Chuckaholics Endorses For Chucksters Blog.

One of the vision Chuckaholics has begun to believe in is helping other Chuckaholics live their passion, and it has been mentioned several times that Chuckaholics believes in being a platform for those that want to share that passion.

Chuckaholics started it when we shared our passion with Paul from the Intersect Project Podcast. Chuckaholics has done it again. this time with fan fiction.

Chuckaholic’s newest family member Sebnem  has a blog that I found to be interesting.  She has wrote a story using the characters of Chuck, and highly recommend everyone to read it.

The name of the story is Chuck vs The Game, and after reading the first 6 chapters. It is really cool concept she created. Something that would actually work as a storyline for the series.

Take a chance and read her blog. After all she is one of Chuckaholics family members. You can also follow her on Twitter, her twitter handle is @charah9





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