The Charles Carmichael Files: Sarah Walker’s Awakening

Chapter One

Sarah Walker walked into her hotel room, and looked at the picture on her mantle. She was looking at the picture from the Halloween Party Suddenly, a tear fell down her cheek. The words she heard from Chuck kept reliving in her mind.

Chuck: We need to break, You know fake break up our pretend relationship.

She sat at the edge of her bed and began to wonder what she did wrong, but knew what the problem was. Her job was preventing her from expressing how she truly felt, and watching Chuck in the sandwich shop with Lou didn’t help matters. She couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go for a drive.

Meanwhile back at Chuck’s apartment, He was looking through the clothes in his closet until he was interrupted by the sound of his cell phone going off.

Lou: Meet you at the Buymore, where going to dinner right?

Chuck: Sure, whatever you want. I will be at the store at 8 PM

Lou: Great, see you then.

Chuck put on a green sweater, blue jeans and his trademark Chucks, Meanwhile out in the courtyard, Sarah was standing by the window, and heard everything. When Chuck left his room, Sarah stepped through the Morgan door.

She swept the room for clues on where Chuck and Lou were headed for dinner, and found nothing, but then looked at the picture on Chuck’s nightstand and walked towards it. The picture of them at comic con drew her closer to the picture, but before she can hold it. She heard Chuck coming back to the room.

She made her exit, and decided to do some spy work tonight, she wasn’t going on a mission for the agency. Tonight she was doing recon on Lou. She had to keep it to herself or risk being compromised and lose Chuck all together.

She went to her car, and noticed Casey was watching from his window, but he didn’t bother her.

Chuck stepped into his nerd herder and went driving away with Sarah tailing him. They drive a few miles when Chuck went off route and made a stop at a flower shop. Sarah was watching as Chuck bought some flowers, and Sarah eyes began to moist watching Chuck buying flowers for another woman.

Chuck walked across the parking lot and got into his car, and suddenly Sarah’s phone rings. She picked up the phone and General Beckman was on the other end.

Sarah: Yes, General.

Beckman: Report to Major Casey’s Apartment, we have intel on your next mission

Sarah: Yes, Ma’am

Sarah went back to her hotel, and before she headed to Casey’s apartment she pulled out her camcorder and recorded the day’s events.

Sarah: Day 49. Chuck broke up with me today. Well, uh, Fake Fake broke up with me, technically

Sarah turns off the recording, and whispered to herself. “Broke up our real relationship.”  She changes her clothes, and looked one more time at the photo on her mantle, and heads for the door.

While at Casey’s she was listening to Beckman’s orders, Sarah kept glancing at her watch. She wanted to know the whereabouts of Chuck, and she can see he was at a restaurant downtown Burbank. She acted like she was interested in the Intel, but Sarah’s mind was elsewhere.

Casey glance at Walker, and can see what he saw the night before was not a mirage. His partner was struggling with something, and at the end of the briefing. Casey ask Sarah if everything was alright.

Casey: What happen last night? Why, were you outside the subject’s apartment last night?

Sarah: I was just doing my job, I heard he was going out and wanted to make sure nothing happened to him.

Casey: Are you sure? You and the Intersect are not compromised, right?

Sarah didn’t respond, she just walked out of Casey’s apartment. As Casey watched Sarah leave, He gave one of his patent grunt.

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