Don’t miss out on The Intersect Project Podcast

Those that haven’t heard yet,  our friend Paul has done an outstanding job with his podcast. The man knows what he is talking about it.

Chuckaholics wants to help gain more subscribers for The Intersect Project Podcast because we love what we listen to.

He has 9 podcast episode available for listening and they are all about Chuck.

Don’t miss his hit of the week in which Paul selects the hit that he seemed was the best of the episode. He started the hit of the week during week 3 of his rewatch through the series.

here is his tally so far

John Casey has 3 hits

Sarah Walker has 2 hits

Chuck has one hit

and Laszlo has one

He also has started a song of the episode, which is what we do here as well.

So, as I said go give the intersect project podcast a chance. Its free on Itunes or if you don’t have an IPod you can listen here.

If you look to the right of the screen there is a Intersect Project playlist, and he also has a page dedicated to the podcast.

Paul also has ask for those to leave feedback for him on twitter @Chuckrewatch33 or you can leave questions and comments on his page here The Intersect Project Podcast. I will make sure he gets the comments.

again, don’t miss out on Paul’s podcast they are really good source of information.

Here is his latest podcast.




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