The Intersect Project and Chuckaholics Invite You

One of the things the people of The Intersect Project and Chuckaholics have discussed ways of interacting with you our family members of this site, and we started to pondered, drank some coffee. Ponder the mind some more, and then made another fresh pot of coffee, and then it dawn on us. 

We should do a live episode, so here is what we have planned. On October 5, 2014. The rewatch schedule will be up to Chuck vs The Nemesis with that being said. The signifance of that episode on the series is important, and should be treated as such.

We plan to use the Live Discussion forum we have here on Chuckaholics as our means to watch Nemesis with our family members.

We will commence at 8:00 and last for 2 hours. We will watch and discuss the episode during the first hour and then we will discuss the series first arc.

Chuckaholics will be releasing an article about the first arc sometime in the next few days. The article will cover the changes to Chuck, Sarah and Casey. We will explore how the characters went into the 5 episode stretch and how they came out.

So again, on October 5th we will be having a Live Episode Discussion. We will be watching Chuck vs The Nemesis together on this site.

We will use the live chat feature as our forum to discuss the episode while we watch it, and if there is a good turn out then we shall continue the Live Episode Discussion. It is another innovative way to connect Chuck fans from across the globe.

If you have an questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment or message in the comment section below.

Chuckaholics Founder









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