This Week’s Materials for Live Discussion 9/22/14

Once again, we made it to Friday, which means its time for our weekly chat.

I encourage all Chuck fans to attend whether you are new or old to the series of Chuck. Tonight we will start at 8:00 EST. All those that want to join the discussion look to the right of the screen and  you will see a live chat box.

Tonight’s discussion will be a two hour event, and since last week’s discussion was canceled due to technical difficulties. We will split the two hours into two separate subjects.

First Hour Discussion

We will be reviewing the first five episode of season one. Here are the articles we will be covering.

Rewatch Week One: Chuck vs The Pilot

Rewatch Week Two: Chuck vs The Helicopter

Rewatch Week Three: Chuck vs The Tango

Rewatch Week Four: Chuck vs The Wookie

Rewatch Week Five: Chuck Vs The Sizzling Shrimp

For the first hour, the vision is to be a Q & A for Newbies. Thus, spoilers are not allowed. The focus will be only on the first five episodes.

Spoilers are welcome in the second hour of tonight’s live chat

Second Hour

The second hour will be about a topic I would like to discuss with all Chuck fans. The article that will be talked about is My Guy vs My Chuck.

Here is the article,

My Guy vs My Chuck

The discussion focus would be about Sarah admitting her feelings for Chuck on the helipad at the end of Chuck vs The Marlin.

Here  are the two scenes we will be comparing.

Rewatch Week Six

This Monday will be Rewatch Week Six, and the episode of the week is Chuck vs The Sandworm. Personally, it is not one of my favorites, but when conducting a rewatch there will be episodes I won’t like, but we still have to go over them.

The week six rewatch article will be released shortly, so everyone can have something to read over the weekend, and can watch the episode. While, the article will be a typical main story and buymore story format.

I will be spending time on two scenes that stand out for me. We also have the song of the episode, which is Finley Quaye’s Dice

Rewatch Week 7 News

Since Week Seven’s episode is Chuck vs The Ala Mater, Chuckaholics will be introducing a new concept for your viewing pleasure.

The Arcs of Chuck will make its debut. The first article will cover Chuck vs The Ala Mater through Chuck vs The Crown Vic. Since it will have spoilers in the article. Newbies read at your own risk.

The concept of the arcs will showcase some character changes from the time Ala Mater starts to when Crown Vic ends. Most specifically changes with the main characters.

Once the article is publish, we will then have a live joint discussion with the Intersect Project Podcast discussing the first arc. Hopefully, the article will be done by Chuck vs the Nemesis because Chuck vs The Nemesis is a key episode of season one.

So, remember the live discussion will commence tonight at 8:00 EST. It will be a two hour conversation, and the topics will be split between the two hours as mentioned above.

See you tonight, here at Chuckaholics

Chuckaholics founder








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