The Marlin vs The Dream Job

I often like to share my thoughts on two scenes by comparing and contrasting the two scenes, sometimes the two scenes will show tremendous character growth, which would be the case for Sarah Walker in these two scenes.

Sarah is not the same woman once Dream Job came around. In fact, it would be a significant change from her feelings for Chuck would be in Chuck vs The Marlin. We shall take a look at these two scenes and see how different Agent Walker was.

Here are the other scenes I compared. Please take a look on how i try to compare these scenes.

Mauser vs The Red Test: 

 First Class vs The Fear of Death

My Guy vs My Chuck

The scenes discussed in the articles above are examples of how Sarah can be in agent mode and other times in girlfriend mode. The fact is when it came to Chuck, Sarah had a hard time being just an agent. Her real feelings would play a role in her decision making on missions, orders, and the idea to run.

It was the personal feelings that would eventually cause friction between Sarah and Chuck. While, her ultimate goal was to protect the Intersect. It made the job easier for her when she added her personal feelings professionally. and put a strain on herself personally. The CIA, Mauser, Shaw, Bryce and even Chuck himself would test the amount of patiences Sarah would have.

The next two episode I am going to compare are two scenes that show the difference between Agent Walker and Sarah the Girlfriend.  The two scenes are the final scene in Chuck vs The Marlin, and being next to Chuck in The Dream Job.

Here are the two scenes,

Chuck Vs The Marlin

Chuck Vs The Dream Job/Broken Heart

Sarah is by Chuck's side when meeting his dad

These two scenes Cultivate my opinion on the difference between Sarah in both episodes In Dream Job, They haven’t called their relationship real, but the way they were interacting the cover was in the rearview mirror.

In Chuck vs The Marlin, She broke her duty in order to keep Chuck in her life. She had help from Casey, but he also told her the reality of the job at hand, it would be hard to keep him in Burbank. So, let’s take a look at The Marlin vs The Dream Job.

Chuck Vs The Marlin

I won’t break down the episode because its not what this article is about, but I will backtrack to the helipad.  Sarah intervened the orders of Beckman and Graham. Sarah Walker was committing treason., but when one loves someone, all bets are off, and she fought for that love she had.

Sarah admitted to Longshore Chuck was more than just an asset. She used the words “My Guy.” She really was going to say my boyfriend, but with the pressure of being professional and battling her personal issues with the extraction.

Sarah had to tightrope this. If Longshore heard the words my boyfriend, he  would of  reported it to Beckman. Something Sarah was trying to avoid. She knew the consequences of a handler compromised.

Chuck can see Sarah was struggling with it as well,

Sarah distraught about losing Chuck
Sarah Walker: No! I will take full responsibility! Chuck is *my* asset. My guy. Just give us more time. Please

Chuck and Sarah on the helipadChuck scared he was losing Sarah and his familySarah emotional

When watching this scene, you can’t help but feel for them. Sarah was showing real emotion, and Chuck can see it, and despite losing his freedom. He makes her smile. ” Of course you can your Sarah, you can do anything.”

Sarah in tears over losing ChuckSarah smiling

Save you laterSarah: Chuck, save you later

Her heart in her stomach

What Sarah realized in this scene was how deep her feelings have become. She wants him, and the agent inside of her needs to do something. Lucky for her, Lizzie joined the party.

Back at the apartment,

Chuck and Sarah are staring into the house, and Chuck asked Sarah if she wanted to come inside, and she said no, it’s family time. The agent inside of her prevented her from doing something normal Sarah wanted. The struggle showed in her expression.

Agent walker wants to go in Its her family now

People claim this scene as a hero stances, while I understand the notion, but look at it from Sarah’s position. She never experience a real family, and what she did on the helipad showed where she is now, but that doesn’t mean the agent inside of her is gone.

Even though Chuck invited her in, she still doesn’t feel apart of the family like she will in Season 2. This is still Agent Walker. We are no way near day 564.

Now we Fast forward to Dream Job,

I am sorry, but Dream Job doesn’t have its own episode article yet,

Chuck Vs The Dream Job

When the Dream Job aired, it would mark over a year since Sarah has been in Chuck’s life. Sarah has acknowledged several times she had feelings, She has been through an ex and three breaks ups. Despite all of this,

She told Cole where her heart is, “I am not the kind of girl who cheats on her cover boyfriend,”  She also stated that it isn’t far to walk away from someone you love

Sarah starting to feel her love turning real
Cole Barker: But what if we’re lucky enough to find that person? We’re supposed to walk away? Doesn’t seem fair. Sarah Walker: No… Because it isn’t!

I don't cheat on my cover boyfriend

Sarah Walker: I guess I’m not the kind of girl who cheats on her cover boyfriend.

Cole Barker: Is that all he is “cover boyfriend?”

Sarah Walker: What do you mean?

Cole Barker: I saw the way you looked at him when his life was in danger, been doing this a long time, Agent Walker.


Cole Barker: Who’d have thought it? Cole Barker loses the girl to Chuck Bartowski.

Sarah Walker: When you meet someone you care about. It’s just hard to walk away.

Cole Barker: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

while what Sarah said was encourage for those that wanted to see Sarah pursue her feelings for Chuck, it was what Cole said to Chuck that hit home for Sarah as well.

Cole telling Chuck don't take no for an answer
Cole Barker: [to Chuck] I’ve got some not-so secrets for you. If you want something bad enough. Don’t ever take “No” for an answer. And for Godsakes man, carry a gun! Maybe two.
Sarah listening in on Chuck and cold conversation

In the episode Chuck vs The Lethal Weapon, Sarah not only learned she doesn’t cheat on her cover boyfriend, but she also learns something else.

Something Chuck never mentioned to her.

Chuck told Ellie he would be looking for their father, and i mentioned in other articles, one of Sarah’s personal grip with Chuck would be  his tendency to not include her in his thoughts and seek help from her.

I understand searching for his father was personal,, and he didn’t want to include government resources to do such a search, but wouldn’t be smart to ask his cover girlfriend for some help.

Chuck not happy everyone wants him to get ride of the Tron poster

Sarah likes to be included on Chuck's personal missions
Its the first time she is hearing of Chuck’s personal Mission

So when she found out about it, she would be the one that found him. She did it for Chuck, and would be her final gift to him before she departed for Washington. In reality, it was her way of staying connected with him.

Sarah looking for Stephan

Sarah would give the information to Chuck.

Sarah is post 564 here

She knew she breach protocol, but she didn’t care. What she did for Chuck was something she wanted to do. It is a far cry from what she was like in Marlin.

We are also post Day 564, which we know what she said in her V-Log.

Sarah: .Day 564. Things are calm for once. No missions, nothing. Nothing really to report… except I still find myself sitting here…talking to myself…because… because I love him… I love Chuck Bartowski, and I don’t know what to do about it.

She did do something about it, she found Chuck’s father. it means a lot more then getting him his degree. She understood the significance of it because of what she went through with her father, and Chuck being right by her side the whole way. It was like what a real boyfriend would do.

It was Sarah’s turn, and what would happen was true feelings between the two that make the scene so beautiful, She is rubbing his neck and if Stephen didn’t open the door. They would of kissed.

When Chuck and Sarah started to become one This is a woman who has began to trust her feelings

Now while in Marlin, she chose to stay outside because of the agent in her. Sarah the girlfriend will be inside right beside her boyfriend.

Sarah is by Chuck's side when meeting his dad Sarah comforting Chuck

It is a very big difference then this,

Its her family now

It is the difference between being  stuck in Agent Mode and actually following through on  her feelings.

The situation gets heated between Chuck and his father, but she didn’t go outside because of it. She sat their and comforted Chuck afterwards. Its what a real couple would do.

Sarah Walker showed great character growth by being in the trailer. She showed the viewer this was the time to be a girlfriend, and unlike in Marlin when she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. She is relaxed and embracing the experience. It was well done in my view.

I always will preach actions speak louder then words, and Sarah’s actions in both scenes show where her heart was. It was for Chuck and his family.

I hoped you enjoyed this latest scene comparison. I enjoy comparing and contrasting scenes because Chuck  often redid storylines, and whether the stories worked or not. It is still fun for me to write.





  1. Hey Chris….remember…neither Sarah, nor Chuck really “found” Orion. He noticed that Chuck was searching for him and contacted him in The Predator. He then also “let” Sarah find him with the government database….probably only after he had checked everything out. At first, finding his dad was a personal mission, so I’m pretty sure Chuck thought he could do it by himself. It was only after that last letter came back that Chuck finally did ask her if she could help. I don’t think there is really any controversy to that “side mission” playing out as it did.
    But, yes…these 2 scenes show Sarah’s growth. In Marlin, she was contemplating breaching protocol to rescue Chuck. In Broken Heart, she actually breached protocol twice…one to “find” Orion, and secondly, to go see Chuck against direct orders. She is firmly ensconced in Chuck’s personal life by then, especially since Devon and Ellie were caught up in the Rashad Ahmad mission. By the time Chuck went to Sarah’s “apartment”, I think not only was Sarah caring more for Chuck and his plight, but she was really starting to empathize with him.
    Can’t leave this without mentioning how the growth of the characters is SO organic and natural… Season 2 flowed quite well from episode to episode. There was no doubt that Chuck communicated his feeling toward Sarah numerous times, so I think we have to put to bed the “crap communicators” theme.(After all, that was the reason for the 49B.) You could see the walls that Sarah had put up start to come down brick by brick. I think that’s why Season 2 may be my favorite, followed by Season 4 … there was just such a natural flow to the characters in the dramatic part of their lives.

    • I wanted to save it until we got into Orion but since you mentioned let find him . I always thought it was cool and dream job out for Ryan purposely put the Roark event card out so Chuck could flash

      • Yeah, but I think that’s what made it pretty good… She was the the opposite of Sarah. I think the writers needed to make her an “enemy” of TB ASAP, so she had to come off as unlikeable. She was actually a female Casey from early Season 1, and he was quite taken with her at first. But when she started bad mouthing Sarah, he had enough. This seems to be where Casey understood the full dynamic of the team . I’ll probably talk about it when I do Broken Heart…

      • I am not big on over the top characters. It would of been more believable if this happen at the end of Season One or something, but we actually get a glimpse of how the group handles foreigners in their group “Shaw”

  2. Just for a matter of discussion, let me throw something out there for you to discuss. We do mention the growth of Sarah between the 2 episodes and the fact that she had recorded in her log that she was in love with Chuck. ( now that may be debated in the context of the actual growth of Sarah’s feeling in Season 2, since the V-log was an afterthought in Season 5). However, it struck me this morning as Chris and I were discussing the redemption of Sarah’s actions in S3, and how Chuck had made many grand gestures to win Sarah back, while Sarah did absolutely nothing to fix the relationship in S3.

    So my question is…did Sarah ever really love Chuck ? Just FYI, Chris had mentioned that when you love someone, you will do anything for them, even forgiving them. Chuck did all of these things in spades …he couldn’t even carry on a relationship with Hanna more than for a few days because he still loved Sarah. Sarah, on the other hand, would flaunt her relationship with Shaw right in front of Chuck. Even when he asked her if she loved him , she said, “Yes…I fell for you after you fixed my phone…..”, but she never spoke the words “I love you.” I wasn’t until The Tooth that she said these words, and then there were more instances where she had no problem either twisting the knife ( the earrings ), or mistrusting him ( the pre-nup in Family Volkoff).

    I know we talk often about Phase 3 as showing how much Sarah loved Chuck. But her actions spoke more to her loathing of who she was without Chuck, to her love of Chuck. It seems Sarah was more consumed by the idea of Chuck the Nice Guy as a counterbalance for her self loathing, rather than a true love of Chuck ( in contrast to Chuck’s love of Sarah, which was unconditional). That would certainly explain why she loved Chuck when he wasn’t a spy, but she couldn’t love him if he was to become a spy. I think maybe she felt he would become like her, and that was a person she couldn’t love, since she loathed herself for what she had become as a spy.

    • This would be an interesting conversation, and damn the live chat feature not working.

      We should create an article, just for the chat purposes so, we can read the comments better. I am beginning to realize something about Sarah. I am glad Gary brought this up.

      I agree with you now Sarah’s love is a questionable one because her actions in the final two episodes speaks volumes of where her love was. You may lose your mind, but does anyone really truly lose that love you have for someone. I would think not, Not if the love is pure.

      After going through this latest rewatch, I can honestly say Sarah fell in love with the image not the man.

      She said so in Phase 3, without you I am just a spy or to casey,

      Your right I am different without Chuck, and I don’t like it.

      She makes reference to it in Cubic Z at the end when said she doesn’t want to be that spy Heather was anymore. The image of Chuck was helping her become more human again that is what she fell for.

      The same can be said for Chuck. agent Rye said it best,

      Do you want to be a spy or the boyfriend of a woman who happens to be a spy.

      So sure his love was unconditional but did he truly love the normal woman.

      What do you think

    • Gary,

      As you know when I first started Chuckaholics, I was always interested in Sarah’s jealousy. The reason being was I felt how she reacted to Lou and Jill Chuck’s chances of being with someone other than Sarah would be impossible. You are right she was selfish,

      but then again getting his degree and helping find his father makes it seem like everything she learned from Chuck was rubbing off. Look at how she let her dad walk. she did a W.W.C.D

      Sarah is still an enigma

  3. Chuck loved Sarah for Sarah. That is just the way he was. She even said that he always tries to find the good in a person, and he shouldn’t change. Chuck could look past the assassin, the lack of emotion, the sense of duty to find the real Sarah. That is what is unconditional…his love of the real Sarah. In Cougars, when she says he can ask her one question, Chuck refuses…and he states that he doesn’t need to know anything else, because he already knows who she is. In Season 3, he can forgive the lies, he can forgive the mistrust, he can forgive the manipulation, and he can forgive her for breaking his heart. He can do these things because he loves her unconditionally. He would even rescue the boyfriend that is keeping them apart because he loves her unconditionally…..that is a true love that Chuck feels for Sarah ….. at least, what most of us consider true love. It’s more than we could probably ever do for the ones we love …. what Sarah did to Chuck in S3 would have ended my relationship with my wife, I think. Maybe that’s why CM thinks the writing is unrealistic ….

    So, what were Sarah’s motivations for being with Chuck, then ? It seems he was just there so she wouldn’t hate herself. His “Chuck-ness” was so great that she was trapped in that orbit when she was with him, and that made her feel better about herself. His not being able to kill people balanced her ability to kill at will. His ability to talk about his emotions balanced her inability to talk about hers…even her inability to talk to herself about what she is really feeling. It truly seems to be about Sarah’s over reaching selfishness …her need to find some sort of cosmic good karma to balance all the bad karma she has produced. She never seems to want Chuck to do anything for Chuck IF it affects her in any way.

    I think because Sarah is so beautiful, and her initial flaws are so human, we look past so much of this and really root for her. It also doesn’t hurt that Chuck, who we root for even more, is in love with her. This is probably why Season 3 was a watershed for the viewers… the flaws of both of them, but even more so Sarah’s, became too much to root for. She really loses the ability to have us sympathize with her.

    • What is amazing is despite all the flaws and issues they still were drawn to each other. They tried to stray from each other, but when it came down to it they were where they wanted to be.

      The writers in season 3 seemed to focus only on Chuck. They were he’ll bent on making Chuck combat ready even the Characters didn’t like it.

      Its funny I defend Shaw because I like what he did for Chuck and please lets end it there. I only watch 8 of the episodes but once we get to season 3 I will show you why I love Shaw

      As far as the relationship goes they did more to destroy the relationship and were forced to put them together because of the want.

      • Shaw sent Chuck on 1 mission (in an episode most agree isn’t that great) – that’s it. Other than that Shaw did nothing to help Chuck. Chuck did it by himself and did it poorly.

        Chuck was a better, unique, spy/human being, who could think for himself before he became a spy. After that he wasn’t special anymore and he became less special as the show carried on.

      • Don’t know about that…he found Shaw in Paris, he took down Volkoff, he discovered who the bomber was in The Muuurder, all without using the Intersect. He certainly was unique before any of his training, but it was as crazy to send him on missions in S1 & 2 as it was to send him on the First Class mission. Think of it more as his destiny to be a different type of spy….
        The Intersect in anyone scenario was a folly, IMHO. But Chuck was still a bit unique in that he was probably the only one who could handle it properly. Plus I think he was the only one that could fulfill the potential of the Intersect as his father would have wanted …as something to help people.

        CM… I like that you post things on Chuckaholics. However, I get the distinct impression that you really don’t like the show. I don’t think you’ve ever said anything positive about it. That might be that we talk a lot about post – S2 Chuck. Certainly gives an interesting perspective.

      • Actually, I’m a big fan of the show. I think for the first two seasons the show was pretty close (there were some issues) to note perfect. Certainly the Orion arc at the end of S2 was the apex of the show, with Colonel being the best episode of the show over its 5 year run.

        What I have issues with is how butchered the storytelling (Chuck becoming a spy, Shaw returning multiple times to be defeated again, Mama B, Agent X retconning Papa B) and mythology were past S2. Really from S3 on you have to watch the show on an episode by episode basis to get enjoyment out of it, because there is no way to draw a sensible straight line through most arcs. And honestly, I shouldn’t have to work do hard to make sense of the story and character motivations.

        You point out some examples of Chuck “winning the day”, but there are just as many examples of Chuck being inept, bumbling, inconsiderate, clueless and dumb (the continuous lying toward the end of S3 comes to mind). I don’t think I have ever seen a show marginalize its titular character in order to pump up his best friend like Chuck did.

        Sometimes it seems like the showrunners thought the fake out or the stunt were really important when what most fans remember are the quiet heartwarming moments.

        I guess I think the show was lucky to have such a charismatic and talented cast but I feel that they we’re let down by the creative staff on many occasions.

        So yes LIKED the show and faithfully watch every week until the end. An ending that has preventing from rewatching any episode since it aired.

        I get that sometimes my post are somewhat negative but, as a person you lived it in real time, the best that I can say is that the show was often polarizing.

        Enjoy your blog.

      • Not really doing anything about Prague here, I think Chris. I really like CM’s input and his way of looking at things, and I think what we have fun doing is trying to make sense of the show after S2, when as CM said, there isn’t really a lot of rhyme nor reason to the show’s arc. When YOU try to compare scenes or arcs, you have to work REALLY hard to pick out expressions or lines from before and after the story to try to make sense of what the writers were trying to convey. It was quite organic until S2 ended, but then it was very hit and miss. I had tweeted the other day that Chuck and Sarah’s chemistry ( actually Zac and Yvonne’s) was like Fedak and Schwartz finding the goose that laid the Golden Egg. Rather than doing something extraordinary with that Golden Egg, they decided to pluck the goose for the feathers in Season 3.

        Anyway, I’d like to hear CM’s take on whether Sarah really loved Chuck, given that most of what we’re talking about happened post Season 2. It seems that the Ballerina scene ( and perhaps the first date ) were what Sarah liked about Chuck, and without those experiences (once she lost her memory), it seems she was not able to fall in love the man again even though they were on a mission together. That just got me thinking, in combination with how they got back together Season 3, that maybe she never really loved him, at least, not in the way Chuck loved her.

      • I agree with you Gary,

        Cm’s opinion is worth a lot because of watching Chuck in real time, and I too would like his opinion on other topics we have to offer.

        Gary, are you saying the 8 scenes I compared are not good? cause I was just trying to compare how a character is before and after.

        I thought I did a good job at picking scenes with similar scenes

      • CM,

        Please don’t feel like your opinion doesn’t matter. In fact, if we all agreed on the same subjects, it would get quite boring. A lot of us caught Chuck after it went off the air. I didn’t fall in love with Chuck until last year when I watched it on Netflix.

        My personal experience with watching television shows has always been an anti advertisement reasoning. I found myself kicking myself when watching 24 LAD this past year, but I did it for Yvonne.

        I totally understand your grip about the traditional way of watching television shows. I use to be fixated on Dawson’s Creek, yes, I was a fan and I have to tread lightly here because some people want to debate me about the finale, but I will save that for a rainy day.

        CM, the reason I prefer season 3 of Chuck over the final two episodes its quite simple, and I compare it to the Dexter ending. Did I love Dexter’s ending no absolutely not, but it was dueable. I don’t need to see another Dexter epsode. I understand Dex’s decision of walking away from Hannah and Harrison.

        While you and Gary may not like episode 13 of season 3 because of “no explaination” apology on Sarah’s part, well I can’t change that, but for me I like that ending to the first part of season 3 than wondering if Sarah and Chuck were back together or not.

        There is no guarantee after the kiss, things are back to normal. At least with your still my Chuck we saw honeymooners and so on.

        Gary, I can’t explain why Sarah did what she did because she behaved like any woman would do. Most women want the man to feed out of her hand. I hate to sound chauvinist, but let’s face guys. The patch of love makes men do godly things. Just ask Ceasar about Cleopatra.

        or pocohontas about John Smith. It’s the way the genders work. We sit here ant talk about what Sarah didn’t do, but really why would she make it easy for Chuck. She made him work for it.

        Now I honestly feel that Sarah in season 5 was committed to her marriage. She acted like a wife. The best example would be the scene in Frosted Tips, Sarah came out of their bedroom looking for Chuck.

        She was their for him like a wife would, and I also feel if we discount her love for Chuck. Why would she accept his proposal or even get married. The Con Man’s Daughter wouldn’t of said yes don’t you think?

        What we saw from Sarah at the end of Marlin was a woman that wanted what she saw in the window, and no woman or occupation was going to keep her from the people in the window. Marlin through the Break up is one multiseason arc that I really like because it was about Sarah coming out of it starting to trust her feelings.

        Casey turned from being an cold blooded killer to not wanting to kill Bartowski.

        Chuck also made a significant change he went from being a slacker to wanting to be a spy. He said as much to Ellie in First Date, Sarah also told Chuck her feelings in a way.

        Sarah: Chuck, can I tell you something, you can do anything, and I am not talking about the building dangling or diamond stealing. Anything you wanted you can have.

        I have told you guys that Sarah is not the type of character thats just going to come out and say Chuck I want you but can’t be with you right now.

        Last night i watch Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami, and I realized something think about this question but put Chuck in Lou shoes. and Chuck is Sarah.

        Lou {Chuck): Can i ask you a question? This whole time, did you ever really like me?

        Chuck (Sarah): Honestly?

        Lou (Chuck): Let’s try that for the first time since we’ve met

        Chuck {Sarah}: Lou, you are everything that i’m looking for, I just can’t look right now.

        Lou (Chuck): Well Thank you for being honest.

        See I bet the viewer would be more accepting of Sarah’s hesitence of pursuing her feelings for Chuck, but a conversation of this magnitude happens between the wrong characters. It should of been Chuck asking Sarah the same question Lou asked him.

  4. Hey Chris…I’m not saying that Sarah didn’t “love” Chuck, but she didn’t love him unconditionally. There’s a big difference.
    And if a man and a woman are not equal partners in a marriage, it is doomed to fail. If Sarah needs Chuck to jump through hoops in order to ALLOW him to be with her, while she is not willing to do anything to be with him, then their marriage is doomed. In her vows, didn’t she say Chuck was a gift and she was going to prove every day to him that she deserves that gift ? But really, what did she ever do for that gift ? She came in to the Buy More and charmed Chuck flashing the baby blues and giving him the head tilt. She did her job protecting him. She helped him against government orders….and then…….she did nothing. Even when she went to take down Volkoff and get Chuck’s mom out of there, she said it was something she had to do for herself …..and for Chuck. There was never any pure altruism…always a touch of selfishness.

    As for your comparisons, no…you are doing a good job. But often when you are trying to explain why Sarah or Chuck would do X or Y, you have to travel forward and backwards in time, find some obscure thing they said in a previous or future episode, find some weird expression Sarah made, just to try to explain a characters’ motivation. I think what CM and I are saying is…it shouldn’t be that hard. ESPECIALLY if you watched it on air …you can’t keep rewatching or go back to a scene. You see it, and you should be able to figure it out. Chuck the TV show certainly wasn’t easy to figure out after Season 2.

    • Gary,

      All I am trying to do is distinguish when Sarah was in girlfriend mode and when she was her alter ego Agent Walker. Its fun for me because quite often the inner battle that Sarah deals with leads to a lot of her actions.

      For me its like the ultimate question of the series. When did Sarah Walker show feelings for the first time towards Chuck. There are a lot of possibilities, but I can tell when Sarah was acting like her agent self.

      I know your going to hate this but think back to that briefing scene in Hard Salami, Sarah is trying to get the attention of Chuck, who is completely focused on the mission. Its great acting by Yvonne to switch from girlfriend and agent while in the presence of GB JC and Chuck. Especially after hearing Chuck claim Lou as his girlfriend. These are the scenes I focus my study of Sarah. Its the reason why I lover her so much because its a riddle really.

      I will tone down the back and forth Gary. Sorry about that.

      • No no no…not what I meant. You comparisons are often spot on. I’m just saying that when we comment on things, you usually try to explain why a character does this or that by using obscure references that only a “seasoned Chuckaholic” could make. Those who watched the series on air don’t get to watch it like that. I was just making the point that the show’s writers really made the arcs difficult to follow. Its not bad if you have the DVD’s or have it on Netflix, since you can play things over and over. But on air, it must have been a very confusing and controversial show to watch.

      • Well some of the things I have noticed in the series in general really showed unorganized.

        What I mean is for a show starting out, it took three episodes to get a theme song.

        Take a look at the scenery in the pilot and compare that with the tango, and see significant changes.

        You don’t need a DVD to see the problems the show had. I have read they wanted to keep CS Lee and Anna but budget cuts called for there demise.

        on a side note, it would of been cool to see Harry Tang compete for Buymore leadership with Emmett Milbarge.

        I see continuity issues through the series, JC calling his mother in Santa Claus and yet his name is not John Casey.

        The worse one for me is how Chuck met Jill,
        The Casey example for me is livable when you don’t find out about Alex Colburn until next season.

        Jill is worse because Chuck in the pilot said he met her in a ECON class, yet in Ala mater five episodes later Bryce introduced him. These are signs that the production crew were inexperienced or editing was out to lunch.

        I pointed to you before that Chuck said in the pilot that the computer crashed a week ago when Sarah asked him did he back it up.

        or the apartment was on the first floor, yet we see Sarah dropping from the second level. Oh and the person they used as Sarah’s double in the funniest scene I have ever scene with the Chuck getting nailed three times and then getting kicked into the coffee table.

        See these are issues to talk about, but writing for me is a non issue because we don’t get to decide what Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz wanted to do.

  5. There’s a big difference between continuity issues in the writing and story arc confusion. Someone is supposed to be responsible for making sure there are no continuity problems ( such as the Johnny Boy comment from Casey ), but the story arc confusion is the writer’s responsibility. Continuity issues are more of a nuisance, but having major flaws in a story arc leads to confusion as to what the story really is…what the emotions the characters are feeling really are…that sort of thing. It is a big problem with the creative people, rather than some fact checker who misses some minor issues.

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