Chuck Vs The Colonel

We have reached the final two episodes of season two, and also winding down on the Orion arc. There will be several up coming articles discussing this arc in more depth, but for now we will focus episode articles on the episodes.

Chuck vs The Colonel is a classic episode for Chuckaholics. It has everything from romance to action and everything in between. While i love the major progression Chuck and Sarah have in their relationship. It has comes to much delight this episode is really about three characters. Chuck, Morgan and Sarah all have major character development for the remainder of the series. Let’s begin our discussion about the colonel.

This episode ha ranked very high among most Chuck fans. There are several  memorable scenes, lines and music. The colonial offers a great deal of action, character shifts and it also marks the episode where one of Chuck’s family and friends found out the truth about what Chuck has been doing the last two years.

Is this a dead end

Orion watching Chuck and Sarah looking for him

The episode begins with Chuck and Sarah standing in a drive in movie theatre parking lot. They were standing around questioning the coordinates the Intersect gave them to find Orion, but no dice right now.

The safety of the Intersect no longer a concern
The safety of the Intersect is no longer my main concern. I want you to hunt Agent Walker and the Asset down. – Bring them back. Dead or alive.

Casey Promted to Colonial

Major Casey was receiving orders from Beckman about hunting down Walker and the Intersect dead or alive. It really goes back to my theory on the CIA and how Jill was on to something about the perils of the manipulation and what have you done for me lately attitude. Here you have Sarah running with Chuck to help him find his father and protect him once again from being bunkered.

The final words from Beckman was when the mission was over, Casey would have his pick of assignments Colonel Casey. Casey walked into Chuck’s apartment looking for clues on the whereabouts of Chuck, but found nothing.

Casey looking for clues Devon found Casey snooping

Devon walked into Chuck room asking the Colonel why he was in Chuck’s room, and Casey said, Chuck hadn’t been showing up at work and was concerned. Ellie walked in and told Casey he just called less than five minutes ago.

Meanwhile Chuck and Sarah walked into their hotel room they were going to use for the night, and a special moment between the two transpired. After Sarah took a shower. Chuck was ready to sleep on the floor, but she said it was ok.

She lalways wanted to share a bed with Chuck

I have mentioned before if you know anything about women fellas, women don’t just sleep in their underwear with anyone. They must feel very comfortable with the male they are sharing a bed with. In this case, Sarah for the third time is getting into bed with Chuck in her panties. She can act coy by saying “I don’t want you sleep on a dirty floor,” but she is relaxed and feels at home with Chuck.

She loves being in bed with Chuck

Chuck would ask Sarah why she would give up everything she worked so hard for him. She would tell him he deserved a chance at a normal life and to find his father, and her job was to protect him.

Meanwhile back at Chuck’s bedroom, The colonial left Chuck’s room upon hearing the news, and went to his apartment seeking a trace on the phone call, which set up one of Chuck and Sarah finest moments and one I was happy it  didn’t happen. I shall explain in a few moments. It also had the song of the episode. Bon Iver’s Creature Fear.

First, the scene is great and I loved everything about it, but where the two characters stood at that junction in time. Sex was not the solution to the bigger problem they had. When a cover is not defined, when a relationship is still in the beginning stages of becoming a real one. Sex often can ruin things.

Believe it or not Morgan saved them when he took Chuck’s condom. I would love your take on this subject. Below is a poll to see the opinion of Chuckaholics.

Outside, Casey was waiting for Chuck and took him into custody when he came to the alley of the hotel. Casey put a gun to his nose and went after Sarah. When they entered the room, Sarah was gone from the bed.  The shower was running, and as Casey approached the bathroom. He entered gingerly.  As he moved the shower curtain, Sarah hit him knocking the colonial to the ground.

Hot Lead should clear that up

Sarah takes out Casey Sarah handcuffing Casey

Sarah handcuffed Casey to a radiator and took off with Chuck. They get into their car, Chuck flashed on the car he saw through the back window. The car was stolen by Fulcrum. Chuck would let Sarah know, but she resisted at first out of fear of getting arrested.

We can't leave Casey

Chuck told her we can’t leave Casey. She told him fine, but stay in the car. When she returned inside the room, she found Casey gone. Casey jumped in the car with Chuck, but Bartowski told Casey that Fulcrum was here.

Now it was Casey's turn

Fulcrum has Walker

Casey said, then we better leave, but like Chuck did for Casey. He would also do it for Sarah, but Casey didn’t buy into it, and Chuck defied Casey. Bartowski put the car in reverse ran into the Fulcrum agents. What would commence would be one of Casey and Sarah’s best work taking out agents.

The best was Casey smashing one agent in the back with the radiator and then dropping it on his head. Sarah did a nice DDT maneuver that took out the last of her baddies.  Casey and Sarah did a stand-off before one of the agents got back up. It didn’t last long for him because both Sarah and Casey open fired on him.

Casey and Sarah Stand off

However, it was Sarah’s last shot, and Casey was able to make the arrest. While driving back to Burbank, Orion was watching from the bomb shelter and provided Chuck with some assistances, when put a 12:00 am Tron sign on the theater’s tower sign.

Chuck and Sarah captured by Casey You trusted someone you thought cared Casey does care

Orion signaling Chuck

Chuck apologized, but Sarah said he didn’t need to because he trusted someone he thought cared about you. This garnered a looked from Casey.

Devon finding out about Casey's obssession with Chuck

Meanwhile in the Buymore, Devon came to the store asking about Chuck. He asked Jeffster about Casey, and they said Casey was a weird bird. They showed Devon Casey’s locker. Where they found a notebook filled with Chuck’s bathroom breaks and duration of visits. Lester showed Devon a set of keys and chlorophyll It made Devon very suspicious about Casey’s intentions.

Chuck and Sarah arrested

Down in Castle, Casey was being applauded for his capture of Walker and Bartowski, and the general assured the agency was on its way to bring the two to Washington. As the general signed off, she would say good work Colonel Casey.

Charah listening to Beckman orders

It drew a look from Sarah and Chuck to each other.  Chuck was under the impression that Casey betrayed his team for a promotion. Casey said he would never betray his team, but said you guys betrayed me.

You betrayed me don't you forget it Chain of chicken franchises you wanted

Sarah chimed in by saying please make sure you take care of Chuck’s father if Casey found him.  Casey said “You have my word.” Casey goes to work on a computer. He was looking at maps and schematics,

Devon doing some spy work Devon seeing some freaky stuff

Back at the apartment, Devon was sneaking around through the courtyard and headed for Casey’s apartment, when he went in he saw Casey’s computer had an image of Chuck’s bedroom. Suddenly, the apartment’s alarm went off and sealed Devon in. It also triggered on Casey’s computer. It made the colonial leave Castle.

What happen next is a Chuckaholics favorite and also has the line of the episode for me.

Chuck: For whatever it’s worth if I have to spend the rest of my days in a dark, windowless room, I can’t think of a better person to spend it with.

2 beds

Sarah: That’s not really how this works.

Chuck: We can’t request a cozy little two-bed, two-bath cell?

                               Sarah: Two-bed? {The line of the Episode}

Right before they kiss, the power went out freeing them from their holding cell. They make a run for it, and when they get out of the cell they saw Awesome on the monitor in Castle, and make a run for it.

Sarah and Chuck see Devon in Casey's apartment Devon trapped in Casey's apartment

Back at Casey’s, the colonial entered the apartment and shut down the security. He asked Devon what he was doing there? Devon went on a tantrum saying Casey needed help for what he saw.

Casey about to kill Devon

no, John noCasey, loading up

After hearing all this, Casey pulled a pistol and suppressor out of his pocket and started to attach the suppressor to the pistol. Devon went on the defensive, but before Casey used the gun. He noticed Walker and Bartowski were free. It was enough of a distraction for Devon to make a move. When he does, Casey and Devon have a nice little scuffle, but before Casey can get the upper hand. Devon cold clocked Casey in the face, and if there was every a hit nomination for The Intersect Project Podcast, Sarah taking out Casey with a kick, which sent the big fella through his coffee table was well Awesome.

Devon punches Casey in the face Sarah finishes him off

What happen Devon don't freak out

Devon looked on with astonishment and even more so when Chuck came through the door. Chuck told Devon don’t freak out. They secure Casey by tying his hands together with tie-ups.

Devon told Chuck they needed to call the cops, but Chuck said we can’t do that, and thought for a second and came out with the truth.

What I love about the scene is Devon was shocked and awed by Sarah swift kick, and when Chuck told him he was working with the CIA. Devon quickly became impressed with his future brother-in-law, but as excited as Devon was, Chuck told Devon that his mission was to protect his secret from Ellie. Devon said he would.

Chuck and Sarah make their way back to Barstow again leaving the Colonial tied up in his apartment, and as Casey was trying to burn himself free. The general appeared on his television.

You will care Casey getting new orders

Beckman told Casey the truth about Barstow, and how Fulcrum has an underground shelter they are using as a command station, and also informed the colonial about air striking the site because of the discovery, but Casey said Chuck’s father was down there. Beckman said, the decision didn’t come lightly, but National Security depended on it.

Casey became anxious to get free, and when Sarah and Chuck arrived at the drive-in, Casey quickly caught up and put a gun to Chuck’s head. He told Chuck about the air strike, which set Chuck off.

Three mistakes

Casey: You made three crucial mistakes. You don’t realize you were being trailed for last half hour, you didn’t bring nearly enough firepower, and you didn’t ask me to join.

Chuck Would you like to help us rescue my father?

Chuck: Your father served the country honorably and deserves to go to the wedding of his daughter.

Didn't ask me to join

From a monitor Orion can see Team Bartowski patching things up, and said “Aces, Charles Aces.” Roark came to the room, and asked if the Intersect Cube was done. Orion said it was, and Orion gave it to Roark.

As all this was happen, Chuck saw a lot of cars began to arrive. As did Casey and Sarah. They found the entrance to the command station, and descended.

Orion saw Sarah coming

Orion was continuing to work, when he saw Sarah was approaching. Orion asked for a cigar to draw the baddies to where Sarah and Casey were waiting, and as the Fulcrum agent went through the door. Team B took out both guards.  They freed Orion, and told him we have to hurry because the air strike was coming any minute.

Roark creating a army of intersect

Meanwhile up top, Chuck saw what Roark was planning, and this version of Chuck went to stop Roark from creating an army of Intersects, but before he could stop it. Roark entered the room. The rest of the team and Orion were also captured, and in they went.

As the countdown reached zero, the intersect images appeared on the movie screen. When it did, Orion told his son to look at the screen, but Chuck was reluctant at first.  Orion told him the program he designed was for Chuck. It was to erase the Intersect from Chuck’s brain. Chuck opened his eyes, and when the program was done. Chuck collapsed from the pressure.

Orion telling Chuck this design was for him

Roark trying to flash

Roark took a look at some photos from a file, and nothing was working. Orion told him of course it doesn’t work, he had to run some more tests. Roark had enough, and said kill them all, but before anything could happen. The air strike arrived.

Team B running from explosions

Casey put Chuck over his shoulders, Team B and Orion escaped in time. They jumped into the Crown Vic and drove away. What happened next has been discussed in two other articles.

1. The Path to Prague and Prague Revisited.  in these two articles I talked about the next scene in depth.

As Chuck woke up from his latest upload, he said he felt lighter. When Orion heard this, he said it worked then. Casey asked what worked. Orion told him the cube was designed to take the Intersect out from his head. Orion said, “your free son.”

Sarah and Chuck's dreams up in flamesSarah doesn't want to leave ChuckSarah knows what this means

When he did, Chuck and Sarah were astonished and depressed at the same time. It meant something big.  While Chuck and Sarah are in the middle of their dazed look. In the back of them, you can see explosions, which was designed to let the viewer know what just had happen. Charah’s dreams went up in smoke. Sarah would be sent away, and both of them didn’t want it to end. Especially with their relationship began to blossom into a real relationship finally.

Back at Castle, Beckman reviewed Colonel Casey’s heroics and was ready to promote him to general, but Casey took Chuck’s approach to things like this and helped restore Walker’s good name. He said it was all her idea to lure Fulcrum out from their base.  Beckman thanked the team, and told them all the mission was over.

Chuck was happy,  Beckman told him since they had the Intersect Cube, Fulcrum destroyed and Orion safe. Mission complete and they didn’t need him anymore since he didn’t have the Intersect anymore.

Team Bartowski back on the same page again

It was a good end to a trying day for the team. Trust again was the direction of this episode. Casey felt left out in the search for Chuck’s father, and he didn’t like it. He wanted to help, and when the team actually worked together. They have proven they  can move mountains.

Devon knows Chuck secret now

Back at the apartment, Ellie was complaining about Chuck not being there, and when Devon heard this. He came to Chuck’s defense. It was easier for Devon now because of knowing Chuck’s reason for not being there must have to do with his spy life, but before Ellie can continue to wallow. Chuck came through the door with his father, and Ellie was happy and relieved again.

Casey joining Chuck at his sister's dinner party

Chuck would knock on Casey’s door and ask him if he wanted to attend Ellie and Awesome’s Rehearsal Dinner, and Casey shut the door on Chuck, and as Chuck thought Casey shut him out again. Casey came out with a dinner jacket and some cigars, and then Sarah came with a beautiful blue dress on.

She asked Chuck how he was feeling,

She has that glow in her  eyes. The look she is at peace with her feelings

Chuck: You look amazing.

Sarah:  Thank you.  Very dapper.

Chuck: Thank you.

Sarah: So how does it feel?

Chuck: It feels great, actually. Like everything is finally real.

Sarah: It is real.

At this point, Sarah clearly is ready to be Chuck’s real girlfriend. She doesn’t want to leave Burbank, and when she told Chuck to take off his watch. Sarah wasn’t using Agent Walker to protect her feelings anymore.  She was looking for intimacy in public, and almost slept with him.

As Skorpeo said in First Kill, she made it her mission to help Chuck find his dad, and when she said two beds. It made me feel, they were ready. They are communicating both verbally and intimately about their desire. Two signs when  a couple are becoming one, and beginning to want the same thing.

As Chuck and Sarah embrace each other’s hand, Roark survived the air strike and hitchhiked back to Burbank.


Morgan made a huge change in this episode. His ascension into adulthood took a big leap in the Colonel.  His change began in First Kill, when Emmett used him to get the throne of the Buymore.

Emmett continued his tirade when he asked Morgan to be his assistant manager, Morgan said no at first, but Emmett forced his hand when Emmett targeted Big Mike as a way to get Morgan to do his bidding.

When Morgan took the job, Emmett continued his assault on Big Mike. It caused the rest of the crew to turn on Morgan, and after Jeffster put an M80 in the electrical box outside the store causing a power outage. Emmett told Morgan to fire them.

When Morgan tried to get Jeffster to apologize for the destruction of property, but Lester said Morgan was a jackass for taking the position. When Morgan said he was trying to do whatever he can to keep the store together. Anna chimed in by saying why does Morgan care if the store stayed together, and asked if Morgan had a dream or goal outside the store.

Morgan would reveal he wanted to become a benihana Chef, and work in Hawaii. Anna laughed at first, but told Morgan it is totally obtainable.

When Milbarge asked Morgan if he and fired Jeffster, Morgan asked one more time if they could get a second chance. Emmett would ask Morgan if he wanted to be a loser all his life, and Morgan said,

Morgan: If you would have asked me this morning, I would have said yes, but now I am not so sure.

Emmett: Then do what needs to be done.

Morgan: Yes, Sir

Morgan walked out of Emmett’s office and went directly to Big Mike, and told him how the samurai handled their moment of shame by falling on their swords. Big Mike said it was a great break. Morgan asked Mike if he would take care of his mother, and he said he would.

Morgan asked the store if they retold the tail to give him a better physique. Emmett asked him what are you doing, and Morgan handed Emmett his ear piece and said “Morgan out”

I respected Morgan for his decision. There comes a time when an employee needs to think about how management was taking advantage of the situation by making the worker do terrible things especially to those Morgan cared about. When Morgan quit, it was the biggest maturity development for Morgan in the series thus far.

Overall Thoughts on the Episode.

As I mentioned above, I am a rare fan that was happy Chuck and Sarah didn’t sleep together in the hotel. Sex would only have complicate things even more. Only when Sarah and Chuck were communicating about their intentions were they beginning to shape the real relationship.

The holding cell scene was the episode we can look back and say wow, they are ready to pursue each other.  However, the reason Orion took out the intersect was warranted, but when reality struck for Charah, they realized this latest development would make Sarah have to leave Burbank. Something both does not want to happen. They want each other more now than ever before.

Devon finding out about Chuck’s secret gave someone outside the spy world Chuck can go to now, and it seemed to relax Chuck in a sense that finally someone in his life knew the truth.

Great episode and it was fitting for a great season two for the overall series. Now on to the season finale.


  1. So, since you brought it up, let’s talk about the “sex” scene. Maybe we should put a couple of points out there for the discussion.

    First, what does having sex really mean to someone like Sarah ? It has been intimated that she will have sex as part of an assignment. We know she had sex with Bryce while not being “in love” with him. Perhaps sex is just…well, sex ? It would seem from the way the show went in the first 2 seasons, though, that she hasn’t had sex with anyone since Bryce. She subsequently has sex with Shaw, while never really getting to his first name with him. Perhaps sex is not as meaningful to Sarah as you would believe.

    Second, Chuck had sex with Jill, perhaps for old times sake. We don’t know what Chuck’s history is like with sex …. he seems to have been in a “dry period”, but it is also intimated that he has had sex with other women prior to the series starting, but still not being over Jill. Perhaps sex isn’t a big important step to Chuck, but I would believe that Chuck attaches emotion to it. That is why he felt so bad about what happened with Hanna.

    My big question for you, then Chris, is, if they weren’t ready for sex in the motel in Barstow, were they ready for it in Paris ?? I mean, Barstow was the end of an extremely emotional 2 year journey in which they learned from each other and did wonderful things FOR each other. They were very close to each other at that point. Paris, on the other hand, was just the opposite …. they couldn’t have been LESS ready to have a relationship.

    • Gary,

      Sex can happen any time, but we know the two were in love with each other, but still were reluctant dance partners. Whether Sarah said no because of protocol or some job related situation that would prevent her from speaking. She wasn’t ready to sleep with Chuck because of that factor.
      I told you until they got over the fear of the agency finding out. Chuck may have been ready sooner, but with his dad being kidnapped and the agency again put them in tough positions to chose duty over themselves. So, under a pressure situation like on the run would it be prudent to have sex?

      Paris was more ideal because they were prepared to be together and said as much. You may not like the writing, but where the two characters were. it was better timing in Paris.

      • They were prepared to have sex in Barstow ….there was just a little interruption …I don’t think the actual act of intercourse would have changed what the intentions were. ( It wasn’t “fear of the agency” anyway. The “agency” allowed relationships, so that would be a bit of a red herring to suggest that.) Sarah did not say no …. and sex would have just been sex….just like it was in Paris, or on the train. It was just sex. Sarah wasn’t even sure if she loved Chuck. Chuck attached emotion to it, but Sarah didn’t….it was a passionate moment…just like the kiss in Hard Salami. Their relationship would not have been informed by the act of sex, anymore than the kiss.

        Considering what they did to each other in Season 3, especially that Sarah never came to grips with her actions, they were less prepared to have any type of relationship then, including having sex. There is never a need to tear your potential partner down in order to understand each other, just for the sake of moving forward. What they did to each other in early Season 3 should have ended their relationship forever.

      • Gary,

        What was the common problem between the kiss and this passionate moment? A interuption and Bryce returning to muck things up again. Except when he came back in The Ring, Sarah was done with Bryce. She was about to tell Chuck she wanted to stay when Orion told them Bryce was taken.

        Common problem and really why I feel Role Models was ideal start to their relationship because the two problems no longer were the problems. Bryce and The agency.

  2. They had a relationship for 2 years… it was tender and it was mutually beneficial. Moving the “relationship” to the next level meant committing to each other…accepting their feelings and starting a “real” conversation without the guarded emotions. Sex would have been just sex …the fact that they were about to have sex but didn’t consummate it (because of factors beyond their control) has nothing to do with the relationship. The “two beds?” comment was a verification that the planned sex would have happened if it wasn’t interrupted. Like I said, the act of intercourse would not have changed the act of passion that was occurring …. the passion for sex was already there….damn the agency and damn Bryce… at that moment, neither one mattered. Like I said, it had probably been almost 2 years since Sarah had slept with someone, so I’m sure it wasn’t an emotional thing for her….just a “hormones gone wild” moment.
    You seem to be connecting sex and their relationship. Until Sarah could confront her feelings in The Tooth ( and start unburying her emotions), the relationship was not moving forward. The Honeymooners was purely sexual, but so was Sarah’s relationship with Shaw. So sex was just a physical thing to Sarah …. in The Living Dead, she didn’t really have a problem talking about sex with Shaw in front of Chuck.
    Chuck was totally different …. he used it as a connection emotionally. That’s one of the juxtapositions of the whole story …usually its the women that attach emotion to sex, but here, it was the man ( Chuck), while Sarah used it as a physical release. Consummated or not, having sex in Barstow would not have changed what Sarah did to Chuck during Ellie’s (first) wedding. It wouldn’t have meant that much to her at the time…at least, any more to her than almost having sex.

    • When I asked the question about making love in Barstow, I was referring to the story at hand. It would of destroyed the relationship at that point because they couldn’t even call themselves an Item yet.

      Sex usually happens when both parties want to do it, and I am not sure if Sarah really wanted to have sex because she wasn’t sure in bed when Chuck went to get the love glove.

      In my opinion, Chuck and Sarah were not ready at that point to have sex. they weren’t mature enough.

      • You’re projecting there …Sarah was a willing partner … she was holding and caressing Chuck’s hand before the kiss. This was about the passion they displayed, not the act of intercourse. You’re attaching too much significance to the actual act rather than the passion behind the act. Was there any relationship / passion with Sarah and Shaw ? Of course not …yet they still had sex. After what Charah went through for 2 years, they certainly were mature enough to both display the affection and the passion, and also to have the physical act of sex. As I said, they were in a much better place at that point in time than they ever were in Paris … their adolescent behavior towards each other in Season 3 should have destroyed any relationship they were to have…not the sex they could have had in Barstow.

  3. BTW Chris, I do find it funny the generational attitudes here. Since you are more of the Chuck / Sarah generation, maybe sex is a big deal. But that would mean you’d have to explain the Sarah / Shaw sex as a big deal as well, and I don’t think you can do that.

    You see, I come from a different generation …sex was mostly just sex. This was a pre-AIDS generation, so there was never a lot of thought put into it. You went out partying, you drank, and then you went home with someone. Sometimes it would even be a long time female friend. There wasn’t always emotions attached to it, just hormones, mostly. Emotional attachments were reserved for girls you were seeking long term relationships with. Sometimes sex was put off with those girls because you were too busy actually getting to know them.

    With Chuck and Sarah, they were both pretty old. They had expressed their feelings…Chuck to Sarah, and even Sarah to herself. When they were in the holding cell and Sarah asked that immortal question (” Two beds?”), that was surely the sign that they were ready for sex ….afterall, they’d be sleeping together in one bed !! Maybe, just maybe, it may have helped their relationship…because Sarah would have realized what she was missing….the intimacy, the human touch. It may have helped her get over her hesitancy to express her feeling outwards.

    • See i never thought like that. It was never my desire to just sleep with anyone with the exact reason you mentioned. I didn’t want to be a father right away nor did I want to risk getting an STD.

      I also felt if I was going to have sex, I would prefer it be done while being BF/GF this way I know there is feeling on both ends. As I said, Sex meant more to me then just an act. I had to have a reason to do it.

      We agree to disagree about this part of the story because we see it differently and that is the beauty of this website. I don’t mind you disagree with me. I feel Chuck and Sarah were making a mistake in the hotel room because their relationship was not defined yet.

      While what they did for each merit a relationship was already there, but they had yet to discuss the particulars. I am currently writing up the Ring and I feel like Sarah was always torn between the job which she loved and wanting to stay with Chuck. Throw in the final episode of Bryce and we have a very conflicted Sarah.

      Not because Bryce was back, and like Chuck did with Jill. Sarah was done with Bryce, but as i have been saying and I stand by it. Sarah was never going to commit until she said no to bryce which she did, and also tell beckman her true feelings about Bartowski.

      WE both know Beckman was not stupid and after all the videos of Chuck and Sarah talking about their feelings, Beckman already knew they were hot for each other.

      This was the biggest obstacle and something that held both of them back.

      You like to blame Sarah for what she did to Chuck in the Ring, but don’t you think Sarah was in a tough position. Sure she could tell the agency screw you, but it was her job No? I actually agree with you the roles were reversed Chuck played the female and Sarah the male, but the end result was Sarah was not happy she was working with Bryce again and being forced to leave town.

      In Colonel, When Sarah said 2 Beds was when I thought they were ready. They were communicating about their feelings. i loved it. if they had sex in the holding cell I would of been alright with it.

      not in the hotel room, not when there were still things needed to be ironed out. I don’t know I guess I am different in that way.

      • They weren’t really any further along in the relationship once they were in the holding cell ….all Chuck managed to say in between the “almost sex” morning and the holding cell was that he couldn’t think of a better person to be locked up with.
        If you think sex was a big deal, then talk about the Sarah / Shaw sex thing ….. and justify it in light of your feelings towards sex between Chuck and Sarah.
        And, yes, I blame Sarah for what happened in the Ring, because SHE threw cold water on going away with Chuck. Was she in a tough position ? Sure !! But she was in the same position as when she changed her mind and decided to stay. She didn’t think through the consequences of not telling Chuck what she really wanted to say. Pretty well a mirror image of the Train Station in Prague…Chuck didn’t think through the consequences of not telling Sarah everything. The difference was, that was Sarah’s default mode keeping things in. It wasn’t Chuck’s default mode….

      • The truth is we see it differently and that’s ok. I see a woman who is trying to please everyone, but the decision she made on the beach was something she should of said in the Church, but I don’t blame Chuck or Sarah for these issues.

        I blame Bryce and The Agency.

        Bryce got into Chuck’s head in the Break Up causing Bartowski to break up with Sarah in order for the greater good. She was going to tell him how she felt, but when she was ready Chuck cut her off, and he used the words “You will never be normal.” Gary, thats not a slap thats a haymaker for Sarah.

        The agency fired Walker for showing her allegiance with Bartowski. so tell me how could Sarah continue to show her emotions when the agency could fire her again.

        When Sarah said no to bryce, Its a major decision, and right before orion interrupted Sarah, she said I want to stay.

        I never saw Sarah get a chance to speak about her feelings with Chuck because each time she was ready to Chuck cut her off at the bridge and most of the time said harsh words enough for Sarah to shut down.

      • Wow…the “you’re not normal” thing was never meant as a slap to Sarah, it was a compliment referring to how extraordinary she was. And I don’t think Sarah was ever ready to let Chuck know how she felt until probably The Tooth. Every time she “opened up” to Chuck, it seemed to take the relationship backwards because she always defaulted to the “cover” story or the “handler / asset” story. Bryce was never Sarah’s problem in that she was always well over him, but it was Chuck’s problem because Sarah always seemed to slide towards Bryce somehow in a professional manner. Yes Chuck misread that, but Sarah never cleared it up with him.

        And the Agency …well…Sarah defied them twice ( Broken Heart and First Kill ), so i don’t know why she’d be afraid of defying them again. And that’s the thing…it was only a matter of hours later that she changed her mind and was going to defy them. So I don’t think the Agency had as much to do with her decision as what she’s actually be losing if she went with Bryce and continued to be a spy. She wasn’t afraid of what the agency would do, rather, what would be her identity if she quit that life.

      • and lets be honest Gary, after what we saw in Broken Heart. Do you really think Sarah was going to really be gone? I asked this question to my wife, and I love your opinion on it. Do you really think Sarah would of left for good?

        or do you think she would eventually venture back to the Burbank? Was Sarah’s love for Chuck strong enough to keep her apart from him?

        For me, her delay tactic in the pilot and broken heart spoke otherwise. She was told to be on a plane in an hour, but she refused to leave, and when she was fired she still found herself in Chuck’s bedroom and not on a plane.

        Even when she left for Washington in Tic Tac. She was back in Burbank shortly after, and I honestly think Sarah used Shaw in a sense as a mark because she knew Chuck was interested in becoming a spy, and with the threat of her leaving Chuck opened up telling he loved her then asking him what really happened at the Train Yard, It is interesting what soul mates do when they find each other.

      • Sarah always found her way back to Burbank because there wouldn’t really be a love story if she left for good !!
        Sarah never should have had to ask Chuck anything. If she was really ever in love with him and wanted to protect him, she never would have put him in the situations she did. And when she forced him to make an impossible choice, she should have trusted in him and believed in him if she really loved him, not throw him under the bus. And if she really ever loved him, she would have understood why he couldn’t make the Intersect work after Fake Name, and she would have talked to him about it. She would have talked to him about what he told her on the tape …what he had been wanting to tell her for so long. And she never would have made him choose between her and his need to do something for the greater good if she really loved him. No…she ended up in Burbank after Washington because it was written into the script….there was no reason for her to come back to Chuck, because she had shown absolutely no TRUE love for Chuck. I can find absolutely no reason to NOT go to Washington in The Other Guy …can you Chris ? I mean, she totally turned her back on Chuck in every measure, even before the Final Test. The Red Test was the Coup de Grace …it stripped away the last vestiges of the very little affection she had for him, PLUS removed the very important factor of trusting him. Why would Casey telling her he killed the mole make any difference to her at that point ? I mean, she always knew that Chuck still loved her. Is the only reason she “took him back” is because he said he’d give it all up for her ???? I mean, how selfish is that ???

      • Gary,

        I don’t want to argue with you over this issue because we see the same scene differently and we agree to disagree.

        So, let’s leave it at that. I admit I am biased when it comes to Sarah because she is my favorite character.

      • You asked why she came back to Burbank …even after Tic Tac. I replied that I couldn’t ever see a reason to come back to Burbank FOR Chuck … and I detailed all the situations where it was pretty obvious Sarah did not love Chuck enough to fight for him, so why she came back I can’t figure out. Perhaps it was because that’s where Castle was.

        All I asked from you was some examples to prove that Sarah made the choice to come back for Chuck, as you state. All I ask is that you come up with some examples of Sarah actually still loving Chuck during the first half of Season 3 (i.e. a reason to come back to Burbank for him). All I ever get from you is that Sarah is your favorite character …..

      • and she did make a decision to stay in the beginning of S3 when Carina asked her to come with her. Beckman said no to the transfer, but after Chuck made his speech in the courtyard. Sarah didn’t want to go anymore.

        She told Chuck she was good hear for now, like she did in Wookie to Carina.

  4. But your previous post makes a case for the fact they were more ready for sex in Barstow than in Season 3 ….she’d fought hard for him and her to stay together in Season 1 and 2. She threw him under the bus in Season 3 ….yet you think that’s a healthy part of building a relationship, and after doing that to someone, then you can have sex with them. Strange.

    • It comes back to my premise for this argument. When you don’t define the rules and where the relationship is at that point, Sex doesn’t automatically help the situation. How do we know Sarah or Chuck for that matter second guess sleeping together.

      Especially when the mission at hand was to find Chuck’s father All I am saying would anything have changed if they did have sex? I don’t think so. They still weren’t comofrtable talking about their feelings, and not saying it on camera or through a third party. I am talking about saying I love you to each other Face to Face.

      American Hero Started it and it was complete after the Tooth with Sarah.

      and really they started talking about a real relationship in Final Exam, when Chuck asked her about Shaw, She said it was different then with him, and was going to kiss him again if Shaw hadn’t called.

      Now I have started to think something about the train yard incident. Sarah was trying to get what really happened out of Chuck, and when he was trying to protect Casey from getting into trouble, Y the writers would do that is beyond me. If they were a close team. I am sure Sarah wouldn’t hesitate and lie to Shaw.

      For some reason the distrust in the team was always there even in Season 5

      but the end result was in Barstow if they would of had sex, and things foiled what would be the reason. The first thing would be the mistake of sleeping together. the passion was there don’t get me wrong. but its still not the time or place for it.

  5. Well….Chuck didn’t even know she was back in Burbank at the start of S3 ….and she was living with her asset at his mansion, so I’m sure she had to be there. When she found out that Chuck loved her, she tried to run. Not sure what courtyard speech you’re referring to since almost all Chuck’s heart-to-hearts were in the courtyard….

    • The one after the party, when Chuck was cleaning up the yard. She said I will listen if you want to talk. and he said I am sure you want to be elsewhere.

      she said, No, I am good here for now.

      Yea but did you watch her dancing with her asset. She kept looking up at Chuck. Even in castle looking at the screen. She was mad and missed him at the same time.

      Gary, put yourself in Sarah’s shows for a moment. don’t take it from the time after the first 6 months.

      go back to the beach wedding. She was prepared to stay. she told Bryce she wasn’t coming. She asked to dance with him and had satisfaction in her eyes with the decision she made. As Orion told them about Bryce, Sarah was ready to tell Chuck wanted to stay with him.

      then throw in seeing her first love get killed and a machine that just took out 5 guys. If I was Sarah I would be freaking out.

      Bryce dead, and Chuck turning into a machine. it was a shock to the system that caused her to want to run because she didn’t want to lose Chuck now too.

      She knows the game and was preaching it to him and warning him about what was to come. ITs like what Bryce said. what happen three weeks later the chuck we all know and love was not the one that showed up at the train station hence thats not the kiss I was expecting.

      Sarah being told I can’t sent her through a tailspin. A lot had happen in a year enough to make her crack.

      She was living with the asset, yes, but I also saw hurt and anguish in her eyes after she dropped the phone in the pool. She needed to get composure because she was working no?

      People don’t take all that stuff happening in a short time span, its like how Chuck felt when he found out Jill was Fulcrum he asked for some time to just chill.

      Again, Sarah saw Bryce dead and Chuck turn into a machine in a matter of time. Enough to make her break.

      She was shaken in Castle when she asked him to run. I just would like to know what happen to Chuck from the time he said he would run and when he showed up at the train station. There is missing information there.

      • Except Chuck was not a machine, he never became a machine…. that’s not why she lied to him about him becoming a spy and what it would mean.

        And Chuck didn’t react the same way when Sarah told him she was leaving with Bryce in the morning … that’s a big thing…especially right after you had the Intersect removed and this woman gave you every indication that things would be able to move forward when that happened. AND … Chuck asked Sarah to dance…. not the other way around. Sarah can reject Chuck and it’s OK because she didn’t really mean it, but Chuck can’t mistakingly reject Sarah without it causing a major malfunction in Sarah’s whole being…… OK…gotcha Chris…..understand how they’re on equal footing there .

        The CIA told Chuck that he could really make a difference in people’s lives….that’s what he told Sarah just before they were going to run, but also he told her that at the train station….and that’s what he believed … him becoming a spy was for the greater good….just like Sarah always intimated he could do. I want to know why Sarah felt compelled to lie to Chuck about why they should run ….. rather than just tell him the truth in that she was afraid he would change. She never gave him a chance to prove to her he was always just Chuck….

      • “Chuck asked Sarah to dance…. not the other way around. Sarah can reject Chuck and it’s OK because she didn’t really mean it, but Chuck can’t mistakingly reject Sarah without it causing a major malfunction in Sarah’s whole being…… OK…gotcha Chris…..understand how they’re on equal footing there .”

        Care to explain better what you mean by this, I am lost. What are you trying to say?

  6. My bad on the dancing thing….. Sarah did ask Chuck if he wanted to dance and he replied, ” You know I do .”

    What I meant is that Chuck approached Sarah at the party after the wedding, in spite of her rejecting him. He was going to apologize for his outburst when Sarah told him she was leaving, after he opened up his heart to her and asked her to go way with him. Even though he was heartbroken by Sarah “rejecting” him to be with Bryce, Chuck was telling her he understood her decision, and that it was important because there were bigger things in life that only Sarah and Bryce could do …out there saving the world !! He told her he wasn’t that guy who did that ( which is probably why he figured Sarah rejected him for the much more exciting Bryce Larkin.) That’s when Sarah told him he could be that guy. Now,

    Now, WE know that Sarah wasn’t rejecting Chuck, but Chuck doesn’t know that. And when Sarah decides they should run instead of Chuck becoming a spy, how is Chuck supposed to know that she REALLY wants to be with Chuck, or she’s just choosing Chuck because her first choice (Bryce) is now dead ? (Anyone have any idea of exactly when Sarah and Chuck first started talking about running away in Prague ?)

    But what I was getting at, Chris, is you don’t put any weight into Sarah mistakingly rejecting Chuck at the wedding, but you will base a whole season on Chuck mistakingly rejecting Sarah. And WE know that Chuck wasn’t rejecting Sarah but was becoming a spy FOR her…because he loved her.

    You see Chuck, because he loves Sarah, can see her point of view on things, helping him resolve the wedding rejection. Sarah never wanted to see Chuck’s point of view in these matters, so we get a whole story arc where Sarah retreats with her head up her butt, wallowing in self pity.

    And because she’s a beautiful blonde, she’s the prize. She can have no redeeming values or virtues other than her beauty, but she is to be loved for some reason. It’s the most misogynist, shallow story of the whole series.

    • Gary why do you insist that Sarah rejected Chuck at the wedding, she could barely look at him knowing what she had to say. She was almost in tears while saying she had to leave in the morning

      Also her look when being told she would b working with Larkin said she didnt want to work with Bryce she love working with Chuck.

      My biggest complaint about Chuck with Prague was Hannah really. Sarah didnt want to pursue a rationahip after Prague waz becajse she was hurt and angey, but she also missed Chuck. Its the expression I saw when looking up at the monitor. When she threw the phone in the pool she showed signs she was still angry.

      You even have said it wod of been a deal breaker in real life it took until operation awesome for the anger and hurt feings to subside.

      They were starting to talk she even defended him against shaw

      My disconnect happen when Chuck pursued Hannah. How do you justify Chuck saying I cant to smittening over Hannah. Sarah didnt fully commit to Shaw until after Fake Name more on this later

      • “Gary why do you insist that Sarah rejected Chuck at the wedding, she could barely look at him knowing what she had to say. She was almost in tears while saying she had to leave in the morning.”

        Chris…we know that she didn’t want to go, but she said to Chuck (after he asked her to go away with him), ” Chuck…I’m leaving for Washington in the morning to go work with Bryce.” THAT IS A REJECTION !!! Rose – colored glasses in full fore if you can’t see that Chuck was hurt by that.

        “Also her look when being told she would b working with Larkin said she didnt want to work with Bryce she love working with Chuck.”

        But she still TOLD Chuck she was going to work with Bryce

        “My biggest complaint about Chuck with Prague was Hannah really. ”

        “Sarah didnt want to pursue a rationahip after Prague waz becajse she was hurt and angey, but she also missed Chuck. Its the expression I saw when looking up at the monitor. When she threw the phone in the pool she showed signs she was still angry.”

        Yeah…but why was she still angry ?? She didn’t want Chuck to be a spy because his life wouldn’t be his own ( that’s what she told him). Well, HEY !! GUESS WHAT !!! Within 3 months he was booted out and she was now free to pursue a life with a great guy who isn’t a spy !!! BUT WAIT….she’s still angry after being “REJECTED” (even though we know Chuck wash’t really rejecting her, but was going to be a spy for her and for the greater good….just like she always told him…). Never asked Chuck what he wanted to do or why he might want to be a spy….never thought about his family or friends……. never thought about the consequences of being caught. At that point, it was all about her.

        “You even have said it wod of been a deal breaker in real life it took until operation awesome for the anger and hurt feings to subside.

        They were starting to talk she even defended him against shaw

        My disconnect happen when Chuck pursued Hannah. How do you justify Chuck saying I cant to smittening over Hannah. Sarah didnt fully commit to Shaw until after Fake Name more on this later”

        Calling BS on this one, Chris. Chuck did not pursue Hannah…he was oblivious to Hannah pursuing him for ages. When he was in control room at the museum, Hannah came on to him , and Chuck, being shaken about not assuming his regular role as Sarah’s BF on a mission, let Hannah kiss him. This was well after Sarah made it clear that they would only be friends. Anyway, Sarah wasn’t privy to what happened in the control room. And, of course, when the mission started going sideways, Chuck rushed in to save the mission and take over his normal role as Sarah’s partner. He didn’t even give a thought to Hannah in the control room and how it looked to her….and we know Hannah was pissed ! Sarah was suspicious that something happened, based solely on smelling Hannah’s perfume, but Chuck never said anything happened between him and Hannah. He was also giving the gears to Sarah about Shaw and all his come ons to her …. so it was happening simultaneously. Each of them showed jealousy of someone else showing them some attention.
        The next day, with Sarah dying and Hannah kidnapped and dying, what is the first order of duty to Chuck ???? It’s getting the antidote for Sarah. Only then does he go to rescue Hannah …..and on his way to the vault, he notices Sarah lying with Shaw in the foyer …all snuggled up to him. Chuck hadn’t pursued Hannah up to that point…until he saw Sarah with Shaw….and after Sarah had even confessed to Shaw that she enjoyed the attention he was giving her. The next day, Chuck asked Sarah if it was OK to date Hannah, and Sarah said it was. But she couldn’t even let a little thing like Chuck asking her if she was OK without giving him a jab about Shaw being “her type” …. just rubbing it in that Chuck wasn’t her type !!

        The big difference is that Chuck couldn’t pursue a relationship with someone he didn’t truly love. Yeah …he looked a bit like a dirt bag for sleeping with her and then breaking it off. But for some reason, he still loved Sarah, even after all she was doing to him.

      • Yes Chuck was hurt. But it wasnt something Sarah wanted to do I find it interesting how eveytime Chuck and sarah have a zpecial moment Bryce caused huge problems

  7. Jeez Chris….it DOESN’T MATTER what SARAH KNEW or the audience knew …. when Sarah told Chuck she was leaving for Washington with Bryce, instead of going on a romantic vacation with him, Chuck felt that Sarah was rejecting being with him in order to be with Bryce….there is no other way he could take that …he didn’t know that she was ordered to go !! Just….wow ….. I guess Chuck is supposed to be omniscient …even without the Intersect.

    And yes….Sarah didn’t know that Chuck wasn’t rejecting her, either. The difference is in how the 2 of them handled the misinterpreted rejection. Chuck understood it from Sarah’s point of view …it was the job, it’s what she (and Bryce ) were good at, it’s for the greater good … and he smoothed it over with her almost immediately.

    Sarah, on the other hand, stuck her head up her butt, played the pity and anger card forever, threw Chuck under the bus whenever she could, misinterpreted everything Chuck did, or saw it in the most negative light she possibly could. Not once did she even try to redeem herself to Chuck as Season 3 rolled along. She did nothing to help heal the relationship, but did everything she could to tear it apart even further. And Chuck still loves her?? She’s the prize at the end or all the torment she puts Chuck through ? Why ?? Any instances or indications you can come up with in Season 3 where she deserves to be loved by Chuck ?

      • Just give one example of Sarah fighting for the relationship in S3 ….just one.

        You always look at things through the lens of the audience rather than Chuck, and then say…”We don’t see eye to eye….
        You never give examples to support your theories …..
        You can never counter my arguments or give examples to counter my arguments . You just say…”Sarah is my favorite…”

        It just goes to prove the misogynist thread that not only runs through the whole of Season 3, but your posts as well. Beautiful Sarah is the flower to be protected, the prize to be fought over. Given absolutely no redeeming qualities other than her beauty, her name is not to be besmirched, her motives are not to be questioned. We are to blindly accept that she is the perfect woman.

        Yet she offers Chuck absolutely nothing BUT her beauty.

        Misogynist AND shallow ….what a duet Mr. Fedak has written for season 3 !!

      • Gary, I am not going to wasre all my thoughts on season 3 here. I am currently writing up Pink Slip, and this where I will expand on my reasoning not for a comment section

      • I don’t read them. I have my ideas of what would happen in between episodes, so I don’t want them compromised. You and I don’t even see the same thing in the actual episodes anyway !! I mean, other than being beautiful, I still can’t figure out what Chuck gets out of Sarah Walker …frustration in the first 2 seasons, a lot of torment in S3…. and then I guess a lot of sex. Other than that, she’s really not a very giving person. Perhaps he just really needed her as a bodyguard.

      • How 2 people love each should never be judged. If Chuck felt like Sarah gave him enough thats up to bartowski. Fiction or not Love is in the eye of the. beholder

        Selfishness on Sarah`s part was directed from the idea of Chuck`s normalcy. The so called Hero stance at the end of Marlin which she really wanted to be in there. I come to believe the CIA was what ultimately wod keep Chuck and Sarah to live a happy life

  8. I call BS on the normalcy crap too. Sarah talked about a normal life to Casey and Carina, but she was actually the only one that actually had the chance to live a normal life growing up ….. if she had lived with her mother. Her mother told her she was different..always craving excitement, and that’s why she ended up with her dad ( or her grandmother ).

    Chuck’s life was anything but normal. His mom left him at age 9, his dad, who wasn’t ever really present in his life anyway, left when he was 15. He was raised more or less by his overbearing sister who made all his decisions for him. He had people always making decisions FOR him..he never got to make any for himself (Ellie, Bryce, Orion).He had Morgan as a best friend. He was a genius that never really got to fully express that. He lived with his sister and her fiancee until he was 28. He celebrated “Mother’s Day” on the anniversary of his mom leaving them.

    Do you REALLY think Chuck was normal ? Or are you just spewing the company line ?

  9. i’m total agree with gmhenderson!!!
    you are right to say barstow for sex was better than paris.Sarah in s3 she was more concerned about being manipulated and getting banged by shaw, (heck, character who didn’t have a minimum of the honor that a bryce or cole had, and don’t tell me that’s not true, shaw was far from a stretch typical of the hero if you have seen the show ,well, you understand it immediately) in addition to giving him his most intimate details (real name, in ep 1×04 Carina clearly says that you can not tell anyone about who you are because after you should kill) , plus she doesn’t even believe in the love of her life (by her own admission) but in shaw giving her a gun for both of them in red test (plus she continues her relationship with him,without feeling remorse or at least trying to straighten her head ) and still believes him that they can work as a team when he found out he killed his wife. But I say, this man promised you a new life a few hours before, then he goes to get himself killed to destroy the organization that killed her (any human being knew what would happen and let’s not say the excuse that it was a tv show) . Plus if it wasn’t for casey we don’t know for sure that she chose chuck. she really loved would try to stay close to them and not make them lose the qualities she loved about him. At this point I think the writers have done a lot of bullshit, putting them back together so quickly. The only way they had was for her to leave and after a while she realized she had made the biggest mistake of her life. Or she simply had to disappear forever with Shaw in washington, anf have a life wihtout love for her weakness , or die with shaw in paris and chuck who didn’t save her(even there the authors created the red test with eve shaw ,with many weft holes,I think to put them back together because they realized they were losing too many fans). That way maybe he could go back up and give Chuck a push to make him realize he was getting what he wanted from life. Even when they ended up together there was no longer that trust that was there in the first 2 seasons. In s3 their relationship had to end definitively, it had gone too far, their relationship was incurable, (true it was a TV show, but when you stray too far from reality people stop following it), if not in the long term that could bring them to see each other further, the authors have sinned of presumption, unfortunately there is a moment in which we must make courageous choices. They could start training chuck after 1×07 to harden him up a bit and wake him up (after all this was what he should have become if bryce hadn’t chosen his place). Unfortunately they focused only on the protagonist, adapting and trampling the other characters (devil, in s3 chuck, sarah, casey trusted each other less than in s1), they rape the 2 co-stars to tell Daniel Shaw (a totally broken, focused on his revenge, ready to trample everything and everyone) that we immediately understand in 3×04 that he would have done everything to destroy the bond between the team and especially between chuck and sarah and she the super spy does nothing, indeed she peace with herself to see the man she says she has always loved in 3×13, destroy himself and then go to bed with their executioner. I understand the women and men who stand up for Sarah after chuck goes with hannah (hell she was hurt, replaced and left alone) but he did it because she didn’t give him the road to reconciliation and see shaw try with sarah. and don’t tell me he went to bed with jill before.Sarah always said there could be nothing between her and him. She rejects him too many times, and for once for her she is rejected with a logic to defend her, she makes the person cold (even if it is typically feminine and justifiable) no one judges her for sleeping with someone else, but the personal details is hers behavior towards chuck was totally derogatory). Maybe after going rogue the first time ok, chuck can see that she love him, but then there was a missunderstanding in the end of season 2.Sarah’s choose to escape to Prague was a pure selfish desire (chuck in that juncture saved Sarah from prisons for life or death, not just of she but also of her loved ones because they could be blackmailed his family, he was the intersect) Also on the run or in a normal life, she had enemies give her past,that could come looking for them and at that point chuck would probably have to kill someone. Even the actress (yvonne simply spectacular when she makes us understand emotions, with looks) complained about her character, realizing that they were destroying her. All this even with the subsequent love story, the damage was no longer repaired due to fedak’s madness (I really hope he doesn’t write a show anymore, he had a great start, the pilot is one of the best TV show starts ever. ), because he wanted chuck to take the girl from the stallion in a epic way (the worst choose) that’s all that could be built, deepende in a more linear and long way with aniway twits, was finsih. Finally, I believe that this is the reason that led to the cancellation of the memory for sarah, as they also know that probably one of the 2 protagonists did not really love the other, because same chuck point was terrible ( when in the beginning she start to speak, he interrupt her a lot of time). I think the authors want ended in this wai too, for leave the imagination to the fun.

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