A Thank You Letter to The Chuckaholics Family

While each new member of Chuckaholics writes their introduction, I thought maybe it would be wise if the founder introduced himself, but before I do I would like to send out a special thank you to all of you who have made Chuckaholics your Chuck home.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the family of Chuckaholics we have become. If no one visits the site, we would have to shut it down, but as the days turned into week and the weeks into months, The site has steadily climbed to satisfactory numbers.

I would like to personally thank Paul from The Intersect Project Podcast for mentioning us on his podcast, and please take the time to listen to his podcast, I consider Paul a great friend of not only this site, but personally. It is people like him that drives my vision to the surface.

Like Paul, I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for helping this site reach 10,000 views. The number puts a smile on my face because who would of thought people would still be interested in Chuck. Especially since the show has been off the air for 2 1/2 years.

So, thank you JD, Gary, Paul, Mike, Seth for all of your time and contribution to the site, and for those that visit the site just to get their Chuckaddiction fix.

Thank you to all of the followers that read my wacky views, and please spread the word to other Chuck fans the work we are doing here.  Remember It’s your toy so play.

Now about me,

Why I Started Chuckaholics

Back in January, I was looking for articles on Sarah Walker, I wanted to read articles about her because I was intrigued by the character.

I mean it is no secret I have fall in love with this character. Never before has a character taken hold of me, and its because of how Yvonne Strahovski portrayed her.It’s why Chuckaholics call her a friend whether she knows it or not. If our connection happens to be through her work, I am satisfied with that.

Pizza no olives

I wanted to read people’s thoughts on whether people  believed if Sarah would always drive women away from Chuck, her jealousy intrigued me,  I read articles here and there but they were more about the Canon then the author’s take on the jealousy.

Its fun to write about what Josh Swartz and Chris Fedak did with the characters, but just simply writing an article about an episode is one thing, but what about the characters. How do we envision the characters we love.

For example, We love Chuck for his charms and ability to put others before himself, and John Casey to be able to put up with Bartowski’s lady feelings.

I understand the show is fiction, and what we saw on the show was the final product, but the beauty of literature, art and television we have the luxury of  talking about the characters in our interpretation/. It is what Chris Fedak wanted with the finale of the series.

I wrote an article and posted it in a comment section of a article. I know its crazy, but when you practically live and sleep Chuck. Its hard not to do something crazy like that.

After doing that, I decided i think it would be best served if I started my own site, and since January, Chuckaholics has taken a lot of my time.  Don’t worry I eat, sleep and most importantly take care of Olivia.

The Design

When I was thinking of the design for the website, the first thing I thought of was how people love to look at the scene people are writing about, and I found it tedious that one would have to open up a new window,  bring up youtube and watch the scene that way.

Thus, I added the scene to the articles and even gave them their own  pages. Basically, I wanted to make a one stop shop for the Chuck universe.

I also wanted to share Chuck music with you all, and let me tell you the music of Chuck was sensational. So, I created a Chuckaholic radio station for you, and recently I even added a page called The Music of Chuck, so people can listen to the songs  that I purchased over time.

Everything hear is for entertainment purposes, and I have no intentions of using the site for monetary gain unless WB came to me and offered to buy.

Chuckaholics Vision 

If you have been following the site, we have instilled a family atmosphere here. In order to succeed in accomplishing our dream of a Chuck movie, the Chuck fans need to show unity.

The kind of unity I am talking about is not those that say they would do anything to bring the show back, and disappear when an opportunity arises. i am talking about opening Chuckaholics to those that have blogs, podcast and any other means of showcasing their passion.

Chuckaholics is not afraid to endorse and allow other passionate Chuck fans to join us and use the site as a platform. We want to encourage all Chuck fans to be proud of their passion and take it to the next step. Direct Message JD or myself about bringing your passion to our site. In other words, Make Chuckaholics your new home for your passion.

I allow anyone to publish articles, upload pictures or even add music that I don’t have on the list. The more people join the more unified we will fell. Its why my vision of creating a family came about. We all have ideas and should show it.

Live and Regular Discussions

This Friday will be the first weekly live discussion from Chuckaholics until we figure a way to have a traditional live chat. For now we will use a comment section of an article for the discussion.

As time goes on, something may make it easier, but until then this is the best we can do. I can always use social media, but not everyone uses social media, and i don’t want to alienate those that don’t. It also would be impossible to answer questions on places like Twitter when there are character limits.

One final word on discussion in generally,

We encourage all those that visit the site, please join in on the discussions. The site is family oriented and since thats the case all opinions are respected.

Picture a evening in front of a fireplace, we all have a cup of coffee and reminiscing on Chuck. We talk about the music, scenes, what the writers did right or wrong. We do it because we love it.

Take the time and read some of the article’s comment sections and see how we engage with each other. We may have difference of opinions but there is really nobody right or wrong.

and finally,

All are still welcome to join the site as members of the family like JD, Gary, Paul and the rest of the people that help make Chuckaholics special.

We want passionate Chuck fans that want to help build on what is becoming a wonderful experience. Help us deliver the vision I have instilled.

Chuckaholics Founder












  1. Love this site!!! I just discovered it, and I think it’s fantastic, primarily because it gives me an outlet to discuss all things “Chuck” without driving my wife/family insane. How do I “sign up” to be a member of the “Chuckaholics Family”?

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