Chuck Vs The Lethal Weapon

We have reached the 16th episode of season two, and if you think things are going great in season two. This episode sets the stage for a great stretch of episodes that are arguable the best episodes of the series.

The reason I mention the next few episodes has to do with one word that means more to Chuck and the government.  The word that will change the game as we know it. The word would be Orion.

Main Story

Cole getting tortured

Cole Barker has been captured, which meant Sarah and Chuck couldn’t brake up their fake relationship. Sarah said, Chuck would need to go under 24/7 protective duty. She said they would have to move in together.

Lethal Weapon opened, with Sarah and Chuck in bed together.  It would mark the first time Chuck and Sarah shared a bed since Chuck vs The Truth, and unlike last time this time they make it through the evening.

Chucks nervous of Sarah sleeping with him She happy have been able to sleep with Chuck

Chuck first night sleeping with Sarah

The opening song was played by Blitzen Trapper, God & Suicide

This would mark the second time the two would share a night together during season 2. The first would come in Suburbs, but they didn’t actually sleep together. Not bad Bartowski on the second attempt. Although Chuck felt a little awkward, Sarah seemed extremely comfortable with the arrangement.

Sharing Bathroom time

What I find interesting about the bathroom scene was Sarah not bothered by Chuck being in the bathroom with her. Grant it, they were only brushing their teeth. Normally, women that are not comfortable with a man wouldn’t allow him in the bathroom. Anything can happen. The towel slipping and all, but it didn’t seem to bother Sarah that Chuck was in the room with her. A clear sign Sarah has almost allowed herself to accept they are in a real relationship.

It also goes to show you how much Sarah wanted to sleep with Chuck. Sex doesn’t have to be the only reason why two people sleep together. The idea that she was sleeping with someone she cared about and loved made it easier to sleep. Hence, Sarah with smiles and giddiness to her step. The bathroom scene shows the giddiness even more.

Sarah enjoyed every minute
Notice the shirt, the same shirt Chuck wore when he went to ask Sarah out on a date in Seduction/break up

The Montgomery

Chuck would ask Sarah if she was worried about Cole, and Sarah said of course, but would reassure Chuck that her relationship with Cole was strictly professional.  The next scene is important because it showed Sarah’s expression when hearing about Chuck looking for his dad.

One of the things we have learned about Sarah thus far would be the need to be included in Chuck’s thinking and decision making. Whether it be his withholding how he felt about the Mauser Incident or her reaction to Chuck taking off the watch in Chuck vs The Fat Lady Sarah would feel hurt and disappointed by it.

It would show at the breakfast table. Ellie asked Sarah if there was anything in Chuck’s room she would leave behind like the Tron Poster, but Chuck quickly reminded Ellie that the Tron Poster was given to him by his father.

Chuck listening to the ribbing Ellie was doingSarah listening Chuck talk about his dadEllie didn't continue with the Tron comment


 Ellie: Do you need any help packing or throwing things away? Sarah, please tell Chuck that not everything in that room has to survive the move.

Sarah: I’m making a list.

Chuck: Making, uh, making a list, are you? And of what, may I ask?

Ellie:  Oh, well, where should we begin? Maybe the Tron poster that you’ve had since you were 12.

Chuck: Dad gave me that poster,.

Ellie: I know. He loved that movie.

Chuck: Have you had any luck finding his address for the wedding?

Chuck: No, not yet, but you know, I’m, I’m working on it still.

When Sarah heard Chuck was looking for his father, Sarah made this expression.

The first time Sarah hears about Chuck's search for his dad

What I love about the expression is the interest Sarah has begun to take interest in Chuck’s life more then just professionally. A clear sign the wall around Sarah’s heart is completely down. Sarah would eventually be a major factor in the Bartowskis’ reunion with their dad.

At the Buymore, Chuck and Morgan are talking when suddenly Casey pushes Chuck towards Castle. Cole hadn’t be found in 18 hours. Protocol called for immediate bunkering for Chuck since Cole knew Bartowski’s secret.

Casey rushing Chuck to Castle

Casey and Sarah were packing things up in preparation for securing the asset, but before they can make it out the door. Castle’s alarms started to flare. Someone breached Castle.

Chuck: This is it. I’m gonna die underneath a yogurt shop.

As they were preparing to open fire on the intruder. Cole Barker came crashing through the doors. He said, “Don’t worry I didn’t tell them anything.”

TB arrmed and ready Cole badly beaten

Cole would tell them he took out 9 guys to be able to escape Fulcrum’s clutches  Sarah would ask why come back to Castle if he was able to get away. Cole claimed he wanted to make sure they were ok.

Team Bartowski and Cole

Cole would discover that Fulcrum was protecting a man by the name of Perseus. he was the head scientist behind Fulcrum’s Intersect.  Beckman would tell them the whereabouts of Perseus  He would be attending a formal dinner at the Swiss Counsel that evening.

Chuck listening in on the details of Pereus mission Cole talking about Pereus

Beckman’s orders were for Casey and Sarah to attend the Function, and  Chuck and Cole were to stay in Castle.  Fulcrum was out there looking for them.

Sarah's cam

Casey and Sarah arrived at the function and started to sweep the floor. Cole was on Sarah’s cam and Chuck was watching Casey’s camera. Sarah really did look good in that dress.

Perseus was behind them

They both scan the room but nothing for Chuck to flash on anything. Chuck assisted in helping Casey gets some grub, while Cole helped Sarah with the Italian dude.

Howard Busgang

When Casey turned towards the Ice sculpture, Chuck flashed on the man standing next to it. Chuck said, “The man’ s name is Howard Busgang. He would also tell the team that Busgang was a research scientist, for the Department of Defense.

When Sarah and Casey enter the room, they head over to converse with the doctor. After a brief discussion, Cole spotted the Fulcrum agent who tortured him.

Team Bartowski spotted their pray

Fulcrum agent who tortured Cole

The Fulcrum agent used a device to knock out the feed, and it sent Cole to become Super Cole again. Casey and Sarah would soon be in trouble. Cole wold tell Chuck its time to be a hero. Furthermore, some plans don’t go as plan, and you need to improvise.

Chuck worried about his team

Sarah about to meet BusgangBusgang

While Casey and Sarah were closing in on Busgang, Cole said something to Chuck that Is worth mentioning.

When Cole was preparing to go help Casey and Sarah, Chuck was insisting  they should contact Beckman and ask for directions, but Cole said why its obvious what they had to do.

Cole in Combat modeChuck trying to reason with ColeCole its time to be a heroCole: Your friends are in trouble.

Chuck: I’ve gathered that.
We have to call General Beckman

Cole:  For what? –  Chuck: So she can tell us what to do next.

Cole: I’ll tell you what we do next. We go to the consulate and we save them.

Chuck:  No, no, no, no. Sarah and Casey specifically said for us to stay here.

Cole:Yeah, well, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan,

Chuck. You have to improvise.

Chuck: Look, you can’t just go run off and be the hero all the time.

Cole: It’s not about wanting to be a hero, Chuck. It’s about needing to be.

Chuck: Two guns, huh? Oh, you really are a badass.

Cole: No, Chuck, one gun. The other one is for you.

What I like about the lines is Cole is not acting like Bryce or later Shaw. He is talking to Chuck like a man. He told him point blank. Its time to be a hero, and we know Chuck can be, but sometimes he needed to be pushed.

Back at the consult, Sarah and Busgang are talking, but unfortunately said too much, and the Fulcrum agents seize all three of them. They take them all into custody, and take them upstairs. Meanwhile, Cole and Chuck arrive at the consulate.

Calbary have arrived

TB talking with Busgang Fuclrum agentsChuck and Cole serveying the surroundingsFulcrum taking Casey and Sarah upstairs

 While Fulcrum followed them upstairs, Busgang asked why the needed for the guns, and Casey would tell them because they are terrorists. Sarah would finish by saying we work for the government .

Meanwhile outside, Chuck is still bickering with Cole about what he should do. he heads up the fire escape ladder, and found Casey and Sarah about to be killed by the Fulcrum agents. Cole instructed Chuck to wait 20 seconds and start taking guys out.

However, Chuck said he never had to use a gun before. Cole would again say. point and click, and before Chuck could say a word Cole was off to get inside. Bartowski looks into the window again. Casey would spot Chuck., he warned Sarah “we’re all day. Bartowski has a gun.” Sarah would look with a shocked face when seeing Chuck with a firearm.

Sarah seeing Chuck with the gun Right before the Fulcrum agent shot Busgang, Chuck stubbled through the window. A round went off. The shot went flying into the lower leg of Busgang. The diversion worked. While Chuck fired his weapon, The window went crashing down on Chuck’s ankle it was pretty funny.

Chuck looking in on Casey and Sarah Bad ass BartowskiWindow takes out ChuckBusgang ran for the hills, and Fulcrum agents went after him, but he was gone. Sarah went after Busgang. While she was running down the hallway, the Fulcrum Agent was waiting in the stairwell  and took at a shot at Sarah, but Cole made the save. Casey and Chuck caught up to them.

Cole saved Sarah from getting shot

Sarah taking care of COle

Back at the Castle,  the group were in front of Beckman, and Chuck would learn that Busgang worked with creators of the Intersect team. Chuck asked why didn’t he flash on that stuff, and Beckman said the creators of the Intersect were not included in the files, so they can hide their identity.

We get two important interactions between Cole and Sarah in the coming scenes. The first one went like this

The next two scenes are out of order, but talking about them now would be better for discussion purposes. Especially since the scenes are close together.

Sarah was taking care of the latest battle wound Cole received

Cole's advances are not working on Sarah

Cole was still making advances at Sarah’s direction, but his charms were starting to wear off. Sarah was resistant even before Chuck interrupted them.  For a single woman, who could easily take a vacation with Cole was not phased anymore by his charms.

The second time around Sarah makes her feelings known.

its not fair.

Cole: That actually hurt.
Sarah: I didn’t think anything hurt you.
Cole: Oh, no, there are some things.
The clinical disinterest of a beautiful woman, for instance.
Any word on Busgang? Not yet.

Sarah: Casey and I are headed to the airport.
They think Busgang might try to leave the country. All right, then. Rest up.

Cole: Wait Listen. You know, I meant what I said earlier about being around people who really care about you and who you really care about. It doesn’t happen often for people like us.

Sarah: No.It doesn’t.

Cole: What if we’re lucky enough to find that person? We’re supposed to just walk away? Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

Sarah: No. Because it isn’t.

Sarah is clearly head over heels now for Chuck. She resisted the temptation. No one would blame her for falling for the machismo of Cole, but she was staying true to her cover boyfriend.  So much work for a fake relationship, really?

Chuck asked would it be possible for Busgang to remove the Intersect, and Beckman responded with “Perhaps.”

Chuck made his way home, only for Ellie and Devon to make Chuck go to the hospital, which was a good thing because Chuck found Busgang there. Chuck would call Casey to let him know that he would follow him.

At the hospital, Chuck would get a cast for his ankle, and while his sister went to get him crutches. He heard Busgang’s voice, and immediately called Casey to alert him, but as the scientist was splitting, Chuck would presume to follow him despite protest from Casey.

Chuck found Busgang

Casey insisiting Chuck not to follow BusgangChuck would follow Busgang all the way to his office/lab and when he gets their he uses his nerd herd badge as a way to get passed the guard.

Meanwhile, Chuck didn’t notice Fulcrum was right behind him. So, while he was headed up the stairs. Fulcrum entered the building, and shot the guard. not long after didn Cole and TB show up.

Chuck was able to get inside, and would find Busgang packing his things to make a run for it, but in midst of packing, Busgang heard Chuck and confronted him with a gun. he recognized Chuck as the man who shot him, but Chuck insisted he wasn’t in his office to kill him. Chuck had tons of questions about the Intersect, and before he could get into detail the word Orion was on a sheet of paper.

Busgang caught Chuck TB and Cole arrive on the scene

Tons a questions from Chuck about OrionChuck flashed on the name, and Busgang saw the flash, and asked Chuck if he had the Intersect. Chuck said he did,

Chuck: Living with this thing in my head is ruining my life. Is there any way th-that Intersect images can be taken out? You know, can a person be “de-Intersected”?

Chuck flashing on Orion

Busgang saw Chuck Flash Orion 2 Chuck knows something is important about the name Orion

Busgang: Only Orion would know.

Chuck: Orion? Who is Orion? It was his idea, his vision.

Busgang: Everything is based on his work.
He put the team together, he drove the research, until he realized

Just before Busgang could finish, Fulcrum made it into the room, and shot Busgang. The agent was ready to shoot Chuck, TB and Cole made it to the room as well. Cole went flying into the Fulcrum agent, who was able to fire a shot into Cole again.

Cole Saw Chuck charging and told him to sweep the legal. Chuck swung his cane into the baddie’s leg and Cole did the rest, but the agent was able to get the upperhand and before he could kill them. Sarah shot him from behind.

She went running after the two men laying on the ground and asked them if they were alright.

Back at Castle, Chuck would ask Beckman who Orion was, and the general said their were no leads, but they had a team of analysis searching for him, but this didn’t go over well for Bartowski {more on that later.}

Cole and Chuck said their goodbyes and we have a very nice scene from Sarah regarding her relationship with Chuck. A pulse is there.

Cole would tell Chuck to not take no for an answer. Something that would hit home for Sarah as well.

Cole telling Chuck don't take no for an answer
Cole: You know what? I got a not-so-secret secret for you. You want something bad enough, don’t ever take no for an answer. And for God sakes, man, carry a gun. Maybe two.

Sarah listening in on Chuck and cold conversation I don't cheat on my cover boyfriend

Sarah in this scene takes a strong stance on her feelings about her relationship with Chuck. She can’t say its real because of obvious reasons, but she said she wasn’t the kind of girl that cheated on her cover boyfriend. Its powerful and a statement.

Agent Walker is slowly taking a back seat to Sarah the Girlfriend.  There is still work to be done, but Sarah has begun to accept her feelings for Chuck. This would also count as the second man Sarah would turn down when it came to leaving Chuck. The first time was in Chuck vs The Nemesis.

Let’s do the math now shall we. Three breaks up from Chuck. and Chuck ended up with two women. Sarah had two chances to leave Burbank, but elected to not cheat on her cover boyfriend. It says a lot about where Sarah’s heart is.

Its as Gary would say. Chuck gave her balance Cole and Bryce represented the life she was trying to get away from.

Anna and Morgan

Morgan and Chuck were planning to move in together, and Morgan mistakenly left the agreement in the fax machine. Anna found it, and assumed it was Morgan’s anniversary gift to her.

Jeffster tried to help Morgan in this matter, but to no a vail. When Chuck caught wind of this. He told Morgan to stop testing Anna because he may miss out on the catch of a life time. Lester’s line afterwards was funny.

Lester: She will sell your organs to the highest bidder.

Charah moment and revelation

At the top of this post, we talked about Sarah and Chuck moving in together for 24 hour protective duty. While Chuck was on board in the beginning of the episode, after finding out about Orion and realizing how deep his feelings were for Sarah.

He would tell her this, and it also has the song of he episode for me. Signs by Bloc Party.

Signs Lyric

I could sleep forever these days because in my dreams I see you again

But this time fleshed out fuller face in your confirmation dress
It was so like you to visit me to let me know you were OK
It was so like you to visit me, always worrying about someone else

In the scene we also learn about what truly is behind the Tron Poster.

The Tron Poster

Lethal Weapon is a great set up for the best arc of the series. Orion will impact both Chuck personally and professionally, and help build confidence in Chuck when it comes to the spy world.

We also will see the transformation of Sarah becoming more of a girlfriend and just a handler hiding her feelings. Sarah the Girlfriend will become more prevalent in her actions.

Morgan also began his transformation from being a slacker to being responsible and it will show throughout the rest of season two and pretty much the rest of the series. Both Morgan and Chuck enter this arc on the verge of manhood.

Next Episode is Chuck vs The Predator. Chuck meets Orion





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