Rewatch Week Six: Season One Episode Six

Chuck Vs The Sandworm

We have reached episode sixth of our rewatch, and Chuck vs The Sandworm is one episode that doesn’t really offer much to the story

However, this episode does have some interesting scenes. I usually like to talk about the whole episode, but this episode I want to take time on three scenes.

Main Story

Quite often during a season of a show, we get episodes that did little for the viewer, and we may like the episode because of the mix of guest stars and regular characters, but in Chuck vs the Sandworm, we get an episode that does little for the main story, and further makes some viewers turn sour on Morgan. The overall story contribution would be the fake and later real photo that became a fixture photograph of the series.

The episode centered around two things, the first would be the escape of Laszlo and Chuck’s relationship with Morgan. Laszlo was a CIA weapons and technology developer. He finally cracked and escaped from the bunker he was held captive. He would find his way into Burbank and soon cross paths with our nerd hero.

Chuck finds Laszlo at an Arcade, and flashed on him. He followed protocol and told Sarah about his find. Chuck found Sarah waiting in his room.  For Sarah, Chuck’s bedroom seemed to make her feel safe. From the beginning, she always looked for ways to be in there, and she jumped at the chance to be in the room alone.

Once Chuck did come home, he was quick to ask her why she was in his room, and she said because she wanted to give him a photo of them.

There is a bug in this pictureChuck very astute figured out it was fake, but Sarah reassures him that “they are a real couple… just a different kind of couple”. He will learn from Laszlo that there would be bugs planted around Chuck’s apartment, which Chuck found including the one in back of the picture frame she gave him.

Laszlo resurfaces and confronts Chuck outside of the Buymore, He has dinner with Chuck and later watches a few James Bond movies, meanwhile Sarah and Casey learn the truth of who the escapee was. A dangerous weapons creator off his meds and looking to do damage. Potentially, blowing something up.

Laszlo also told Chuck about how his handlers were not to be trusted and the very people Chuck though were honest people, turned out to be everything Laszlo said. Chuck finds all the bugs and surveillance cameras throughout the apartment.

Laszlo escapes again this time from Casey and Sarah and also taking Chuck with him. Soon after Chuck was released from Laszlo and the next morning we get one of those special moments from Sarah and Chuck.

Simple Gesture, but not what a handler is suppose to do
Simple Gesture, but not what a handler is suppose to do

Sarah arrives at Chuck’s apartment and for the second time in two weeks touches Chuck, this time fixes his tie. It is not the touch that I am interested in, its Sarah’s reaction to seeing her gift in the trash can.  Sarah knew she was caught, yet seeing the gift there struck her with concern, and after listening to Chuck vent about screwing up the Laszlo situation. She switched from being just a handler to friend. More on this later.

Chuck figures out Laszlo’s plan about blowing up the pier and made the save. Sarah was impressed and concerned about Chuck because of the risk and not to mention the fear of losing Chuck was already  begun to grow on her, but the fact remain Chuck was a hero. She knew and so did Casey, but the rest of the world didn’t know.The rest of the world knew Chuck as having no motivation on moving on from Stanford and Jill.

Ellie in the beginning seemed to always lecture Chuck. From disapproval of his hermit ways and lack of trying to move up in the world. The issue here is Chuck was doing something bigger than the Buymore, but he couldn’t say anything  He may be a nerd, but he is a hero.

When Chuck gets back to the Halloween party he made up with Morgan, and confronted by Ellie if he got the promotion, which Chuck began to say he didn’t, but like Morgan and Chuck, Sarah made the save for Chuck this time. and finally we get our first real photo.


I usually don’t care for the subplot. I am too wrapped up in Team Bartowski, but the subplot was interesting in this one. Chuck and Morgan’s friendship is on display. Morgan and his ever clingy self comes off rather brash in this episode. He nearly costs Chuck his promotion, but being his friend Morgan tried to save Chuck at the Buymore. It was noble, but it didn’t get the job done.

The other scene that was worth talking about was Devon teaching Morgan how to become a tucker. Morgan trying to become mature was comical because the Buymorons thought he was in a costume when he showed up at the Buymore in a suit.

As I mentioned at the top, there are three scenes I would like to discuss.

The first one would be when Sarah gave Chuck the fake photo.

Fake Photo Scene

Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski are great in this scene. The chemistry shined here.

Chuck finding Sarah in his bedroom was one that I find to be puzzling. Chuck and Sarah have been cover dating for a month or so. and would it be an issue to give the photo in front of  Devon and Ellie?

What harm could come from Ellie and Devon knowing they went to “Comic Con”  They have been lying about where they been for a decent amount of time. I chalk it up to a woman interested in being in her cover boyfriend’s room.

We have had five episodes, and don’t recall Sarah ever being in his room yet. This was her first time she would be in the bedroom, and from her appearance felt safe in there.

Sarah waiting for Chuck

Sarah looking good

Sarah listening to Chuck talk about Lazlo Chuck asking for her to stay for a while Sarah caught off gaurd 42 minutes

When Chuck asked for Sarah to stay for a while because he didn’t want to disappoint Devon and Ellie, and it would also cover their tracks on the reason for the visit.

I focused on Sarah in this scene.  She looked like a woman caught off guard by Chuck’s request, and her expressions were of classic Yvonne. She has a look like a woman’s first time in bed.

“well, how long do you want me to stay.” As Chuck said “42:15” I couldn’t help be see her expression of seriously, you can go that long? You timed yourself.

Then we get to the key part of the scene. When she gave him the photo. It didn’t take Chuck long to figure out it was a fake., and he said we look like a real couple. Sarah’s response was of a half truth at this point.

Sarah giving Chuck the fake photo
Sarah: Well we are a real couple, just a different kind of couple. 

This was Sarah’s first gift to him, and he will learn later that it was a fake. In two weeks, we will be discussing this scene again as it pertains to a gift he receives in Chuck vs The Truth.

The second scene I would like to talk about was second bedroom scene of the episode.

Sarah Seeing her gift in the Trash.

This scene has always been one of my favorite from Sarah. Chuck was flipping out about screwing up about the Lazlo incident, he would say no wonder they bugged his room.

There will be two things that happened in this scene that marks the early signs of normal Sarah. She really does want to be close to Chuck not only as a handler but she sees herself as his friend, and sometimes she flirts with him without knowing it.

The first time Sarah fices his tie

It would be the first time in the series Sarah fixed his tie. Something she felt comfortable doing. I like it because it showed that Sarah was becoming interested in Chuck more and more.

What I also love about this scene is this.

Sarah reaction to Chuck finding the bug

Sarah not thrilled what she saw Trying to compose herself Visibly bothered by the photo in trash

Shock to see her gift was in the trash

She showed displeasure in seeing the photo in the trash. It hurt her a little bit. It may be a fake, but it still was a gift.

She didn’t look at the picture in the trash once and forgot about it. She looked two more times. A sign that Sarah understood the message behind it, and she realized she needed to fix this.

Second look at the picture in the trash

The second look at the trash can is one that I appreciated. It showed she has a pulse. While it may have been a play for planting a bug in his room, it still was a gift she gave him, and he tossed it like a piece of trash. Something that bothered her.

The final scene really started after Chuck defused the car bomb. Sarah saw Chuck for what he was a hero, and when Ellie was about to rip it to Chuck for skipping out on the interview.

Sarah saved him, and we have a special Sarah and Chuck Moment.

We always marvel in Chuck doing the right thing, but here Sarah did the right thing, and she made it a mission of hers to fix what was broken.  It showed that Sarah got it, and she really doesn’t want her relationship with Chuck to be fake.

The Last Stand Alone Episode Until Later in the Season

I am not a big fan of stand alone episodes like this one, and for the fifth time in the early part of season one, we get another stand alone episode. The only episode of the first five episodes that contributed to the overall story was Chuck vs Wookie  in which we learned about the relationship of Bryce and Sarah.

The next episode will begin the series long journey on the relationship between Chuck and Bryce  because the next episode is Alma Mater.












  1. The Sandworm… I think there was a little more going on than you think…. One, I do believe the whole purpose of this episode was to show how much Chuck cares about people. You could see it in the way he interacts with customers, the staff (not wanting them to get in trouble when doing their lunch thing, yuck), Big Mike, Laszlo and last but not least Morgan. I don’t think this is a stand alone episode either as it goes a long way to solidifying the ‘Chuck’ thought process for seasons to come.
    Sarah on the other hand I believe realized she made a mistake in this episode. Her going into his room without him (I believe she knew he would not be home) was first to put the picture with the bug in his room and 2nd was to see him. At the end of the episode she showed that by making the new picture and trying to make Chuck feel that maybe they could become a couple for real. As per previous episodes she really does have some feelings for him. That mistake reinforced that mindset.
    The other point I would like to make is that Chuck made a mistake as well and took Morgan for granted. Morgan, yes was being a little clingy but his friendship for Chuck was never in doubt and it took missing that interview for Chuck to realize that.
    Bottom line, yes it had a lot less of the Chuck and Sarah slow blossoming romance than we would like, but it did have some good character development and some pretty funny spots through out.
    My continuing order!
    The Intersect Project (Pilot), The Sizzling Shrimp, The Tango, The Helicopter, The Sandworm and The Wookie!

    • I get what you said, and normally I would be agreeing with you on the most part.

      but, Laszlo was the worst single serving baddie so far. He didn’t do much.

      I agree with you about Sarah wanting to be in that room by herself. Hey it was her first time in there why not?

      and she did redeem herself, but some time in the next two days I will be releasing an article discussing that Fake Photo to another gift Chuck gets. I would like your opinion on that one.

      • Laszlo forced Chuck to not be so trusting of the CIA … this was not just a protection of the asset thing…they were controlling his life. And he also forced Chuck to pay attention to the details…to not trust everyone so much. Hard lesson for Chuck due to his nature, but it helped him figure out what Laszlo was up to, and forced him to deal with a life or death situation on his own…another step on his hero journey.

      • I did like how he solved the car bomb, what we have learned in the first six episodes of season one is Chuck should be on the Bomb Squad for sure.
        The man knows how to defuse a bomb. there will be a few more instances when he does., and even better no Intersect assistance on any of them

        spoiler alert

  2. Laszlo also served to show what the CIA can produce. Remember, he was taken in as a child and pretty much ruined by keeping him away from society as a whole. A parallel to what Sarah wants.

    Laszlo also introduced Chuck to privacy issues and the car. He provided an insight or a cynical view of how the CIA work – another parallel to what Sarah and Casey provide.

    In this respect, Laszlo not only educated Chuck, but he also becomes a plimsole line for the audience. So we can see what Chuck is losing as he becomes the intersect.

    It also shows how gullible/impulsive Chuck is (how he affects Morgan and listens to Laszlo) and the extent to which Sarah/Casey have to work to keep him on a straight line. We also notice that he is still drifting in what he wants – not bothered about the interview; but we do get the Chuck/Morgan relationship.

    Also, ‘sandworm’ > star wars (Princess Leia costume) > dune.
    Lots of stuff going on here …

    I wonder if Sarah picked the Princess Leia look by accident or not?
    That costume is famous for its impact on the sci-fi scene. After all, we are told star wars is not something she knows about.

  3. This episode serves several purposes in my opinion. Yes, there is the budding relationship “will they/won’t they” dynamic between Chuck and Sarah. More importantly, I think that in addition to just being a whole lot of lighthearted nerdy fun, this episode serves as sort of a cautionary tale of what could happen to Chuck at any time. I can think more than a handful of times in the next 4 seasons where Chuck is either “locked down” for either his safety or National Security, or perhaps Morgan, or Orion, or even Ellie in the last season when the Ring tries to get to her are locked down. This episode makes it all too clear how horrible it can be to be a “kept” person by the CIA. So, in addition to the nerdy fun ala Sandworm, Sara dressed as Leia, etc. this episode is important foreshadowing that sets the stage for future dramatic tension.

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