Rewatch Week Eight: Season One Episode Eight

Chuck Vs The Truth

Believe it or not, we have reached week eight of Chuckaholics Rewatch. Episode eight is Chuck vs The Truth, and the truth is this episode is my second favorite episode of the series.

A lot will happen in this episode, and as I mentioned in Chuck vs The Alma Mater, we are on a roadmap through the first arc of the series. Last episode was the start of Chuck learning the truth about Stanford, and moving on from his past.

The truth really is about Sarah Walker, in The Truth About The Ex Nemesis  We talked about how Sarah needed a spark to bring out her true feelings towards Chuck, and while she may have a grip on him professionally, Chuck has come to the crossroads with faking it.

Something Walker had no idea Chuck would even consider. It all came about when Lou comes to the Buymore. Everything is quite similar to the pilot, and this week’s rewatch won’t be about the Buymore or the baddie of the episode. This episode is about Sarah Walker.

We begin the episode with Chuck and Sarah in a broom closest. In full agent mode, Sarah is prepping Chuck on their double date with awesome, and what we have is a confident woman. She knew that Chuck was nervous, a perfect opportunity to handle this latest mission for Sarah.

Chuck’s fake life was clashing with his real life, and the only one that could keep him calm was Sarah.  At least in the closet, she appeared in control.

Handler handling the asset

There is a different in approach when it comes to Sarah the girlfriend and Sarah the agent. Sarah is stern and mission focused, when she wants to focus on a mission until Chuck pointed out a sweater he liked.

He noticed her sweaters

Sarah: What was I wearing?

Chuck: Blue top, little buttons.

Sarah:Oh, you like that one?

When Sarah responded with eagerness, we see Sarah pleased with Chuck noticing the clothing she was wearing.  At this point in the story, any signs of feelings were small, and  innocent.

However, the pleasantries only lasted for so long as Skeeter came knocking at the door, and reality struck for Chuck. Sarah jumped back into agent mode.

Agent Walker I presume

Its hard for Chuck to understand the difference between handler and girlfriend because Sarah behaves as both, and when Chuck acted on those advances.  She would quickly remind him it was all for cover. Let’s begin this rewatch with the word cover and examine the truth behind a cover turning real.

The Truth of The Cover
Lou vs Sarah: Real vs Fake Feelings

As I mention in several articles, There are two sides of Sarah Walker. There is the agent side, which is all about protocol and orders, and then there’s the side that wants to be with Chuck. I like to call that side Sarah the Girlfriend.

for the first seven episodes of season one, Chuck was eating out of her hand. She walked into the Buymore in the pilot and she  had her hooks in him. No threat of anyone interested in Chuck. This would all changed when Lou step foot into the Buymore.

Lou wasn’t a threat to Sarah professionally, but what Lou provided was a threat to Sarah personally, and how Lou met Chuck was very similar to the pilot.

Now he does notice

Sarah's phone Sarah becoming attracted to Chuck

The problem here was Sarah had a reason in meeting Chuck, but Lou was really having phone issues. It wasn’t a ploy into getting close to Chuck.

Another girl with phone issues

The smiles and flirting between the two were real and Chuck was very receptive of it unlike in the pilot when he was nervous wreck.

Chuck helping Lou with her phone Chuck's Charms starting to Swoon another woman

The unintentional charms Chuck possesses was affecting Lou, much like they did for Sarah in the Pilot, but again Sarah wasn’t int the Buymore as a customer. She was working a mission.

There was also no little ballerina to break the ice like there was for Sarah and Chuck.

Sarah watching Chuck help the Ballerina SArah watching how Chuck was willing to help the ballerinaexcuse meIt started the heart to crumbleThe truth was Chuck wasn’t the same from the Pilot either. Chuck was still sputtering in  his past, and confidences was nonexistence. Thus, the reluctance in calling Sarah.

In The Truth,  Chuck has been with Sarah for a  while now, but nothing was real. Sarah gave him a gift that would turnout to be well fake. The kisses they shared were to protect the cover or to sell it. Thus, Chuck was becoming worn down with the concept of faking it.

At the end of the interaction between Chuck and Lou, Lou has a genuine smile. Chuck didn’t need a ballerina for Lou to warm up to him. It also showed the difference in women. Sarah doesn’t understand normal day to day human interactions at this point.

Chuck taking a liking to Lou

However, when it came to the two ladies meeting, things begin to change a bit. As I mentioned, Sarah never needed to worry about anything getting in the way of her and Chuck. Whatever Chuck and Sarah’s relationship was at that point.

When Lou returned to the store for her phone she brought a gift of her own. A sandwich named after Bartowski. All of these actions made by Lou was genuine. The kind of thing normal women would do for a man they were interested in.

Sarah did make amends with her gift, but it wasn’t until Chuck said something about it. So, enter Sarah.

Sarah sensed something was going on but nothing really to fear, but she couldn’t help size up the competition. While on the surface the smile seems legit. It’s the eyes that tell you something else.

Sarah looking at her competition Chuck realized he is in a pickle

There were two things that caught Sarah’s interest in this matter. The first would be Chuck’s hesitant to introduce Sarah as his girlfriend. The second I have mentioned before, but it is worth discussing now.

The gift Lou brought to the Buymore was nothing like Sarah’s first gift. It was not purposely placed in the Buymore, Sarah’s photo was designed to be placed in Chuck’s room. If there was a bug in the sandwich, Chuck should notify the EPA.

something Chuck wasn't expectingLou's real giftThe sandwich symbolizes something a lot more significant than just a gift. Its real, there is real feelings behind Lou’s intentions. The hug is not used to sell the idea they are together.  Everything seems like its lining up nicely for the two. This of course until Sarah arrives.

Everything Sarah did in this scene has motive. She is protecting Chuck’s cover, but there also is a spark at the end of the scene that Sarah needed to realize her feelings were not just a cover, but it was not enough for Sarah to take action as Lou did. The disconnect of two women. One wants something real, and the other wanted to pretend they were in a relationship.

Sarah crashing the party

When Chuck struggles introducing Sarah as his girlfriend, Sarah doesn’t mind saying she was his girlfriend. Normally, I believe an agent wouldn’t mind her asset wanting to date someone else. There could of been a cover break up that would give Chuck freedom to date other women, but Sarah is more than just an agent. She has invested personal time into this.

Sarah was shown the kind of life Chuck lived was something she wanted to be apart of, but here is her reaction to Chuck not saying she was his girlfriend.

problem for Sarah with Lou present
When a cover does not have set rules often creates tension.
Sarah not understanding why Chuck is not saying Girlfriend
When the cover didn’t have set rules, it creates tension for both parties.

Chuck has caught the signs Lou was given him Chuck not liking Sarah appearing

One can understand Chuck’s hesitant response because he doesn’t know how to respond.  He knows the relationship was a cover.  Chuck was reminded many times the relationship was not real, but what Lou offered Chuck was something Sarah couldn’t. However, Sarah does not understand why  Chuck was having a hard time saying she was his girlfriend. The reason was easy Walker, you weren’t his girlfriend.

This would mark the first crack in Sarah’s real feelings armor, the second would be a few seconds later. After Sarah said she was Chuck’s girlfriend, a visibly frustrated Chuck looking down at the sandwich, This for me is the second biggest scene of the episode.

It made me think  back to  Chuck vs The Sandworm, when Sarah gave him the fake photo. Everything about Lou was real and in Chuck’s mind everything about Sarah was fake.  What expression am I talking about? This one.

Sarah sees the giftWhat is going on here

When Sarah saw the sandwich, she wasn’t about fake smiles anymore. She has concern and realization that Lou was making moves on Chuck, but lucky for Sarah, the job required their attention.

What also happened was Sarah realizing she didn’t want to share Chuck with another woman. It part of the reason for the Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker Series 

Fast forward to the scene when Sarah and Chuck are talking about the sleepover mission, and Sarah’s inner girlfriend will start to burst through the egg sort to speak. After discussing the particulars, Chuck was not really interested in talking any further beyond the call of duty.

Chuck not really interested in listening
The word cover kept coming out of Sarah’s mouth in some form

Sarah only wanted to get intimate for coverSarah going over the sleep over mission

Sarah: I just wanted to make sure we’re all set for tonight’s mission.
Chuck: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, it’s, you know, it’s been a while since I’ve slept with someone- no-no-not, not slept With someone, but slept with s it’s actually been a while since I’ve done either one, so

Sarah: Chuck, listen, I know this is kind of uncomfortable.
I’m fine. It’s fine.
Sarah:  It’s just that we have to do it

Chuck:- Got it.  Sarah: mean not, not do it.
Chuck: I got it. Sarah: so we don’t blow  Chuck: I got it.
Sarah: Our cover.
Chuck:  I got it. I got it. Okay.

When Chuck came over to the wienerlicious to discuss the mission at hand. Chuck was annoyed with Sarah about the whole we have to do it to protect the cover. Chuck’s was getting tired of hearing the word cover.

However, Sarah doesn’t notice the burden it was become for Chuck. Lou gave him a chance at a normal relationship, but Sarah blew it for him. furthermore, the good guy in Chuck saw Lou in the parking lot, and went to apologize to her for the mishap with Sarah.

Lou still angered by the situation was distraught by her misread. The dialogue was something that should of happened in the pilot between Sarah and Chuck, but it didn’t.

Read the lines as if Chuck was Lou and Sarah was Chuck.

Lou: You don’t have to be single to fix a broken phone, right? Maybe our signals just got crossed.

Chuck: No, no, not at all. That’s That’s kind of what I’m trying to say is that they They weren’t crossed. You know, Sarah and I, me and Sarah, that whole thing, it’s really very It’s complicated?

Lou, Well, is she your girlfriend or not? Well, yeah, sort of, kind of hard to explain.

Chuck: I really, really, very badly wish that I could explain.

What I am talking about is  how Chuck fixed Sarah’s phone in the pilot, and was instantly attracted to Sarah, but lived on planet Earth. Sarah should’ve explained to Chuck about the rules of a cover relationship rather then the way she was going .

Chuck signals got crossed when this woman from out of no where pretended to be his girlfriend, but between the innocent flirting and hand holding how could Chuck’s signals not get crossed.

Unfortunately for Chuck, Sarah was watching the whole time,   Sarah’s concerns were heightened, but Agent Walker is not the one struggling with what is going on between Lou and Chuck.  If the sandwich was a minor issue than Chuck running across the parking lot was something  that totally caught Sarah off guard.

Chuck apologize to LouSarah watching Chuck run after LouChuck holding the door for LouWhen a cover is no longer fake

Sarah not liking what is going with Chuck like another woman
The issue for Sarah was she never expected Chuck to want to ventured off. She also is not happy with it.

Once again, an agent shouldn’t be worried that her asset is taking an interest in another woman. After all she kept saying it was all for cover.  They could of come up with some sort of reason they weren’t together anymore.  The realization widens.

Chuck’s actions caused Sarah to think like a normal woman. She just watched her cover boyfriend apologize for Sarah’s actions in the Buymore. He ran for another woman in the parking lot, and the sandwich gift. It was all starting to add up.

It was time for Sarah to take action, and as Gary has always talked about. Sarah has an impulsive streak, and the birth of that streak took place in the decision to put on lingerie.  She did it to showcase the goods she had, but Chuck didn’t buy into it.

The reason was quite simple really, again Sarah went on a cover tantrum. Chuck lite some candles and played music.

to spice up the mood, and while he was playing along with the cover Sarah was still fresh off of what she saw in the parking lot. A normal reaction from a normal woman, but Agent Walker was used as a decoy in Sarah the girlfriend’s displeasure in watching Chuck mingle with Lou.

Chuck putting on musicChuck making the cover look romantic There was nothing wrong with how Chuck set up the room. In fact, he was playing the role perfectly. The candles and music is used in love making situations, but even though Sarah loved it, but as mentioned above. Chuck and Lou in the parking lot was still on the mind.

So, how does Sarah respond to the candles and music. Well, lets watch the scene.

Let’s take a look at the words Sarah used.

We are spending the evening together for cover

Sarah: Wow, chuck.
What do you think is going to happen here tonight?

Chuck: Why? What do you, what do you think I think?

Sarah: Well, I don’t know, the, the candles and the music.
I mean, you do know we’re just {spending the night together for cover,} right?

Sarah used the word cover again, but hypocrite Sarah surfaced with the choice of clothes for this mission.

Chuck bothered by the latest cover reminderSarah strutting her StuffChuck pointed out the hypocracy  Chuck didn’t fall for the hypocrisy, and pointed it out to Sarah, which will lead to a argument between the two. Chuck will then proceed to ask her what are the rules of there thing.

Despte her personal feelings, Sarah does care for Chuck

Sarah: Are you okay? Is there anything you want to talk about?

Chuck: What exactly are the rules with our Like you know, our, our thing?

Sarah: What do you mean?

Chuck: What do I What do I mean? I mean hypothetically speaking, are we allowed to see other people?

Sarah: Well, uh Our cover is boyfriend/girlfriend, so tactically, that would be challenging. Plus any prospective date would have to endure a rigorous vetting process to determine her motivation.
Chuck Wouldn’t her motivation be love? Sarah Ideally, but you’re a very important piece of intelligence, and you have to be handled with extreme care.

Chuck: Well, that sounds very nice.

Sarah knows where this is heading, but she wants to hear it from himWhat are the rules of our thingSarah explaining the things that will happenWOuldn't her motivatio n be loveIdeally, but you need to be handled with extreme care

The woman speaking is not Agent Walker, there is a different tone. This was normal Sarah using the persona as a cover. she was trying to convince Chuck to stay with her.  Remember the joy of working with Chuck was the  chance at being with him professionally and personally.

The more time she spent with him. The more Sarah wanted to get to know him personally. Lou was taking the personal aspect from Sarah, and while she just cant come out and say she wants to be with him because not only if the agency caught wind of it, but as you saw in the scene Casey was listening in. Sarah really wasn’t able to speak her true feelings on it.

Again, they are engaging in a real life situation, and the job interupted them again. This time Ellie was poisoned. Chuck’s relationship issues had to take a back seat, and we get a very different Chuck in the scene.

When it comes to friends and family, there is nothing more important to Chuck, and Paul from the Intersect Project Podcast said something once that truly makes sense in this scene. While Casey and Sarah handled him in the spy world. Chuck was the spies handler in real life.

Ellie dying was not an option for Chuck, and came up with a plan to lure the baddie to the hospital, but its not Casey and Chuck that is the focus of this week’s rewatch.

This is what I am focused on,

Sarah looks different

This is not the smiling Sarah we come to enjoy on missions. This is a woman that’s listening to a man caring for someone else. Spies are taught to accomplish a mission everything else is collateral damage, but not to Chuck. Bartowski was taking a heroic stance here.

Chuck is stern and  angryChuck giving Casey and Sarah a real life lessonSarah taking in what Chuck is sayingThis is not the same Chuck I am use too

The final screen cap of this scene I want to show before I get into my thoughts on this subject would be this one.

Sarah witnessing the sacrific Chuck was willing to do for family

What I love about this set of screen caps is the education Sarah and Casey are going through. In fact, my next scene comparison will be about this scene and the one in a future episode that I won’t spoil here.

We also get a Chuck monologue that was very telling on how the character was not liking his second life. He wants to return to the like he had before the Intersect. No spies, no covers, no lies and the chance at a real relationship. Everything that was never going to happen with Sarah in his mind.

Fast forward to the Truth,

Sarah fighting the serum

The truth was Chuck had the right to ask the question. It was put up or shut up time, and Chuck took a stance. “Is this going anywhere, Sarah”

What is important to notice is the struggle Sarah was displaying in answer the question, and what we would learn later is she was trained to withstand the serum, but despite the training. She still had a hard time saying No, Nonetheless, Chuck believed he heard the truth.

Which comes to the song of the episode, Fresh Feeling from The Eels was my favorite song of the episode.

and it was a perfect fit for the break up scene.

There are Three screencaps worth looking at in the break up scene.

Sarah thinking he might kiss herSarah fighting her tearsSarah hurting from what just happened



One of the things I marvel in the talents of Yvonne are scenes like this, the ability to let Sarah Walker take over her body and emotions was her gift, There isn’t enough training in this world that can get an actress to display such emotion.

It also marked for me the scene that showed Sarah’s true feelings about Chuck. and like Carina said in Wookie, Sarah didn’t know it then, but Walker knows now.

Sarah’s breaking down while Chuck was breaking up with her was the season’s best display of transition. Sarah has learned the truth about the cover. There is no cover.

Let’s do the math once again,

Lou and Sarah both enter the Buymore needing phones fix.  Lou was real, and Sarah’s phone was designed for to introduce herself to Chuck.

Sarah’s first gift was a fake photo with bug inside of it. Lou gave a real gift. Sarah acknowledges Lou’s moves on Chuck.

Chuck then questions the cover life and wanted to know the rules of the cover. Sarah confirms the moves are working, and uses Agent Walker as a persona to keep Chuck inline.

Now Chuck broke it off, and where does Sarah find Chuck, He is having coffee with the sandwich maker.

It hurts her more then any bullet can do When a cover becomes real

Lou is all smiles IT didn't take long for Chuck to move on

For Chuck,  he did the right thing for himself, Sarah couldn’t give him what he wanted. Unlike Lou, Sarah had Casey and the agency to worry about, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt Sarah seeing him in the deli with another woman. It does and it will be showcased in the next episode.

Devon and Ellie vs Chuck and Sarah

The other thing about the episode of the Truth would be education. Chuck and Sarah learned about what a real relationship looks like. First, on the double date with the future mr. and Mrs. Woodcomb. Sarah learned what it took to be a real couple.  It also happened for Chuck near the ending of the episode When Chuck watched Ellie and Devon romancing each other.

Agent Walker getting an education on romance Woodcombs cuddlingEllie and Devon TurtorialChuck watching devin and ellie

These two events were the driving force behind Chuck making his decision to break up the cover relationship, and for Sarah its what a real relationship looked like. Something she wanted to someday  purse with Chuck.

Goodbye Mr. Lee

The truth also mark the end of Harry Tang.  CS Lee went off  to Miami Beach and work as Forensic Scientist Vincent Masuka on the show Dexter. Here is the best of Vincent Masuka. After watching this video, Harry Tang should be considered his alter ego.

As for the main story, I can provide a link to Chuckaholic’s write up for those that want my take on the entire episode.  This article’s focus was comparing Lou and Sarah’s way of stepping into Chuck’s life.

Chuck vs The Truth

Please also take the time to read part two of Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker. 

Next week’s rewatch will be my second favorite episode of Season One. Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami. Jealousy will be the focus of the next episode.

Until next week. Enjoy Chuck vs The Truth.






  1. Chuck vs the Truth
    I have to agree with everything you have said Christopher. You have covered it well, as usual. Yes! It is Sarahs episode. But it is also the episode where Sarah has finally come to the conclusion that here feelings for Chuck are more than just like, good friends. She is realizing that she is falling in love with Chuck!!!! Therefore Sarah, not only wants to protect their cover, but she also wants Chuck to be a part of her life as well. She has turned the corner!
    This episode has lots of great Chuck/Sarah moments that cement their relationship!

    “What was I wearing” Blue top, little buttons. Oh, you like that one. I like all of them. One of Chucks best I am falling in love with you lines!!!

    And “I’m sorry, I had to act fast”….and chuck staring off in to the ends of the universe as if, OMG I have found that most fabulous place in the whole world!

    Morgans line “Mind cheater” because he knows Chuck is falling for Sarah.

    Sarahs “thanks sweetie” at the Sushie Bar, because she meant it (the sweetie part).

    Sarah, “I am a little worried about our spy cover. I think it is time for us to make love.” Chuck chokes on his coffee, because he is still caught up in the cover/real life conflict. Funny scene!

    Watching Sarah watch Chuck and Lou outside the BuyMore. You can tell she is thinking ‘I don’t like the way this is looking. Chuck is mine’.

    Sarah’s bed room attire, and “I’m just being professional”…. Professional yes, but I have to do something to get your interest to stay where I want it, and not on Lou.

    Sarah shows her true feelings when she answers Chuck “A little” when he is comparing them to Awesome and Ellie while they are arguing. The look on her face was not of ‘we are not doing our cover properly but one that says I really don’t want to be like this with you’.

    “God your so pretty” with Sarah giving that ‘he noticed again’ smile.
    “I’m sorry Chuck….No” (Is this thing going anywhere)…Biggest and hardest lie that Sarah has ever had to make. You can see it in here eyes!

    And finally the ending where Sarah thought Chuck was going to kiss her, and he said I am breaking up with you, fake break up… But it was not fake to Sarah. And again those eyes do not lie. There is so much emotional pain in that look. You see Sarahs first (I think) really fake smile. It was actually an upside down look of hurt! And while she watches Chuck and Lou in the restaurant, she is saying “That should be me”! Best episode so far!

    My continuing order!

    The Truth, The Intersect Project (Pilot), The Alma Mater, The Sizzling Shrimp, The Tango, The Helicopter, The Sandworm and The Wookie!

    • Mike,

      The best part of the episode for me is the ending. For me its the birth of Sarah the girlfriend. The second part that I feel really taught Sarah well was watching Ellie and Devon interact with each other on the double date. She wanted that with Chuck but knew she couldn’t. Overall, this is my second favorite episode of the series there is an episode in Season 4 that takes the cake, but The Truth is like 1A

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