Bio – Mike

Hey, my name is Mike and I live in Massachusetts and I’m a Chuckaholic. About me is that I’m a big sports fan (Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics) but most importantly I am a Chuck fan. I remember seeing previews for the series premiere of ‘Chuck’ back in 2007 and the previews were funny and made me laugh and I was intrigued by the concept of the show. So I decided to watch the pilot on NBC and I immediately loved it and enjoyed it all the way from Morgan and Chuck planning to escape Chuck’s birthday party to Chuck flashing on Sarah’s ring and saying “Don’t freak out” I loved how brilliant and funny the pilot was, and the following week I watched the second episode on NBC and this all led to me always watching Chuck on NBC every Monday/Friday night and I never missed an episode of it because I loved it so much right from the start and I felt it was the best show on TV for all of it’s 5 seasons.

And after every episode I watched of Chuck on NBC, I would always go back and re-watch them on and I would love it just as much as the first time. So after watching all of the 91 episodes on NBC and never missing one, the finale did disappoint me like it did to most other Chuck fans. The finale would have worked as season finale, not a series finale. Every Chuck fan who watched Chuck and Sarah’s journey through all 5 seasons and invested so much into the show only for Sarah to forget everything that happened was really lazy writing and especially because the creators knew the end was coming and the best they could come up with was Sarah losing her memory.

So after watching the series finale, my reaction was this can’t be the way Chuck ends. So fast forward to the present day and I am fighting for a Chuck Movie.  After the Veronica Mars movie was made through Kickstarter, a Chuck Movie suddenly became a real possibility since both Veronica Mars and Chuck are owned by Warner Bros and Zachary Levi wants to make a Chuck Movie happen. So I started a Chuck twitter account January 1st of this year (@Chuck_Fanpage) and I just started tweeting about Chuck and that we want a Chuck Movie and over the course of this year my account grew and now I have 1,430 followers. I have met so many Chucksters on twitter that are all passionate about the show that we all love and we all truly are a family.

I do believe a Chuck Movie will eventually happen but like Zac said, it will take time. I do believe that if we all work together that we can make a Chuck Movie a reality in the future. This site is the base for all Chuck fans so we can pitch ideas, talk about the show we all love, and anything else that Chris has planned for Chuckaholics, and I am proud to be a part of it.




  1. Welcome Mike. Glad you’re here. You mentioned lazy writing; do you know Gary or have you read his posts? Lol. He likes to note lazy writing often. He’s right to a point. Don’t tell him I said that. Hope you’re ready for some Fun discussions.

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