Rewatch Week Four: Season One Episode Four

Chuck vs The Wookie

In the Fourth Week of Chuckaholic’s rewatch, DEA Agent Carina Miller makes her debut on the show. Carina was played by Mini Anden, who is the female version of Casey, but with the propensity of improvising on missions the very anti Casey.

Carina would spark  trust issues between Sarah and Chuck when it came to Sarah’s relationship with Bryce Larkin. While the flirting was all business Carina would also spark a jealous reaction out of Sarah.  We shall continue on our journey toward 91.

The episode opens with game night at the apartment. Sarah is over and playing as well, and she is having a good time. Everyone is alive and really into the game. Most specifically Morgan. His overzealousness really almost lost this episode some ranking, but he will redeem himself later.

A couple of things happen here in the first scene, one Sarah told a lie about having a sister, but she needed to because of the cover, and the truth we all knew she dealt with very dangerous stuff, but for our blonde bombshell, she will learn that Harry Tang is not the most hate person in Chuck’s life.

She will learn that the most hated person is Bryce Larkin. Sarah had yet to know the truth about what happened at Stanford. She knew of it. Chuck alluded to it in Chuck vs The Tango.

Sarah enjoying Game Night

When Morgan told her about how Bryce set him up for Cheating, which she knew, but also stole Chuck’s girlfriend, Sarah had a new perspective on the hatred for Bryce. Morgan also mentioned pretended to be his buddy.

Sarah finding out about Bryce and Stanford Sarah realizing she can't ever tell the truth about Bryce Sarah learning more about Chuck

Chuck had no intention of Sarah finding out about BryceAnother thing happened in this scene that will play a role later in the episode. Chuck noticed that Sarah didn’t like olives on her pizza.

Chuck realizing Sarah doesn't like olivesAfter game night, Sarah and Chuck are strolling in the courtyard and have one of many conversations in front of the fountain. I don’t get Chuck’s need to ask Sarah her relationship with Bryce, and at this point in the story. She did the right thing about lying about the relationship.

She just found out that Bryce was public enemy number one in the apartment. It wouldn’t be prudent for her to let Chuck know about Bryce being her boyfriend. There was nothing good that would come from it. While Chuck and Sarah were talking, there was someone listening in from the shadows. As Sarah and Chuck called it a night, Morgan came out and being Morgan said, oh walk sarah to her car.

Sarah can't look him in the face  when lying
She knows she is lying, but she can’t look at him in the face when lying about Bryce.

She is treading water with this Bryce SituationIt’s a tough spot for Sarah, she told him to trust her, yet she is lying to him and it was the right choice in my view.

Chuck wanted to know how deep the relationship was between bryce and her

At Sarah’s hotel room, someone is looking in on Sarah from outside. Sarah goes into the bathroom to prepare her shower, when someone was lurking behind her. Sarah saw the figure approaching through the shower faucet.

Sarah prepared a weapon by putting a bar of soap into a legging, and when the person was in reach swung it at her. The fight was on.

Sarah getting ready to strike A mice battle between the two

After the two were done fighting, Sarah was able to take off the mask and it turned out to be Carina Miller.

Hello Carina

I have actually grown to like Carina over time. Each time I watch her begin to realize that she may be rough around the edges but she is only doing what a spy is supposed to do. She would say as much during this episode.

After the credits, Chuck was headed to work when he spotted Carina

Chuck Flashed on Carina

He would flash on Carina making Chuck rush into Casey’s apartment, and this would mark as Chuck first interaction with Beckman and Graham. Its a comical scene because Chuck kept interrupting what would be his first briefing.

Chuck's first breifing


Beckman and Graham breifing Team Bartowski

The team was told their next mission, which included Carina. the plan was to steal a diamond from this man,


The team was instructed that Peyman was holding a diamond, and the team needed to retrieve it. They would be working with Carina on this mission, and under no circumstances should she be trusted with the rock.

Casey and Sarah both voiced their concerns with working with Carina, they claimed Chuck was too valuable, but the agency said they had no choice.

After the briefing, The team met with Carina in the courtyard.  Chuck was introduced to  Carina as an analysis. Soon after Morgan would show up, and Morgan was smitten by the presence of one Carina.

Sarah introducing her team to Carina Chuck and CaseyMorgan kissing the HandAt the wienerlicious, Carina asked Sarah what Chuck was analysing. Carina wondered if it was Sarah he was analysing, but Sarah told her it was top secret and their cover was boyfriend and girlfriend. Carina  said her condolences about her real boyfriend, Bryce.

Carina and Sarah at the WienerliciousCarina then said she would go talk to Chuck herself. Sarah was not down with that, but before Sarah could stop her from heading over to the Buymore. Skeeter said, “‘I need two eyes on the revolving weiners.”

Meanwhile at the Buymore, Chuck and Morgan were talking about meeting Carina, Well, Morgan really. He told Jeffster about meeting this beautiful woman, As Morgan was finishing talking about Carina, Morgan saw Carina walking into the store and approached her. Carina asked Martin where Chuck was.

While Chuck came out of an aisle and saw Carina, Sarah came into the store as well.  Morgan asked Chuck to hook him up with Carina, and Sarah was telling Carina not to talk with Chuck.

Chuck said no, Morgan’s response to that would be

Morgan: Chuck, I know what a third wheel is. I know it’s me. Give, give me a chance here, man. Let, let me be a fourth wheel. For once. Or maybe I can be any other even number.

Chuck said he would see what he can do, but no promises. Chuck walked up to Sarah and Carina, and asked to speak to Sarah alone. He would ask Sarah if she could hook up Carina with Morgan. Sarah liked the idea, and told Carina if she wanted her help she would need to help protect Chuck’s cover by double dating.

Morgan wants Carina Say no about hooking Morgan with Carina

The next two parts of the episode are crucial because it marks the first real flirtatious caressing by Sarah and it will lead to a scene that I will spend a little time expressing my feelings on the issue.

At the apartment,  they are sitting around and Carina asked them how the two met. Morgan said they met at work, and Chuck fixed her phone. Carina “Its quite often people meet at work and started dating.” It would get a nasty glare from Sarah.

Chuck and Sarah on a double date
Sarah in full cover mode?
We are doing well sweetie
She seems to be flirting with Chuck. Is it a flirt to counter Carina’s bantering or is it real?
Carina finding out how Chuck and Sarah met
Notice Sarah has inched herself closer to Chuck. I never noticed it before.
Sarah caressing and stroking Chuck neck
i agreed with Chuck’s expression here, how can Chuck understand cover, when Sarah does things like this.

What happened next puzzled me, it is a weird scene for Sarah. Here she is stroking Chuck’s neck, and when she saw Carina do the same thing to Morgan, Sarah became  hypocritical. She told Carina not to be so hands on.

Not to be hands on? The screencaps above show Sarah caressing Chuck’s neck.  The way she did was with feeling and full of mixed signals.  Is it possible that Sarah’s feelings slipped and while Sarah’s feelings for Chuck are real, she went to protect Morgan from Carina. I propose this question for this week’s rewatch question.

Discussion question

Did Sarah slip in showing her true feelings?

During the date, we see for a second time Sarah take off the black olives off her pizza convincing Chuck she didn’t like olives on her pizza.  Carina had a funny line during the date, and it was the best line of the episode.

Sarah stopping Carina from hurting Morgan

Sarah doesn't like Carina making a mockery of her assignment

Sarah was trying to stop Carina from giving the wrong idea to Morgan. Carina said ” This is me on a date, I mean this place would be a yawn if a yawn could yawn.” She would further ask Sarah how she could stand it.  Sarah spoke truthfully here, she said  ” I am good here.” Sarah was feeling good on this mission.

It was a nice change of pace for her. It shows you the difference between the two agents.

While Sarah slipped with her feelings earlier, Chuck would slip about what he really knew when he blurted out where Carina traveled to Argentina. It would spark Carina to invite Chuck over to her hotel room. More on this in a minute.

After the date, Morgan was still smitten over Carina. He called Chuck, three times to ask if Carina called him, but Chuck said no. on the fourth call, it was Carina using the NerdHerd help line to lure Chuck over.

Carina used this opportunity to inform Chuck on the truth about Sarah’s relationship with Bryce. Carina’s tactic of trying to seduce Chuck was to figure out how high ofa clearance Chuck had, and after all that she delivered the truth.

Carina telling the truth about Bryce and Sarah
Carina causing trouble

Cuhck startled about hearing the truth

This would lead to the portion of the episode I wanted to take a few minutes in discussing.

At this point in the story, I didn’t find it prudent for Sarah to let Chuck know that she dated Bryce, and to be honest it wasn’t Chuck’s business to begin with. Sarah role was to protect Chuck.

After just finding out that Chuck hated Bryce, why would Sarah want to compromise her assassigment by telling the truth. Chuck reaction to this new would be Buffoon Chuck. Here is the direct cause why Sarah didn’t tell him the truth.

A moping Chuck Chuck sulking about what Carina told him

Sarah has been around Chuck long enough to know when something was bothering him. He was not in his usual talkative manner. She asked him if he was sick?

Sarah knows something is wrong

Only when Sarah said Carina was not to be trusted, did Chuck break from his shell, and Sarah would find out what Chuck knew. He told her that Carina put a call in to the Nerd Herd, and Chuck was on call. Sarah already knew what happened you can see in her face she did.

Carina not  to be trusted Sarah found out about Carina telling the truth

Paul from the Intersect Project Podcast brought up a point in his week 2 podcast. He said that Chuck should of trust Sarah little bit more then he did. I agree, and it shows how a pretty face could manipulate him.

Chuck telling Sarah about his knowledge of Bryce and their relationship Sarah realizing her cover was compromised by Carina

Chuck realziing there may be truth to it it was complicated I thought you were suppose to be good at lying Sarah feels bad about how things went down

Chuck would let his emotions get the better of him on the mission, and for Sarah the last thing Sarah meant to do was to hurt Chuck. She didn’t tell him about Bryce because she was trying to protect him.

At the mission, Carina has Chuck’s ear, and let me tell you the black dress Yvonne had on was a sight for sore eyes. It was one of  her best mission attire.

Carina working her magic on Chuck
Carina has her hands all over Chuck.

Sarah's jealousy in gear

Carina’s presences was getting to Sarah. She would confront Carina on why she would compromise her assignment, and Carina responded with “Trying to keep your work separate from your personal life for a change.”

Sarah walked away in a huff, and asked Chuck if he was alright and if he flashed, but she wanted to make sure everything was alright between the two.

Things are not alright between Charah A cat spat

Everything is not ok between them

Chuck told Sarah about the cameras around the compound, and Chuck used a line here that I liked.  Sarah asked did he flash but Chuck still mad at Sarah snap with “No NO, they sell them at the spy shop at the mall.” great stuff!!!

Chuck, Carina and Sarah go on recon to locate the diamond. They were able to locate and on the way Chuck jabbed at Sarah about Bryce when seeing the master bedroom. it was childish.

They were able to find the diamond, and before they could come up with a plan, Peyman and his henchmen showed up. Carina would introduce Chuck as their brother. When Peyman heard this he sent his guards away.

Ultimately the team would get the diamond to the agency, but not without classic Chuck action mixed with comedy.

.Early Signs of Jealousy

When it comes to Chuck interacting with other women no matter if they were a mark or other CIA agents, Sarah didn’t like the flirting or simple gestures of affections towards Chuck. I always felt Chuck  belonged to Sarah and no one else would be able to have him. Thus, We also get our first scene of jealousy from Sarah. While Carina is explaining the mission to Chuck, she gently places her hand on Chuck’s shoulder. We than get to see Sarah’s reaction to all this.

What may seem minor by nature does not sooth well with her. It happens several times, throughout the entire series. Another example would be in Seduction when she sees Chuck kiss the Black Widow.  Sarah wants Chuck to herself. Something simple, but still generates the same reaction out of Sarah.

Carina improvises and steals the diamond from Team Bartowski, which furthers the fight between our favorite couple because Chuck gave the rock to Carina. Another immature moment for our nerdy hero.

Finally, we get an awesome scene in Carina’s hotel lobby between the baddies and Team Bartowski, and in the end the diamond is secured.

Save the best moment for last

Pizza no olives Sarah appreciates Chuck noticing her dislike of olives

Spoiler Alert

While they do have a tendency to fight, they often have memorable moments soon after. Chuck brings a vegetarian pizza with no olives. He noticed it earlier in the episode when she took off the olives, and it was well received by her.  Follow by moment recorded in her V log. Remember “Chuck brought over a pizza with no olives…I think he is making it a mission to get to know me…Its sweet.”

My name is lisa

He does try to get to know her. He asked her real name, where she is from and finally her middle name. We than get this reaction out of Sarah, an early sign that her heart is warming. For the first time in Sarah’s life, someone is taking an interest in her. The real Sarah Walker, and unfortunately for her Chuck was an assignment, yet the walls around her heart have begun to crack.

One of the best things about Chuck and Sarah is no matter how many times they fight or argue they manage to get through it all. Even  in the early part of the first season.

Overall Thoughts of the Episode

Three things happened in this episode that would be the foundation of series.

1. Chuck and Sarah have nasty disagreements, especially in this first season. The reason is they are learning about each other. Thus, when something comes up like Sarah lying about her relationship with Bryce.

Quite often the arguments spill out into the mission.

2. We have an early sign of jealousy. We all know that Carina had no interest in Chuck, but she caused enough of a distraction. it sparked Sarah’s first jealousy streak.

3. We had the first of many special moments between Sarah and Chuck. While he didn’t hear her say her middle name was Lisa. She still found it difficult revealing real things about her despite having feelings for Chuck. As I mentioned in previous articles, Sarah is still in Agent Mode at this time.

Next Week’s Episode is Sizzling Shrimp.  See you then.

Some Changes to Chuckaholics Blog Hours

Starting this week, I will only be working on the blog from Friday to Sunday. The Board of Directors is almost finish with School, so she needs the computer to do her assassignments.

In November, we will return to our normal hours of trying to release new articles every day. There is still so much to talk about.

Don’t forget that this Friday, Chuckaholics will be doing a live chat talking about the first four episodes of our rewatch. For those that want to see how our Live Chats work.

please stay tuned for more details on that.I also would like to suggest downloading The Intersect Project Podcast.  Paul does great work with that until next time,

I look forward in discussing Wookie.






  1. Chris…hard for Chuck to “trust” Sarah if she’s going to lie to him. Doesn’t matter what her motivation was. And it is Chuck’s right to know what he’s up against..after all, Bryce did send him the Intersect. Bryce was Sarah’s partner ….. if Chuck is to trust Sarah, shouldn’t he know everything? After all, Chuck may have surmised that “Bruce” from their first date was actually Bryce.

    Since this is only Episode 4, Chuck is still in boy mode…he hasn’t had a relationship in 5 years and this beautiful woman is in his life as his “pretend” GF. We certainly should expect Chuck to be quite a doofus if we are to get the premise of the show. ( Boy to man to spy..)

    • At this point in the story I don’t think it’s necessary for Sara to explain everything. Remember there was no indication of strong feelings yet sarah is still pretty much in Agent Mode.

      She knows as a handler her role is about making sure the asset is not compromised so by saying her relationship with Bryce was more than just work there is nothing good that comes from it.

      Especially, when hearing how much he hates Larkin. She could of told him the truth but then what kind of relationship would that b between the two.

      Sarah is trying to build a relationship with Chuck both professionally and personally. Larkin effected both ends tough spot for Sarah

      Especially here how much he hates Larkin.

  2. I’m back.. A couple of things first off. I am just watching the Wookie now, 3rd or 4th time, I am not sure. But I am 1/3 through and two things come to mind all ready. 1. The look of compassion te hat Sarah shows when Bryce comes up in the game. (She really feels for Chuck) and the 2. the most important item so far in this episode is Sarah putting her hand on the back of chucks neck. Not the picture shown here, but just after that where his eyes are closed…He REALLY likes this cover….or maybe not a cover.

    This one is one of my favourites for the start of an episode. Really connects with the love story side. I’m just about to finish the double date and will check back in. Have I said I just love this show!!!!


  3. Lisa…….. that is code for I think I am falling in love with you. I don’t think (from my perspective) that there has never been a show that can latch those tentacles around your heart and control it the way Chuck and Sarah can…. That’s it!!!

    • What Chuck vs The Wookie provides is a glimpse into what kind of jealousy Sarah can get with other women around Chuck.

      The flirting She did with Chuck something Carina saw right through it.

      What stands out to me also is how much I don’t like Morgan in this first season/ He comes off a bit of a clingy person, and can get old quickly.

  4. I think Sarah knows that Carina is way too intimidating for Chuck and he is not after what Carina provides. Chuck is way to ignorant of the feminine ways – heck, we know Chuck can’t fight women.

    I don’t think Carina inspires jealousy.
    I rather think that Carina inspires poisoning the well.

    Carina has the ability to tarnish Chuck, so Carina is someone who provides choppy waters to an otherwise calm sea. Carina could ‘upset the applecart’ as they say.

    After all, Sarah is always asking for time in order to process how she feels and Carina implies the need to improvise. You cannot improvise emotions if you are trying to understand them.

  5. Chuck must have heard Sarah say her middle name was Lisa because at the end of Lethal Weapon when he is looking at the back of his Tron poster, he has “Lisa is her middle name? or is it?” next to Sarah’s picture.

    • First Baldcoder, Welcome to Chuckaholics. Hope you liked what u have seen and will return.

      I think Chuck heard Lisa based on his Tron Poster. It gives what was behind the poster that more significance

      • Thanks for the welcome. I guess I need to apologize for putting that comment here because it is a spoiler for first time watchers. Sorry about that.

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