gallery Rewatch Week Five: Season One Episode Five

Chuck Vs The Sizzling Shrimp

We reached the fifth week of our rewatch, and this episode has my four favorite words.  Sizzling Shrimp is fun. Gwendoline Yeo makes her only appearance as Mei Ling, Chinese’s top spy. 

Mei Ling comes to Burbank to rescue her kidnapped brother. Team Bartowski will be on the trail and ultimately help her in this decent stand alone episode.

Sizzling Shrimp

It’s an evening with Morgan, which means my friends we are treated to Sizzling Shrimp, a kung fu movie, and something that is  needed to feed his fix. While Chuck is excited, Sarah and Casey are not.

The idea of having dinner with Chuck and Morgan would be worse than. Afghani warlords bleeding Casey from his liver.

There are a lot of good stuff here in this episode, Sarah and Chuck show public affection towards each other, when Chuck puts his arm around her, while going to get Sizzling Shrimp. We learn that Morgan has an addiction to fireworks, and we are on our way.

A stroll through the neighborhood Sarah enjoying herself The fix

Chuck Flashed Mei-Ling
Me LingSpoiler Alert

Ellie comes off to be very selfish in this episode. Grant it, it is a special holiday for them, but sometimes things don’t work out as you want, for example, Chuck didn’t go ballistic when they had to skip Thanksgiving in Chuck vs the Leftovers. No, he understood the situation.The Woodcombs being doctors and all.

Another part of the episode, Morgan was another part of the episode that was annoying. In fact, Morgan was difficult to watch throughout season one. His over reliance of Chuck bailing him out was a bit clingy, and ironically both Ellie and Morgan bond in this episode.

The Mission:

China’s top spy was in town and Team Bartowski wanted to know why. Mei-Ling Cho was in Burbank to rescue her brother, who was kidnapped by local Triads. There are some fun scenes in this part of the story

Example of Chuck using his smarts to help with a mission. The best part of the episode was how Chuck came up with a plan to help Mei-Ling. He asked, Casey and Sarah if he can get Mei-Ling to defect (Which he does) would they help her rescue her brother (which they do). He used his intelligence, which was one of my favorite things about Chuck.

Chuck's safety is all Sarah cares about

Mei Ling angry with Chuck

His quick to action thinking of helping free Casey, Sarah and Mei-Ling was smart and clever. He used fireworks to create a diversion to lure the Triads out of the restaurant. The best part was he didn’t flash to accomplish it.

deverging tactic by Chuck It was the early stages of Chuck becoming a spy, and a adequate one.

The stakeout scenes were classic Chuck, and throw in the rules of tailing a mark was funny as hell. From Private Eyes, to flashing on the guns, Chuck was having a good time.

Chuck and Sarah Moments

Its memories like this that make Chuck so special. Sarah learned that Chuck’s life was very familiar’s to her’s. The Bartowski’s mother  ran out, and they wanted to celebrate the day they learned to take care of themselves with her. It was the first step in the long process in Sarah becoming a member of this family.

Ellie and Chuck have warmed Sarah’s heart. A family of her own……

We also get our first flirtatious scene,  Sarah nonchalantly wipes debris and fixes his hair. A simple gesture made by an Agent, but it was all the flirting she can do with Casey around.The first physical touchOverall a great episode. One of the better episode of the series and for a stand alone. Great entertainment !

The next episode would be another stand alone Chuck vs The Sandworm.








  1. The Sizzling Shrimp! I really enjoyed this episode. Lots of character development with regards to how Sarah and Chuck think. With Sarah I saw two things which stood out. Sarah I think for the first time is forming an opinion on what is “Normal”. Chuck and Morgan playing some pretend Kung Fu fighting, fireworks shock and the importance of family events. When you watch her (informative) expressions when these items appear before her, you see her thinking “If this is normal, then I want to be a part of it”. She is first a spy, but there is that part of her that wants a normal life!
    The 2nd item that she exudes in bunches, is a growing fondness of Chuck. I don’t think she is quite at the in love level, but she is getting closer. The look on her face when the shrimp show up on the stakeout is priceless. She not only thought it was funny, but I think she really enjoys being around him. He makes her smile, he makes her feel comfortable, and he is just a nice all round guy to be close to!
    I have a different opinion on Sarah touching Chucks and kind of adjusting his looks a bit. I don’t consider it flirting, I think of it as just a totally subconscious action by Sarah. She is so comfortable around him that those things are starting to come naturally. An example of this would be myself and my wife standing in a line waiting to see the new Chuck Movie (coming in 2016….hoping) and I notice that she has a thread hanging from her earring. I automatically reach up and remove the thread and while my hand is there I adjust her hair a bit in order to see her lovely earrings! A kind of silly analogy but I think you know what I mean. I would not do that with somebody I was not comfortable with! That IMO is how Sarah is programed at this point in time.
    With Chuck, I just see what everyone else sees. He is just an nice guy who thinks about everyone but himself: Always concerned about his family and friends. As per usual he does not do what he is told and tries to help out. And the important thing to note is the first word out of his mouth when Sarah and Casey are in a predicament is “Sarah”. He is thinking about her more and more with each episode. Ellie further enforces that mind set with her chat with Chuck. I do believe Ellie becoming a very good and caring big sister for Chuck. The ultimate big sister!
    As per usual, I think, well done (chuck producers) and well presented (Chuck and Sarah) as well the rest of this outstanding cast.
    So there has been five episodes so far. I am going to go out on the limb (LOL) and do some ranking from the absolute best, all the way down to just plain outstanding.
    The Intersect Project (Pilot), The Sizzling Shrimp, The Tango, The Helicopter, and The Wookie!
    What ya thing!!!

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