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We are half way through Season 2, and this episode has  a wonderful moment spoiled by a very dark ending. Chuck will witness what lengths Sarah would go to protect him and his family, and it does not go over well at all.

Chuck was willing to do anything for friends and family, Sarah witnessed enough times to date, but when the roles are reversed Sarah did what she knew  was the only option. She killed Mauser, something she knew went against protocol.

When it comes to articles about episodes I usually break down the entire episode for you. It gives the whole cast some typing time, but Chuck vs Santa Claus really is  about two people Chuck and Sarah.

While Devon and the Buymorons save the store from Ned, this episode showed you how quickly things can go dark for Charah.

Let’s take a look,

Chuck asking Sarah over for Christmas

In the beginning of the episode, Chuck asked Sarah to join him for Christmas, and Sarah was reluctant because of memories with her father. Sarah explained that Christmas at the Burton was an annual Salvation con job, but Chuck didn’t believe her and told her that she could be warmed.

Chuck: We have a cover date tomorrow, Christmas at the Bartowski’s.

Sarah: Oh. Wow. Thanks for the invitation Chuck but I don’t do Christmas.

Chuck: I’m sorry. I think you just said “You don’t do Christmas.”

Sarah: Look, I would rather not get into it.

Chuck: But it’s, it’s Christmas. Look I’m not buying the whole Scrooge act. Okay. Underneath that spy cover is a regular person, just like the rest of us. I mean honestly, how weird could Christmas have been for you?

Sarah: Christmas at the Burton household meant the annual Salvation Army con job.

Chuck: Okay. Well, so-Okay, you’re a little different than the rest of us. but Christmas at the Bartowski’s means…eggnog, pj’s, a fake gas fireplace and that’s right, Twilight Zone marathons. I’m not taking no for an answer, Walker. So prepare to be heartwarmed.

Sarah was warmed alright because she smiled and felt good by Chuck’s charms again. It seems as we go further and further into the story. The one thing that was Sarah’s kryptonite would be his charms. She could be very mad at him, but the simplest gesture of kindness gets her going.

Chuck being playfulSarah throwing a rag at ChuckSarah already warmhearted

What I love about this scene is the fact that Sarah and Chuck have really connected since season one. they have begun to enjoy each other’s company and the more they spend time together the more distant the cover of their feelings became.

Guys, when a woman throws something or hits you, its usually because they like you a lot. Sarah throwing her towel at him has feelings behind it.


What started  out as a high speed chase would soon turn into a hostage situation. As Ned’s car comes crashing into the store. He would jump out of the car gun ablazing. He would order everyone to the Santa’s Village.

Down in Castle, Sarah can see from the monitor that Ned took the Buymore hostage, Beckman and Casey both were funny in this scene.

Casey bought  himself a gun for Christmas, and when seeing the Buymore was taken over, he got very excited in using the gun. Beckman gave the order to go in and get the asset out from this hostage situation, but the cool headed Sarah said it was not a good idea.

It appeared some of Chuck’s personality rubbed off on Sarah here. She knew Chuck would respond that way, and said,

Casey annoyed with missing out on the action
Casey: Step out of the Buymore for a second, and I miss the action
a classic Beckman line
Beckman: It’s an electronic store Major, get it together 

Sarah Walker: General if we go in there guns blazing, Chuck’s cover will be blown. The guy seems pretty timid, not someone the LAPD couldn’t handle.

 Beckman: What are you saying Agent Walker?

Sarah Walker: I’m saying that Chuck has family and friends in there, and we blow Chuck’s cover then not only will he have to go underground, but so will everyone else.

 Beckman: We’ll try it Agent Walker’s way first.

Sarah protecting Chuck and his familyI respect what she did here, she spoke up for not only Chuck but his family as well. While she is thinking like an agent, but for the first time the girlfriend and agent were working together.

A real positive character growth because Casey and Beckman listened to her unlike before. The team is gelling.

Casey asking how to get the asset out Casey working wrapping stationIn the Buymore, Chuck was trying to get Ned to stand down by suggesting he knew people that could help him. He didn’t mention their qualifications, but he said they are closer than you think.

Meanwhile, the second baddie gets into his position, Mauser   called in to the Buymore to find out if everything was alright, and to speak with Ned.  However, Ned didn’t want to talk to Ned, and out of the corner of Chuck’s eye, he can see Sarah and Casey telling him to come to the back.

Team Brtowski sneaking into the BuymoreChuck talking to MauserMauser suggested that Ned send out a hostage as a sign of good faith, and instantly upon hearing that Emmett comes running to the desk, and was able to weasel himself free.

Team Bartowski telling Chuck to comeChuck was able to get Ned to let him into the back,  When he does, Casey and Sarah tell Chuck to come down to Castle. Chuck resists claiming that his family and friends were in need of him.

Sarah promised Chuck that they will do anything they can to help them, but he was the priority, but Chuck being Chuck told them when it comes to friends and family you break those  rules and that he can’t take the chance on things going wrong.

Before Team Bartowski can really go at it. Ned showed up at the party, and before you know it. Ned shot Casey’s  toe off. Casey survived three wars before meeting Bartowski and never even lost a fingernail.

The team joins the rest of the hostages, and would transpire would be  Chuck and Sarah’s  top 5 moment of the series. It is a beautiful and romantic scene, in which pictures and words wont give it enough justice.

It was everything we want and love from Chuck and Sarah. A special moment filled with romance and the right touch of comedy. A scene that showcased what we love about the characters.

A beautiful moment that ultimately will be diminished by the ending. However, what if we took it from a different perspective. It can be conceived that the ending would be considered a romantic gesture on Sarah’s part. A gesture from a girlfriend, who was doing what she loved to do, and that would be to protect Chuck.

While we know what happened the rest  of the episode. Fulcrum staged the hostage situation, so they can infiltrate the Buymore. Fulcrum knew that Casey was NSA, and Chuck roomed with Bryce Larkin.

Chuck would tell Mauser that he was the intersect in order to protect his family, which lead to Sarah killing Mauser.

But when you think about the message of the ending. We often criticize the writers for getting it wrong like in season 3, but I actually can see the metaphor of the final scene.

Chuck’s gift was the way Chuck does things. He is romantic and charming. His gift came from the heart, and Sarah loved it. Sarah’s gift was protecting him. It’s what Sarah did best from day one.

The down part of the episode would be Sarah lying, but do we chalk that up to Sarah not knowing Chuck saw it.  As Like Chuck didn’t hear Mauser’s threat. No matter the case, Chuck and Sarah’s relationship won’t be the same after this episode.

Mauser before his murder Sarah's mind is made up kill Mauser Chuck watching Sarah Kill Mauser Sarah killing Mauser

Chuck can't believe she lied to him

News About The Upcoming Episode

While I love to write  all the episodes, there are some that I feel I won’t give fair justice too. For example, Chuck vs The Third Dimension is by far the worse episode of the series.

Since 3D is the next episode, I had asked JD Mitchell to write the episode for you guys.

The next episode article from me will be Suburbs.


  1. I think throughout this series, possibly starting with this episode, but certainly gaining a life of it’s own at this point, is the fact that deep down Sarah wants a “normal” life. She never had one growing up, and once she committed to the spylife, pretty much resigned herself to the belief “normal” just wasn’t in her cards.

    Enter Chuck.

    He represents everything she never had, but always wanted. And being somewhat attractive and incredibly charming doesn’t hurt, either. A family, good friends, and even a dead-end job. (From personal experience, I worked in hotels for years, and was absolutely thrilled when I started a job in an office and got my own cubicle!!) After getting the bracelet from Chuck (“something real”), the holiday season and being invited to Chuck’s house almost like family, and then Mauser saying he was going to take him away, she consciously realizes, perhaps for the first time, the significance Chuck has in her life and is willing to risk her spylife for it. This is, by no means, the last time she will do this.

    Yes, Bryce, Cole, and even Shaw were all attractive, verile, and very good at their jobs as spies, they were just more of the same life that Sarah didn’t want, despite all the “excitement” of being a spy.

    I think it’s important to realize this. Now, if you go back and rewatch the last episode with this in mind, you understand perhaps Sarah is unwittingly realizing it, too. It gives you a bit more optimism when it ends with her telling Chuck to kiss her. She’s willing to (*gasp*) take a Morgan suggestion hoping it will give her back the normal life she almost had. (Remember how excited she was when she had made an appointment to view the new offices for Carmichael Industries in an office building before everything fell apart?) In her heart of hearts, beyond the spylife, and to some degree, beyond her life with Chuck, all she has ever wanted since being a little girl was to have a normal life. She even mentions this to her mom when she drops off Molly (“The soccer games and high school prom, makes sure she gets those.”) She wanted Molly to have the life she never thought she would have.

    • Skorpeo,

      First, Thank you for joining our website. I always like to welcome new people to the site, and hope your visit will be a return one that being said.

      I can’t agree with you more. Sarah is one of those characters that you have to understand the background, which leads to her decision making like running in Prague or killing Mauser.

      Even kissing Chuck before the bomb that would reveal Larkin was still alive. Its all done on impulsiveness. We often forget the struggle Sarah had to deal with. Juggling being a spy while hiding her true feelings. Its a balancing act she did quite well most of the time.

      However, I can’t agree with you about the ending. I can’t just sit back and understand how a magic kiss would work, when previous kisses lead to disasters. point in take Bryce Larkin returning after their first kiss.

      Their second passionate kiss would be followed by a break up speech from Chuck. So, how long after the magical kiss before a new problem would arise. Charah never was given a chance at a relationship because the writers wanted to keep them apart for some reason.

      They took more time in getting the Bromance back together then the romance, which saved the show for the most part.

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