gallery A Letter to the Cast of Chuck

First, Chuckaholics want to start this letter by saying we are quite fond of your work and each of you have our full support in everything you do. People like Chuckaholics will be right by your side because we care about you, and wish for your success. The more you succeed the better chances we get to watch you work and enjoy your chosen craft.

Sarah, Yvonne, Mini, Zac, Ryan, Adam, Brandon, Vic and the rest of the cast that have worked on Chuck are and will always be cherished. We follow you because we love you.

You guys gave us 5 years of great television. The chemistry you guys displayed on camera showed us the kind of family we knew you were off camera, and we here at Chuckaholics want to build a working relationship with you. People are signing up with Netflix or Amazon just so we can see Chuck.

Chuckaholics goal is to deliver a connection between the people of Chuck and those that love you no matter what. Do you guys understand the significance it would be to create a family that your work started.

Its not just Chuck and Sarah, Buymorons or even people like Shaw, Its the whole cast with every negative review about your performances just keep in mind Chuckaholics is a home for you. We understand your business can be cutthroat.

Chuckaholics also would love to build friendship with all of you. We don’t consider you just as celebrities, but as friends. No matter how the connection was made. We  want to continue that relationship beyond the camera. The fact that we live through your work is great, but building friendships makes it that more special.

I personally would even go as far as introduce my family to you guys, which is what I have done already with Mini and Yvonne/ Its how much I respect and appreciation your work on Chuck.

So, please don’t consider Chuckaholics as another fan site. We are working hard to build a family here and we want the cast apart of it.  When you guys need a break from your lives remember to take part in our weekly discussions which are held on Fridays at 8:00 EST or comment on the various material we have here.

Consider Chuckaholics a gift from us to you.

Chuckaholics Founder










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