Please Have Respect

I hope everyone has been made aware of a serious breach of privacy that happened to a number of celebrities, including our own Yvonne Strahovski. Someone was able to hack into their iCloud accounts, which stores any photos taken with their iPhones. Unfortunately, many of these celebrities, including Yvonne, took intimate photos of themselves or were photographed by husbands / boyfriends in intimate poses. These photos have now been travelling through social media.

I hope all Chuckaholics are aware that this is a gross violation of Yvonne’s privacy. While we know Yvonne has many professional photos of herself in provocative poses and other states of semi-nudity, these are part of the culture of celebrity and are edited for tastefulness to the celebrity’s own personal comfort level. Intimate photos, on the other hand, are not and are really none of our business as they were most likely meant to be seen by Yvonne and her boyfriend.


I hope that you will delete any photos that get posted / emailed to you and “Unfollow ” anyone who would perpetuate the dissemination of these private pictures through social media sites. I, for one, strongly condemn both the person who hacked the accounts, and anyone who posts them, as they are “dealing” in stolen goods. As Chuckaholics, please stand up and add your voice to the condemnation of this unfortunate incident.




    • The photos will make the rounds, maybe if all you do is search for Yvonne by her Twitter handle. Some animal will post them. All we can do is urge people to delete them ASAP and unfollow/block those perpetrators. Since she is part of the family, having the Chuckaholics community behind her at this time will hopefully help. No matter why she took the photos, we support her 100% and have no loss of respect for the beautiful person she is … this was a normal private moment, and it should have stayed that way.

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