Continuity in Chuck

Chris and I were talking about several of the issues surrounding the story arcs after Season 2 … things that CM has brought up on several occasions. I think we talk about these things on Chuckaholics quite a bit, and it’s what makes the site so much fun to participate in. Continuity is slightly different, though. I will go with the current definition…

” In fiction, continuity (also called time-scheme) is consistency of the characteristics of people, plot, objects, and places seen by the reader or viewer over some period of time. It is relevant to several media.”

Notice it does mention plot, but I don’t want to get bogged down with plot or arc here. What’s fun about being into a show is often finding those continuity issues and exposing them. That’s really the point of this post…let’s have some fun and post up some of the holes in continuity during Chuck’s run. The pilot was full of them, and a lot of the first episodes as well. That’s to be expected since the Pilot is shot well before any episodes.

So let me start with just a few of the more obvious ones, and then let everyone have a turn putting down their own.

First, Casey calling his mom from the Buy More and saying, “It’s Johnny Boy”, but then later ( in Tic Tac ) finding out that his real name is Alex Coburn.

Second, in The Cliffhanger, Chuck is kissing the bride and reaches up to cradle Sarah’s face. We see the Twist Tie ring they wore during the practice run. When it shows it again and Chuck is about to dip Sarah and give her another kiss, the Twist Tie is gone.

OK Gang…have at it ! Lots of fun to be had on the site here….


  1. Why does Sarah’s mom call her “Sarah” and not “Sam”? Of course, she could have told her mother her CIA name when she dropped Molly off, but then why does Carina have to ask what name she’s going by?

    • She was given the name Sarah Walker as soon as Langston recruited her in High School, so Carina should have known that name. I agree with you about Sarah’s mom…and her dad never really questioned it either. Probably thought she was on a scam somewhere, but always referred to her as Sarah. Worse part is that Sarah told Shaw her first name was Sam, we know her second name is Lisa, so why did she get married as “Sarah Walker” if it’s a fake name ? ( Yeah, yeah…it’s who we know her as !) LOL

      • A glaring one for me is how Chuck met Jill, in the Pilot he said he met her in an Economy class, yet five episodes later it would turn out Bryce introduced Jill to Chuck. I told Gary before what a wingman Bryce is .

  2. @christopher – re: chuck/bryce/jill: YES! when Bryce and Chuck first meet, Bryce offers to introduce Chuck to a girl on his floor who’s totally into Zork. Then Chuck says he met her when she dropped her books and they bumped heads.

  3. I can’t recall the episode right now, but Sarah mentions having a sister once, yet it’s always just her and her dad or mom.

      • If we go strictly by the calendar, then it’s about the time of First Kill. I certainly think the timing would have been around Broken Heart where she realized she was in love, but maybe didn’t record it until after Dream Job. With Jill coming back into the picture, that would have been the appropriate time….

    • It would more apropos in Beefcake, but the timing was off for Day 564. The show stuck to timelines pretty well … Thanksgiving episodes aired at Thanksgiving, Christmas was always close and Valentine’s Day as well. Beefcake was at about Day 535. It really depends on whether the pilot started on September 25th or so. Zac’s actual birthday is close, so we should probably take it as being so, given the writer’s propensity to be clever ! Day 564 takes us to about April 12th…about a month after Beefcake. The only reason it may make sense for just before First Kill is Sarah saying she, ” Doesn’t know what to do about it.” In Colonel, we find out maybe THAT is what she figured she should do !!

  4. I think the worse continuity issue would be The conspiracy angle they tried to pull at the end of Season 4,

    When Decker said Shaw Bryce all of them were apart of a conspiracy. It was great Decker taking charge and we get the mastermind was Shaw.

    How can he be apart of the conspiracy if he turned out to be the mastermind. I thought Quinn would of been better suited as the mastermind.

    • Yup…would have worked much better if Quinn had been behind it. Why they dragged Shaw back in is beyond me, UNLESS they were trying to get rid of anyone who still had an intersect in them…..
      As the show finished, I think Chuck is now the one and only Intersect.

  5. I found an interesting Plot Hole on,

    In Chuck vs The Best Friend,

    Sarah mentions the plan to place a GLG-20 bug near Jason, Anna Wu’s new boyfriend. However, “Chuck vs. the Marlin” established that GLG-20’s were used by Fulcrum, not the CIA. EM-50’s (a reference to the movie “Stripes”) are the preferred bug of choice for the CIA/NSA.

  6. The cat squad episode is another episode where the cover name question carina asked about didn’t make sense because Sarah walker was her name during the cat squad and in the pilot didn’t it seem like chucks room was on second floor because Morgan was falling out of window why didn’t he just stand up?

    • I think Morgan did stand up in the Pilot. And Sarah did jump from the second floor. The Pilot obviously would be much different from the regular episodes since it would have been shot well before any of the other episodes were shot. They then had to establish a lot of the new scenery…mostly recreating an apartment on a sound stage. As well, they probably shot a LOT of scenes and then pieced the pilot together the best they could …. probably lots of stuff on the cutting room floor !! So I don’t have too much trouble with continuity issues in the pilot, since there isn’t much to actually compare it to, and everyone was just getting familiar with the roles and scenery.

      • There’s a great interview with Zack, Joshua Gomez, Josh Schwartz, and Chris Fedak in which they discuss that scene in the pilot. Yes Morgan stand up, which adds to the humor that he is supposed to be hanging on, but the scene was actually filmed on the second floor. They were supposed to have someone walk past, underscoring the fact Morgan is on the first floor, but there wasn’t enough room on the scaffolding Joshua is on to pull it off.

  7. “So which episode was day 564”

    Perhaps not the best way to clock the time, but if she were to have recorded a log every day, day 564 would have been 1 1/2 years (about) and put it somewhere a little past mid-Season 2.

  8. Saw a few more last night….
    In the Santa Suit …after Ellie knocks Shaw out, it shows him lying in the aisle of the Buy More. When Chuck and Ellie are embracing, the camera pulls back and Shaw isn’t there.

    Also, when Shaw retrieves the Macau device from the elevator in Castle, he looks down at Sarah passed out in the chair. When he is about to leave, he wakes her up to watch him go kill Chuck. But when Morgan sneaks down in the elevator to go rescue her, they use the same footage of her slumped over in the chair when Morgan is looking down into Castle.

  9. The Board of Directors and I notice a continuity error, In Sandworm, it was presumed by Devon and Ellie Sarah was waiting in Chuck’s room for sex. Thus, the comment Devon made “Get in there slugger.”

    Chuck proceeded to ask Sarah to stay for 42:15 seconds because Ellie and Devon thought he was getting lucky in the room, yet in The Truth, Ellie and Devon act like Charah never did it.

    Does anyone find this interesting?

    • Yeah…the start of the fake relationship had its troubles.

      Another big one comes at the end of the Baby. Sarah is in Langston Graham’s office at the end, and he gives her a new assignment in Burbank…tracking down Chuck. He gives her a dossier with his picture on it. Of course, in Nacho Sampler, she doesn’t get the picture of Chuck until she is in the Buy More, and she gets it on her phone….and that is the first time she sees who her assignment is.

  10. I found an error last night while watching Beecake, Alexis White was a ,member of Fulcrum, but when Beckman was telling the generals in Chuck vs The Subway. Alexis White was a ring member. What do you think of that?

  11. Here is something i feel we should discuss. Its regarding Sarah and Shaw. As we know how devoted Shaw was to Eve. I wondered last night watching Operation Awesome. It dawned on me something that I think we should discuss here.

    Wouldn’t Shaw have pictures of his wife in his Penthouse, and if that would be the case. Since we know he loved his wife. Then wouldn’t Sarah have seen the pictures of Eve in the penthouse.?

    What do you guys think?

    • It’s a good point….and think about how Sarah “researched” Cole when he came. Funny she wouldn’t have done some research on Shaw as well. But, yeah, he should have had photos in there.
      Maybe he put them all away when he was having a lady friend over, though. Kind of a turn off if you’re trying to seduce someone with the dead wife’s pic all over the place.

      • Well….Orion let her find him the first time, but she has access to a lot of data, and Eve would have to be in the CIA database. Maybe she couldn’t get in because Shaw was watching her, but it’s weird that she wasn’t curious about a woman she was “replacing”.

  12. OK …been a while since I added anything to this, but I was watching Chuck Vs The Anniversary and I noticed that when Frost was reading to “little” Chuck, it was 1994. Chuck had mentioned previously that his mother left just after he broke the charm on her charm bracelet…which was around when Chuck downloaded the Intersect prototype. Most of the show seemed to indicate that Chuck was born around 1980 … he was in first year of college in 98 or 99. But if that was “little” Chuck in bed with frost reading to him, he would have to be about 14 years old !!! Seems like he was really just an 8 or 9 year old, so it should have said 1988 or 1989.

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