gallery Mauser Incident Revisited

Spoiler Alert,

Before we get into Chuck vs Santa Claus, I wanted to write about my feelings on Sarah’s decision to kill Mauser, and the impact it would have on them not only this season, but it will place a strain on Chuck and Sarah’s relationship in future situations.

Chuck watching Sarah Kill Mauser

The word lying comes to mind initially, We know Chuck saw Sarah kill Mauser, who was unarmed. The problem is Chuck didn’t hear what Mauser was saying.

Mauser before his murder

Sarah knows what she has to do.
Once again, Sarah is put into a tough decision. Does she arrest Mauser, and risk losing Chuck? or Kill him?

Sarah's mind is made up kill Mauser

Mauser: You may have beaten me, Agent Walker. But FULCRUM’s won. I know that Chuck Bartowski’s the Intersect.

Sarah: Chuck’s secret is safe! And you’re going straight to a CIA detention facility never to be seen or heard from again.

Mauser: You go right ahead, Agent Walker. Arrest me. But say “Good-bye” to Chuck. You see I’m not like those other FULCRUM agents. They’ll do whatever it takes to find me. And when they do, every FULCRUM agent we have is gonna know Chuck’s the Intersect. It’s going to be the end of his pathetic existence. So take me in, Agent Walker, I’m ready to go.[Pause. Sarah lowers her weapon. Long pause. Sarah shoots Mauser]

The situation Sarah found herself in  was one no one likes to make.  A decision that she would have to live with the rest of her life. Does she arrest Mauser and risk Fulcrum finding out about Chuck’s secret? Does she allow Beckman to find out Mauser knows Chuck’s the Intersect?

So many questions running through her head, and the decision has to come at that instant.  There is no time for second guessing because a lot is at stake. She has a personal interest in this as well.

Sarah ready to kill Sarah

Sarah killing Mauser

Sarah just found out Chuck consider her his real girlfriend, and gave her a love token, but while that is her own personal issue, she also is also required to protect him. What would you do if you were Sarah?

Chuck frightened by Sarah

Some may say she should of arrested him because he was unarmed, but do you think Mauser would of had the same feelings on the subject. I feel he would of killed her if he had the chance.

Some say she did  the right thing in protecting Chuck, I for one feel its a slippery slope either way Sarah was at risk of losing Chuck. If she arrested him Chuck had a good shot at being bunkered. If she killed him, knowing Chuck’s issues on killing people may hurt their evolving relationship.

If she arrested him maybe Mauser was telling the truth and it would be open season on Bartowski.

I would like to know your take on this issue because I am intrigued in knowing your opinions on this.

When it comes to morality, Chuck never waivers on the issue. He has no problem questioning orders when it came to issues like acceptable casualties or collateral damage. He even is willing to go against orders in protecting innocent lives.

In this case, Chuck was not close enough to hear Mauser’s threat. He assumed from where he stood, Sarah killed an unarmed me in cold blood. Here is where I question Chuck.

In the heat of the moment, I understand his constant nature of second guessing, and one could see his point, but if he truly understood Sarah, and we like to believe he did. He would know that Sarah only killed people out of necessity.  during our journey through the first two seasons have we seen any evidence that Sarah was a killer like a John Casey or Carina for that matter. We have seen her reluctantly pull the trigger.

Grant it, Sarah shot the man that held  Bryce in the Break up, but that was after a long pause. She also did it to protect Bryce. We saw her cap the gymnast in the truth, but she didn’t use a kill shot. when did Chuck actually see Sarah kill someone in cold blood?

In Sizzling Shrimp, she told Casey no kill shots to prevent the chinese in thinking they  were a threat.

If you know of a time, please feel free to leave the scene in the comment section.  I am only asking about the first two seasons.

Here is where Sarah was wrong,- Yes, Gary, I am taking my rosy colored glasses on this one.

Sarah knows Chuck is going to ask her what happened to MauserSarah lying to ChuckChuck scaredShe is lying againChuck can't believe she lied to himWhile I understand why she lied about her relationship with Bryce. in Wookie,  Here she had no excuse.  She should of calmed Chuck by telling the truth.

We know Chuck would of understood the situation if she came clean. It wouldn’t of caused a rift between the two, and even if it did at least Sarah was truthful, but she chose to do what spies are trained to do, and lie.

It;s the ultimate problem with their relationship up to this point. The constant lying from Sarah and Chuck not able to understand the decisions spies have to make even if they are morally wrong.

Chuck will eventually learn, but not for a while. Sarah will still have a tendency to continue to lie. It’s something the two will need to work on.

Since the relationship was built on lies,  the chance at a real relationship would be highly compromised at this point. It will be several episodes before the two would even rekindle their friendship. Chuck will become very distant when it comes to Sarah.

I would love to open up a discussion with everyone on this matter. Tell me  your feelings on the issue.  I am curious to read people’s opinion on the Mauser Incident.  Please leave a comment and I will make sure I answer all your comments.


  1. I gotta agree with you here Chris. Chuck knows Sarah is an assassin and that she would do anything to protect him. He didn’t know what Mauser was saying, but Sarah could have told him at that point in time. (But then we wouldn’t have the sexy dream / nightmare scene now, would we !!!)
    Funny how they have no problem killing off the mole ( S3 ! ) with no fair trial, but Mauser is supposed to be some type of ethical dilemma ….
    And didn’t Chuck already “kill” some Fulcrum agents in Suburbs in protecting Sarah? There was precedent for Sarah’s actions…..

    • What I find interesting about this storyline is it has a very similar feel to Prague here we have Sarah faced with the dilemma do I shoot or do I arrest.

      In Prague chuck is faced with do I run or do I become a spy. Both times the character that makes the decision should have had explain themselves. 1 chose to lie and the other one chose not to say anything.

      The reason why I bring this up is it was funny when I heard Chuck say to Ellie that if he had the choice between lying and not saying anything he chose the lesser of two evils

      Would you consider this to be the case between the two situations I’m curious hear what you have to say

  2. Sarah had no idea Chuck was watching. She gave him explicit instructions to go. However, she should realize by now that Chuck rarely leaves when told and may have seen something he wasn’t meant to. But again, heat of the moment and split second decisions having to be made.

    She should have sat him down and explained it to him, when he initially asked, like she would finally end up doing in the courtyard. But like was already said, this dilemma made for an excellent opening sequence in Third Demension as well as making for a good back story for ethics and morals, as well as trust issues resurfacing. Glad they put it to bed as quickly as they did.

  3. Sarah killing Mauser in front of Chuck is totally meaningless sInce it was essentially brushed away in the next episode.

    This is where most point to the first time the show did excellent meaty drama for essentially no reason, since it was never paid off or resolved in a satisfying way. This trait would plague the show from this point to the end.

    • They certainly could have done a lot more with it, or they could have killed off the decision in a split second. Since they included it and didn’t resolve it right away, some type of growth or moral should have been made of it, and it would have been interesting to see that the character grew by them making a similar decision in the future and getting it right. As it was, they talked about it in the Courtyard, Sarah realized she shouldn’t have lied to Chuck, she told him it was her job to protect him…..and then it sort of fizzled out.

      As far as lying directly, or not saying something, I always think lying directly is worse. It is a direct betrayal of the person you are lying to. Not telling someone something isn’t a betrayal, but a feeling they may not be ready to hear it. It still reflects trust issues, but not as severe.

      • i agree with Gary,

        Its not meaningless because in 3D they actually were grown ups and talked about their issues without using covers as an excuse.

        Sure, Sarah said her job was to protect him and that certainly is spy related, but she did say she forgets sometimes that Chuck is new to this.

        The fountain seems to be the place they have their Heart 2 hearts.

  4. No, she wasn’t justified in what she did. Her life wasn’t in danger, Chuck’s life wasn’t in danger. She had an opportunity to bring him in and get information from him and she chose not to. She had been willing to walk away from Chuck if he had passed his CIA kill test, but here she is doing the same thing. At best one could argue the situation was something of a Kobayashi Maru, but even then Spock would say the needs of the many (possible information extracted) outweighs the needs of the few or the one, even if that on is Chuck. If venturing a guess, I’d say these might have been Chuck’s own thoughts when he saw what Sarah did.

    The problem is understanding what’s in Sarah’s heart. She saw him as a threat to Chuck, if not now than possibly later, and she loved Chuck. Perfect love casteth out all fear, and she would do whatever it took to protect him, even if she knew it was wrong. She showed her love in the only way she knew how to. If we are to be judged for what is in our heart, we should not condemn her for what she did, because her motives were pure. However, she did wrong, even if for the right reasons.

    • First off Nick, Welcome to Chuckaholics. I hope you enjoyed your visit.

      I understand your perspective. I had the same question in the article. I think Sarah in the first season would of brought Mauser in. She was still in what I call Agent Mode.

      Agent Mode means all about orders and protocol. She choice duty over seeking a relationship with Chuck those are my examples of what Agent Mode.

      Sarah killing Mauser was a girlfriend using her Agent Mode as a fasade. Her Boyfriend and her family were in trouble, and she did what she thought was the only option.

      As far as the Red Test, please read my article Mauser vs The Red Test. I talk about that in depth in that article. It is a contradiction on Sarah’s part to claim she killed Mauser for the sake of protection and duty, but when Chuck needed to kill the mole she feel out of love with him. This is also talked about in the article. Take a look

    • I don’t really think Mauser was a Kobayashi Maru…it was a calculation on what was the best course of action to save Chuck, and it had to be done on the spur of the moment. That was her only mission …protect Chuck, not to get information on Fulcrum. Besides, Chuck had lots of Fulcrum’s secrets because he downloaded their Intersect.
      Chuck’s Red Test was certainly a Kobayashi Maru … there was certainly no way he could win on that, no matter which choice he made.

      • Actually Gary, Chuck doesn’t download the Fulcrum Intersect until the Suburbs, which is in two episodes.

        I learned something new here Kobayashi Maru will be something I look up.

      • Star Trek reference …more or less a no win situation. Chuck’s Red Test choices were
        1) Not kill the mole, thereby not becoming a spy and then not being able to be with Sarah
        or 2) Kill the mole, and lose the guy Sarah ( supposedly) fell in love with.

        No matter what he did, he would lose Sarah. Thus, a NO Win situation

      • And to successfully pass the test the parameters of the test had to be altered. Kirk reprogrammed the computer, Casey killed the mole. Although everyone would know about Kirk changing the parameters no one could know of how Chuck’s test was actually accomplished; other than Chuck, Casey, and eventually Sarah.

  5. Season 2 Sarah would have killed the mole herself, thereby changing the parameters as well. But Chuck’s actual choice …kill or not kill the mole, was no win on his part. Sarah’s choice with Mauser is really just a calculation on the best way to accomplish the mission at hand, i.e., protect Chuck. It isn’t really a no win situation. Now, the lying to Chuck may have been a no win situation…..

    • I think that was the problem with the series. They never build on storylines. They just ended.

      I mean since Sensai, you can get the sense that Chuck was burning out. Jill was the kind of thing that would send most of us in a depressed state, but being a spy would prohibit that.

      and as each episode passed we can see little more clues that Chuck was wearing down. now throw in this horrific experience of knowing how deadly your girlfriend can be, it makes it worth expanding on no?

      and remember how I told you that they never had that conversation that really amended Prague. Well, in 3D they did, and I guess they assumed The Other Guy was Prague’s H2H

  6. That would be one explanation.

    But then it makes all that more likely that they weren’t really ready for a relationship if she believes she did nothing wrong in the first 12 episodes….. lying, not believing in him, not trusting him, not loving him …. these are not good foundations on which to build a relationship

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