type of training, dinner, more calls, tv, bed, go home or repeat.

    • At some time there maybe a quiz for the rewatch, there will be a standing and at the end of the 91 weeks the winner will have a name a photo added with a championship belt. I plan to do this rewatch once a year, so maybe they can defend their championship of Chuck knowledge

  5. Shaw for sure and then volkoff, quinn fourth is tougher but i will go with Roark cause he was the final fulcrum villian.

  6. Paul.

    Did the fact that we didn’t get the one million dollars during Zac’s Campaign for Nerd HQ bother you at all in hopes for a Chuck movie, because lets face it at this time a series is all but dead. I believe if I had to rank it it wold be a Movie , mini series and Netflix as the other choice

    • I was like you, I was disappointed, but I realized during the Yvonne panel. Zac really doesn’t have enough pull with WB and its sad because I don’t think they realize the momentum the show is getting through netflix its incredible

      • Netflix cant tell you how many total views thay have had fore a show/episode. Or they say they cant. Would be nice to know what Chuck is doing

  7. It happens I guess, unfortunately. I hope Zach had enough to keep Nerd HQ running. Would love to go once.

    • I agree maybe the cast and creators get an itch to tell a story. There is still a lot to talk about. like who really was Langston Graham, what was behind Omaha why would a paranoid Orion leave all his files under one roof. still a lot of questions

      • Also we saw the names of the files in orions basement but there was at least one that we never found out what it was about.

      • I agree we need something. Like I’ve said, you cant leave a series like this. If it were Dallas there would have been an insurrection if we never found out who shot JR. Granted Chuck was not in the same league as Dallas but its the principle.

      • i have said the ideal way for a show to go out is the Cheer way. Sam Malone’s love was the bar. Chuck and Sarah’s love for each was destroy by the creators and writers because of wanting to be clever. It works if there is another season coming.
        But not with a series finale.

  8. The way i see it is there are close to 6 million chuck fans a majority of which would not have been go to hq and thought well if i cant go what do i get from donating but with a chuck movie they would get a chuck movie as a reward for donating also i really did not even know nerd hq when the fundraiser was going and i am positive.there are lot of chuck fans who did not know about it either but with a chuck movie fundraiser news would spread like wild fire and i honestly believe we would out do what veronica mars did and like jd said a third of a million is not chump change either.

    • Since the folks that started the pledge poll that is going around seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, do you think stating from scratch would get a better count?

      • Idk i wouldnt mind starting a new one because i have seen anything from the old campaigners at reelfans so if we could get a hold of them then ask what the heck happened that might help a little.

      • I think what it comes down is there are a lot of fans out there that say they would do whatever it takes to get a movie.
        As Cole Barker said, Never accept no. as an answer.

        The problem is the same fans don’t show up for function like this one. It is amazing how much work people Like Paul and us have to do to get Chuck fans united.

      • If they would help they could get more revenue. If they don’t want to give up the rights let Zach or us run with it while WB retains ownership. Don’t see how they would lose.

  9. Question for everyone, what are people’s opinion on how Ellie treated Chuck, For me I couldn’t stand her because of her undermine and judgmental way of handling him. I also remember Tango, when Ellie is ripping into Chuck about his future, where as Sarah is defending by saying he has no training or field experience. I always favored Sarah’s pep talk way of helping Chuck over Ellie’s approach

      • She may want the best for him, but the issue I have is in Chuck vs The First Date, Chuck told her what he did for a living as a secret agent. she called him an idiot. When she did find out what he did for real she made him quit even though he liked what he did.

        you can’ have your cake and eat it too. You can’t want him to leave BM and then when he told you he was a secret agent tell him He can’t be an Agent.

    • Ellie was just being a big sister. Remember Orion told her when she was young that she had to take care of her brother. She was doing as her dad asked her to, perhaps to an extreme.

  10. Question for everyone if you could choose the villian for a chuck movie who would you choose or have we not even met that villian yet.

  11. The Question and Answer Session is coming to an end at 9:00 thank you for attending this first ever Q and A we look forward to another session next Friday for a review of our Rewatch. Chuck vs the Pilot through Wookie. No spoilers for that discussion please.

  12. This was fun. We do need a way to help messages flow. I had to keep going back and checking cause they were popping up way back up the page. Any thoughts?

  13. Here is a question for everyone did it make sense for a paranoid person like Orion to leave all his files under the house. For me it does not fit the character as we know him.

    The man had a cabin and a house, but slept in a trailer. He didn’t have cell phones or and kind of device that can draw attention to him. In fact Ellie and Orion came up with a system to communicate through a newspaper ads. Does this sound like a man who would leave all his files under one roof?

    • Paul, this is what its like on Chuckaholics. We have these amazing discussion. Especially about season 3. I would love your thoughts on those articles. Until then have a good day at school

  14. I would like to thank everyone, who joined in the discussion, Questions and Answers. We will have another Live discussion Next Friday. We will be reviewing the first four episodes of Season One. The discussion is more for Newbies. See you on Friday,

    • you always welcome to join us for discussion on our other articles including our rewatch. we are currently at episode 3 of Season one and you can join in.

      The more people we talk to the better the experience.

      • Tonight’s discussion usually is what happens in the other discussions. We tend to be more passionate about various topics, but its pretty much the same.

    • Hi… Sorry been off and i missed a lot of great new features here. Point of view of a female, well, season 3 is my fave season as a starter. I think prague is something Sarah cant expect/comprehend that Chuck will do to her. You see for 2 seasons she’d been trying to be aloof and always think like an agent/compress her emotions but now that she’d open herself and willing to RISKS the thing or life she’d been living for Chuck. And in the first place Chuck was the one who wants it and give her that idea but in the end, he just let her go. She felt betrayed or much of that because it is her life shes been giving to Chuck but he just ignored it. For me, i know Chuck wants the greater good but Sarah cant see that, if youre emotionally unstable you will not think straight thats why after they meet again and when Sarah had a convo with Casey she said that Chuck dont really love her. So It is right for Sarah to give Chuck a hard time because it will always in the back of her mind that Chuck will choose other than her. And as you can see, Sarah always say to Chuck that this is want you want Chuck being a great spy, in season 3. Thats why Sarah became bitter and reluctant to open her heart to Chuck until of course the eps 13. Sarah is just a girl too, even she compress her emotions, she already give Chuck the privilege to handle or run her emotions thats why it is really hard for her to start again with Chuck. Im sorry late response here.

      • Glad you finally made it in. Chris may want to move this thread to the Prague discussion that is taking place elsewhere.

        I like your prospective. You said, “If you’re emotionally unstable you will not think straight,” referring to Sarah. I agree 100%. She was having great difficulty in making sound judgments. Her emotionally unstable state caused her to do things we were not accustomed to. Her wanting to run with Chuck was a prime example.

      • Hi JD, yes so many backlogs to check and read. Well, maybe Sarah thinks that the gov will forbid it since its a conflict of interest and Chuck is the greatest asset.

      • You know the govt will forbid it. That’s why she went through all the trouble of new identities. I do agree with Gary that they would be on the run for the rest of their lives. It was an ill conceived plan. But she was pulling from her previous knowledge that Chuck didn’t want to be a spy as well as she didn’t want Chuck to change.

      • The real bases as I alluded in

        When Orion said the intersect was out, Sarah and Chuck’s expression said it all. Remember they just had a great moment in the holding cell. The 2 Beds comment followed Barstow. So when Orion said it was over. If you look at the back of Charah the bombs were a metaphor there dreams went up in smoke.

        When Orion took out the Intersect, Sarah realized the assassignment was over and for Chuck Sarah need for Chuck was over.

        Sarah would have to leave Burbank and when the oppertunity in the ring for Chuck to join Sarah and Bryce’s team he said no. Sarah expression said it all. She was excited that Chuck was going to stay in her life. The agency offered him a position in the agency that would of eliminated the term Asset/Handler.

        At this point in the story they still believed it was either or. so when Chuck said no, Sarah essentially in her mind he said no to her. Then add that Bryce and her were leaving the morning made matters even tough for Sarah. Did she get to tell Chuck no because she was saving it for after the wedding, but Chuck being Chuck didn’t give her much of an option. He had the chance to tell Sarah I want you to stay with me i want you to be with me. The nerd elected to say lets take a vacation.

        vacation has an end point. So, its not declaring his love for her again. Sarah at this time is really into Chuck. don’t believe me look at the way she touched his Tux. the girl didn’t want to leave Chuck. Bryce being back had no bearing on this because she really didn’t say anything in Castle or was phased by the presence of Bryce. In fact this time I saw announce in her eyes.

        Gary, likes to mention how there was no explanation in prague for the character change there was.

        Sarah: If you do this, if you go. you won’t be the same. There will be a new mission a new Identity.

        Chuck: What are you saying?

        Sarah: We can run. I am saying I want to be a normal person again, I want to be that normal person with you. I mean this is it. Will you run with me.

        Take out the run part for a second and see what she said, People miss these things because most homes have different interpretation on these kind of issues.

        She was telling him her experience as a spy— he won’t be the same.She is saying I don’t want you to be a spy. She just didn’t utter the words bluntly.

        Bryce from Ala Mater said the same thing– Chuck is a good person he is no field operative.

        Then at prague she said “Nothing is ever real, this is real in essence what they had was real. The feelings she has for him are real.

        Why people can’t see that Sarah was explaining herself is beyond me. Chuck didn’t explain himself until when he thought he was dead. How noble. How would Sarah feel knowing Chuck’s feelings on the issue if he was dead?

        Did anyone think that maybe the fact that he said this in a vault that had gas leaking in to kill him. Remember her reaction in the Suit Case when he said I still Love you.

        Its not the ideal situation to tell someone you love them as your about to die.

        All i am saying is Sarah did explain herself the best way she could. we all know Sarah never liked talking about her feelings. Her training as a spy caused that. I liked what happen in Prague because it was the start of them expressing their feelings. We may not like the darkness of the episodes, but I prefer Prague then I did with Mauser or the Red Test or even 5/12

  15. Chuck didn’t want to be a spy ?? Like when Sarah and Casey gave him the night off, and he jumped in the back seat of the car so he could go on the mission ? Like when Sarah and Casey were going to rescue Bryce from the Ring, and Chuck joined the team ( even without the Intersect )? Whenever Chuck noted he wasn’t spy material, it wasn’t because of a lack of “want”, it was from a lack of confidence. And Sarah repeatedly told him he could be anything he wanted ( insert hero, spy, THAT guy…..). Don’t you think Sarah should have been able to tell that Chuck was excited by this new opportunity to become a “real” spy ? Wouldn’t Chuck ( or at least Season 1 and 2 Chuck) be motor mouthing about how great it would be? And the government WOULD have allowed them to be together….Sarah told Chuck she could date Bryce because he was a spy, while Chuck was just an asset, so that’s why they couldn’t really date.

    It was a stupid premise ….there was never any reason for why Chuck couldn’t continue to go on missions with the team (as he did in Season 1 and 2)…even if he “flunked out” of spy school. Christ…he was still “The Intersect”.

  16. Chris…but why the change of heart from “You are that guy”, to what she used to explain running… I know they gave Sarah those lines, but why?

    And why wouldn’t Chuck explain to Sarah why he couldn’t run with her ? That was the big change in Chuck, and it made him come off like a douchebag. The show runners put Three Words on at the same time so as to mitigate that damage, but still….too little, too late.

    And asking Sarah to go on a romantic vacation ? So what…. he wanted her to be with him !! She even rejected going on a vacation with him ! How was she going to react to a HUGE question like “Be with me” or whatever ??? Sarah always had trouble taking small steps …. a big step like you are proposing would have sent her running for the hills as well ! Look at how hard it was when Chuck asked her to move in, or to unpack her suitcase ?? And you think a GRAND gesture at that point in time would have been more apt? Wow….

    • Gary,

      I love your comments on this site, but as I told CM. Please refrain from using foul language. We don’t know if youngsters read these things. I am trying to promote a friendly environment. While discussions can get testy, we should always keep in mind of our audience.

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