Did Sarah Ever Really Love Chuck ?

OK…a little bit of a provocative title for an editorial, but my goal is to provoke some different thoughts and discussion amongst the group. Before I go too far and get you all “up in arms”, let me state that my belief is she did love Chuck…sort of !

Why am I even going here when the answer seems obvious  ? Well, my new mantra is that, in spite of some of the glaring writing mistakes in the series, the story that we got is the story that we have to live with. It is the story that we get to analyze and dissect…even the episodes where we thought the writers screwed up and we didn’t like. I’ve referred to this idea in several of the comments sections, but I wanted to devote an article to it so we don’t go down some rabbit hole in another article that should have a whole different direction. So here is my theory, for better or worse. I believe that Sarah never really loved Chuck the man, but was really more in love with what Chuck represented to her. To make this easier to understand and keep straight, I mean she was more in love with the metaphysical Chuck than the physical Chuck. In order to try to put this in perspective, try to look at these scenarios and explain them.

1) In Chuck Vs. Sarah and Chuck Vs. The Goodbye, Sarah had no feelings for Chuck whatsoever. This is in spite of Chuck’s emotional plea to her, and her having the V-logs that document her falling in love with Chuck. Chuck the man is right in front of her, and she says she believes what he told her to be true, but she doesn’t feel anything.

2) In Season 3, we get several episodes and scenarios where Sarah is very indifferent to Chuck, his emotions, or his trials and tribulations . I don’t want to get bogged down with the Train Station because it was a colossal misunderstanding. But ask yourself what the difference was between Sarah asking Chuck to run away with her in Prague, and Chuck asking Sarah to go away with him on a romantic vacation ? In both instances, one opened themselves up emotionally, and the other inexplicably chose not to go. Then look at the difference in how Chuck handled Sarah rejecting him for Bryce, and how Sarah handled Chuck rejecting her for the spy life. I don’t believe all of Sarah’s decisions in Season 3 stem from Chuck choosing not to run with her, but instead, from Chuck choosing to be a spy. ( More on that later !)

3) Why was Sarah satisfied with a completely fake, non sexual relationship in Season 1 and 2 ? She was a beautiful young woman, and obviously felt a connection with Chuck …even going so far as to record (on Day 564) that she was in love with Chuck. Now, of course they couldn’t be together in any official capacity, but unofficially, Sarah’s apartment was off the grid. If she really felt a deep love for Chuck, wouldn’t she at some point try to consummate it ? They did get close in The Colonel, but they had all night if she really wanted to get physical. She chose not to.

So what is the metaphysical Chuck? It is what Chuck represented…what his core virtues and values were…his inherent goodness, his innocence, his sweetness, his ability to see the good in all people and his trust of people. Physical Chuck was what we saw every episode…and it changed quite a bit as the Seasons wore on. Many times, the physical Chuck was not a very desirable person. As some others have noted, he was unbelievably annoying during the Beefcake episodes…probably a writing ploy to emphasize the hunkiness of Cole Barker, but still ! However, I digress. No matter what physical attributes Chuck was displaying, Sarah never really seemed interested in a physical relationship. She worked her butt of to keep both her and Chuck in Burbank, but it was always to maintain a closeness with Chuck rather than anything sexual. So why did she need Chuck close to her, but not in a sexual way? For the clues to this question, I think we have to go back to pre-Chuck Sarah and figure out what was going on in her life.

First, we know that Sarah did have a chance at a so-called “normal” life with her mother. It was her mother that lived in a white house with a red door and a picket fence. But we also know that Sarah had an independent streak and chose to go live with her father. We’re not exactly sure why that is, but it seems that Sarah craved adventure. She liked the “good times’ she had with her Dad…the shenanigans, being on the run. She was always saving her money for more “Adventures with Dad”. But her life with her father came with some huge negatives. She was taught that you couldn’t trust anyone, and you had to do things alone because of that. She was probably taught to feel no remorse when you con people out of money. When she was recruited into the CIA, they expanded on that concept with her. She probably relished the thoughts of being a spy and living a life of adventure, and, due to what her father had taught her, she excelled at it. However, then came her Red Test …what she calls the “worse day of her life.” Even her upbringing probably couldn’t suppress the emotion, the remorse she felt at having to take another person’s life. If she was going to survive being a spy and doing these bad, almost evil things, she was going to have to bury her emotions deep, deep inside of her. That is how you rationalize your actions …there are no consequences, there are no repercussions…you do what you have to do to complete the mission. Emotions get you killed.

But then she was partnered with Bryce. There was obviously a physical connection, and she probably made herself vulnerable because of that. She would start to find those emotions again, but she couldn’t really ever talk about them. Then, after about 2 years with Bryce, she thought he betrayed her…she thought he joined Fulcrum. Once again, she opened herself up and had herself hurt. But opening herself up usually comes with some self examination, and I think she started to question her actions…her ability to do what ever needed to be done. When she went to Hungary to rescue the Baby, she seems to realize that her actions do have consequences. Here is an sweet, innocent baby, who has done nothing wrong, but will lose her life…especially if Sarah buries her emotions deep down. She can’t do that, and I think it made her realize all the BAD things she’s done in her life. She probably understands that, most of the time, it’s for the greater good. But not always, and it’s starting to eat at her. Then, by some coincidence, she gets sent to Burbank.

We know what happens next…she sees this guy who is sweet and innocent.( Thanks for making me feel like I’m in the eighth grade !) What he does for the ballerina. What he says to her on their date ….this guy is the embodiment of good and nice and charming. He wants nothing from her, but offers to be her baggage handler ( i.e. do something FOR her rather than TO her ). He makes her laugh.. so Sarah gets to feel emotions that are good rather than bad. Chuck’s metaphysical qualities perfectly offset what she hates about herself… he is the yin to her yang. And THAT is what Sarah fell for, not Chuck’s physical qualities. If Sarah wants a physical relationship, she will always chose someone like Bryce or Cole or Shaw…not Chuck.

You may ask why Sarah then didn’t fall for him in Season 5 in The Goodbye ? Well, that’s because she wasn’t looking for a way to balance her perceived bad deeds. It wasn’t just 5 years that was erased…it was longer. She still thought Bryce was her partner, so she didn’t remember his betrayal. She didn’t remember the Baby, so there was no realization that her bad actions may have consequences….she was not carrying any emotional baggage at the time. So she didn’t need either the physical or metaphysical Chuck. Originally, she loved the fact that Chuck couldn’t kill anyone. If he could, then he wouldn’t counterbalance her ability to kill people. She didn’t have the same feeling towards Chuck not shooting Quinn, so obviously she wasn’t looking for Chuck’s metaphysical being to balance hers….she was still in assassin/ spy mode at the end.

To further illustrate this point, let’s look at Season 3 again. We realize Sarah is hurt when Chuck says he can’t go with her in Prague. After 3 words, it seems Sarah has come to terms with the mistakes that were made. She knows Chuck loves her. She knows Chuck chose to be a spy for the greater good. She knows he still treasures his family and friends. And she MAY have an inkling that he did it for her. In the first 2 seasons, that would have led to a conversation of some sort. There may have been some miscommunication, but they would have talked about it. Sarah doesn’t want to talk about it in Season 3, but she does agree that they should just be friends. She’s also indifferent to being with Chuck. She doesn’t defend any of his actions, and anytime he does something in moving his spy skills forward, Sarah has a problem with it. When Hanna kisses Chuck ( and simultaneously Shaw is coming on to Sarah), they have a little bit of a dustup regarding these new relationships perhaps starting. But it is Chuck, who feels a little guilty about the Hanna kiss, asking Sarah if she’s alright with the whole “Hanna thing.” When Chuck then mentions how good her and Shaw look together, Sarah will say, ” Well, I do have my type.” …and of course, that type is not Chuck. She can say this without irony, without regret or remorse. That would be a very odd behavior if she actually loved the man. Other examples of not being in love with Chuck are when she doesn’t believe him about the Red Test ( you know…they do have this thing called ballistics….I think the CIA has a lab….), and she is perfectly willing to let Shaw blow up Castle with Chuck still inside. All she does at the end of The Beard is ASK Shaw to give Chuck more time. She does nothing when he initiates the destruction procedure. ( Contrast that to what she did when Longshore took Chuck to be bunkered….standing on the helipad with her hand on her pistol). All of these things can’t be traced back to Prague, but they all make sense when you consider that it was more about Chuck becoming a spy !

You see, Sarah felt that if Chuck became a spy, he would become just like her, or at least, he would not be the sweet innocent guy she met the first day at the Buy More. All through Season 3, Chuck showed time and again that he hadn’t really changed, but Sarah couldn’t see it…she was convinced he was going to change. So even though the same physical Chuck was right there with her, she thought the metaphysical Chuck wasn’t…especially after the Red Test. So physical Chuck did nothing for her, and metaphysical Chuck now didn’t balance her out. That’s why she can do mean things to Chuck the man, without regret or remorse, and feeling she doesn’t have to redeem herself. Chuck the man held nothing for her emotionally or physically, and was only needed in her life metaphysically. I like to think of it as Sarah trying to balance all the bad karma in her life with Chuck’s good karma !!.

So when Chuck and her get together late Season 3, Sarah can go back to being a spy …she doesn’t have to run with Chuck, because Chuck being a spy didn’t change him. She is now balanced by his metaphysical properties. He is the same physical Chuck as he had been all throughout Season 3, the one Sarah had no interest in…the one that she told would have to run from the spy life with her ( a lie, of course). Both physically and metaphysically, it was the same Chuck. But she so needed him to be the same as he was when they first met, or there was no sense in them being together.

I’d love to hear your comments on this take on Chuck and Sarah’s relationship ! Sorry for the long post !


  1. Without physical Chuck there would be no metaphysical Chuck. I’m sure those metaphysical traits could have existed in some other person that Sarah could have easily been attracted to.

    This could fall into the beauty is only skin deep category or some other physical attraction type of thing. If that is indeed the case, what drove the emotional scene in Phase 3?

    • Well….what did she say…”Without you, I’m only a spy..” It could be interpreted that being a spy is what Sarah is and she has to accept all the negative qualities that go with it. When Chuck is there, he balances that out…she can accept being a person who does bad things as long as Chuck is there remind her of the good. Notice how she goes back to being wild card Sarah just because Chuck is not around ….

      And I think it is accepted that physical Chuck HAS to be there if metaphysical Chuck is there. But metaphysical Chuck doesn’t have to be there if physical Chuck is there….which is why she has no feelings for him in Season 3 or season 5 finale….

      • She doesn’t have feelings for Chuck in the finale because she doesn’t remember him. When Quinn shows her Chuck’s picture, she doesn’t recognise him. No memory of him = no memory of feelings for him. When he gets her to the Dream Home, her feelings start to come back to her. She feels sorry that Chuck has fallen for her when she was only doing a job. Then she can’t believe Chuck won’t fight back when she is beating the crap out of him; When she gets the gun she hesitates even though Quinn told her Chuck killed Bryce and Graham, the two most important people in her life at that time. Then she sees the carving on the door jamb and RECOGNISES it. You can see the confusion on her face. Then Quinn says Yes I lied and she’s even more confused. When Chuck takes a bullet for her and then tells her to run, her world shifts.When she watches the spy log she cries. She finally realises how much she may have lost. I know she comes to Chuck and tells him she believes him, but she just doesn’t feel it. Of course she doesn’t, took 3 years to finally put her feelings first originally. But you can see on her face she feels something. She was certain about “finding herself”, now there’s doubt. Chuck finds her at the beach. She knows its an important spot for them and Chuck tells her why. She is intrigued when he backs off his desperate pleading and says “Trust me, I’ll always be there for you”. She asks to hear their story. More importantly, while she’s listening she’s fully engaged, laughing and crying. When Chuck makes the suggestion about Morgan’s theory she says “Kiss me Chuck”. Enough of her feelings have reawakened for her to invite contact. I don’t say they walk off hand in hand and live happily ever after, but I bet she stays in Burbank.

        As for season 3, her feelings for Chuck are still intact, she has just buried them deep again. They bubble up in spite of her occasionally, but mainly she holds them in check. Chuck hurt her deeply in Prague on several levels. He rejected her personally, something she is not used to, let’s face it she’s a hell of a catch. She also offered him her life: Giving up her past as a spy. But she’s also giving up her dream for a future. There is nothing normal about being on the run and the CIA will never stop looking for the Intersect. And he’s determined to be a spy, somethiing she desperately wants to stop. She knows about the Red Test and she sees it as a lose, lose situation. If he fails he’ll be crushed and she will probably have to quit being a spy to be with him. If he passes he will be changed. She feels she was badly changed by “The worst day of my life” and can only imagine it will be worse for Chuck. She has to find some emotional distance. Even at that she waits until she’s sure Chuck has moved on to Hannah before she takes up with Shaw. That is as much about punishing Chuck as about nher wanting a relationship.

  2. For Sarah, on many levels loving Chuck means accepting something real, and completely foreign to her for really the first time in her life. She had live her entire life in a world of make believe, from running cons with her father to different covers and a country to country, city to city, assignment to assignment life with the CIA. Chuck for her represented something form Sarah that before she had only dared to dream….a normal life. Sarah didn’t do normal, she didn’t know how. And she was insecure about that, because she didn’t think that she deserved it, or if she ever really wanted it. Just listen to her wedding vows. Until she met Chuck, it was only a dream that would never come true. And, it was always a battle of duty vs the heart, and listening to her heart never worked well for her. That’s why she was so angry with Chuck, and herself, when she chose to stay rather than running away with Bryce. Bryce was have been an easy, safe solution for Sarah, because that relationship wasn’t ever really real. Sarah’s biggest obstacle always her own fear of letting go and allowing herself to love and be loved. Did she ever really love Chuck? Absolutely. In fact, she was IN LOVE with him. Her biggest problem always was accepting it and overcoming her own fears and insecurities regarding it. As she said herself, she just didn’t know what to do about it. Fear of the unknown…….

    • Love is an interesting word because everyone has their own definition of what it means to them. There is no right or wrong answer much like normal. We all have our own interpretation on it. With that said, we need to take What Sarah thinks is love and what Chuck thinks is love.

      Chuck was a hapless romantic that would sacrifice his own well being for friends and family. The Truth and Best Friend are ideal cases. Ellie was dying and with one vile of antidote. Chuck elected to give it to his sister. You saw the reaction from the two agents. They though of saving the Intersect not Chuck.

      There job was to protect the Intersect, and as Casey would say he personally didn’t care if Ellie died because they’re job was to protect the nation. However, in Chuck vs Tom Sawyer, Sarah sided with Chuck in preventing the government in shooting down the satellite over California.

      A sign that Chuck’s way of life rubbed off on to Sarah. We question Sarah’s killer mentality but she was not cool with the government killing innocent people here.

      Sarah: Chuck flashed. He knows where they’re controlling the satellite.
      There is still time before the satellite is in range.
      Casey: Maybe Chuck’s right, but there’s nothing you can do to stop it without the code.
      Sarah: Well, I’m going to go to the news station.
      Casey:Knock yourself out. I have my orders. seconds, this finger gonna push that button. Hmm.
      Sarah: I’ll call you from the road.
      Casey: Agent Walker.
      Casey:Who do you trust to bring down a rogue satellite more: some burnout loser playing a video game or an Air Force ICBM?
      Sarah: I trust Chuck.

      Sarah had a W.W.C.D. moment, and she listen to that notion rather then do what Casey was preparing to do follow orders. It showed Sarah was capable of disobey her orders.

      We know what happens Chuck made the save. Chuck tried to solve the issue using non violent means, and Sarah loved that about Chuck.

      now as for best friend, Sarah was in true agent mode in that episode, however at the end she apologized. She apologized for the Mauser situation when she didn’t need to, but she did. She acknowledges that Chuck doesn’t like to kill people, and its the very quality that she loved and selflessness.

      i can’t call Sarah a killer because she didn’t kill for taste of it like Jack Bauer or John Casey did or even Carina for that moment. When she was put into the position sure she killed people but as she said in helicopter she knew the french diplomats set her up to kill her but she got to them first. Does that make her a killer or someone that did what she had to do.

      We praise characters like James Bond or Michael Bourne for their actions as necessary, but when women do it. she didn’t kill because she wanted to. As a con her father taught her, A good Con doesn’t need a gun and a thief has to leave town quickly but a good con man leaves when he wants.

      I just think we come down to hard on Sarah, and she made an effort in learning from Chuck, Ellie and his family. She took to Orion when he talked about the spy will because she handed her spy will to Chuck, which if Sarah didn’t Love chuck she wouldn’t of done it.

      Sarah lack of desire to be a killer was lost when she shot Eve. “It was the worst moment of her life.” but she had to kill to stay alive. Remember in the pilot the exchange between Casey and her about what to do about Chuck.

      Sarah: we don’t know how this thing works, What triggers it. He might crack wide open. she is showing she cares about the well being of an innocent.

      Casey: Stick in a room with rubber walls, he will tell us what we want to know. not my job I break things I don’t fix them.

      In Sizzling Shrimp, it was Sarah who told Casey no kill shots. so how do we constitute her as a killer when there was a peaceful resolution to something she elected for that.

      Casey was going to allow the bomb to go off in the pilot because he couldn’t come up with a solution, and it was Sarah who told Casey to give Chuck a chance to defuse it.

      When it comes to love, I don’t see anything wrong with falling in love with what Chuck representated. As I mentioned, most of the time women like Sarah don’t fall for the physical Chuck because its not her type. Chuck had to use other means his charms and goodness we talk about.

      That is reality in these kind of relationships. Sure Gary and Rev married the dream girl, but it doesn’t work for every guy.

      • Wow, Chris….your YJS fangirling is sometimes out of control…”how can you call her a killer” ?? She was a trained assassin …. that’s what we call a killer. I’m not saying she did it for fun…she did it because it was her job. But it is still killing. The only way Sarah could survive being a killer was to bury her emotions. But when those emotions can no longer be buried, then what do you do about them ? For Sarah, she needed someone to help her balance the emotions. Bryce wasn’t going to do that because even though she found him physically attractive, metaphysically he was just like her. So was Shaw. But Chuck was exactly the opposite…so she fell in love with “him”. Remember, I’m not saying that Sarah didn’t love Chuck…what I’m saying is that Sarah didn’t love all of Chuck ….only the metaphysical part because that’s what she needed emotionally. Physical “love” didn’t do it for Sarah , that only addresses lust anyways. That’s why she could do anything she wanted to physical Chuck when she thought he was a different person in season 3. If she had even a bit of love for just the physical “man”, she couldn’t have done and said to him what she did. And it’s also why she never felt the need to redeem herself for those actions, because she only did them to the part of Chuck she didn’t need or love…the physical Chuck.
        I laugh at your suggestion that Sarah didn’t need to apologize for the Mauser incident. She certainly needed to explain it to Chuck so he knew what happened, but the apology was for lying to him. She tells Chuck to trust her, so that means she shouldn’t lie to him. It’s pretty straightforward what he was most upset about.
        So Chris, you don’t need to get your knickers in a knot about whether Sarah loved him or cared for him…or even if she had something to learn from him. She did. But then why could she treat him like dirt in season 3 with no remorse and no regret if she loved him ? And why would she have absolutely no feelings for him in the last 2 episodes of Season 5 ? Where is the love, brother ?

      • First, Gary.

        Apparently he didn’t read Chuck vs The best Friend article because I ripped Sarah in that episode. I don’t have rosey color glasses regarding situations when Sarah clearly was wrong, and her handling Chuck’s feelings regarding Morgan was bad, but she made up for it.

        We agree to disagree about Sarah.

      • Well, does she kill people for a living or not ?

        Definition. Killer ( noun) – a thing or person that kills.

        I have no problem with her being an assassin / killer…whatever it is YOU thinks she does ( putting people to sleep permanently? )

        But she has a problem with it … that’s why she doesn’t want Chuck to ever kill someone. It tears at her…so she had to learn to bury the remorse. Opening up her heart means opening up that vault, and the remorse bubbles up, too. She needed metaphysical Chuck to help her keep that in control.

      • See above !!!

        Gee, Chris…why do you have a problem with Sarah being a killer? I never said she was like Shaw…I never said she was a psychopath, I said she was a killer ….an assassin. I wrote a whole paragraph on her upbringing and how it would’ve affected her negatively. I wrote on how the CIA would train her and it would affect her negatively…and you disagree with me by citing exactly the same things I cited as showing how Sarah was affected by her upbringing??? Did you read what I wrote or are you always in a massive defensive posture when someone says anything about Sarah?

        And I also wrote that Sarah loved Chuck, but it was different than how Chuck loved Sarah…there’s no revelations there, I was just quantifying it and coming at it from a different angle. If you want to disagree, fine. But answer the questions I posed in the editorial first. I want some dialogue based the issues that I am trying to understand. You go completely off on another tangent, down some rabbit hole in Tom Sawyer ? I never said she had nothing to learn from Chuck…or Ellie or Morgan for that matter. I’m just trying to separate the physical Chuck from the metaphysical Chuck, because Sarah was a bit of an ass to the physical Chuck. Was Chuck perfect al the time ?? My God…of course not…but that’s not what the editorial is about. I NEVER said Chuck is innocent in the Prague incident, but you keep going back there for some mysterious reason to explain away all of season 3. I think that’s a massive cop out….

      • You did say she was a psychopath on Friday during the live discussion

        May I didn’t comprehend your piece, but I defend Sarah because I feel like some of your comments are to belittle her love. Not everyone is together because of physical attraction.

        I met my wife through Match.com and I prefer that way because you get to know each other interlectually. Guys like Chuck and I don’t stand a chance against women like Sarah because its the way the food chain works. I would of done the same thing and not call Sarah because I wouldn’t put my heart out their like that.

        to bag a woman like Sarah you need a outstanding resume or look like Devon. So, I found it to be really honorable that Sarah fell for Chuck’s personality. I am not understanding your position on it. are you saying its wrong. help me understand that and we can move on because its sounds like you feel Sarah should of love both, but does it have to be both for it to be real love.

      • Chris; you’re being too hard on yourself. Confidence my friend, confidence. I would have agreed with you once upon a time, but you never know what you can achieve unless, and until you try. As I said before, I’m no Denzel Washington, and my wife literately is the equivalent of Sofia Vegara, but if I hadn’t put myself out there I wouldn’t have been married now for 27 years. As for love, and normal, I do agree that these are relative terms, and subject to interpretation. For Sarah, she had no inkling as to what normal really was, since she had never experienced anything near what the idea of normal was in any world. But, even in the world of make believe that she had be a part of her entire life, anything would be a huge change for her. She did however, have an idea of what she wanted, knowing that her dream house was a plain-jane house with a white picket fence. Yes she resisted going that route, even with Chuck, in the beginning, but again much of it I attributed to her still not completely letting herself go. Look at how long it actually took her to tell Chuck that she loved him, even after they finally got together. And then panic ensued again when talk of marriage and children entered the conversation. It really wasn’t until Phase 3 when she finally realized that Chuck was everything for her, and she determined at that point that she couldn’t, and wouldn’t, lose him. Physical love goes way beyond just the physical, and for Sarah she needed his physical presence to complete her. You can see progression, The bible tells me that there are 3 types of love, and what we see with Sarah was a co-mingling of all three as she finally accepted that Chuck was for her, a dream that became reality. She found out that she didn’t have to play make believe anymore.

      • Never said she was a psychopath , I said she had become a sociopath…big difference. And even sociopath may be a bit strong since it implies no emotions, but Sarah learned to bury her emotions in order to survive her job (rather than be someone with no emotions).

        And this isn’t about you, and it’s not about Chuck or what Chuck sees in Sarah per se. Sarah got to know Chuck “metaphysically” first. That was because she wasn’t physically attracted to him …but she was certainly attracted to his personality and his metaphysical properties …his kindness, sense of humor, etc. etc. But becoming true partners mean you grow the other part of the relationship. If you are only attracted to someone physically, the emotion you are feeling is most likely lust rather than love. What’s odd is if you are attracted to someone metaphysically (which may also include their personality), usually you grow to love them physically as well …. your emotions tend to let you find the attraction, along with a good dose of psychoneuroendocrine chemistry !! Once that attraction is there, things progress to a sexual relationship, because that’s the way hormones and emotional connectivity make our bodies and brains work.
        But Sarah’s didn’t work that way. Her physical attraction seemed to be delayed. It may have been because that’s not what she needed. Her last physical attraction did not end well, and it opened up her vault where she had buried her emotions. Chuck was safe …due to her cover story, she could develop a relationship with him based on his metaphysical properties, and not have to get into any physical relationship. His metaphysical properties satisfied the emotional needs she had when she came to Burbank…and these emotions became how she loved him. The thing about metaphysical traits is that they are pretty well unchangeable. Decency, good natured, seeing the good in people, trustworthy …it takes an awful lot of negative stuff to change those core values in someone. Emotions can change, personality can change, physical appearance can change, but your core values and virtues are almost genetic.

        That’s why I propose that Sarah was in love with Chuck only metaphysically. It is still love, but it is different than how Chuck loved Sarah, which was fully and completely. Sarah could do absolutely anything to Chuck, and he always loved her in spite of it. If he ever did anything to hurt her, he almost immediately felt remorseful and tried to fix it…Sarah didn’t ever do that. Some of that is because she didn’t always realize when she was wrong, or often didn’t feel she was wrong. She, of course, was never used to real life situations and was probably taught to ignore other people’s emotional reactions that would indicate she was wrong. But still, not being worried about hurting the physical ( and maybe the emotional) Chuck was something that happened because she only really paid attention to Chuck’s metaphysical traits… that’s what she truly loved and needed in her life.

  3. Revdr, I think we’re sort of saying pretty much the same thing. But Sarah never ever went with “normal”…she was given the chance many times, and always backed away….even right up to the end, she needed to be a spy. She finally accepted that it was too dangerous to be a CIA spy ( given that she was at a disadvantage because she could now no longer totally suppress her emotions), but she still needed that sense of adventure, that need to do what she did best. Her compromise was to fight cyber terrorism …. and that may be when she totally committed to the emotion of love.

    We discussed that love may be metaphysical in nature, but it really is just an emotion. The metaphysical “you” is more than your personality, too. When we look for partners, there are usually 2 things that don’t really change .. the physical you ( and I don’t mean your physique, although that may be part of it ) and the metaphysical you…and that’s what you see in your potential partner. The 3rd element is the emotional…how does this potential partner make you feel…and this is pretty ethereal. It really depends on where you already are emotionally and what you need in your life. So think about Sarah’s needs emotionally when she walked into the Buy More. For the first time in a long time, she let her emotions out of the deep dark place she buried them .( Remember her very angry lesson she gave to Chuck about being a spy …and having to bury your emotions ..) We know killing people bothered her (her Red Test was the worse day of her life), so she buried the emotions she felt when she killed people. When you open the vault where those emotions are buried…which she did with Bryce and then with the Baby, she probably couldn’t pick and choose which emotions she let out, so she had to find a new way to reconcile the negative emotions associated with the nasty part of her job. The best way she knew how was to balance them, but she needed something very strong in the “good” category to balance the bad, and that was Chuck.
    But it was metaphysical Chuck that made her feel better, not physical Chuck…he wasn’t her type physically. All she really needed from Chuck was his metaphysical presence…realizing she also had to take the physical presence. But the physical Chuck was a throw away item ….she didn’t need anything physical from him, which is why she never needed sex from him. That’s definitely an odd type of love…biologically we choose a partner for procreation. Luckily we were given different means to be attracted to a partner, or us guys who weren’t physical specimens would never mate !! And most relationships grow so we learn to love both the physical person and the metaphysical, no matter which we fell for first. Sarah’s love of the metaphysical Chuck never really grew into a love of the physical Chuck ..she only needed or wanted his goodness to make her feel she could open up to her emotions. Remember in Coup d’Etat when Chuck was going through the marriage book, and he asked Sarah for 5 things you find attractive about your partner. NONE of them were physical …and Chuck responded with, ” What.. not handsome or dashing or…” Sarah just looked at him with that look like…”no not at all”.
    And that’s the reason she could do what she did to him in Season 3 and Season 5 ….. she could never do what she did if she actually loved all of Chuck the way he loved all of her. There was such a disparity between how they responded to the same problems in their relationship because of that. Chuck was resolute in fixing mistakes…Sarah never was.

    • GM; you’re right; but you have to remember that from the start Sarah was almost devoid of outward, or inward for that matter, emotion. Right away we find out that she had been betrayed by Bryce, and whatever feelings she might have had for him (I honestly don’t believe that it was love) were dashed with that betrayal. She asked Chuck to trust her, but she had serious trust issues of her own. And, she was walking a tightrope with Chuck, trying to continue to hold on to his trust, by trying to siphon just enough information to keep him in line. She almost lost that battle when Chuck found out about her and his former best friend, and she once again had to re-double her efforts. As to a physical attraction, it’s usually the male who looks first, and asks questions later. Women, by nature, want more, and that is where the differences begins. I do believe that she was physically attracted (see kisses in Hard Salami and Seduction) but she, like most women, just want, and need more. Physical attraction is important, but emotional attachment is vital. And what she did to him to him in season 3 and 5, that’s easy to interpret. In season 3 she was hurt, deeply, because for the first time in her life she followed her heart, and lets face it, Chuck broke it. Maybe not intentionally, but it was the first time in their relationship where the roles were reversed, Chuck being the one who had to chose duty over heart, and he didn’t choose wisely, never realizing that it was Sarah who made HIM complete, until it was too late. Sarah meanwhile, figured once again, that she didn’t deserve love, nor was it something that was in the cards for her. Season 5, at the end were back at square 2 (I wont say square 1 because her base instinct told her that there was more to Chuck than what she had been told by Quinn). But, she only had those instincts and sadly, no memories of what they meant to each other. She was Sarah Walker, once again, just a spy, and the mission was the only thing. That why I say that there was with Sarah a very good combination of the physical and emotional, and at least at the end, the physical was the catalyst (the kiss on the beach) with a little emotional content on the side.

      • So I would ask you this. Why did Sarah take him back ? If it was all about the heartbreak in Prague, then the heartbreak was still there…she couldn’t reverse Prague, and neither could he. And if she no longer loved Chuck, then why would she be so upset that he killed the mole ? Why was she upset that he could burn an asset, or take on a fake persona such as Rafe ? But she was never upset when she either lied to him or mistrusted him or manipulated him, which hurt him emotionally. Why the dichotomy in her concerns for him ?
        Secondly, what was the difference between Sarah walking into the Buy More in the pilot, and Sarah leaving the house after Chuck took the bullet for her in Chuck Vs. Sarah ? Why could she fall for the goodness of Chuck in the pilot, but not that same quality in Season 5 finale ?
        Finally, what did the 3 Words mean to her ? Did she believe any of it? Did she feel responsible for Chuck wanting to become a spy ? Does she realize that he loves her ?

        My feeling is that Sarah in the series finale was totally devoid of emotions…she was still the assassin who could bury those emotions deep in the vault. (Remember what she told Chuck at the end of the Pink Slip). However, in the Pilot, first Bryce, and then the Baby made her open up that vault…probably lust with Bryce ( I agree that it probably wasn’t love.), and with concern for the Baby. That’s when I think ALL her emotions came out…the things she had bottled up for so long. What was tough for Sarah is she didn’t know how to deal with all these emotions. In a way, she did want to feel something again. Her time with Bryce wasn’t really bad until she thought he betrayed her. But I don’t think she could pick and choose which emotions she let out…when you let out love or lust or caring or whatever, I think the remorse came out too. Most of the remorse was always about killing people…the worst thing she had to do. That’s why I think the notion of Chuck killing was anathema to her. It’s what she hated about herself, but it was something that she had to do. Chuck was the counterbalance…but not his physical being. It wasn’t even his emotional being since that is different. It is his metaphysical being that provided the counterbalance.

      • I believe this; the heart wants what the heart wants. Although Chuck hurt Sarah deeply, the bond was still there, and when Chuck finally decided to man up in American Hero that the walls just tumbled down. Yes, she felt responsible for Chuck becoming a spy, but things became clear for her when she realized that they were better together, rather than apart. Casey gave her the nudge, but it was her finally giving into love that pretty much forced her to take the leap. The 3 words, put quite simply, boiled down to trust, and the belief in his innate goodness, and yes, lust, because she gave in to just wanting to be with him. It still took time for Sarah to believe in herself, but all these things factor into letting go in Tooth and finally expressing herself outwardly. Fear and doubt always stifle us back, and it was that self doubt, and not knowing how to deal with her own emotions that made her hold back. The physical became clear in Phase 3. The scene in their bedroom, and her smelling his shirt told volumes about needing him to be with her, physically, because are the 2 sides of one coin. As for season 5, imagine not knowing who you were; realizing that 5 years of your life had been stolen from you, deliberately, and you couldn’t remember anything. A mission log, and people trying to fill in the blanks, would never tell you the whole story, and those same old issues regarding trust are magnified, because you really couldn’t trust anyone, and you once again succumb to self doubt. Yet, something told her that there was more to Chuck than a mission file spoke to, and just like in the Pilot, for Sarah, it was a judgment call. She had to trust her instincts, because that’s all she had. Sarah was lost, but she desperately wanted, and needed, to trust someone, and Chuck had once again shown that he was a man who could be trusted. She had come full circle. Do I think that them having to fall in love all over again was a good thing? Absolutely not. I think that it was a sorry attempt at writing, but, I do believe in the concept of fate, and as I said before, the heart wants what it wants.

      • What was the difference between what Chuck did to Sarah in Prague, and what Sarah did to Chuck at Ellie’s wedding when she told him she was leaving with Bryce ?

        Secondly, did sarah have to change her core values to allow her to kill people, or was she always capable of it?

      • You said it yourself. Sarah was pretty much an emotional cripple, and in her mind killing was always for the greater good, or the sake of the mission. Did she have feelings of remorse? Absolutely. Her Red Test wore at her, deeply, but she was told that it was for the greater good. That was never more evident than when she killed Mauser to protect Chuck in Santa Claus. As to the difference between Chuck’s choices in Prague and Sarah at Ellie’s wedding, again, Chuck was doing what he thought to be choosing duty over love. Sarah’s choice however, was more her own fear of letting go, and duty was the safe choice. We all tend to fear what we cant explain, or control.

      • Do you think Sarah was more heartbroken by Chuck not running with her, or him wanting to become a spy ?

        The reason I ask is that she lied to get Chuck to run …she never was worried about “another mission, another city, another identity.” That would come out in The Honeymooners” and other episodes that showed that Sarah really loved being a spy. She never told Chuck. or for that matter, gave ANY indication that she was heartbroken about him not running…and she seemed to resolve it very quickly by Angel de la Muerte …agreeing quite readily to be friends. Not what a typical broken heart would do.

        I just think that justifying all of Sarah’s disparate actions in Season 3 by claiming “broken heart” is too simplistic and leaves so many of her actions “unjustified”…especially the actions where she shows she still cares.

        As for the difference between Prague and Ellie’s wedding, I don’t mean why Chuck said I can’t in Prague and Sarah said ,”I’m leaving with Bryce”, what I want to know is this. Why is Chuck getting hurt deeply after opening up emotionally and asking Sarah to go away with him any different than Sarah getting hurt deeply when Chuck doesn’t run with her ? Why is it OK for Sarah to hurt Chuck so badly in Season 2, but it’s so much worse for Chuck to hurt Sarah ? I don’t care WHY they chose not to go with the person they loved, but why it is different for the person who was affected by it ?

      • I think that she was hurt by both, but more so by him saying no to running away with her than him wanting to become a spy. Yes, she was afraid that his becoming a spy would change him, as it had done her, but, she was rejected by Chuck on a more emotional level when he say I cant to her. Yes, he finally explained his motivation later, but for her to put herself out there only to be shot down, probably only served to let her know that emotion was never going to be a part of her life (“spys dont fall in love”). Later, yes she did lie to him about how much she loved being a spy, but she did it because she simply “wanted Chuck more” and the sacrifice was an easy one to make in her eyes. But really, her rejection of Chuck’s invitation to “go on a vacation with me” while sure it hurt Chuck, was never as huge as Chuck’s rejection of her. Chuck always felt inferior to Sarah (see Phase 3) and to him the intersect was the great equalizer, and it took her finally telling him that she loved him and wanted to marry him to see that it was just Chck that she wanted. Chuck’s insecurities were ever present, even more so after Morgan wound up with the intersect. He needed constant reassurance from his wife, that he was up to the task of being a leader. That’s why I had hoped that the intersect was finally gone for good after the Morgansect arc.

  4. I find it “funny” that people sympathize so much with Sarah’s plight because she was a “wreck” and no good at relationships, etc, while Chuck is supposed to be fine with whatever Sarah does to him.

    Chuck comes from a broken home where his mother was always away until she left for good, and had a father that was there, but never “there”. His great-at-everything sister raised him, and constantly harasses him. He attended Stanford, on his way to a degree that everyone who had one was successful, and then was kicked out for something he never did. He lost his one true love to the guy ( his best friend) who got him kicked out. His childhood best friend is a clingy loser. He has all the government secrets downloaded into a very special brain that is uniquely suited to do so, which is supposed to leave the other parts of his brain unaffected. He becomes nothing but chattel, forced to go on life threatening missions with a woman that is beautiful and deadly and a guy who resents everything about him.

    Yet somehow he is supposed to be unaffected, be a wizard at relationships, be able to read women like a casanova with absolutely no history of ever being such. He is supposed to be an emotional rock.

    It goes to show how biased men ( us ) can be when confronted by a pretty face.

    My assistant ( a female ) is at The Other Guy…and mentioned she can’t believe how mean Sarah is to Chuck…..female perspective, I guess. Male perspective…Sarah can do no wrong.

    • I never said that. I believe that they were both dumb. But, Chuck still had a full, and somewhat happy life. He had friends and family who both loved and supported him. Yes, he was handed many a raw deal, but he still had that support group to help him to rise above it all. Sarah on the other hand, simply did not. She had her mother, but had to deliberately stay away to protect her and the baby. Her dad, well, she loved him , and I believe that he loved her in his own way, but she always expected him to just appear and then leave just as suddenly. As I said, they were both dumb, especially in season 3. At the point when Chuck needed her most, she ran, out of hurt, and fear of what he might become. Chuck, well Chuck was just Chuck. He let a pretty face (Hannah) make him become somewhat of a douche bag, and he lost sight of what, and who, he was. The perfect scenario would have been to enter the uncharted waters (for both of them) together after intersect 2,0, but alas’, they both overthought the whole thing and we all saw where that led. I don’t think that Sarah is innocent in this, but neither is Chuck. It was both of their finely tuned set of insecurities that kept them apart, much longer than they should have been.

      • This is very reminiscent and deja vu ish of another discussion we have had; oh I don’t know, perhaps it was a discussion involving Prague?! New thread, different title, same discussion.

        This all comes back to everyone’s individual perception, in this case, did Sarah love Chuck. This has to also include the elements of normal vs not normal vs Sarah normal; nerd vs spy; geek vs suave and sophistication; family vs loner, belong vs not to belong.

        To me, the nerd could have cared less how he was treated, at least initially, call it S1, S2, and most of S3. He was with a living doll and relished every moment. As time went on he wanted more and continually pressed the envelope.

        Likewise to some extent, while most women that are in the same category as Sarah wouldn’t be caught dead with a Chuck, deep down Sarah found peace and serenity with what she felt was her normal.

        These two grew to depend on each other much like a junkie depends on their drug. I really feel that is why no matter what happened they were constantly pull back to each other.

        I haven seen , or may have simply missed it, but the memory issue and Sarah feeling nothing for Chuck in the end. Morgan had lost several of his memories with the same Intersect. Morgan also did not have to endure the multiple flashes that Quinn forced on Sarah. Quinn thoroughly brain washed her. All she was left with was artifacts, bits and pieces of memories. But she was starting to recall things.

        Did she love him….. I believe in her own way she did and that given time and some help she would remember that. We need that damn movie.

      • Sorry, revdr, that was a general comment and not directed at you specifically….most guys on here defend Sarah with blinded enthusiasm. Saying Sarah rejecting Chuck wasn’t as bad as Chuck rejecting Sarah ( and we know they really didn’t reject each other) just makes no sense. Both of them exposed themselves emotionally… and left themselves totally vulnerable. They were caught totally off guard and rejected in favor of the things or people they feared the most or would hurt them the most. The only reason to ever say that Chuck wasn’t hurt as much as Sarah is due to the fact that Chuck understand why she would choose Bryce over him. In theory, it should have hurt Chuck more ….Chuck made it well known to Sarah that he loved her, and she rejected him, knowing full well that he loved her. Sarah had never told Chuck that she loved him, only that she wanted to run away from the spy life. The only way it was worse is that Sarah had a worse response to the rejection.

        And I don’t really agree with your comments about Hanna. Chuck was oblivious to Hanna’s advances for a long time. When she finally made her move, Chuck was a bit vulnerable, because he was forced to be in the control room rather than his usual role as Sarah’s date. When he saw trouble on the floor, he left Hanna to go rescue the mission. When Sarah and Shaw were poisoned, and Hanna was kidnapped, his first mission was to secure the antidote for Sarah. He then rescued Hanna…but not before seeing Sarah and Shaw in an embrace. Before he started anything with Hanna, he cleared it with Sarah. Sarah was so kind as to give him her blessing, and then stab him with a nasty comment about Shaw being her type.(Nice !!) He slept with her one night, had her to dinner the next night…and then heard what Sarah said to Shaw at his hotel room. As soon as he heard how it was hurting Sarah, he broke it off with Hanna that night. It was bad timing since he had just slept with her, and it looked bad, but he did the right thing. Leading Hanna on when he realized he still loved Sarah would have been FAR worse. He could have avoided everything if he had kept trying to win Sarah back, but he saw her fall for Shaw and figured Sarah had moved on.
        Now compare that to what Sarah did with Shaw ….

        And next time Chris says guys like Chuck don’t get girls like Sarah…I better remind him of a guy like Chuck getting Sarah, Lou, Jill and Hanna !!

      • JD – trying to stay away from Prague as much as possible, but delving into the times that Sarah didn’t seem to “love” Chuck always involves Season 3…as for Season 5 finale…..she had no connections with him in the pilot either, but fell for him right away. It wasn’t probably love right away, but there was an attraction. All I’m asking is why wasn’t there an attraction both times ? Same guy, same core values, Same girl (????).
        No …not the same girl. In the finale, she hadn’t felt Bryce’s betrayal, or had to deal with the Baby. So she wasn’t in the same emotional space…she didn’t need a void filled. She still had her emotions locked away in the vault in the finale, where they had been opened up prior to the Pilot. I’m not sure how she’ll form that emotional need if she doesn’t get her memories back with the kiss. Something has to open up the vault where she’s buried those emotions. Perhaps Chuck on the beach …his physical being, will start to open them up, Maybe the house will…I don’t know, but, yeah…WE NEED A MOVIE !!

      • No offense taken gm. I totally agree about the women in Chuck’s life. I disagree with jd in saying that Chuck didn’t really care about his circumstances just because Sarah was so gorgeous. If you recall he tried to escape that more than once first with Lou, then with Jill. Finally he broke off the fake relationship yet again after Suburbs. Unfortunately, all roads always led him right back to Sarah. Chuck was just always insecure about everything, Sarah just happened to be the focal point. Sure, Sarah knew how Chuck felt, but only to a point. What if he had said, “Sarah, I love you, and I want you to go away with me” at Ellie’s wedding instead of “Do me the honor of going on a vacation with me” or if Sarah had been given the opportunity to finish telling Chuck what she really wanted before she was interrupted by Papa B at the reception? It was always the circumstances that dictated their situation. And they both were like little kids on the playground, playing the do you like me? game. Two insecure people, one with confidence in her abilities but not in herself, the other with no confidence in anything, except that he wanted a woman that he thought that he couldn’t have, along with the ever looming presence of his former best friend and the bane of his existence (Bryce) made for the never ending angst opera, and that got old very fast.

    • Totally agree, Paul. Sarah was in a different place emotionally in the pilot than she was in the Finale, even though she was more or less at the same stage of her life ( 2007 ). Her circumstances were very different walking into the Buy More, because she actually had emotions that she needed to get control of … the vault was open. She was totally closed and locked up in the Finale, which is why she didn’t need to fall back in love with Chuck. Hopefully something started the spark…maybe their story, because she does WANT to remember !

      • Absolutely; she wants to remember, but to what degree does that involve Chuck? At that point she wants to remember anything, and Chuck is just a part of that. As a stroke victim who has lost memories, you feel inadequate, incomplete, angry, embarrassed. and so many other emotions to numerous to mention. Sarah is at that place, and whether she falls in love with Chuck or not, none of that is addressed. She wanted to “find herself” but that was more or less glossed over. I’m a hopeless romantic, but I would have revolted much louder than I did if a “magic kiss’ would have been the ending we got.

  5. It always seems to come back to the lousy writing of some episodes, but I am really trying this time to come to some understanding of these major flaws through some other means. That’s the only reason I proposed that Sarah was more in love with what Chuck represented than the man himself. In a way, it kind of allows Sarah to be of 2 minds about several things, but it may not be totally realistic, because she did end up loving to get horizontal with Chuck as much as possible after S3E13. Too often, though, the writers wanted to beat a storyline into the ground before they were through with it, and when it didn’t really seem to be going as planned, they wrapped it up in a way that seemed unsatisfactory. I think that is really the only way to explain away some of these issues…they were almost story arc continuity issues.

    • I agree about the overblown (and overextended) story arcs; but really, if you go back to episodes like Hard Salami, Seduction, and especially Colonel, the physical is there….really there. The original teaser for Colonel puts it all in perspective (the teaser references the motel scene by saying only: oh, and this…..). It’s been said many times before, but Yvonne’s expressiveness was always on display, and you could see the physical attraction. But when you really think about it, wasn’t it sweeter that the metaphysical attraction was the more prominent? That Sarah loved Chuck for who he was and not just what he looked like? And Chuck making it his goal to try and know the “real” Sarah and not just the facade. It made their love for each other more accessible, and in the end, more believable.

      • It was a sweeter story, but I still don’t think there was a lot of physical attraction. There were physical moments due to her being in love with what he represented, but there were too many references to her not being physically attracted to him throughout the series. ( Coup d’Etat when he asked her the question from the marriage book…none were physical qualities.)
        But the problem I have with the sweetness of their relationship in S1 and S2 is it makes what happened in S3 even worse. We explain away Sarah not going with Chuck as being insecure and unwilling to give in to her emotions, but she gives into Shaw in short order …and without him putting in any effort to help her work through her emotions as Chuck had for 2 years. Chuck puts in real effort to get to know the real Sarah ( and NEVER holds any of her past indiscretions against her)…and she’s always hesitant. But she opens up to Shaw about her secrets almost immediately. The sweetness of their relationship at first makes those events all that more sour.

      • All very good points, and I agree to a certain extent. What I keep going back to however, is just how hurt Sarah actually. Now I’m not taking her side in this, because as I said earlier, she was stupid, they both were. And I hate to go cliché here but the old adage “Hell has not fury…. might actually apply. You always have ways to rise above the fray, but for Sarah, I never saw her as someone who dealt with emotional issues very well. I honestly don’t think that she knew how. Love isn’t rational, so she just couldn’t dealt with that rejection on a rational level. Shaw was there and safe and I think that she knew that he wouldn’t reject her so she essentially used him. Shaw knew that she was in love with Chuck, he even asked her about it (and he was still grieving over his wife), but both of them knew that whatever type of relationship they entered into, it really wasn’t going anywhere; comfort, warm bodies etc. That she shared secrets only meant that after offering up herself to Chuck and being shot down, the flood gates just opened up and Shaw happen to be there. I see that type of thing all of the time in my role as a counselor, and surely it isn’t right, but the explanation is valid. Remember, Chuck always had a support system and Sarah had no one.

      • Yeah, but you’d think the hurt would have drove her to do something like that within, say a month or 2. This was about 7-8 months after the rejection. She was pretty pissed at Chuck until the 3 Words, then she seemed to calm down a lot as they started working together. They had actually started to “re-bond”. Then, out of the blue….and seemingly with a guy she wasn’t really pleased with…. she starts a relationship. And it couldn’t have been purely physical if she opened up to him emotionally like she did. It just seemed so against her character. (as were Chuck’s actions ). The thing is, Chuck’s actions were given context…Sarah’s weren’t …she just did what she did and the fans were left to try to figure out why.

        Anyway…enjoyed the discussion….I really like the back and forth and staying on point like this. Wish I didn’t have to keep coming back to Season 3, but it always seemed to be the outlier in any “theory”. It really was the end of the show as we know it …not story wise since the story continued, but in the context that it ruined the show for so many fans, they left, making it impossible to carry the show as far as it should have gone.

        Off to Nova Scotia for 5 days….might check in if I can. Have a good week and weekend.

    • Guess I shouldn’t have inserted my reply above, pardon the newbie here. Sarah does hurt Chuck and he does what he always does grabs a bottle and goes off to get drunk. But I think he feels at least partly that she’s leaving because he’s not the Intersect. That’s why he takes it back rather than just destroying it when Bryce dies. With Bryce gone and the Intersect back Sarah will stay. Sarah doesn’t get that kind of relief from her pain. As Rev says she has no support group. And I have watched the Hannah arc several times and to me Sarah doesn’t start with Shaw until she is sure Chuck is commited to Hannah. That also hurts Sarah, that he is seemingly able to move on so easily while she is still hurting. Taking up with Shaw is partially revenge on Chuck. This all comes back to the writing. There are episodes where the writing is lazy. The characters do things that feel out of place for the sake of the plot. They justify it by saying the leads are poor communicators. Certainly they are, but that’s the way they are written. Still makes my list of best TV shows ever and since I go back to the ’50s, I’ve seen a lot of TV.

  6. PS GMH I think you’re working too hard to separate Chuck’s parts. Sarah doesn’t let the relationship get physical because Chuck is an asset and she is his handler. If they sleep together there won’t even be a 49B, she’ll just be gone.

  7. There was 2 much chemistry on both sides more than on any show I’ve ever watched for her not 2 also have been physically attracted. And I watch allot of shows where U have romantic leads if Sarah didn’t find Chuck attractive physically then I will eat my hat. She kept touching him, holding his hands & the flirting, always wanting 2 be close 2 him and by that I mean getting upset when the CIA wants 2 physically remove him. I mean that’s real love when U don’t really wanna be physically away from Ur loved one. Did U guys see her angry reaction in the freezer when he said he couldn’t open the door & she knew what Beckman had planned. Any relationship that I’ve ever witnessed U have 2 be physically attracted 2 wanna consummate it, which almost happened in Chuck vs the colonel. The reason consummation hadn’t happened b 4 Sarah knew Chuck was an asset & that Casey, CIA was watching him all the time, that’s why in the motel she almost let it happen cause they were on the lam & she knew they were considered traitors & would probably have 2 go on the run 4 the rest of their lives from then on so she was willing to get physical then. 2nd everyone knew she’d had a physical relationship with Bryce b4 and it would look bad 2 her superiors & colleagues if this happened again so soon & especially with the intersect asset, everyone references this point when they see her interact with Chuck. 3rd thing I’ll mention we all know there were a lot of good guy spies around that were good people, great, openly brave people even that she could have fallen for like she did with Chuck or love although they could shoot a gun or were willing 2 shoot a gun didn’t mean they were bad or evil. They were just proficient spies. So she could have been with anyone of either Bryce, Cole or Shaw b 4 he went crazy. Especially Bryce he gave her the chance @ the end of season 2. Though she was still confused @ Ellie’s wedding that was ruined cause she knew she’s an agent & she was going 2 get a new assignment & have 2 leave Chuck cause the intersect was out that’s what she had 2 make Chuck realize but @ the beach wedding when Bryce signals her she refused cause she’s made up her mind by then she knew she loved Chuck despite knowing the CIA would probably give her another assignment but she didn’t want 2 go on the Bryce assignment that would complicate things. The reason I think she didn’t apologize 4 hurting Chuck @ the wedding because lets face it Sarah is a beautiful women and I think in any relationship she’s ever had she’s never had 2 apologize no matter what she did. She doesn’t apologize or explain herself to Bryce either @ any time he comes back to Burbank, He figured her feelings out 4 himself when he sees them together & their reactions in situations. And in Chuck vs the colonel Sarah is willing 2 commit treason 4 Chuck cause if u listen 2 her answers when he questions why she’s doing it and u compare how angry she was @ Bryce when she 1st believed him 2 be a traitor, that’s evidence that she would do anything 4 Chuck. And I don’t think U commit treason 4 someone U only love only 4 their metaphysical traits. U do that 4 the whole package, Bryce’s metaphysical traits is also the same as Chuck’s. He could have been like Chuck if he wasn’t recruited into the CIA. the crucial difference He’s a spy that’s his job, shooting people comes with the territory as Sarah well knows it doesn’t mean Bryce isn’t a good person and most important of all he’s not Chuck. U can see Sarah wants the whole package referencing the motel scene & all their kissing & almost kissing scenes. And even If she wanted a regular life like she told Shaw which she could even go do alone, have a regular life I mean & run away from the CIA but she didn’t want that so much before meeting Chuck because He kept talking about a regular life & that’s what he wanted when the intersect was removed cause he was insecure & thought that being a regular guy meant doing something with his degree would fulfill him and showcase his best abilities than having 2 be saved all the time by Casey & Sarah & shown up by people like Cole & Bryce & not being cut out 4 the spy world. Her wanting a regular life but not really wanting 2 give up spying meaning the regular life thing wasn’t so much her thing it was more Chucks thing, she always chooses 2 go back 2 spying. By S3 E1 Sarah was afraid 4 Chuck thinking that working 4 the CIA would damage Chuck because she knew what it took 2 be a spy. She wanted 2 protect him, his uniqueness & what she just discovered, that she loved him. The metaphysical & physical sides of him & willing 2 give spying up 4 him only him. He rejects all that I think that is what hurts her so profoundly. She only gets with Shaw after giving her blessing with Hannah cause she thinks he has his regular girl now & too much have happened for her 2 emotionally open up like that again 4 him so she falls into a relationship with Shaw & the reason she reveals herself 2 Shaw is Chuck has moved on to Hannah, he’s persona is changing & the goodness she prizes as his best qualities are being stripped away. She thinks she won’t find someone in the whole world like her Chuck again if he changes & becomes like Shaw & Cole, Bryce then she might as well get with Shaw a fellow spy who knows her world & open up emotionally that’s her comfort zone the spy world, so she might as well choose another spy like with Bryce. Shaw has opened up, he told her about his wife & they both had previous spy partners who have died so they have allot in common plus she almost doesn’t recognize her Chuck anymore, he’s burning assets, lying easily 2 Ellie & Morgan 2 his asset. Here I think the writing is 2 blame also 4 the S3’s inconsistencies, anyway then 2 end my long rant off, they reunite but she still has a mission with Shaw so they cant consummate their physical yet again. Again the writers trying 2 keep them apart & stretch the tension & 2 setup Shaw’s spectacular descent into despair, madness & disillusionment with the CIA which I don’t totally blame Shaw 4 anyway then the writers knew they couldn’t tease us anymore or we would revolt so they eventually get together & blissfully consummate their relationship. As U can surmise from this I’m a hopeless romantic but I hope these points make U realize it was the whole package that Sarah loved maybe not right @ the beginning when she thought he was cute but eventually their was physical attraction as well as her being attracted metaphysically.

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