Chuck vs The Suburbs

We have reached Episode 13 of Season 2, it’s Valentine’s Day Chuck style, The mission would be about Chuck and Sarah being asked to pose as a married couple in the suburbs and find out the threat of a terrorist organization,  However, the real threat would turnout to be Fulcrum.

This episode really showcased Chuck’s inability to separate his personal life with that of a spy’s mission despite all of this. Its one of Chuck underrated episodes.

The episode begins with  Agent Yeager, who was trying to infiltrate a terrorist organization. However, the people he was after tested him with some high powered technology that would send Yeager to the looney bin.

Yeager being testedYeager was burnt to a crisp..and the episode was shifted to the Buymore,

Chuck can be seen watching the wall of televisions, and in a dismal look as Emmett made the store watch Must Love Dogs. Oh the pain for Bartowski, He didn’t notice Sarah approaching him from behind.

The scene above was one of my favorite Sarah moments. She came into the Buymore looking for a date, and as Charah can do best, they made a simple night of romance into an awkward cover date.  Chuck was scared because of Sarah mentioning the holiday, and Sarah hoping Chuck had something planned was comical and showed the true intentions of Sarah or what she was hoping for.

If that didn’t prove anything than this would,

Chuck completely cluelessShe wanted to cuddle with Chuck

Sarah wanting to cuddle

very annoyed with this date

Sarah Walker: Can I ask you a question?

Chuck Bartowski: Sure.

Sarah Walker: This is the worst Valentine’s Day ever, right?

Chuck Bartowski: Come on, don’t be silly.

Sarah Walker: Please, you’re not going to offend me.

Chuck Bartowski: There’s gotta be someone somewhere having a far worse Valentine’s Day.

It was a classic miss read from Chuck, he didn’t notice any of the clues Sarah was giving him, and Sarah the Girlfriend was annoyed with him for not noticing. Lucky for her, the cover date would be shortened.

At Casey’s apartment, Beckman was giving the episode’s mission to Casey. The job would be at a community site in the suburbs named Meadow Branch, she filled him in on Yeager’s assignment, and what the results were from it. She showed Yeager was mentally gone.

Casey, assumed he would be sent in and take over the assassignment, but Beckman said they need a real couple. Funny how Beckman called Charah a real couple at  that point.

Casey summoned the two lovebirds, Chuck and Sarah would jump from the couch in eagerness to find out the mission at hand. Casey would inform them they would have to drop their cover dating for the night.

The two lovebirds were going to the Suburbs as a  married couple.

Move over Andersons, The Carmichaels are moving in.

After a brief conversation between Ellie and Chuck about house sitting over the weekend with his long time girlfriend, Ellie suggested it was a good thing. Ellie felt that it was the perfect dry run to see what it would be like pointing to her wedding ring.

Chuck immediately killed that dream, but claiming they were nowhere near where Devon and her were in their relationship.

While heading to his temporary home, the song that played was Talking Head’s Once In a Lifetime. A classic rock and roll song.

Chuck arrived into a new world. A nice house with neighbors that seemed genuine. When he walked into the door he saw photos of Sarah and him married with a dog.

Truman show meets Chuck


While Sarah was preparing potato salad, Chuck looked outside and  Baddie number one,  Andy Richter would guest star as Brad White was waving at him, it was a funny exchange between the members of TB in this scene.

Sarah handing the meat over

Chuck: Are you cooking for the whole neighborhood?

Sarah: No, Chuck you are.

Casey: You heard the lady, get out there and mingle.

Brad White would introduce Chuck to the block’s residence, and each person had an interesting nugget or quirkiness to their story, and long behold Brad spotted Sarah.

Sarah and Chuck exchange a warming glance at each other.

Sarah talking to Brad's wife Is that a real smile mrs Walker

Chuck smiling back at Sarah

While the festivities continued Chuck grew more impatient with the crowd. Apparently, even the social butterfly that is Bartowski has his limits, and we get to meet Baddie number two. Jenny McCarthy also guest stared in this episode.

Jenny played  Sylvia Arculin, another one of Chuck’s classic songs played when Chuck met her. Peggy Lee’s Fever, which is one of my personal favorites.

Sylvia meets Chuck

Chuck Bartowski: Well gotta run. You know how it is the old ball and chain.

Sylvia: Listen Charles, I just live right across the street. So… call me, when the honeymoon’s over. I’ve got a chain too.

Sylvia would invite Chuck over when the honeymoon between him and Sarah was over. She said that her husband’s job was one that kept him out of town a lot even the nerd in Chuck understood what that meant.

Sarah would call Chuck over to chat, and Chuck would tell Sarah that he didn’t flash on anyone. However, while Charah was socializing, Casey was sweeping the house for bugs, and he found one.

Chuck would flash on the bug, and he told them that the bug was stolen back in 2006, the bug belonged to Fulcrum. It just drove the mission to whole different level.

John Casey: [finding a bug] Looks like one of ours.

Chuck Bartowski: [Chuck gets a flash] Uh correction. That was one of ours. That bug was stolen from a CIA substation in Omaha in ’06. Now it belongs to FULCRUM.

Sarah Walker: And here I thought we were looking for a garden variety terrorist

Then we came up to another one of my top ten moments between Chuck and Sarah. The next morning Chuck came walking down stairs, and when he reached the kitchen, he saw Sarah cooking.

Sarah cooking for Chuck

It is a classic Sarah moment, and I wrote about in several articles. This is not Agent Walker in this scene. This is Sarah wanting to cook breakfast for Chuck. She is acting like a woman, who shared a night in a house with Chuck, her cover boyfriend. The man she has falling in love with. She is cooking because she wanted too.

She is all smiles and enjoying the moment

Chuck likes playing house

Sarah the homemaker

Are you enjoying this whole martha stewart thing Shut up and eat your breakfast

Chuck Bartowski: Are you enjoying this who Martha Stewart thing? I can’t even believe it. Please tell me you’re not going soft on me.

Sarah Walker: Just shut up and eat your breakfast.

Chuck Bartowski: You better be careful, Sarah. One day you might actually turn into a real girl.

its a nice moment between the two. No Casey or Beckman to interfere.  The house is bug free, and they can be a normal couple, but like always as things seem normal, it can change in a blink of an eye.

Once it was discovered that Fulcrum was behind this, the mission changed from looking for terrorists to stopping Fulcrum’s plans. It was discovered that Fulcrum was using the Meadow Branch community as a substation for their activities. A front if you will.

Chuck showed his lack of experience in the way spies conduct business. Sometimes missions require the spy  to do whatever it took to make the mission successful. When Chuck left his fake home, Sarah stopped him so she can give him a list of groceries.

Chuck lost himself in the cover, and it showed when looking at the grocery list in the Buymore, Casey had to remind him the list was a fake much to the dismay of Bartowski.  This episode would really test Chuck’s morality from here on out.

Sarah passing her note to Chuck for Casey

Casey reminding him its just a mission

There was a spy message behind the list

It was determined that Fulcrum had ordered this,

Fulcrum order this to tap into governement servers

Casey told Chuck, Fulcrum had ordered enough cable to stretch from Burbank to Pasadena. He asked Chuck why would Fulcrum need so much cable. They needed it so they can tap into government servers.

Casey also would order Chuck to get into the neighbor’s house to see what was on the computer. Chuck asked should I go in as Nerd Herd, and Casey shot that down saying your going in the old fashion way. Since Sylvia took a romantic interest in Chuck, he should exploit that.

Chuck didn’t like it, he said he was not comfortable breaking his fake wedding vows. A signal Chuck still didn’t get what a spy needed to do. Its honorable, but its a glaring weakness. Something that will plague him throughout the series.

Casey telling Chuck he needed to cheat on his marriage

Sarah explaining it has to be this way

Chuck struggling with the concept of a fake marriage
Sarah Walker: Look, we understand if this makes you uncomfortable. Chuck Bartowski: Breaking my fake wedding vows? Nah, forget about it. I’m golden. [to Casey] Chuck Bartowski: Just hit me with another spritz of that, would you. [Casey spritzes Chuck once in the face. Slight pause, then he spritzes Chuck again below the belt] Chuck Bartowski: Why here?

Casey playing with Chuck

Chuck eventually would go along with the change of plans. Did he really have a choice? He knocked on Sylvia’s door and she answers saying ” That didn’t take long.” Chuck had a very charming response to this.

Chuck: Charles Carmichael always comes quickly.

Once at the house, Sylvia lead him to her bedroom. She got very physical with Chuck, and it made Chuck become his nerdy self. Seems Mr. Bartowski is not comfortable with aggressive women lol.  Seemed like all the advise Roan Montgomery gave Bartowski worked here.

Charles Carmichael always comes quickly

Sylvia expecting Charles Carmichael

Sylvia: Charles, I didn’t expect you to come so quickly.

Chuck Bartowski: Charles Carmichael *always* comes quickly.

[awkward pause]

John Casey: [over the radio] Smooth, Bartowski.

While Chuck had Sylvia distracted, Casey was monitoring the cable that went into the house. He was able to see that the cables went into a second floor room, which could of been their office.

Chuck being manhandledSylvia handcuffed Chuck to the headboard of the bed, and said a funny line “I am going to far you out.” not the greatest of lines but comical. Chuck then was focused on Sylvia tatas, which I also thought was funny.

Chuck being naughtyChuck then asked Sylvia for some scotch to loosen the mood up, and she went to get some. Chuck would ask Casey how to get out of this, and Casey used one of his best lines of the series.

Break your thumbs Jsut break your thumbs

Chuck Bartowski: Casey, I’m handcuffed.

John Casey: Relax, handcuffs are a cinch.

Chuck Bartowski: Really?

John Casey: Yeah, there’s a bone in your thumb. Tiny bone. Real easy to break. What you’re gonna wanna do is apply torsional pressure until it snaps.

Chuck Bartowski: I’m not going to break my bone!

John Casey: Well in that case, you are screwed!

Chuck noticed a set of keys on the nightstand, and went to get it.  He was able to free himself, and made a dash for it. Meanwhile, Cliff came home. it seemed all of a sudden too. As if Sylvia notified him of having Bartowski captured.

Upstairs Chuck was looking for a way out, but noticed the computer in the office. He was able to figure out the password into the system, which was Salamander just as he pressed enter. It was like the intersect pictures Bryce sent him. Images were being registered into his brain.

Fulcrum Intersect images

Chuck was downloading Fulcrum’s version of the intersect into his brain, It would be very useful tool because now Chuck not only had The government secrets, but Fulcrum as well.

After finishing downloading the images, Chuck crashed to the floor, Sarah and Casey calling for Chuck to get out of there, but there was no response. It caused concern.

Chuck woke up and made his way out the window and across the roof. Sylvia and Cliff made their way to the bedroom, but found the bed empty. They went into the office and saw Chuck downloaded the practice test, and was happy Chuck survived the test.

Meanwhile Chuck made his way back home, Sarah met him at the door, but notice the neighbors watching, and slapped Chuck in the face for cheating.

Sarah maintaining cover A slap of the ages

What transpired upset Beckman, She said they endangered Chuck and compromised the mission, but Chuck said not really. He informed Beckman of the images he saw were the same ones Bryce sent him, which meant he had Fulcrum secrets in his head.

This meant Beckman had to take Chuck off the mission. She sent Sarah back in, but it was bad decision because Fulcrum moved on her. By the time Chuck flashed on the Meadow Branch pamphlet, and realized that Sarah was walking into a trap, It was too late, Fulcrum had her.

Chuck tried to make the save, Brad took out Casey with a taser and before Chuck could get into house. Before Brad tasered Chuck. Bartowski flashed on all the neighbors, and saw they were all Fulcrum Agents.

When Chuck woke up again, he was strapped to a chair, and tied up like Yeager was earlier in the episode. Sarah was in the control room looking on.

 Chuck in  tough spot

Sarah concerend for Chuck

Sarah will drop her cover here, when it came to Chuck’s safety. She is witnessing these people about to do terrible things to Chuck, and all on her mind is concern and fear.

Chuck called out for Sarah, Brad and Sylvia laughed at the thought there were real feelings between the two. Sylvia told Chuck that Sarah’s feelings were not real. They were never going to be together.

Just before Fulcrum prepared to run their version of the Intersect on Chuck. Sarah cried out Chuck’s name, but Sylvia told her it was useless, He couldn’t hear her. Meanwhile, Casey broke his thumbs, and was enroute towards where Chuck and Sarah were.

Cliff ran the program, and Sarah was beside herself. She sat there watching Chuck being used as a lab rat, and she was also worried for what would happen to Chuck.

They forced Sarah to watch Chuck being used as a lab rat Chuck downloading Fulcrum's Intersect

After the test, they brought Sarah into the room. She was calling for Chuck, but no response.  Brad took off the equipment and assumed Chuck was gone like the rest of them, but suddenly Chuck came through.  He survived the download.

Sarah was worried if this was the same Chuck. Sylvia asked him if he mind they test his wife next, and Chuck said “Wife, what wife.”  At this point Sarah was scared, She thought they turned Chuck into Fulcrum.

Sarah scared Sarah worried

It is a special scene because Chuck saw Casey had snuck into the control room, and made sure Fulcrum didn’t see and played along. When he turned, he said I would like to tell Agent Walker something before you run the test.

He walked up close to her, Close your eyes he would say, and pull her close to her. He protected her from being fried.

That is fear in her eyes Love this scene

Casey was able to run the program, and it killed all the Fulcrum Agents in the room.  Chuck saved Sarah, and in midst of the program running Sarah felt safe and we saw some of Charah’s best.

Sarah trusting Chuck in protecting her He held her hand with the wedding ring facing out

Buymore Story

Before I get into the final scene, I figured I would take a few minutes to talk about the Buymore end of the story.

Big Mike would learn on Valentine’s Day that his wife wanted a divorce. It angered him enough to focus on work. It was a problem for everyone including Emmett.

They would work together to figure away to get Big Mike’s will to work sucked out of him as Lester said.  They set up Big Mike with an online dating service, and used false information to get him dates.

When he met a woman, Big Mike felt bad about lying to her, and invited her to the Buymore. When she arrived, they told the truth about their profiles. It is a classic Buymore scene.

It turned out Bolonia was Morgan’s mother, A very classic Chuck moment.

Sarah and Chuck Both Reluctant in Giving up Ring

The song that I love in this episode would be Freeze and Explode and here are the lyrics to the song.

There’s nothing we can say or do
The damages in front of you
I’m sorry, but sometimes things fall apart
Take some time to understand
The situation’s out of hand
But you didn’t see it from the start

So ask me questions
Try to pull the band aid slow
I want you to feel this
Right before I go

What we will learn from this episode was how much Chuck and Sarah are stuck in the mud with their relationship, but what we will also learn is how much the both of them want something real from each other.

Ellie said it was a dry run, and it seemed to have been, Chuck realizing again that his relationship with Sarah was never going to go anywhere, especially the way Sarah asked for the ring back. Chuck seemed to forget that they were undercover, but all too often Sarah often doesn’t match with what she said.

SArah asked for the ring back She can see the trouble Chuck was having with letting go Sarah again showing real feelings Sarah doesn't want to take the ring off Sarah wants the cover she just lived with Chuck

We often question Sarah’s love for Chuck, but what we miss is the struggle the woman has to deal with between  juggling her real feelings with that of what an agent suppose to do. She is suppose to push her asset to perform, which she does.

The problem is watching Chuck get tortured was something that Sarah couldn’t handle. She was scared and worried. Something an agent is supposed to not show.

She also proved again how her action don’t meet with her thought process.  what I mean is, while she told Chuck to give up the ring. It was Sarah who also struggled with taking off the ring.

She did, but showed how much she wanted the home and a family of her own too. She wanted the home and family with Chuck.

The next episode would mark one of Chuck’s classic episodes Chuck vs The Best Friend is a very revealing episode in the development of Charah.

In Chuck vs The Suburbs, Chuck struggled separating the Spy life with his real life.

In Chuck vs The Best Friend, Sarah struggled with separating the spy life with normalcy.

A great episode next on our Season 2 journey.







  1. This is probably one my least favorite episodes. Not to stomp on Casey’s line, but I think it’s the portrayal of the suburbs that gives me the heebee jeebees. Anyhoo….

    I’m kind of torn on my thoughts of Sarah’s intentions with the Valentine’s Day activities. In the timeline of their relationship, I’m not sure Girlfriend Sarah is completely there yet. I think Agent Walker would disapprove of something overtly romantic. Perhaps this is because, in retrospect, she is all too nonchalant and matter-of-fact about closing down the cover story, which is why Chuck decides he wants to throw in the towel…again.

    However, this theory is not without it’s hiccups;

    * there’s the obvious clue of Sarah making breakfast for no apparent reason other than wanting to have a brief moment of normalcy playing house with Chuck.

    * if you look at the scene during their Valentine’s Day…um…”activities”, for lack of a better word, when they jump off the couch for the mission, Sarah flashes a look of disappointment when Chuck quickly gets up and says “Thank God!”. It’s barely noticeable, but that (and you will hear me say this many, many times) is the absolute acting genius of Yvonne. A brief look or gesture that one barely notices, but says volumes.

    • You will learn over time, my views of expressions especially coming from Sarah, I have a series going on called Master of Expressions, and it is all about Yvonne’s Mastery of Sarah Walker.

      I disagree with Sarah’s intentions walking into the Buymore, she knew what she was doing. She wanted to go out with Chuck. You can tell by her expressions on the couch, while watching Chuck play with his game on his phone. Sarah not getting the attention from Chuck bothered her.

      She would also be disappointed when Chuck didn’t make plans. It was very much like the fake proposal in Cubic Z.

      Awkward situation putting Chuck on the spot, Chuck was use to the relationship being a cover, so I am sure under different circumstances Chuck would of prepared something, but he has been burnt in the past, but this Sarah was different.

      Ever since he helped her with her father Sarah has been seeking to get closer with Chuck, but with the way things happen at Christmas. Chuck wasn’t the same.

      He accepted the cover just being a cover, but Sarah being Sarah came in said. What are our plans for tonight, When Chuck said “maybe we can give our covers the night off.” She was like “Really?” not verbally, but expression wise yes.

      • Regarding the valentines, well, i hate when Sarah is the one who always make first move? I dont know if Chuck just cant understand what Sarah wants to deliver or maybe Christopher is right, the christmas incident.

        Indeed, this episode is kinda low key but thank God the breakfast thing had happened, thats the only scene i love and also yeah the latter part in the fulcrum when Chuck protected Sarah during the simulation.

        Correct too, Sarahs struggle shows here specially in the end to the point that she hurt Chuck and i think she only say that not to convince Chuck but to remind herself. She need to turn again her feelings.

      • From the Pilot, Sarah made a lot of first moves, and Chuck missed the clues, but its what we love about him. His innocence was what Made Bartowski so loveable with women. He was even able to get Carina to flirt with him.

        Sarah asking what their plans were for the night was essentially telling Chuck she wanted to do something with him, but he missed it. Its the problem with acting like your a couple because when your trying to be real, it gets missed.

      • Yes you are right. Specially with Chuck, since he always know that its only an act, its hard for him to decipher Sarah’s action. We can see it still even after the eps chuck vs the tooth(when he has some doubts of Sarah’s love for him bec Sarah didnt say she loves her). All in all, i love how they compliment with each other. On how to act and fill up each others weakness.

  2. First of all the beginning scene in the Buy More when Sarah leaves after making dinner plans- I’ve wondered if Yvonne’s quick peck kiss, jab in the stomach, and coy look while walking away was ad libbed because the smile on Zach’s face DID NOT have to be acted…secondly whoever wrote this episode knows what it is like to have a wonderful woman in their life. From the breakfast scene to the whole sequence while “I can see clearly now” is playing ending with the daydreaming over the shopping list is someone who GETS what being with a great woman is all about and can appreciate this whole episode. We have to remember too that by the time Sarah asks for the ring back she had just gotten royally chewed out by Beckman for not taking the assignment seriously and was back to being Agent Walker.

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