gallery Review of The Intersect Project Podcast Week Five

Chuck vs The Sizzling Shrimp was this week’s podcast, and again Paul is on target about the episode.

The only part I disagree with would be Ellie. i understand the fact that she raised him, and I get it, but like a mother needs to learn to cut the umbilical cord, so does Ellie.

Ellie and Morgan in the most part of Season one seem to want Chuck to do what they want him to do, and now with the spy life in his life. Chuck has to balance three caps.

A brother, A friend and finally the intersect.

He has to lie to his sister and his friend and it is eating at him, but he doesn’t have a choice in what his secret ask of him.

When Chuck can’t be there for them, it seems as if Chuck is in the wrong all the time. Its damned of you and damned if he didn’t

I highly recommend listening to this week’s podcast.





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