Rewatch Week Eleven: Season One Episode Eleven

Chuck vs The Crown Vic

Three more episodes and we have reached the end of season one, and the aftermath of Sarah decision of staying in Burbank has her in full fledge  Agent Walker mode.

She is not upset with her decision because if she was she would of left with Bryce, she is more upset with being Chuck’s handler and not being able to act on her growing feelings for Chuck.

Chuck vs The Crown Vic closed the door on the first arc of the series. Sarah essential let go of her past by staying in Burbank. Chuck’s part of his past was explained to him, but there was a chapter left from Stanford left to tell, but more on that later on in the rewatch for now Bryce’s intentions were clarified.

The Crown Vic was the last chapter of the first arc,  and Sarah was visibly torn by her decision. She struggled getting out of bed. The knife in the clock proved to be the case, and her moist eyes tells you she has been crying.

For the Full Episode Article please read Chuck vs The Crown Vic. This episode is about closure on the past.

She can't get out of bedThis cat is full of emotionFor most people letting your first love walk happens to be the toughest thing to do for a person.  Her job was in Burbank, and her assignment was with Chuck. Her new love.

It was not Chuck’s fault she fell for him, and its bother him not seeing her.  As he was looking at the hot dog shop, and Casey has to play the role as keeping the peace with the team.

Chuck staring at the Weinerlicious

The focus of course was keeping the Intersect working, but the demeanor and seeing there are feelings growing between the two made Casey try to cool the rapid hormones between Sarah and Chuck.

Casey keeping Chuck in line

First with Chuck,

Casey: Hey!

Chuck:Would you stop sneaking up on me like that? This is a retail store, okay, buddy, not Tora Bora.

Casey: Oh, Sarah’s got you all up in a tizzy. Flush out your headgear, new guy. We both know the Intersect needs as much room up there as we can get.

Chuck: Okay, look, nothing is going on, okay? Better not be.
I need your “A” game tonight.

and then with Sarah,

The Choice we made
Casey: The choice we made to protect something bigger then ourselves is the right choice.
Do you want a normal life
Sarah: Do you ever just want to have a normal life? Have a family? Children?

While Chuck said there was nothing going on with Sarah, she basically let Casey know she compromised herself by saying if she couldn’t fix what she started, she would ask for reassignment.

See the difference between Chuck and Sarah, the reason she was struggling with her emotions was because she couldn’t talk to anyone. Chuck had Morgan and to a lesser extent Ellie and Awesome. Sarah expressed herself to Casey, and he remained her that choosing duty was the right choice.

Chuck and Sarah tried to talk about their issues, but as mentioned at top Sarah was in agent mode for most of the episode. Thus, when Chuck was seeking answers Sarah was snappy in her responses.

Sarah showed up to a briefing late

From the time of the Pilot, we never seen Sarah late for a briefing, and she is not smiling or happy like she usually is. In fact Casey felt the awkward feeling in the room, he asked Beckman if Bartowski and Walker were going to go together on the mission, but Sarah and Chuck both said the cover was fine.

Outside Chuck and Sarah talk about Bryce instead of Chuck seeing Sarah chose him, he played the nerd card and said this,

Sarah still has Bryce on the brain

Chuck: Thought you’d be halfway to Bryce by now.
Sarah: Why would you think that?                            Chuck: don’t know, ’cause he offers a pretty exciting life, I guess, sipping Mai Tai’s in Jakarta, or or assassinating Afghani warlords, or whatever it is that you kids do for fun.

Sarah: I’m here because I have a job to do. {sound familiar}

Chuck: Right. Right. Of course, the job.
I better, uh, I better get going as well.

Sarah going through some stuff

Chuck hearing the word work and job again

The problem for Chuck would the very words Sarah used again. The very reason Chuck went with Lou. The word job was used again. Whether the word be cover, assignment or Job; It was still function as the first hurdle of Chuck and Sarah.  It came time for Chuck to do something that made me very proud of him. He manned up and confronted Sarah about the very event that took place only a couple of weeks ago.

The word work and job came again from Sarah’s mouth in her hotel room. Sarah still fuming over having to make an adult decision. One that was not an order but something she had to decide on her own and this is why she was mad.

Sarah getting ready for workDepends on the morningSarah looking stunning as usual

Hearing that word again Not this time Sarah

Sarah loves fixing his tieCan’t have your cake and eat it too Sarah.

Sarah: So we’re clear on everything? Eyes and ears on anything that can trigger a flash. Our cover is that we’re a couple, you’re Charles Carmichael.

Chuck: Yeah, I got it. It should be pretty fun, right?

Sarah: It’s work.

Again she said work, but this time Bartowski didn’t let her send mix messages. When she went to fix his tie he stopped her. I was happy Chuck took control. If it was work then stop with the flirting, and it worked too because Sarah wasn’t expecting him to react at that way.

Things between Sarah and Chuck personally would continue during the mission. Agent Walker was in full mode, and working her mark, while Chuck was not grasping the concept of the mission. Get close to Lonn Kirk and way they could.

And we come up to the line of the episode for me.

Since When do you drink Martinis

I don't but Carmichael Loves them

Sarah: Since when do you drink martinis?

Chuck:Oh, oh, I don’t, no. But Carmichael loves them.

The baddie of this episode wasn’t really a great one. I won’t talk much about him, but the scene is relevant because its a precursor of things to come between Chuck and Sarah, and how jealousy and lack of understanding what it takes to be a spy will interfer with the mission at hand.

Chuck betting 100,000 Sarah flirting with Vonn Sarah was flirting with Lonn because its what would get her close to finding out what Kirk was doing., but Chuck didn’t understand it. As Casey would tell him, he feared Sarah had stepped out on him.

When Sarah dropped Chuck off at home, Chuck found out Sarah would be going on Lonn’s yacht. He instantly gets jealous and said wouldn’t that be disrespectful to her boyfriend, and where things get even more complicated between Charah, she didn’t say Carmichael, but Bryce. She said “Chuck, Bryce isn’t my boyfriend, and even if he was. He would understand this kind of work.”

When Sarah mentioned Bryce, it was clear on what was on her mind the whole time, but she was also very clear her decision to stay was not because of Bryce. Things were over between her and Larkin. It only furthers the establishing her feelings for Chuck, but all Chuck kept hearing  was work again.

Communication Break Down
Sarah: Bryce is not my boyfriend. And even if he was, he’d understand this kind of work.

If they weren't together, they are sure acting like things are realChuck having doubts again

Sarah is not enjoying this latest squabble

Chuck exasperated with this whole thing Have to feel for Sarah

At the Yacht, Lonn was lotion up Sarah. Morgan who was eating with Anna and her parents saw Sarah being seduced by Lonn, and immediately called Chuck to let him know.  It made Chuck show up where the mission was taking place unannounced.

While there Chuck flashed on the crates, Lonn was shipping counterfeit plates in the crates, which were labeled as medicines being donated to the poor.  Chuck would tell Casey, and in error of judgment by Casey, he would raid the yacht, but when they opened the crates only medicine bottles was in the crates.

Sarah not happy being busted

It would lead to that much anticipated conversation about the kiss and Chuck was forced to man up. He put her in her place.

Chuck and Sarah fighting over kiss

Sarah: What the hell happened today?

Chuck: I – I don’t know. I don’t get it.
I had a flash.

Sarah: Right when I went below deck with Kirk. It’s pretty convenient timing, I would say.

               Chuck:  What are you talking about?

Sarah: Just when you thought that I was getting intimate with Kirk, you decided to have a flash.

Chuck: What exactly are you implying? That I faked the flash? That I’m a flash faker?

Sarah: You know, I think we need to discuss the fact that you let your emotions get in the way today.

Chuck: My emotions?

Sarah: Things have been a little off since the incident, Chuck.

Chuck: Really? And what incident are you referring to, Agent Walker, huh? Could it be the incident where you planted a kiss on me right before a bomb was supposed to go off, ending our lives? That same kiss right before your boyfriend, Bryce, came back from the dead, that kiss?

Sarah: Stop saying kiss. It happened. Okay? What’s done is done.
Can we just not talk about it, please?

Chuck: Okay, fine. Absolutely, of course.
Just answer me one little thing.

Sarah: Chuck

Chuck: Did you kiss me that night because you thought we were going to die, and mine were the most convenient lips around, or was it actually about me?

Sarah: What happened was a mistake.
One I won’t make again.

It needed to be discussed because it hadn’t, and if you notice the rest of the episode Sarah relaxed, and even went as far as believed Chuck when he came and told her he noticed the crates on Chan’s boat. She listened to him and off they went to make the save.

then we get the moment of the episode, Sarah came to the Buymore to join Chuck at the Christmas party, which the song of the episode played. Chuck vs The Crown Vic song of the episode would be Modern English’s I Melt With You.

We also get a special bonding moment and rather then talk about it. I will show it.

When Sarah walked into the Buymore, she was all smiles again. The events of this first arc have subsided, and they have a nice conversation about bad relationships. We also get the first of many pep talked from Sarah. She is encouraging him like a girlfriend would do.

The first hand shake at being friends also took place.

While Chuck and Sarah are dancing together, Beckman called Casey and told him the new Intersect was close to be complete. Thus, it was almost time to take care of Chuck.

Overall Thoughts of the Episode

 As I mentioned before, this was the final chapter of the first arc of the series. The handshake between Chuck and Sarah was the best they can do to establish a relationship. It was all set up nicely for the second arc that is on the horizon.

Sarah smiling again

The next episode is the first Casey centric episode. Chuck vs The Undercover Lover. See you then.

One comment

  1. Chuck vs the Crown Vic
    The most anticipated opening of the series to date. Will Sarah show up. Throw in a little Casey nasty jabs and you see a very distressed Chuck! Life is going to the crapper for him (or so he is thinking). They made the Buymore look like it is losing control as well to add to the depressed atmosphere in Buymore Land!
    And to follow that with Sarah throwing the knife into the clock, shows turmoil on her side as well. Did she make the right decision? Her arriving late to the Castle meeting, having only a quick peek at Chuck, (breathing very nerviously if you noticed) all business means she is trying to do a reboot! But her reboot program is having some mental road blocks from the looks of it. I detected a hint of ‘almost tears’ in her eyes when Chuck said he thought she would be on her way to find Bryce. Lots of emotion in the first 7 minutes!
    I smiled when Chuck went to pick up Sarah (who was looking rather beautiful) for the gala, and she was putting on the all business face. I’m back to doing just my job, but then she made a slip and reverted back to a sort of dotting Sarah (because she is in love with Chuck) and try to straighten his tie! Chuck did not see it though and stopped her. He gave her his ‘Ok, it is all business then’ look .
    He lost that look pretty quick at the roulete table!!! Chuck is lost with out his Sarah!!!
    Casey is classic in this episode. He has Chuck cringing at his every description of what Sarah is doing, was doing or could be doing. Chuck is turning into a broken lover. What do two people who love each other, but won’t admit it, look like when they are having a fight???? Chuck and Sarah in this episode.
    To sum up the episode, we do have a relationship reboot. Lots of emotion with everyone! I like this one a lot for the relationship development!! Friends ????? Yeah right!

    My continuing order! A long way from my favourite 20!
    The Truth, The Intersect Project (Pilot), The Imported Hard Salami, The Nemesis, The Crown Vic, The Alma Mater, The Sizzling Shrimp, The Tango, The Helicopter, The Sandworm and The Wookie!

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