Chuck vs The Dream Job

The first of the final four episodes of season two has arrived. This episode is not only great, but its an epic Chuck episode. It  delivers the message of the season to a “T”

The idea for season two was to change Chuck from being a man stuck in his past to a mature adult. This episode drove that message to the point.

The Dream Job propels two major characters into the story Orion will get a face and name, and we also get one of the best baddies of the series. Ted Roark, who was played by Chevy Chase.  Roark would turn out to be working with Fulcrum.

This episode is about two people, Chuck and his father, and with that said Let’s dive into a major episode in the overall story of the series.

Main Story

The episode begins with Chuck and Sarah sitting in the trailer of his father Stephen J Bartowski, I have mentioned before how important it was for Sarah to be in the trailer with Chuck.

In this article, I compare this scene to Chuck vs Marlin,and how different the development of Sarah was between the two scenes. Read Marlin vs The Dream Job

Its very important to understand what this arc has established. Agent Walker is all but lost the battle in containing Sarah the girlfriend. She was supportive and comforting in this scene, and how can she not be. It is a very intense scene, Chuck was sitting in his father’s kitchenette, and it gets very intense. Scott Bakula played Stephen Bartowski, and what a performance. I rank Scott number one amongst guest appearances, and only Timothy Dalton rivals him for that mantle.

Sarah with Chuck as he reunites with his fatherChuck and Sarah talking about StephaneSarah comfortable being here with ChuckPapa Bartowski

 Stephen was making some coffee, while Chuck reminisce about the past with Sarah, and she was listening and playing the role of a girlfriend. It reminded me on how Chuck was with her when Jack Burton came to town.  Sarah has returned the favor from Chuck vs the DeLorean in a sense.

It is the sort of thing a normal couple would do. A huge step in my opinion. Chuck went on a tantrum when his dad said it was not a good idea that he came back with Chuck, but even kilt Chuck couldn’t hold his tongue.

Chuck: I have seen what you can’t do.

It made his dad proud that he came fighting for his sister. Sarah was also impressed by Chuck’s sudden burst of anger.

Sarah never heard Chuck get loud

However, Papa Bartowski wasn’t upset, he said the right thing.

I have seen what you can't do Chuck: I can’t I-I don’t want to hear what you can’t do.
I’ve seen what you can’t do.
I’m sorry.
I, uh That came out wrong.

When Chuck apologized for his outburst, Steven said “No your not, your mad, I left  and your mad.” It made the viewer know that Papa Bartowski knew this was coming, and caved by saying he was going to get his things. Sarah wanted to make sure Chuck was alright. I liked seeing that because it showed Sarah understood the intensity of the situation.

Sarah there for him now

 When Chuck made it home he walked in the door with his father, Ellie had to do a double take., and the first words out of Ellie’s mouth was “Pancakes, you said you were going to make pancakes.”

Her father’s response was classic. Oh Boy.

Ellie seeing her father for the first time daad seeing his daugther for the first time in yearsPancakesOh boy

Ellie walked off and went to her room. She left Devon to meet her father on his own, and who can blame her.  She hasn’t seen her father in years, and the last memory of her dad was the night he said he would make pancakes before he split.

It forced Chuck to be there for her, and when he does. He told Ellie this may be the last chance to save their family. Ellie responds by leaving her room and still is faced with the shock and awe of seeing her father sitting in the living room.

Stephen told Devon he invented the crystals for the LCD plasma television they had in the room, and also the touch screen for sell phones. He said he worked with Ted Roark, the head of Roark Instruments .

When Chuck and Ellie sat down, Stephen pulled papers and stuff from his bags, and placed it on the coffee table in a way to expose the Roark Instruments Rios Launch Expo. It forced Chuck to flash. What I love about the scene was how Stephen purposely put the positioned the expo flyer in a way so Chuck can see it. Made you think, who Stephen really was.

Chuck comforting Ellie about finding dadIs this OrionStephen talking about Roark stealing his ideas.Chuck beginning to think his dad is a looneyRios expo flyerChuck ready to flash on expo

 After the flash, Chuck reported his flash to the team and Beckman. The general ordered Chuck to work at Roark Instruments, and find out the extent of the RIOS program.

After the general signed off, Sarah asked Chuck if there were going to be issues working for Roark. Since Chuck’s dad had animosity towards Roark.  Chuck said he dreamed of working for Roark since college, but said would it really be a dream job if you went in as a janitor. Sarah pepped talked Chuck by saying he was perfectly qualified to go into Roark Instrument as himself.

Sarah listening to Chuck talk about his dream jobShe is a good manipulator

Chuck arrived at Roark for his interview and one of the funniest scene of the series was when Chuck sat on the ball. Let’s be fair a minute Chuckaholics, Chuck is a tall dude, and he struggled trying to maintain balance because of his height.

Chuck happy about working at Roark instruments

Chuck having Ball troublesWhile the interviewer asked Chuck what has he been doing since Stanford, Chuck was struggling with the answer. Sarah listening from the van, encourage Chuck to tell the truth. It was pretty cool because I wish I had someone in my ear coaching me through interviews.

Chuck gets the job  and was super excited about working at Roark, and while the he was being shown around the facility, Chuck met Ted Roark.

Chuck seeing Stars Ted Roark

While exiting the building, Jeffster was waiting online to attend the expo and they quickly called Morgan to tell him, which would set up a very awkward moment at the Bartowskis.

Chuck landing the job Jeffster caught Chuck Morgan not happy his buddy is working for Roark

When Sarah and Chuck arrived as the apartment complex, Chuck was still talking about working at  Roark, and it seems like he forgot this was a mission not a real job. More on that later.

The scene in the courtyard really told me Sarah has turned the corner on her feelings. She still has a tendency to act like Agent Walker, but there is a more of a glow and feelings behind her responses if that makes any sense.

Sarah letting Chuck know he is doing something important We are defintely past day 564

Chuck:  Even though I know it’s not real, I am excited about this job.
Sarah: Chuck, you got to remember it’s just an assignment.

Chuck: No, I-I mean, I know I know what it is. I just If I had gotten this job at Roark right after college, maybe I’d never become the Intersect. Then when my dad comes back after ten years, I can show him that I’m not just another loser working at a Buy More.

Sarah: Chuck, he knows you’re not a loser.

Chuck: Well, I’m sure he hoped I’d be doing something a little bigger than Nerd Herding.

Sarah: You are.

When Sarah and Chuck enter the apartment, dinner was all ready to be served, and its a happy occasion. Papa B and the rest are catching up, when Morgan spilled the beans much to the dismay of Chuck and Sarah. Morgan let it be known that Chuck was working for Ted Roark.

Papa B was not thrilled with this news. The man that stole everything from Stephen hired a member of his family, but Ellie and Devon were happy for Chuck.

Papa B not happy with Chuck working for Roark

Chuck  feeling badThe next day,  one of favorite songs of the series played, but its not the song of the episode. When the time comes I will explain why I feel the next song will be the song of the episode.

Around the Bend is an awesome song though, and Seeing Casey and Sarah dressed as nerds was very funny, but stuck out like sour thumbs.

While the crowd was distracted, Casey and Sarah make a break for it. They are trying to breach Roark Instruments to stop the launch of RIOS. While Chuck went to the conference hall, and saw Roark talking to some people, when suddenly Chuck flashed on a Fulcrum agent.  He would warn Casey and Sarah of Fulcrum being in the building.

Chuck flashing on Fulcrum

It made it that more important for them to stop the launch, but Sarah wasn’t able to find the source code, and after the third try instructed Chuck to stop the launch by any means, but Chuck said he was getting fired.  Once again, Chuck getting lost in his assignment.

Meanwhile back at the apartment, Stephen was watching on his computer, and still was cursing Roark. As Roark started the countdown for the launch, Chuck stormed the stage.

Chuck stopping RIOS from lauching

 Chuck warned Roark that the CIA thought there was a virus in RIOS, and here is why Roark is a great character for the series. His response to this was one of the lines I picked out as potential line of the episode, but there is two other lines coming that are better.

Chuck: You can’t press that button. The CIA believes that your software has been infected with a virus, that when released, will cause worldwide computer damage.

Roark: Do you have any idea how crazy you sound?

Chuck: Yeah, I do. I do. But please, you have to believe me.

Roark: No, I really I really don’t. I’m sorry for the little technical delay. It must be my rock star magnetism. It drives some people batty.

Chuck trying to be a hero

Once Roark refused to top the launch, Chuck grabbed the clicker and made a run for it. Stephen was applauding his son’s efforts, but Ellie was not please watching her brother attack his new boss. Chuck’s delay of the launch would only last so long, Roark would regain the clicker and launched RIOS.

Meanwhile, at the apartment Ellie was flipping out.  She was trying to figure what to do to help Chuck, and went as long as to blame her father for putting Chuck up to disrupting  Roark, but his father said he didn’t tell Chuck to do it. Devon chimed in by saying maybe Chuck had an explanation for doing what he did.

This made Ellie even more made , and went off on Devon even bringing up the bachelor party  as way to shut Devon up. She would storm off, and when Devon was going to run after her. Stephen told Devon to let her go.

Ellie angryDevon and Stephen talked about Ellie and why Ellie was made, and Stephen made sure to tell Devon that Ellie wasn’t made because of the party. She was mad because he had left them when they were kids, and she fears Devon would turn out to be like him, but quickly said “That is going to be a pretty hard possibility.”

Meanwhile, Chuck walked into the Buymore took a look around and another great Chuck Song played, which intensified the episode. Chuck knew that he had to take matters into his own hands. It was time for Chuck to become a man.  Crooked Fingers’ Luisa’s Bones played during this episode.

When Chuck was looking over the Intersect cards Orion left Chuck, his father walked in and asked for a minute. He said if working for Roark was important to him then he should do it.  While he was talking he placed Roark Instruments binder in front of Chuck purposely placing the building’s floor plan upside.

After his dad left, Chuck looked at the binder and realized what Orion was telling him Roark had an Intersect. Once Chuck figured this out he went to Casey and Sarah, but they thought he was crazy. It forced Chuck to gear up and break into Roark’s office building.  A clear change in character here.

and then Chuck does this to Casey, all because Chuck wanted to get the intersect out of his head by any means necessary.

After taking out Casey, Chuck went over to Roark and broken in, he walked down the hallway, and heard Fulcrum agents talking and hid in a room. When he heard his father’s voice, as the agents passed the room he was hiding in. Stephen was fighting to speak with Roark, and as the agents were beginning to rough up Chuck’s dad.  He stormed the out shooting tranq darts at the Fulcrum agents.

They all fall to the ground, and Chuck told his dad he doesn’t know who Chuck really is, and Stephen said the same thing to him, and as the doors open, and Vincent was standing in the doorway, Stephen revealed his secret identity. Stephen was Orion.

Stephen explained that he ran from his children because he realized what the government was going to do with the intersect, and it would be the only way to protect them, but he came out of hiding because he knew Fulcrum was after both him and Chuck.

Chuck questioned his father saying if you were Orion why didn’t you just say so, and we come up to the line of the episode. The reason why I chose what Stephen said as the line of the episode has to do with the importance of it.

Chuck realizing his dad was Orion

Stephen Bartowski is Orion

Orion: Would you have trusted me? After not seeing me for ten years, I just appear, bring you to RI and tell you that I can get the Intersect, which I also built, out of your head? What would you have said to that?

Chuck: That you were a little bit crazy. Exactly.

For me, it is the ideal way for Stephen to walk back into Chuck life. He gingerly worked himself into the picture and when it was the right timing, let Chuck know of his secret.

The two found the Intersect room, but soon discover that the Intersect didn’t work, which brought Ted Roark and his men into the room. Roark told his men to put Orion in the chopper.

Orion trying to take the Intersect out of Chuck brain

Roark telling Orion his Intersect didn't workRoark wanted Orion to fix the intersect, so Fulcrum can upload the Intersect into its’ agents . Orion said he would do it if his son walked, which Roark agreed too.  The song of the episode would play at this point.

Fulcrum has Orion now, and it was not pleasing to Beckman’s ears. She said the risk of Fulcrum having the intersect cube and Orion was a huge risk to national security.  Chuck made it know they had his father. Beckman would tell Chuck that they had no idea Stephen Bartowski was Orion, and they would put forth a team their best team to find Orion, but Chuck said Team Bartowski was her best time, and shockley Casey agreed.

Sarah didn’t like the idea, she thought the risk would be too much since they know Chuck was Orion son, but Chuck said without his help Fulcrum wins.  Beckman would give the team the operation baring it didn’t interfere with the mission.

Great way to end the episode was when Chuck defended his father when Ellie was ripping him. He knew they’re dad’s secret but didn’t reveal too much by simply saying. Don’t give up on him.

Overall Thoughts on the Episode

Chuck vs The Dream Job is the launching episode into the arc that is coming up, Chuck has become a man by taking matters into his own hands. He knew the government wasn’t going to let Chuck take out the intersect, and once he found out his dad was Orion. The possibility to be free from the spy world came to be more then a pipe dream.

It also gave him confidence.  The fact that he had a family member as a spy made it that more easier to accept the world he was thrusted into.

Orion’s tactics throughout the episode made you see how gifted a spy he was. He hid his real identity from his family, while guiding Chuck towards Roark having the Intersect. Great stuff and why the Orion episodes are the best of the series.

Stay tuned as we continue to the season finale, which would change the landscape of the series until then we have a return Jill Roberts in the next episode.  Chuck vs The First Kill  is a decent episode, and will be written up by Skorpeo.

My next episode will be Chuck vs The Colonel, and I plan to go in depth into that episode because of the magical moment that would of hurt Chuck and Sarah, but I will tell you more when we come to that episode.

See you next time..

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