Chuck Vs The Best Friend

Chuck vs The Best Friendt will always rank high with Chuck fans, the relationship between Morgan and Chuck is the second  important relationship of the show. The importance between the two has a large impact not only on Sarah, but Casey as well.

This episode also introduces Jeffster to the Chuck universe. A great band that has memorable moments in their own right. So, let’s dive into Chuck vs The Best Friend.

 We open the episode with a flashback,  Morgan getting beaten up by a girl in his high school days. Morgan calls for help, and Chuck made the save. He suggested for Morgan to stay away from girls for the next fifteen years.

Chuck saved Morgan

We then fast forward to present time,  Morgan was making Chuck, Lester and Jeff watch a video of his ex girlfriend Anna.  It was funny how the only person in the room who was a real spy was Chuck, but you will learn that Jeffster not only has musical talent, but they are very good at spycraft.

Morgan recruiting Jeff Lester and Chuck for his stalker mission Chuck listening to Morgan wanting to stalk

Jeff: Does it shock you that 80% of my encounters with women have been completely without their knowledge?

Chuck: Honestly, I’m more surprised by the other 20%, Jeff. Look, buddy, I know you’re going through a tough time, but I don’t feel comfortable stalking another human being.

Morgan: Dude, it’s not stalking, okay? It’s caring enough about someone to learn things about them they won’t tell you themselves.

Chuck: Which is stalking.

Jeff telling Chuck 80% of women are watched without their knowledge

Which is StalkingChuck’s protest was a mute point, Morgan was dead set on stalking Anna, and as a fan you knew this was not going to end good.

Team Buymore left the Buymore and followed Anna, meanwhile Team Bartowski was following them. It was comical how Casey said what are these imbeciles up to now. Sarah saw it has pretty decent spy work.

Team Buymore would trail Anna to a restaurant, and they would watch from Jeff’s van. It was decent spy work.

Team Bartowski
Team Bartowski
Team  Buymore
Team Buymore

Team Buymore watching AnnaMorgan would learn Anna had moved on to a more successful man. However, what Morgan saw was half the truth about this guy. Chuck saw the rest. He flashed on Anna’s new boy toy.

Anna kissing her new BFChuck flashed on WongChuck would flash on the license plate of this new guy, Morgan said mission over, he can’t compete with this guy. Chuck would say my sentiments exactly.

Chuck would inform his real spy team of his flash, and we come to the issue of this episode. The issue really is between Chuck and Sarah. Last episode, we saw Chuck struggle with separating his personal life with that of a mission. For example, not being able to break his fake marriage vows to accomplish a mission.

Here in Best Friend, we have Sarah struggling separating duty with the importance of Chuck’s friendship to Morgan. I understand where Sarah was coming from in this episode, but she was wrong on how she handled it.  This episode Sarah was in Agent Mode.

Chuck was taking a look at some of the equipment Castle had. like exploding tennis balls, and knockout spray, which would come useful in this episode. Sarah said the general would be on shortly to discuss the mission at hand.

Knoclk out sprayWhen the general appeared on the screen she told them Jason Wang had Triad connections, and his a affiliation was with a local gang in Burbank out to get the ambassador, Beckman wanted Chuck to use his personal connection with Anna to get close to Wang.

Chuck was reserved in front of Beckman, but as soon as she went of screen Chuck said he had a big problem. Chuck was not with this mission at all. Chuck never wants to harm his friends and family. Especially Morgan and Ellie, these people mean the most to him. So, by trying to get close to Anna’s new boyfriend. Chuck felt like he was betraying not only his friend, but pretty much his brother.

It would send Chuck into desperate state. He tried to get Sarah on his side, but how could Sarah understand the friendship, when she never experienced the kind of friendship Morgan and Chuck had. The only one in the room that had an understanding was Casey.

Chuck: I can’t betray my best friend. How come nobody gets that?

Casey: Hmm. Semper Fidelis. Means always faithful in the Marines. In civilian life, means putting your friend’s well being above your own. I-I salute you for that, Bartowski. [Casey gives Chuck a small salute] Well done.

Chuck: Yeah, that’s, Thanks, Casey. Yeah. Semper Fi. Semper Fi! You know it’s a pretty upside down world when this guy’s the one picking up the emotional nuances around here.

Chuck trying to plead his case

Sarah telling Chuck its a direct order

Casey respects Chuck's faithful state to Morgan
Semper Fidelis

While Chuck thought Casey was on his side, it was  a means to an end, Casey said orders are orders. “Go befriend Anna’s new boyfriend.”

Chuck getting fustrated with the spy life

I want to spend a little time on this subject for a moment. Pretty much since Christmas, Chuck has been frustrated with the work of a spy.  He had to keep his real profession from the people he loved, lie to his sister on numerous occasions and abandon his friendship with Morgan.

He had to live this cover relationship which was reaching it’s end at times for both Chuck and Sarah, but pretty much since Christmas,  Chuck has been giving Sarah a hard time about orders and listening to his handler. It was because Sarah always understood Chuck’s side of things, but often Chuck was frustrated with Sarah when it came to the people that matter most to him.

He refused to go into Castle, when Ned held the store hostage.  He wanted a break, when finding out Jill was Fulcrum. Thus, all of this was building over time. Now throw in the CIA was making Chuck betray his best friend was a little much for Chuck.

We can also include Sarah’s harsh tone in asking for the ring back in Suburbs, we can see why Chuck wanted a break from Sarah. In the next episode, Chuck will break up with Sarah again.

Befriending Jason Wang was torture for Chuck because it was not going to go over well with Morgan if he found out, the government doesn’t care, and Chuck is starting to understand this. It was time for Chuck take matter in his own hands.

While I’d like to give Orion credit for manning up Chuck, I think this episode showed the heroic capabilities Chuck had. He demonstrated in this episode how one can mesh private feelings with professionalism, something Sarah should have been taking notes on.

Chuck went to do what he was told, and found Morgan harassing Anna. I feel for Morgan in this episode because Anna was putting him down. I never thought Anna was for Morgan. I though a future woman was the best, and without spoiling her. We will leave it a that.

Chuck asking Anna on a double date

Chuck started the conversation by apologizing for Chuck, and Anna snapped at Chuck. “You spent your entire life apologizing for him. Don’t you get it he will never grow up.” What Anna said eat at Chuck because she was ripping his best friend, but Casey’s stare put Chuck back on track.

Chuck was able to get Anna to agree in taking him and Sarah to the car auction. Mission accomplished much to the strain on Chuck’s heart for doing this. Its the weight of the spy life that has begun to feel like a burden.

At the mission prep Chuck is molping

Chuck is miserable even at the mission preparation, he was sulking about doing this. Sarah and Casey are not taking much interest in Chuck wallowing because they are use to burning friendship. Hence, why the two of them are always alone.

Chuck suggested since they were on a mission to find out about Anna’s boyfriend, there should be a side mission in showing Anna what she is missing without Morgan. It was denied.

At the auction, Sarah was wearing a beautiful blue dress. It was a perfect choice for the event.

Chuck not happy being at this auction

Chuck would met Jason Wang, and here is where the episode takes off.  Chuck met WangOutside Morgan was lurking, he was watching the auction, and spotted Chuck. “Judas.” Morgan would whisper.

Chuck bustedIt wasn’t long before the baddies showed up. Chuck would flash on them.

The baddies showed up Chuck ready to flash

Chuck told Sarah abotu his flashBefore we move on with the episode, it is worth mentioned how Sarah talked up Morgan. She did what Chuck asked. Sarah told Anna if Jason was the man she was comparing Morgan too, it must mean she still cared for Morgan.

It was nice to see. Chuck didn’t listen to Sarah’s request for waiting for her and found himself in the garage of the auction. He saw the Triads give Wang the business about the trailer. They smacked him around a little bit.

Chuck was looking for the right moment to plant the bug, but before he could. He knocked over a broom which set off a chain of events that would basically tell the Triads he was there.

It brought Casey out of the van because he couldn’t find Bartowski. The Triads went looking for the intruder and found Morgan. Sarah could hear over the radios that they caught an intruder. It made Sarah become concerned on the whereabouts of Chuck.

Sarah worried about Chuck again

Casey and Sarah both go looking for Chuck, and found him by the trailer in the back. Both Casey and Sarah are not cool with leaving Morgan behindAs much as I love Sarah, she was wrong in this scene. When you know your asset is flipping out with knowing his brother is about to get killed, It was poor judgment by both Casey and Sarah not to assist in helping Chuck’s friend.

Chuck reminded me of how he was in Chuck vs The Truth, When Ellie was dying, and TB didn’t do anything. It forced Chuck’s hand to take action.

Chuck not ok with letting Morgan get killed

Chuck: Fine if you’re not going to save him, I will

Chuck made a mad dash for the front of the building where the Triads had Morgan.

Morgan in trouble

Before Smooth Lau could do damage. Chuck and crew arrived to make the save. Chuck destroyed Morgan, and it made Chuck sick that he had to do that.

Chuck making  the save

Chuck Bartowski: I see why Anna dumped you. This guy is – is a profoundly disturbed individual. Okay? He can’t -he can’t let go of her. He’s an obsessed but totally unthreatening sicko. Grow up Morgan Grimes.

Again Sarah was not getting it, she continued being Agent Walker. Cold and harsh something that was rubbing Chuck wrong.

Chuck trying to protect Morgan

Sarah claiming Chuck saved his frien

Sarah Walker: Well you just saved your best friend’s life.

Chuck Bartowski: At the expense of his dignity.

Sarah Walker: Well at least he’s still breathing. Come on.

While Chuck did make the save, the Triads were able to find the bug that Chuck planted. It made Lau order Morgan to be killed.

When I first watched this episode, I was thinking Chuck and Sarah needed another Heart to Heart, and usually that took place in front of the fountain, but not this time. A much need conversation between Chuck and Sarah took place in Castle.

One that will not go over well for either of them. Its the kind of conversation that both needed to hear. Both Sarah and Chuck were right in this case.

Chuck pissed with Sarah

Sarah Walker: No, I get it he’s your best friend.

Chuck Bartowski: You know you say that, but I don’t think you have a clue what it means. Sarah, I don’t have parents. I don’t really talk about it because that’s the way things are now. But it wasn’t always this way. Morgan was there the first day my mom took off. He didn’t say much. Because honestly what’s a fifth grader supposed to say? But we sat there and split a cherry cheesecake and played Legend of Zelda all night long. And my dad, well that’s – that’s a whole other story. But Morgan was there for that too. Morgan is more than just my best friend. He’s my family! Before you got here, and long after you’ve gone, Morgan is my family!

Sarah Walker: …Last night we failed to learn the contents of the Triad’s container. And now we don’t know what kind of drugs or weapons are floating around the city. And while I appreciate your friendship with Morgan. Losing sight of that container endangers many people’s best friends, not just yours Chuck.

Sarah listening to Chuck banter
Notice on Sarah’s arm, she is wearing Chuck’s bracelet. I just thought I would point it out.

sarah listening to Chuck's complaint

Chuck is right because Sarah hasn’t shown an interest in understanding where Chuck was coming from. She didn’t seem to mind that Chuck was spending the whole morning apologizing to Morgan out of the sake of duty.

Sarah was right as well, Sarah’s job is to protect the citizens of the country, and if a threat is imminent then friendships or not Sarah’s job is to prevent the Triads from terrorizing the community.

It was a good conversation that couldn’t wait for the fountain.  Chuck heads back up to the Buymore, and while trying to talk Morgan into staying friends with him. The henchmen from the auction walked into the Buymore.

I mentioned above that the knockout spray would come in handy, well Chuck used it on Morgan. Bartowski was trying to help Morgan escape, but before he could Anna stopped him.

Morgan was placed in a television box and was being wheeled out. Chuck summoned Casey and Sarah there was a breach in the Buymore.  When Anna pulled Chuck towards the television. Chuck flashed on the real plan for the triads.

He was able to figure out that the Triads were planning on killing the Ambassador, and it was going to go down after the auction.

Chuck telling Casey and Sarah about the Triad plans

Before they left, he wanted to get Morgan, but as he turned he noticed the tv box was gone. The henchmen grabbed him when Chuck wasn’t looking. It caused Chuck to run after them, but they were too late.

Chuck watching little buddy get taken

Team Bartowski would grab a herder, and make chase. When they arrived. Sarah and Casey told Chuck they were going into the auction, and for him to stay in the car, but this Chuck had his own mission, and his friend’s safety depended on it.

He would go to the back of the building and saw the baddies place a bomb in the Rolls Royce, and he would also see them put Morgan in the trunk of the car. Chuck told Casey and Sarah what he saw, and he wasn’t going to listen to them any further.

Chuck was in this alone. Casey came running out of the building and jumped on top of the herder as Chuck pulled away. Sarah went to the back and ran into Smooth Lau, and rather then talk about it. Let’s watch it.

The song that would play was Pop Levi’s Wannamama

It is an awesome sequence of action. High speed chase and nice cat fight, and then we get the moment. A classic Chuck moment.

It a top 5 moment of the series in my opinion.

Again let’s watch,

I once wrote an article titled, Death Does Not Become Her, and in that article I wrote about how Sarah can live with bunkering or with other women being involved with Chuck, but death is a whole different ballgame.

When Sarah saw the car explode, her life flashed before her eyes. How could she live without Chuck. Casey also had angsted on his face. They both were  horrified with the thought of Chuck being dead, and for those few seconds we saw Real Sarah and Casey.

Casey bothered by Chuck being dead

If they didn’t learn in the Truth,  they know now. No matter what Chuck would always be their for his friends and family, and for Sarah death was far worse feeling then anything she experienced to date just look at her expressions at the thought of Chuck gone. This is some of Yvonne’s best work on the show.

Sarah realizing the man she love was gone
Sarah Walker: Where’s Chuck? John Casey: [Watching the car drive further away] Heroic imbecile took off with the bomb… Get out of there Bartowski! Sarah Walker: Oh my God, Chuck!
The woman lost it some more emotion from Sarah It was a long day for Sarah

Gary, this one is for you really,

Think about this for a moment, and don’t think of it from a man’s perspective. Look at it in Sarah’s shoes. For the few seconds she thought she lost Chuck, A lot was rushing through her mind.

All the miss opportunities to tell Chuck how she truly felt. The lost intimacy. The dream of normalcy all gone. How could she withstand not only losing Bryce to this job, but now Chuck. It would of sent her into a dismal depression. Its what happens when someone bottles those feelings she had yet to discuss with him.

A great reminder of what truly is important. Its why Sarah did this.

Sarah just happy Chuck is alive
Sarah: I wanted to apologize. I could have been more sensitive before about your friendship with Morgan. It’s just-it’s difficult. I don’t really have anyone in my life like that who cares about me. Chuck: Yeah, you do.

She wasn't going to let go of his handSome will say Sarah’s expression was one of being unsure if this was the right thing to do.

All Sarah is thinking about is being next to Chuck Charah together like they should be

For that moment, Sarah didn’t care about covers. She wasn’t worried about the CIA finding. Sarah was standing next to the man she thought died. She wasn’t going to stop holding his hand, or leave his side at least for that moment.

It’s important for Sarah to apologize in this episode, she was wrong and a learning experience for her, and for the second time in three weeks, Sarah acknowledged she was wrong in her decision making.

The first would be in 3D, and now in Best Friend. She is maturing  as a normal person.


This episode also had a debut in it. Devon would ask Chuck to help him find a band for his wedding.

Jeff and Lester overhearing this told Chuck, he found the band as in Jeff and Lester, Jeffster. They wanted to audition for him, but Chuck said no.

Jeff took a shot on a Nerd Help As Assignment  to play before Ellie and Devon, but Lester chickened out, but by the end Jeff was able to get Lester to play, and to end this episode I leave you with Jeffster.































  1. Oh, where do I start with this one…!!

    To begin, this is one of my favorite episodes of the entire show. Granted, I have many favorite episodes, but that last screen shot of Sarah holding Chuck’s hand is my favorite single scene…ever. As gorgeous as Yvonne looks throughout the series, she is absolutely stunning in this scene. I don’t know if it’s the lighting, the makeup, whatever, but I was / am / will be floored every time I see her in this scene. And Chuck’s speech to Sarah about best friends is some of the finest writing of the series.

    Whatever cracks may have appeared in the wall between Agent Walker and Girlfriend Sarah, this episode blows a gaping hole in it. Sarah is all about protecting the “greater good” by doing the things she does as a spy. But her “greater good” is an abstract concept with no emotional reward; i.e. the country. Chuck shows her, in spite of all his “normalness”, he has a “greater good”, as well, and it isn’t amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty he’s protecting, it’s Morgan, it’s Ellie, it’s even Jeff and Lester. He demonstrates at what lengths and risks he’s willing to take to protect it, even if it’s just their dignity, and the devastation it is to him when he’s the one who does the damage. She apologizes, and as you said, because she was wrong in her decision making. As a spy, she made all the correct decisions and did what duty called for, but as a girlfriend, as a person who has emotions and understands the power and importance of a “best friend”, she screwed up. And she’s finally starting to understand the difference.

    Sarah also, I think, gets a bit more respect for Morgan and the compassionate person he really is underneath the Buy More loser.

    The last scene Sarah finally lets Chuck in a little by revealing an inkling of what’s behind her facade, of not having anyone in her life and the emotionless existence she has to live. She realizes Chuck has added her in his “greater good” and puts her and all her secret-past-no-questions-asked on the same level as Morgan and all Morgan has done for him (something she never got from anyone when her father abandoned her). She holds his hand, not as an accidental emotional reaction as she did when she thought Chuck was blown up with the bomb, but as a conscious decision. She gets that look on her face of “Yeah, I’m holding his hand, and if you have a problem with it, too f****** bad”. Brilliant, brilliant episode.

    • Yea, I have the same feeling about the last scene.
      .Sarah made a significant in episode change holding hands in public fanned the risk. Death has a way of changing things.

    • Nice writing Christopher. As always one of the episode i love rewatching. It gives full satisfaction on what Chuck theme is all about; family, friends, relationships and struggles. With regard to what Sarah did, good thing she apologizes to Chuck because she didnt know when she will become an agent or become a gf. Well we cant purely blamed her, she even leave her mom and her life with her dad is not something or very far compare to ellie and chuck. But all in all, good thing she realize her mistake on that, hats off with Chuck for it bec she slowly helping Sarah to experienced another dimension aside from being an agent.

  2. After reading/writing this, I went back and rewatched the last half of this episode again. Again, very integral episode, and if the ratings were low as you said, it’s unfortunate.

    Not enough can be said for Chuck’s little speech to Sarah in Castle about his relationship with Morgan. Up to now, Sarah could have trivialized Chuck’s feelings towards her. Sure, she had feelings for him that were growing, but considering Chuck’s “station in life”, his feelings could have been passed off as infatuation. With his speech, Chuck draws the proverbial line in the sand with Sarah. Even though there’s damned little he won’t do for her, he also understands that whatever he has with Sarah could evaporate at any time for whatever reason, and he will NOT let any feelings he has jeopardize his fierce loyalty to his friends and family.

    I think this also makes Sarah realize Chuck really is a cut above the Bryce’s (and later, the Cole’s and Shaw’s) of the world. Chuck is not one that blows with the wind, his word is his bond. Bryce, Cole and Shaw could very well find “love” on their next mission with the next floozy, but Chuck would never stray from what he essentially considers his soul. At the end, when Sarah apologizes, and Chuck says he cares about her, it really means something. This isn’t a false promise, but almost an oath. She could very well have reminded Chuck this was a mission and their relationship was only a cover, blah, blah, blah, but she doesn’t. Sarah almost has a look of relief on her face knowing that she is now (or always had been?) included in Chuck’s “inner circle”. This helps explain her “I-don’t-care-what-you-think” attitude when she holds his hand, and a few episodes later, her response to Cole.

    And then there’s the relationship of Jeff and Lester! This is the debut episode of Jeffster, and the establishment/further developement of that relationship. “A partnership is trust”. Very much the theme of this episode, not only for the Buymorons, but for Ellie and Awesome, for Morgan and Anna, for Chuck and Morgan, and last but certainly not least, Chuck and Sarah.

    • skorpeo

      One of the things I loved about the speech was how he ended it. Long before you got here, and long after you’re gone (in essence, he knows there is an expiration on this cover thing) Your right, he drew the line in the sand. If you want in my world you need to understand this about me. Friends and Family me more to me. You think she would of learned from how he saved Ellie in the Truth.

      and in a very Agent tone, told her side of it. It was an important conversation between the two.

      One of things I loved about Charah’s relationship was the real life stages a relationship goes through. I was thinking this morning about what it means to being married, and truth be told I thought your spouse is essentially your best friend.

      How could Chuck and Sarah just form a relationship without a foundation of friendship. Sure, they shook hands and called themselves friends but saying it an showing it are two separate things. When Chuck’s car blew up everything was put into perspective and throw in the speech. We have that moment where everything could of been screwed up at that point. The lack of trust has resurfaced. Charah doesn’t have that yet. The Partnership of Trust realization won’t come until Broken Heart.

  3. “One of things I loved about Charah’s relationship was the real life stages a relationship goes through. I was thinking this morning about what it means to being married, and truth be told I thought your spouse is essentially your best friend.”

    Exactly!! That’s what makes Chuck and Sarah so believable, and ultimately, why we are even on this website!! The fits and starts in how a relationship begins, the moments of uncertainty, the misread cues and misunderstanding. And finally, when it comes finally together, the absolute joy and even relief. (Speaking of which, I am out of my skin waiting for your write up of Chuck vs. the Other Guy and Chuck vs. the Honeymooners in Season 3!!!)

    While I thoroughly enjoyed all the seasons, I love season 2 because of the pre-relationship giddiness one has when they meet someone new, and the journey of discovery they take in getting closer. Of course I loved season 3 for entirely different reasons, and season 4 for different reasons yet again.

    Not to detract from anything else, I think a huge part of the credit to the success of the show is off-screen chemistry of the entire cast, most obvious being Zach and Yvonne, but Zach and Joshua, too (I think Zach answered a fan question at a SDCC once by saying that Joshua was his best friend not only in character, but out of character on set as well). The acting ability of Yvonne and the believablity of Sarah that she brings to the table is beyond reproach, and quite honestly, some of the best acting I have ever seen. She really makes the whole thing click. I think the world of Zach, but to be honest, I think he IS Chuck. I don’t think there’s much in the way of acting as there is just Zach being himself. Granted, both Chuck and Zach are wonderful human beings, I just don’t think there’s much of a difference between the two.

    • Yvonne is a walking fairy tale. She is very beautiful and kind. She the ideal role model for Hollywood Scarlett. If I could I would be friends with her

      Regarding Zachary, his role in helping Operation Smile is enough said

      I agree with you about Season 3 Shaw is my fourth favorite character behind Sarah Chuck Orion in that order

  4. Re: Zach

    Yes, his charitable work is fantastic. But he is also very loyal to his fans (thus I don’t see a big difference between Chuck and Zach). I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see some of his podcasts, but his goal with NerdHQ is to bring the celebrities and fans together “as free as possible”. I guess in 2013, his NerdHQ mini-con at SDCC nearly bankrupted the company, but he saddled up and showed up again in 2014.

    Funny thing about SDCC 2014; I “discovered” Chuck about one week after San Diego Comic-Con by accident, roughly the beginning of August of this year (Comic-Con ended July 27th). I was looking for that Angelina Jolie movie, “Wanted”, on NetFlix, couldn’t find it, and thought Chuck would be similar. I couldn’t have been more wrong. But it was probably the best mistake I’ve ever made. Once I got hooked (about 15 minutes into the Pilot episode), I started Googleing everything I could about the show, the characters, the actors, etc, and I found out that Zach has his NerdHQ mini-con at SDCC every year offsite for free.

    Now for the kicker-

    I live in San Diego. My office building is about 1 mile from the SD Padres stadium (aka PetCo Park) where Zach holds the NerdHQ mini-con, and this year, he had none other than YVONNE STRAHOVSKI in one of the Q&A sessions. Did I mention admission to NerdHQ is FREE?!?

    That sound you hear is me – still – banging my head on the wall….

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