Chuck Vs The Predator

We are Chugging along in Season two and are coming up to the final episodes of the season, and by far the best episodes of series.

Last episode, Chuck learned the name of the man, who created the Intersect. The man goes by the name of Orion, and the first episode that introduces the character was Chuck vs The Predator.

Predator is a top 10 episode for me. and it ranks 6 for me overall because it showcased the comedy this show can deliver in a action packed scene.  Jeffster, Emmett, Team Bartowski, and Fulcrum agent Vincent would be apart of a classic scene set up nicely by Orion.

When we last saw Chuck, we saw him write the name Orion on the back of the Tron Movie Poster. What we didn’t know was Bartowski was keeping track of all the coming and goings related to the Intersect. No name will mean more then Orion.

The Tron Poster

The episode begins with Team Bartowski walking into the courtyard of the apartment complex. They were dressed in plumbing gear, and Bartowski complained about doing actual plumbing on missions. Sarah second that notion leaving Casey no choice but to call the two of them nancies.

Plumbing on the job

The reason I  mention the opening scene of the episode, I loved Sarah in this scene. First,  Sarah waits for Casey to leave before talking with Chuck.

Sarah waiting for Casey to walk into apartment

Sarah has changed since being strictly an agent. She has feeling in her voice, and the look of listening as a girlfriend should, and she truly understands the importance of Chuck finding Orion because she has a stake in it too, but she is a company girl, and reminded Chuck that the company was searching for Orion.

It went as far as Chuck asking her if she wanted the intersect out of his head and she said “yes, we all do.” I have often listened to that line and then it dawned on me as Chuck was leaving, Sarah’s expression following Chuck asking the question was significant.

Has Sarah started to turn the corner on losing Chuck

I have often talked with Gary about Sarah never wanting Chuck to be a spy. She  had her thrill in dating spies, and as you saw with Bryce. It didn’t end well for Sarah. Thus, Chuck offered her a chance at living in Chuck’s version of a  normal life. A life she has become accustom too, but reality struck and the fact was once the Intersect left Chuck’s head. It would mean Sarah would have to leave.

No matter how she felt, she would be assigned a new mission. Its a telling sign that  maybe she didn’t want Chuck to lose the intersect for personal reasons. it’s selfish, but its not the Intersect she was worried about it. It was losing the chance at being with the man.

For this episode’s discussion, the question I have for you is,  If you were Sarah what position would you take? I am not asking for your own personal feelings on the issue, I am asking put yourself in Sarah’s shoes. How does one deal with such circumstances without folding?

Back to the episode, Chuck went to his apartment, and he was conducting an automatic web search, and while analysing the poster his webcam started to move. It was being controlled by someone.

Chuck studying the Tron poster Chuck searching for Orion WebcamOrion watching Chuck

The man watching Chuck was Orion. He was watching him from his computer until he heard agents running up the stairs.  He quickly looked at his wrist computer, and knew they were close. He left. When the door opened to the room. This episode’s baddie, who was played by Arnold Vosloo.

Arnold Vosloo’s character name was Vincent Smith, and I really like this baddie. He will appear in the rest of the season. As one of Fulcrum key agents.  I really like Arnold Vosloo because of his role in  Day 4 of 24. He was evil in 24 and was pretty hard for Jack Bauer to take down. He also was the mummy in Braden Frasier’s version of the Mummy.

Orion checking his arm computer


When Vincent entered the room, Orion wrote a message on the computer, which I might add was one of Orion’s best skills.

Hard Day for Fulcrum

After warning Fulcrum, Orion would take control of a predator and destroy the building.  This is how you introduce the creator of the intersect.  One step ahead, anticipate moves before the bad guy thinks of the moves.

Next order of business for Orion, contact Chuck, which he will.

Vincent watching the drone approaching

At the Buymore, Chuck arrived at the store, and found toilet paper thrown throughout the building. over the light fixtures. It look like something bad kids would do on Halloween.

While Chuck was sitting at his computer something awesome happened.

Chuck wondering what went wrong with his computerOrion contacts Chuck

Orion made his contact with Chuck, and he already knew Chuck’s secret. He was the Intersect, and he wanted to meet with Chuck. Bartowski wasn’t buying into it. He thought it was a gag, but when this came on the screen the nerd hero would change his tone.

Chuck was not buying into the  cleveriness

On the computer screen, “Because I am Orion.” He would further alert Chuck that he was sending him a computer at the location Chuck was at, but before they can iron out the details. Sarah showed up.

When Sarah saw Chuck’s reaction and ghost in the face expression. He was forced to tell his team about his secret mission. I will discuss Sarah in a minute. All this action before the credits, and we have already learned something about Orion.

He may be a genius scientist, who developed the original plans of the Intersect, but he wasn’t just a scientist like Busgang, Orion was a spy too, which as Beckman would say a very dangerous individual.

After the credits, Chuck let Beckman know if his search for Orion, and that he found him. Let’s think about this for a moment, and Beckman’s reaction in Chuck’s abilities.

Chuck’s team was annoyed. Casey basically was chastising him for conducting his own operation. Sarah was hurt When Chuck didn’t include her in his search {more on that in a minute}

However, you didn’t get that from Beckman. Her initial expression was an impressed look. Beckman has legions of analysis working on finding Orion for decades, and one man from the nerd herd was able to find Orion.

Beckman had to play it like a general would and demanded that the computer be locked away.  Beckman filled the team on how great Orion was. The fact that Orion can build next gen computers hack into unbreakable satellite security systems.

More on Beckman later,

Back to Sarah,  When Sarah and Chuck went to the nerd herd desk to see if the computer was delivered already, Sarah the girlfriend was present.

What i noticed was this expression after asking why didn’t you tell me.

She wants to know why Chuck didn't include her in his quest to find Orion Sarah hurt because Chuck didn't tell her

What I loved about the scene was the difference in Sarah when she was in girlfriend mode.  Chuck didn’t miss the clue this time. He can see that it bothered her, but reminded her on his feelings about the agency not letting him. She also reminded him, he should have trusted her.

What Chuck and Sarah didn’t know was the computer had made its way to the Buymore. Lester portrayed himself as Chuck and took possession of the computer.  They took the computer to Jeff’s office, which was stall 2 in the men’s bathroom. Morgan was apart of the trio of misfits.

Jeff's office

While they look over the computer, they open up the computer, When they do the computer asked to Identify yourself.  Jeff and Lester were ready to close it up, but Morgan said just type in can’t identify.

When they do, the computer responded with ARE YOU IN DANGER.

Morgan typed in YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT, and the computer launched an attack mode screen. asking for a target address. Morgan suggested the Buymore.  When he did that, Casey let Chuck know that the same signal Orion used in Hong Kong was picked up just now, and a predator was headed in their direction.

As the predator was flying over Los Angeles,  and when Team Bartowski ran up the the stairs to pull the fire alarm. Morgan suggested why are they targeting their own store, and switched the address to the Beverly Hills Buymore.  When Chuck saw the predator changed targets.  Chuck knew instantly Morgan was behind this.

Casey and Sarah couldn’t find Morgan, Jeff or Lester and figured they had the computer.  Chuck sent them to go search by the docs, and Chuck went to search elsewhere. Chuck went storming into the men bathroom and right into Jeff’s office.

PredatorY are we targeting our store

Chuck knew when the predator changed course, who had the comp

Chuck taking control Chuck went to get the comp

When Chuck was able to possess the computer, Casey and Sarah made their way into the men room, when Chuck made said something funny

Chuck: Sarah, you’re in the little boy’s room.

A funny Team B moment

When everyone steps out of the bathroom, Big Mike catches them with the computer. He asked is that the Roark 7. Big Mike nearly had a conniption.  Mike would order Emmett to stand guard tonight because he felt the Beverly Hill’s crew would make an attempt.  Outside Mike’s office, Team Bartowski were agreeing on the mission of the night, rob the Buymore.

What happen in the Buymore is too good for words, and it is arguably the best scene in the overall story. A triple robbery for  Orion’s computer.

Why a triple robbery, you ask? Vincent survived the Hong Kong incident, and asked Fulcrum if he can pursue a lead on the whereabouts of Orion. He said, he found the signal , he traced it back to an electronics store.

The leaders of Fulcrum asked if it was a Buymore, and when Vincent said yes, they told him they would not sanction such operation, but Vincent made it clear he wouldn’t be able to walk away from this.

So here is your triple robbery, Team Bartowski v Jeffster V Vincent

Great Comedy blended in with action. Something that has become a signature of the series. From Chuck prohibiting his spies from carrying,, to Jeff throwing his voice and finally it would be unprofessional not too from Vincent. It was a nice blend of each set of character’s form of comedy.

Vincent 2

What was also funny for me was when Jeff thought he was behind Lester, which really was Sarah. He said he thought he wet himself. I laugh even before he said it, follow by Emmett spraying mace in Jeffsters eyes. All great stuff.

Eventually they capture the computer and Vincent. While Team Bartowski were talking about how Fulcrum learned the computer. Chuck was ready to get some answers, but before he could open the laptop. Beckman appeared on screen, and said don’t touch the computer.

TB with Orion Computer

Beckman threatening Chuck  about being bunkered

Beckman:Don’t touch that computer. Chuck: Why?  Beckman: You weren’t contacted by Orion.

Chuck: Uh, what? Wait, wait. He knew that I was the Intersect.
Who else could possibly know that?

Beckman:  FULCRUM. My analysts believe you walked into a FULCRUM trap.
Chuck: Are you certain? I didn’t think   Beckman: No, you didn’t think. None of you did. And you put this entire operation in jeopardy.

Chuck: But, General, if it’s Orion, this laptop is the only way for us to contact him. Beckman: Major. Chuck: If I could just

Beckman: We can’t take that risk. My NSA technicians will inspect the computer. Chuck:  Sarah, please. Sarah:  I’m-I’m sorry, Chuck. Orders.

Chuck: General, we don’t have time to send this computer off to Washington and wait. If this really is Orion, he may not contact us again.

Both casey and Sarah show concern for Chuck Sarah has concerns on her face

There was one thing that bothered me about this scene, and it is Chuck.  He doesn’t understand the chain of command. The mere fact that he pleaded for Sarah to help when Beckman ordered him not to look at the computer. He put Sarah in an awkward position.

It drew the fiery of Beckman, and it makes Sarah look like she was in acting like Agent Sarah,but in reality. If Sarah did side with Chuck, she could be arrested for treason or terminated right their on the spot.

Chuck put Sarah’s livelihood in jeopardy. Sarah wanted to help Chuck, and the way she said no was showing the struggles Sarah was having with having to choose sizes, but if anyone would tell you, cross the boss bad things happen.

Chuck was waiting for Beckman and the rest of the team to arrive, and when Sarah approached him. He apologized for not telling her about his search for Orion.

Sarah handling Chuck Sarah informed Chuck about the general not wanting to see him, and please wait in your room, which he does. When Beckman arrived we get the truth about Beckman’s trip to Burbank.

I mentioned  at the top about what I saw from Beckman in this episode. I saw a general, who saw the potential in Chuck for the first time, and albeit aided finding of Orion, Chuck proved himself to be a weapon Beckman needed, and much like Sarah was never going to let Chuck date another woman.

Beckman was never going to let Chuck walk away. Especially showcasing his talents by finding Orion. This was what made the Orion arc so special. The presence of this character impacted everyone in the story.

Is the asset secure
When Beckman arrived, she is an angry general like she was on screen. Her tone was calm.

The next few scene I will diverge a little bit because its a transition scene for Sarah Walker. A big one at that.

While Beckman, Sarah and Casey were headed into Casey’s apartment. Chuck fell asleep, when suddenly the computer had the words CHUCK WAKE UP….but Chuck didn’t see it.

Orion then called him on his cellphone, which woke up Chuck. Back to Casey’s apartment.

Beckman explained to the team about the fact she had to lie to Chuck because she said the truth about Orion and how dangerous he was.

Orion attempting to contact Chuck Chuck  about to get an important phone call Chuck talking with Orion

Chuck: Hello, this is Chuck speaking. Orion: Hello, Chuck. Where’s my computer?

Chuck: Orion Orion? Um uh, unfortunately, your computer is currently locked up in a top secret government facility.
Orion: You have to get it. Chuck: I can’t. My handlers think that you’re FULCRUM, and to be perfectly honest, I’m on the fence myself. Orion: I’m not FULCRUM.
Chuck: Thanks. Thanks, I’m glad we cleared that up, but how can I be certain?

Orion: Look at your computer.

Orion put it in the Intersect

Chuck: How did you know that was in the Intersect? Orion:  I put it there. A long time ago.

Chuck: You really are Orion.

Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah are having a different conversation about Orion.

Beckman purposely lied to ChuckSarah not liking what she is hearingBeckman getting testyAs I mentioned, this scene is a transition stage for Sarah Walker. Beckman told them that she purposely lied to Chuck because he did what no one was able to do. He found Orion. Beckman saw Chuck now as a commodity, and needed the Intersect to stay in Chuck’s head.

Sarah Walker took issue with the general purposely lying to Chuck. While we know Sarah has often lied to Chuck, but Sarah’s feelings were surfacing in front of Beckman.  She told the general Orion was important to this project and to Chuck, and before Sarah could continue Beckman interrupted her.

Beckman: Important? Don’t think for a second that you can tell me what is important, Agent Walker. I’ve had an army of analysts and spies hunting for Orion since before you were in a training bra. After the first Cipher was completed, Orion purged his personal records and disappeared. We’ve been looking for him ever since. So has FULCRUM. Neither of us has been able to lay a hand on him. Until now. Until Bartowski.

This would be the first of several scenes in which Sarah questioned Beckman. Meanwhile, back in Chuck’s room Orion was telling Chuck not to trust his handlers, and furthermore told him to look at his computer.  When he sees and hears the conversation between Beckman and his team, Sarah asked about Chuck meeting Orion, but quickly the general insisted that Chuck never met Orion. “Chuck was absolutely vial to National Security”  Beckman orders Casey and Sarah to make sure Chuck doesn't meet Orion

Sarah’s hesitancy in responding to Beckman’s order showed me that this was not Agent Walker. This was Sarah the Girlfriend worried about her boyfriend and what the agency was preparing to do with Chuck.

Orion instructed Chuck to get his computer. He assisted in Chuck escaping the complex undetected. Chuck arrived at Castle, and the meet of the series took place. Chuck opened the laptop, and a green light appeared from the screen. It scanned Chuck’s face for a positive ID. Then a blue screen came up, and finally Orion’s face appeared, he muffled his voice so Chuck couldn’t recognize who he was.


It showed the measures Orion needed to go in order to protect himself from being discovered, and ask Chuck was preparing to ask him about taking the Intersect out. Orion knew the question before he had asked. “You want to get it out.”  While Chuck and Orion were talking about meet that night. Vincent woke up and crept behind Chuck.

Orion told Chuck to meet him in one hour at this address.

Meet place for Orion and Chuck

Back Casey’s apartment, Beckman was continuing her assault on Chuck. “I don’t care what Chuck thinks he wants.” It was enough for Sarah to stand up for Chuck.  It brought us back to Chuck vs The Marlin. However, When she stopped Chuck’s extraction Beckman didn’t know the lengths Sarah went.

Here in Predator, Sarah showcased her loyalties were no longer with the agency, but with Chuck. The biggest fears of Sarah came intuition.

Sarah realizing the CIA is not a place for Chuck Sarah can't stay company girl anymore

Transformation from strictly a agent to girlfriend has been complete. She stood up for Chuck. The only one in the room that would be the voice for Chuck, but realized where was Chuck?

Sarah: General.

Beckman: What is it, Walker?

Sarah: I need to say something.

Sarah: Chuck Bartowski has risked his life for this country.
But he’s not a spy, and he knows it.
Beckman: He’s a spy until I say he isn’t. {The first time Beckman referenced Chuck as a spy not asset.} A changing is a coming.

Sarah: General, Chuck knows that Orion is out there, and he is not going to just sit in his room and do what we say.

Vincent 3

When Sarah realized Chuck was missing, she shift the cameras to Castle, and saw Vincent take Chuck and the computer, but before Casey went in combat mode. Sarah trusting Chuck knew he would’ve  left them a clue, which he does.

While Chuck was awaiting Orion’s arrival, Vincent asked him how he was able to get Orion to come out of hiding. He told Chuck he was looking for him for over three years. What I liked about Vincent was his respect for Carmichael.  Another notch on Chuck’s belt courtesy of Orion.

Suddenly, the computer read Is it Safe, Chuck walked to the window. As he looked out the window. The agents that were down belong said they can see someone was approaching. When Orion turned the corner. Vincent made Chuck say it was safe.

As Orion moved closer to the building, the Fulcrum Agents swarmed him, Team Bartowski arrived on the scene and jumped out of the car armed. Sarah and Casey can see Chuck through the window.  Vincent would put a gun to Chuck’s head, and told him if he could he would give him a reward, but Chuck said it would be unprofessional not too. As Vincent moved Chuck from the window. Team Bartowski shot at the window. Vincent fled, and Chuck grabs the laptop and ran for the roof.

Chuck's Clue Sarah showing more and more emotions for Chuck in front of Beckman

 Chuck being question by Vincent Vincent has some respect for Carmichael Tell him its safe

Chuck being forced to lure Orion

Orion I presume normal_Chuck_217_1568

Chuck about tobe shot

Sarah Watching Chuck nearl get killed

As Chuck grabbed the Computer. he headed for the roof, but as he left the room, he ran in the waiting arms of Casey and Sarah. Chuck burst through the human wall and ran for the roof screaming this was his last chance.

When Chuck reached the roof, the helicopter already was in the air. Chuck turned on the computer, but Orion took control of the computer.

Orion used a predator on the helicopter much to the dismay of Chuck.

Chuck watched his last chance go up in flames

Back at Castle, Beckman was trying to explain the reasons Orion took himself out.  Why Orion knew if Fulcrum got their hands on him what it would mean. After hearing this Chuck couldn’t hold his tongue anymore.

Chuck: General, you don’t want the Intersect out of my head, do you? No, I don’t.
Sarah: Ma’am, Chuck has done everything that we’ve asked of him.
Beckman: Agent Walker, you want to protect him.
But playtime is over.

Beckman: Chuck, I hesitate to say this.

Chuck:  Please, please, hesitate.

Beckman:  We are in the midst of a secret war with FULCRUM. And I believe the outcome of this fight will rest squarely on your shoulders.

Casey: Oy.

Chuck:  No, listen to the man. He’s right. I’m no spy.

Remember When I said Beckman was impressed by Chuck enough to come to Burbank.  Enough to prevent him from meeting Orion. Enough to tell Chuck its time to become a spy.

Beckman: Do you know how many agents I’ve lost to FULCRUM? How powerful they are? Only this operation, only you have found a hole in their armor. See, I can’t lose you, Chuck. I need you. It’s time for you to become a spy.

Beckman explaining Orion's decision

normal_Chuck_217_1668 You Don't Want the Intersect Out of My Head Sarah not thrilled with this idea Beckman had

Beckman is the only one in the room that sees the potential Beckman being blunt on her need of Chuck

When Chuck returned to his apartment, he laid down and felt something under his pillow. It was a package left for him by Orion.

The packaged included a disc and several cards.  On the cards were the plans on how to build the intersect. Orion explained to Chuck the only way to get the intersect out. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS FIRST. IF YOU FIND FULCRUM’S INTERSECT AND

Sarah came through the window, and reassured  Chuck trusted them. Something that was usual because Sarah usually asked do you trust me.  Its because she knew Beckman and Casey was listening in i gather.

The end result of this episode was as follow.

Beckman founding out how good Chuck can be made her make a special trip to Burbank.

Sarah’s loyalty towards  the agency comes into question, which will be the theme of the next episode.  All episode Sarah has been on Chuck’s side, but with the general watching Sarah had to tread lightly, but when it was enough even for her she spoke up for Chuck.

and finally, Chuck is beginning to see he may have to get rid of the Intersect himself.

The song of the episode is Matt Pond PA’s Amazing Life.


Some of the Buymore story was included in the main story, but the story in this episode was the battle between the Beverly Hill store and our favorite Buymorons in Burbank.

When Emmett was punched in the face by Casey, the store believed it was the Beverly Hills store. It caused Big Mike, Morgan and crew to seek revenge.  It was a comical of sorts.

The good thing was Morgan in this episode. He was able to talk Mike out of doing anything crazy, which he did. A sign of Maturity for MR. Grimes

Overall Thoughts on Predator

What it comes down to it everything Sarah feared about the agency founding out about her feelings for Chuck came true in this episode.

Sarah questioned Beckman four times in the episode, which caused Beckman to dig into the relationship between Bartowski and Walker. The results would be what would happen in the next episode.

Before we know the true identity on who Orion was, We already can see he is a dangerous and well sort after man. Both sides are desperate to get their hands on him,

We also see that he is more than just a scientist. He works the field apparently if he has all these gadgets to work the field.

and finally,  Chuck has begun to mature.  This is an important arc for Chuck. He will gain confidence on his own and take matters in his own hands despite his feelings for Sarah. He wanted the Intersect out more.

We are staged for an amazing ending to season two. The next episode will be the debut of one of our family members Gary. He wrote Chuck vs The Broken Heart for you guys.  I hope you enjoy his work as much as mine.

My next episode article will be Chuck vs The Dream job until then.  Chuckaholics is your toy, so play.








  1. I agree Sarah is beginning to show more of an attachment to Chuck. The shenanigans at the buy more with the “Roark 7” is easily one of my favorite Buy More moments.

  2. Good synopsis Chris.
    As to your question, “what do you think Sarah wanted Chuck to do?” , I think this is where she was at a crossroads and didn’t really know how to solve this problem. She wanted to be with Chuck, and if it meant carrying on a “fake” relationship as long as possible, then so be it. Knowing that Chuck may get the Intersect out of his head meant not being with him….(which I always called into question, because Sarah was never going to leave the Agency to assume a “normal” life.) I believe that is why Sarah pushed for him to become something more. What that was is not clear to her, but she knows of Chuck’s talents. I think she recognizes he likes the adventure. But she is also worried about his lack of skills in defending himself and realizes that she will have her hands full protecting him…after all, Chuck can be pretty impulsive.
    It’s a little unfair to “speculate” on what you think Sarah wanted, because, given the gift of Netflix, we know Sarah wanted it all…she wanted to be a spy, she wanted Chuck to be a spy and not lose the “her Chuck” good guy that he always was. Yes, she was burned by Bryce, but she knew Chuck was different. Until he “changed” in Season 3, she would never have any fear of him becoming Bryce. But, just like Bryce, she didn’t think Chuck could be the type of spy she was. What’s weird is, there are many different types of field agents doing different types of field work. Why they pretend that all spies are exactly the same is just poor writing….(OOOOPPPSSS)
    Anyway, Chuck proved that there are many ways to get the job done. I think it really started showing in this episode. He really didn’t “freak out” when put in some pretty tough spots !

    • If nothing else even before Chuck knew who Orion really was. Orion already spark confidence in him. Blowing past Casey and Sarah in the hallway. Standing tall when question Beckman’s orders.

      I wanted your take on the whole Beckman realizing how good Chuck could be. Don’t you find it odd that out of no where Beckman was headed to Burbank.

      Its the first episode of this Arc and already Orion has impacted the story without the reveal of who it was.

      • Beckman heading to Burbank probably has more to do with Fulcrum..she needed to brief the team in person because she must have known that Fulcrum had infiltrated the CIA /NSA. Sure, it was to also deliver the news that Chuck has to keep the Intersect and that he is now a “spy”. (Weird…he is a spy, but he still has to go to spy school in S3? He hasn’t done a Red Test ???? LOL)
        Chuck is surely more confident as the series progresses, but this is where he really starts to take matters into his own hands. After all, this is his life the government is messing with an he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He still thinks, at this point, that the only way he gets Sarah is to remove the Intersect. Sarah knows otherwise … it will be the end if he gets it out, which is why I think she’s trying to reconcile the two different scenarios. She is keenly aware of what the government is doing to Chuck….and she doesn’t like it.

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