What is Yvonne up to ??

OK…this came up in the comments, but just in case you aren’t following that particular thread, let’s have a little fun with Yvonne. She is actually quite a creative person…very good photographer to boot. She has been having some fun with her photographs in the last few months, and has dropped some hints about something going to happen in the near future. Let’s take a look at what’s she’s been posting and saying.


Well, her comment here was , “Yesterday I saw a pink rainbow. Good things are coming.”

Last night we got this photo.


Her comment, ” Beach trinkets…something’s in the makings…”

She certainly is playing coy. With the rainbow over the palm trees at the beach, it looked similar to the beach in “Chuck”. But the beach trinkets…they look like something for her hair.

So what do you think is up with our Yvonne ??

I’ll be the first to put this one out….

Beach wedding in California …kinda secret because we don’t really know much about her man ….

Anyone else have that feeling?


  1. This comment isn’t about her photographic talents, but rather a reiteration of her acting abilities.

    I will admit, I’ve been a little hesitant in seeing her act in other projects (i.e. “Dexter”, “24”, “I, Frankenstein”) because I was nervous I would see too much Sarah Walker, and in my mind, Sarah belongs with Chuck. I know, sounds stupid, but there it is….

    I decided to go out on a limb and watch clips of her in the movie “Killer Elite”, in which she plays the love interest to Jason Stratham’s character. I have to say, as impressed as I have been with her portrayal of Sarah Walker, I was equally impressed with her as Anne in “Killer Elite”. No traces of Sarah Walker were to be found, which underscores Yvonne’s fantastic acting talents. There are so many actor’s who have no dimension to their characters (I’m looking at you, Michael J Fox!). They just have to find roles that fit what they do, not the other way around. Yvonne is a shining example of one who does NOT fit that mold.

    Not only that, but now I want to watch “Killer Elite”…!!

  2. Have any guesses as to what her 2 photographs are about…especially since she attaches those coy comments to them?
    Just to add fuel to the fire ( or perhaps help MY theory along ), she just got back from getting all tanned up in the Bahamas, and then went to New York to see her favourite designer. Tanned…..new “dress” … some lucky guy is going to be Mr. Yvonne Strahovski !!!

  3. P.S. Does Yvonne have a man? If so, kudos to her for keeping it under wraps!! So tired of seeing celebrity romance splashed on tabloid pages. As much as we all like the celebrities and want to know what they’re up to, some things just aren’t any of our business!!

    • Yup….he isn’t in the “business”, as Yvonne says. So not a Hollywood type. She keeps to herself …mostly surfing with her BF and walking on the beach…stuff like that. She’s a real outdoors girl, not a clubber, so you won’t get too much tabloid stuff on her.

      • That is what I love best about her. I feel she is the type that will get married once. Imagine waking up to her everyday. She is naturally beauitful so its not all make up enhancement

      • the fact that we know Yvonne is a private person, would she inform her fans that she is getting married? Zachary didn’t until the event took place. She has included the fans on this journey.

        If it marriage its cool that both Chuck and Sarah got married in the same year, kind of special in a sense.

  4. Whatever it is will be great. There isn’t many things she does that isn’t awe inspiring. If she is going to be hitched I hope they keep it a secret and any photos that come from it are her photos.

  5. Not sure she’s getting married… some people are hoping she’s getting something going on a Chuck Movie LOL !!!
    But my feeling is it’s a wedding. The last BF she had I think was a MUA, but it seems weird b/c I usually think of a MUA as being in the “biz”. But he may be a photographic MUA, too, so I’m not sure. She is VERY private, which is cool….but that’s why everything is speculative. I’m not sure anyone really knows who her BF is ….it could be a totally different guy than the MUA.
    Time will tell, but it seems like something is going to happen soon.

      • Sorry, Martin … it was in reference to what Chris asked about it being her make up artist (MUA). She actually doesn’t wear too much make up !!
        Since MUA’s are hired by the particular show, she would have had different ones for Chuck ( Wendy Lynn ), Dexter, 24LAD, etc. But she does so many fashion shoots / model shoots, it could be a photography MUA. No one really seems to know who he is.

  6. I don’t think she is getting married, in fact I think she might have been recently broken up with her boyfriend which she had (or may still have) for about a year. I think she is just referring to a general state of optimism in her rainbow post, and in her beach trinkets, more like she is making a piece of art or something (and that is what is in the makings)..Of course I don’t really know. She has been spending time with her friends lately, first in Bahamas with a girlfriend. She went to fashion week in NYC as a promotional tool for herself, to be seen and to show goodwill towards designers who may enter beneficial relationships with (she promotes them, they dress her for their events, etc). I don’t think she would be meeting any designers during one of their busiest weeks to talk about a personal dress. Now she appears to be in Austrailia visting her parents and friends. I think these things reflect more of a getting away from Malibu/LA where her boyfriend (or maybe former?) lives and getting away from it all. It could be a break-up, or could be a vacation before gearing up to starting a new work project. I wish the best for her of course, if she is getting married, etc., etc. Also, I have never heard of her dating a make-up artist. Rather she had a serious live-in relationship with a non-famous actor thru most of the Chuck years. This past year she has been with a 2nd assistant cameraman.

    • Is she currently in Australia or will go there soon? (I read she is going to be in The Project as guest). I’m glad she is going home and can take a break to be with family and friends.

      That pictures could have a lot of meanings. I love all her nature pictures, beautiful shot, in fact I made one of it my phone home screen. I wish she could post the finish product of beach trinkets though.
      I don’t think she is getting married soon. It surprised me though not a lot of people know that she has a boyfriend for almost a year and who it is. Hopefully we get to see her soon in new projects. I wish her all the best in life.

    • Wow, Gia…good stuff…didn’t know she was heading to Australia….you seem worthy of a Jeff & Lester stalking award !! LOL
      Thought she was going out with the “punk rocker” from the Honeymooners episode ( the guy they took the handcuffs from) during the latter parts of Chuck. They were a good looking couple…he was pretty darn tall, which looks good with her.
      She was always very private about this latest guy …interview in one of the New York papers just before 24LAD started stated the guy “wasn’t in the business.” You’d think 2nd camera assistant would still be considered in the business, but maybe she meant he wasn’t an actor.
      The Bahamas trip and recent visits and trips with Mini, Mercedes, Makenna and the girls certainly could point to a recent breakup just to get away from it all. She hasn’t been talking about surfing as much lately, which she used to do with her BF, so you could be on to something.
      The trip to Australia would be a good thing for her. She must be gearing up for Manhattan Nocturne soon….so it would be good for her to see family and friends before she gets bogged down again. Seems we won’t be seeing a reprise of Kate Morgan next year since this would probably take a while. It might be good for Chris, though, since she may be shooting in NY this fall or winter !!
      Anyway….can’t believe that a girl who has it all ( looks and personality ) may not yet have a soul mate at this point in her life. Maybe she’s not cut out for the married life or not even contemplating motherhood. It’s certainly a trend in life now to wait on all these things, and perhaps she’s too focused on her career. She is, after all, in the prime for most of these roles, but soon, she won’t be that fresh, pretty face. I think she’s looking for the grittier stuff anyway. But putting off marriage and family, if that’s what you want eventually, has it’s drawbacks. I just hope she never has any regrets about how she manages her life.

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