Chuckaholics Is not a Fan Base, we are a family

Over the last few days, I have been thinking about ways to take Chuckaholics further then we already have. I know the message is getting out there, but people need to understand. I don’t promote fandom. I promote passion and enthusiasm.

Chuckaholics and The Intersect Project have become partners. We have the same passion and want the same things, and ultimately that would be a Chuck movie, but before we dive into that dream. We have to take care of our house first.

Chuckaholics is more than a fansite. We strive to provide entertainment for every Chuck fan that comes across this site and listens to Paul’s Podcast.

We write and record Rewatch articles because we want to share our passion with you guys. Chuckaholics is on the road to 15,000 views and its all because of this. The groundwork is easy its already done.

Passionate Kiss 1

Chuck will be in the hearts of so many people because of music like this.

Rivers and Roads

As I am rocking my daughter to sleep, I can’t help but begin to tear as we hear the words “A Year from now,we will be gone.” It gets me all the time.

As Rivers and Roads, played and the screen fade to black. Our hearts broke. It was not because of how the story ended. It’s because we didn’t want it to end.  this is not about Josh Schwartz or Chris Fedak. This is about us.

It’s not about WB or poor writing decisions. Its about all the fans that didn’t bail because the story didn’t go the way they wanted. This is about those that continued to watch despite disagreeing with creative decisions. They are the true fans. They let the story play out, and what they saw was a tremendous love story that we all loved. A boy become a spy, a slacker become a man. A woman learn how to be normal.

Chuckaholics Promotes Family

Those that have been following Chuckaholics know already about the vision, and if you don’t here is the article.

The Chuckaholics Vision

I have been reading on Twitter, and sometimes I get disheartened because everyone  focus is in the wrong area. We need to fix us first before we can accomplish anything. We can’t expect anyone to listen to us if we don’t unite. Stop calling yourselves fans because your not we are a family. One I am proud to be associated with.

Chuck fans have become a family, We may be a small group of people, but a small group of people can have impact if we channel our energies in the proper areas in which we control. Social Media is the best way we can get our voices out there, but not everyone uses social media. There are still people out there that don’t use Itunes, which is why I  have The Intersect Project Podcast on Chuckaholics.

Its why I have reached out to all those that have blogs, podcast and any other means to deliver the passion that is Chuck. I don’t mind letting others use Chuckaholics to promote their sites. The ideas of the many often creating a large scale interest. We are in this together. All the more reason to join our family.

We are a family because we all have the same passion. the same desire to watch Chuck all the time. There are a lot of sites out there that have done or doing a rewatch. However, what makes Chuckaholics different is we want to interact with other Chuck fans.

Paul has the same ideas, it was his idea to have a Live Q and A and we now do a weekly spot on Fridays at 8:00pm, and soon we will have a Live Episode. We do it because we care, and want to include fellow family members  on our journey in creating a home for Chuck enthusiasts   .

I started Chuckaholics to create a one stop shop. Music, Scenes, article, Paul’s podcast. All for entertainment purposes. All with the idea of keeping Chuck in the minds of the many. Open the series to new people. The more people become interested, the more we open the door for what we all want a movie.

We know the story is not complete, and whether you liked the ending or not. There are so many stories that still can be told. More. Chuck and Sarah memories that can consumed.

Become a Chuckaholics Family Member

Chuckaholics has an open door policy. In order to deliver the vision that I have. Close doors won’t work. Chuckaholics is a place where your ideas and passion can be exposed.

Ir’s free, not asking you to dedicate your lives 24/7 365 days of the year. It’s fun and can be interesting. The discussions are always entertaining, and the Live Chats are stimulating.

If you have passion and want to take part in a growing family than direct message me. I am on twitter my handle is @Christo94143795 or contact JD Mitchell @JDMitchell51 or Paul from the Intersect Project @Chuckrewatch33

We need more people to work with us in making Chuckaholics and The Intersect Project a special place for Chuck fans. Chuckaholics would love to be ranked high in the search engines, but we really want to be number one in your hearts. Join the family and play with the toy that we have given you.

Go to Itunes and download The Intersect Project Podcast or if you don’t have Itunes, you can find it here on Chuckaholics.

Read Chuck vs The Game written by Şebnem on her site here

She can also be reached on twitter @charah9

Here are the list of jobs we have to offer on Chuckaholics.

Scene Coordinator

The job would require you to run all the scene pages we have here. WB likes to use their copyright rights and pull the plug on fans who play scenes on Youtube, thus the scene is deleted on our page as well.

The job is easy, take out the scenes that have been deleted and replace them and add whatever you would like. The only thing i ask is to use the Embed Code as the method of inserting the scene.

Chuck Scenes

The Best of Team Bartowski

Charah Kissing (near) 

The Villains of Chuck

Female Authors

As a male, it is fun to write about how females think, but let’s face it. The thoughts and actions of one Sarah Walker or Ellie Bartowski should be written by a woman.

Any lady that would like to write for us please direct message me on twitter

Fan Fiction Authors

Chuckaholics wants to display those that write their own stories using the Chuck Characters. We would like to include Fan Fiction to the site, and while I like to believe I am a decent writer.

Fan fiction is something I struggle with believe it or not. Thus, Fan Fiction writers are welcome to join us as well Direct Message me your interest on Twitter.

 Fan Created Videos

Fan videos that I am talking about are these,

I want people that are talented enough to create these videos to work with Chuckaholics, so we can give the full Chuck entertainment value.

all  positions are open for people to join. There are no limits, the more people join. Chuckaholics is not my site. Its every passionate Chuck fans utopia. Display your passion. Become a Chuckaholic Family Member. I promise you will have fun.

In closing, I leave you with this


Chuckaholics Founder

















  1. We need more people in the world with your kind of passion and what you are instilling with Chuckaholics! Thank you Christopher. And thank you to ‘Chuck’ and the wonderful cast, for bringing a very nice and interesting group of people together here and on Twitter!

  2. I guess if we’re a family, I’m the creepy uncle …. 😉

    Just like to keep this interesting and different from the YJS fan clubs out there !!! ( and even though it doesn’t seem like it, I really like that girl…she does have it all !!)

      • The only thing that I don’t like about Sarah is she gets very upset when Chuck is keeping a secret to him and doesn’t want Chuck not to keep a secret from her. I mean, why get upset if you yourself are keeping secrets too, (like Bryce, and the baby, although in the end, she did tell the truth). But overall, I love Sarah Walker and Chuck too. Also he is fantastic! How the hell he is a spy never gets to kill anyone, that’s quite unique (in a good way).

        Hoping to meet more Chuck fans. And be a a part of this family..

      • McGirl,

        welcome to Chuckaholics, McGirl. I hope your visit will make you return and take part in discussions we have going on here.

        As I am going through the series again, I have started to see the reasons Sarah had to lie to Chuck. A lot of mission success called for it. Often Chuck would allow his feelings get in the way of completing missions. For example, what good would come from it if Sarah told the truth about her relationship with Bryce after hearing how much Chuck hated Bryce, and when he did find out. Look at how he acted on the mission.

        Sarah did apologize when she knew she was wrong fake photo became a real one, or when she jumped the gun on his date, she apologized for that. Was it ok for Chuck to lie to her about his deteriorating brain condition.

      • I’ll try my best to be here most of the time. 🙂

        Christoper, I agree with gmhnderson, that’s a normal thing to do. Sometimes you don’t want to worry your loved ones with your condition. I see those to lots of people most of the time (I’m not saying what they are doing are ok, but that just how it is). And when Sarah finally knows the condition, she understand it and didn’t get angry.
        About Bryce, Chuck was a little hurt, he asked about him but she lied and found it by another person.

      • I am not talking about the brain condition I am talking about being open no matter what if you love ur partner in sickness and health if Sarah would of left him then she didn’t love him

      • Don’t know, Chris. It’s a weird thing ….when that news comes down the pipe, it becomes a very personal battle. Your wife cannot do anything for a disease other than give you support, which is understood to be implied by their vows. What you don’t want to do is make them upset…to cause them worry when they can’t actually do anything about it. You always feel you have to be the strong one because it is you that needs the strength to fight the battle. I NEVER let my wife know that my battle may be fatal…I placated her the best I could with the most innocuous descriptions of my problems. It helped that she wasn’t a nervous wreck, because that calmness helped me remain calm. You really need to be in Chuck’s shoes to know, but I empathized with him during that scene. It was one of the most realistic I ever saw in the series.

      • I respect your reasoning, but in imo I dont think I can hide that because if it is fatal I w poo Ulf want to prepare her with the inevitable. I already told her I want them to pull the plug rather then be fed through tubes

      • It was like Season 4 when Chuck was proposing and the whole thing was a setup for Sarah to go underground. She didn’t let Chuck know the plan, and look at the torment it caused him. Plus it was extremely dangerous and he could be losing Sarah forever.

        There was plenty of blame for not divulging secrets on both of them, but I think Sarah was the one that tended to lie the most. What was weird about her lying is that Chuck loved her no matter what…she never had to lie to him. Chuck was always on tenterhooks with Sarah because her love for him was conditional… he could never stray far from that person she first met, but he always had this idea that he wasn’t good enough for Sarah. He always believed he needed the Intersect so he could be a spy, because that is what Sarah always seemed to be drawn to. He was in a very tough place with her.

      • Gary,

        If you look at the times Sarah lied to Chuck was because she felt it was necessary evil. Remember the job of a handler is to get the asset to go along with the mission at hand. It was a habit of Chuck to bring his emotions on to missions.

        quite often his emotions would put the mission at jeopardy like in Three Words or in Wookie. The mauser situation was different because Chuck wasn’t close enough to hear the truth, and this was where Sarah was wrong. I totally understand her reason for keeping Bryce from Chuck and not telling her feelings in Truth. I also thought Chuck was right to break up with Sarah in The truth.

        so sometimes the lie was something Sarah had to do, but when Sarah was wrong she often made an effort to make amends with him. Fake Photo turned into a real one or apologizing for not letting chuck save his friend.

        So, I feel like Sarah needed to lie. Reynaldo said in Honeymooners open communication is essential in a romance staying alive.

        Secrets are lies and when someone you love hears about ur condition through the mouth of Shaw. is something that hurt Sarah. Its not a ideal way for her to find out. Its not the ideal way to trying to find his mother and hide it from Sarah and Casey.

        one lie becomes two lies and soon it feels natural to lie. I understand and respect your opinions and I am not going to try to change it. If it was me I would tell me wife so she can be prepared/.

        I remember when my wife and i first got together and my ex girlfriend had contacted me through email. I made it a point to tell my wife that she did so. ITs building trust.

        Chuck and Sarah said to trust each other, but when did they merit that trust. When the both of them at times used lies to cover their tracks.

      • Neither one of them ever really lied to hurt the other…it was always what they felt they needed to do to protect the other. It just never seemed to work out that way, because there always ended up being some hurt feelings. What I was saying is that Sarah never needed to lie to Chuck because the truth never would have hurt his feelings towards her. Chuck didn’t need to lie either, but Sarah was not as forgiving as Chuck was.

        A secret isn’t really a lie…at least Chuck’s secrets weren’t. I don’t think he ever meant to NEVER tell Sarah about his plans to find his father or his mother. He needed to do this stuff himself before he brought it up with her. Part of it was because she may shut down the search for his father because of “protocol”. But part of it may have been to prove to her that he had some skills in the espionage business. Remember, he really thought he needed to be a spy to win over, or keep Sarah.

      • Oh, I know everyone has a bit of, “WTF was Sarah thinking ?”, in them.

        My biggest problems with most comments are, 1) “Sarah was hurt in Prague”, which I find too simplistic and doesn’t explain the fact she shows concern about certain things Chuck has to do in S3,
        and 2) Sarah wanted a normal life ….which she may have talked about but never knew what it was , and she always backed away from “normal” when she had to truly decide. She was a spy, an adventure seeker, a “righter of wrongs”….what she really wanted was someone to allow her to do the things she had to do, to love her for it and to make her feel good about these things. Once she was sure Chuck really loved her, she could go back to being that person she wanted to be. The “normal” she thought she wanted was because she thought that was the only way to find true love…kinda like Chuck thought he had to be “normal” to have Sarah in S2. These 2 were the furthest thing from normal 2 people could be, which is why they were made for each other.

      • I agree with all that. all the characters had a WTF moment if you will.

        Morgan in wookie and sizzling shrimp. Ellie when she told Chuck to quit spying

        Devon not realizing Ellie was not enjoying her time in Africa.

        However, what I love about Chuck was no matter how far the characters ventured off they would soon be back where they felt most comfortable with the one they truly love.

        As far as Sarah goes. to piggy back off your idea of normal. Sarah wanted Chuck’s version of normalcy. its as she said in Honeymooners. Burbank felt like home. and in the suitcase. When she carried a picture of the two in her luggage as token to keep her safe.

        Gary, what I love most is watching Sarah lay next to Chuck in honeymooners. When she had a finally look on her face.

        Game set match. she was in her element. As I Said the man, the family and the apartment all was hers and subconsciously she made it that way.

  3. As long as it was next to Chuck, it didn’t really matter “where” she was. Chuck was the “normal”…not his life with Ellie and Devon or Morgan, or the apartment…. but his ability to “normalize” her, balance her negative emotions with positive, his ability to love her without ever trying to change her into something she wasn’t. (She said, “You are my home…you always have been.)

    Think about this…… Sarah couldn’t love Chuck if he killed people, because that is what she hated about herself…her ability to do that. It hurts her emotionally to have to do that, but it’s necessary. However, Chuck never really questions her killing people. He questioned her poisoning the French “diplomats”, but he had no problem with her explanation that they were assassins trying to kill her, so she killed them first. He questioned the Mauser killing because he didn’t understand why she killed someone that was “surrendering”…unarmed. ( Of course, he never heard the threats). He seemed more upset about her lying to him about it. Don’t you think it’s weird that he scolded his mother about her use of guns ( I’m going to have to teach you the benefits of tranq guns !), but never said anything to Sarah about using guns. The one time he did, it was about keeping them in the house…which was just kinda funny !!!

    That’s why I don’t understand this thing that everybody goes into “normal” for an explanation of everything Sarah does or has done. Chuck’s life as a 28 year old living with his sister is “normal”….running away in Prague was OK because it was “normal”….not being a spy was “normal”…being a spy was what she knew so it was “normal”…being a con man’s daughter was “normal”. Normal gets overused so much, it has lost all meaning in the context of Chuck and Sarah. Chuck made the offer to leave her type of life behind a number of times, and she couldn’t “pull the trigger”.

    • The same can be said for him. He didn’t want to be a spy, but every time he had the chance to leave it. He elected to jump in the back of the vic.

      or download the 2.0 or work so hard to remove the psychological rock blocking the intersect. He did so because he felt like his life had a purpose.

      • Agreed….don’t know so much that he didn’t WANT to be a spy, but he didn’t think he had the ability to actually become one. He had this inner hero at work throughout the series…even the ballerina was a heroic move on a very basic scale. Being a spy gave that hero inside of him a means to express itself, and yes…a purpose…it was in his DNA, after all. It will be very interesting if we get to see Chuck with this new Intersect and where it could take him…and Sarah.

  4. So, speaking of family members….our girl Yvonne is up to something. First the pink rainbow over the trees at the beach with a comment that something good is coming. Last night, a photo of some beach trinkets that look like something she would put in her hair, with the comment, “Something in the making.” Let’s have some fun, Chuckaholics !!! What do you think that sly girl is up to ???

    My guess…..beach wedding like Zac and Missy…only in California rather than Hawaii.

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