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The other day Richard (Chuck Movie) from Twitter gave me an idea that I am going to introduce to you all. Starting tonight there will be a page dedicated to you the fan.

The title of the page will be called How I Became a Chuckaholic. What made you discover you have a Chuckaddiction that has made you feel bad about yourself if you didn’t watch an episode.

What I want to know is pretty anything you want to say. The page is dedicated to you. Tell me your favorite song, episode, how do you rank your seasons. whatever you feel feeds your addiction to all things Chuck.

How The Page Will Work

In the comment section, write about what makes you a Chuckaholic. I am interested in reading your comments, and I will comment.

I may even dedicate a Live Discussion to those that want take part in a discussion on one became a fan of Chuck.

So, Starting tonight, Please let me know how you became a Chuckaholics and if your a newbie or a Chuckster.





  1. Well, I watched the pilot on the night Chuck premiered. My wife had gotten me to watch The O.C. with her and I was already a Josh Schwartz fan, so I figured that I would give Chuck a try. And I was hooked. I watched every episode live (all 91); I never taped or DVR’d (except to re-watch) and made it a point to purchase all five seasons on DVD on the date of their release. So, I’ve been a fan since day one. I have been very vocal in my displeasure with the way things ended, especially with TPTB knowing that the final 13 would definitely be the end, with no chance of there being a last minute save, but my love for the show never diminished, although I still have a very hard time watching the final 2 episodes for more reasons than one. I still find it strange that JS would allow the show to end the show the way it did, gived that he went to great pains to provide a satisfying close to every primary character on The O.C (even Gossip Girl had some closure, although not nearly as satisfying). After nearly 60 years of watching tv, I never attached myself to a show the way I did Chuck. For me, it had everything; romance, action, comedy and a little SIFY all rolled into one enjoyable package. Like everyone, I would love to see a movie, but experience keeps me grounded, realizing that it might not happen. Chuck will always be my all time favorite, but the ending left an empty feeling in me because there wasn’t any closure, and it shaped the way I watch shows now. I don’t allow myself to get too involved, that way I don’t get disappointed.

  2. In the long run, it really doesn’t matter so much how or when you viewed them…’s the experience that counts. I didn’t watch an episode of Gilmore Girls until the show went off the air, now I count it among my favorites. The wonderful thing about today is the unlimited access to these great shows, and the opportunity to see them from start to finish. For the longest time only reruns were available, and if, like Chuck, the show wasn’t a commercial success, the chances of finding it were slim. At least now, we have a great chance of bringing new fans into the fold.

  3. I started watching chuck on Netflix one day was bored and I loved it from the pilot!! I like the concept of an intersect what it can do and things.i loved the characters how they are so in depth. I watched the show assesably and wouldn’t stop talking about it . I researched the actors found out what work they have done watched most of the movies/tv shows they guest stared in. Then I broke down and bought series on blu Ray I started chuckaholicsfan on Twitter so I could just have a place to talk about chuck I would love to follow all the chucksters and that is how my addiction started.

  4. I found the write up about this new show Chuck in the Fall Preview TV Guide and thought it would be a fun show plus it sounded original. Little did I know I would still be obsessed. It was a show my whole family enjoyed. I only got into social media at the end of the series so I did not get involved with the sandwich campaign, but I did send a letter to NBC. I was not familiar with the actors until Chuck and kinda became obsessed with finding other shows/movies they were in. I saw Zac in First Date in NYC where he totally photo bombed me in front of the theater even running across the street to be in my picture. What a great guy. Chuck fans are the best – I love when I am wearing my Chuck hat or shirt and someone will talk to me about Chuck. I bonded with a NASCAR driver over Chuck He even wears Nerd Herd lanyard. SO I FLY MY CHUCK FLAG PROUDLY. There will never be another show like Chuck!

    • Kathryn

      Welcome to the Chuckaholics family, we love to hear from new people. How did you like your visit? Do you come often.

      You feed your Chuckaddiction nicely and while I tend to believe most fans are like us. Chuck casts members are just as important to this site because without with them. Chuckaholics does not exist

  5. OMG so glad I found a place to feed my Chuck addiction. AND love that you have logged the music (one of the things that made Chuck so special) Thanks for doing all of this

    • happy to hear that, my goal is to make a home for Chuck fans, and I will never say I am in competition with the other established sites because it would go against what I believe in.

      However, if you like the stuff here on Chuckaholics you will love The Intersect Project Podcast. A great listen if you ask me

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