A Family Member In Need of Our Help

Chuckaholics has always been about debating, fun interactions amongst other family members. We talk about Chuck, we psychoanalysis the characters, writers and even question fan loyalty for a bit. We do so with the purpose of entertainment.

We look for photos and any features on our favorite actors from the show, I love going to Strahotski for the pictures the site has to offer on that site, but I don’t do it to be malicious, but as society often proves there are  animals that walk among us people.

WE here at Chuckaholics love Yvonne Strahovski, we consider her family, and what do people do for family. We stand up for those that have been wronged, and my friends, Yvonne has been wronged.

Gary, already alluded to what happened We all know that Yvonne’s account was hacked, and if you don’t you will know. These are not people that did this they are animals, and should be treated as such.

Yvonne is a classy woman, and even the classiest of people have moment in their private time that are intimate or whatever the case was for her taking the pictures, but that shouldn’t diminish the breach that happened. What she did was during her most intimate moment. She didn’t release the pictures they were stolen from her. She had no intention for the public to see these pictures. She loves her privacy and the fact that people did this should be found and prosecuted to the fullest of the law.

We at Chuckaholics don’t love her any less.

So, as Gary said, lets join together Chuckaholics and help Yvonne through this terrible breach of privacy. Think about your daughters, mothers and sisters, and do the right thing.  We need to bring out the inner Chuck and be a hero for her.

In closing,  W.W.C.D in this matter.








    • Yes, and the problem is people like Yvonne are subjected to these kind of acts. We as a society need to fight against these kind of acts

      We as a society need to help protect the privacy of the Yvonne of the world. Especially Yvonne who has a heart that doesn’t deserve it.

  1. Chris …wonderful thoughts. Just to be clear, we do not think Yvonne has been disgraced, but the act of publishing intimate photos is certainly disgraceful and it has hurt Yvonne.
    She will always be a beautiful, graceful person, no matter what others try to do to her.

  2. People that do this kind of stuff are scum sucking degenerates. The problem here if found the punishment won’t fit the crime. This/these jackwagons should have to march through the street naked while onlookers take photos or throw rotten fruit at them.

    And anyone downloading or distributing any photo obtained by this heinous act is guilty by association.

  3. I been reading that the photos are fakes, but if the newspapers and the media are covering the breach. The photos are real. The media are not going to waste resources on fake pictures.

    second, whether they are fake or not. The fact that people are maliciously trying to disrupt the lives of these women are cowards and most likely live in the basement of their parent’s home.

    What I find more frustrating is as a father of a one year old daughter, I feel that someone has family oriented as Yvonne is, how could she explain to her father what happened. Its really terrible.

    • As many of you may know, web browsers scrub your history mining for data…they are trying to get you onto sites that fit your particular interests. With me, I spend a lot of time on photography and tech (especially Apple) sites. I also am a Chuckaholic, so all the cast members are certainly in my search history. I also follow many of the cast members on Twitter, and I follow Yvonne on Instagram. Anyone who has seen her photographs know she has a very inventive photographic eye. Lately, her Twitter and Instagram feeds have not been synching on my phone. Last week she posted a picture of a sail from the Bahamas. Yesterday, I was on a photography site and in some of the discussions, and something came up regarding Yvonne’s latest selfie. I thought it a little strange since it didn’t come up on either twitter or Instagram, but there was a direct connection to it. Now Yvonne is notorious for NOT taking many selfies…and this one just didn’t seem right. Sure , there is partial nudity, but her face and half her body were also somewhat covered up…and she is wearing jean shorts. There is really no way to definitively identify it as Yvonne, nor the full length nude portrait that accompanied it. They are not pornographic photos, but I’ve been around photoshop for many years and I know what some people do with putting celebrity heads on fake bodies. I wrote it off as fake, but then I started to hear chatter about nude celebrity photos on MSM sites, and some tech sites were chattering about iCloud ( Apple) being hacked. This morning, my wife just mentioned something about the photos. When I got on a main stream media site to read what had happened, I saw Yvonne’s name. Plus her Instagram feed was lighting up with comments. That’s when I realized that the photos may indeed be Yvonne’s.
      Chris, I know you’re worried about what it would do to someone like her father. But remember, Yvonne has done nude shoots before, usually with the hand bra. She did nude scenes in Dexter, judiciously filmed so as not to expose much. She does mention that there are probably some blooper reels out there where people may get an eyeful. But her parents are OK with it… Europeans are much more liberal with nudity than in North America. I’m sure they realize she is a grown up woman in sexual relationships, so these are not anything revolutionary. But please be very careful where you click in the next month or so….your browser will lead you to things like these. As a photographer myself, I see much more sexualized photos in the name of art every day. These photos are not all that revealing, but they are private.

  4. There is some news that the photos claiming to be of Yvonne are confirmed to be fake. While this is good news for Yvonne, please realize that other women’s photos were stolen, and we condemn those that post them as well. This was never solely about Yvonne, but the cowardly act perpetrated on all of these women.

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