Chuck vs The Ring Part One

We reached the end of season two. Bryce Larkin returns for the final time. Chevy Chase cemented himself as one of the series Mount Rushmore of bad guys, and two weddings in one episode marked as the best way to finish off the season.

If you asked yourself what made Chuck special, Chuck vs The Ring would be the best example of why so many Chuckaholics still love the series, and a great finale that was the final piece in setting up the direction where season 3 was going to be focused on. so, without further delay, let’s talk about season 2 finale.

The episode opened with Chuck and Casey entering the Buymore heading for Emmett’s office.  Chuck told Emmett he quit the Buymore. It is a very funny scene, because Milbarge assumed Chuck was coming on to him. Casey would quit as well.  As Chuck walked out of his office. Emmett screams “What are you going to do with the rest of your life.” Chuck said anything he wanted.

Not a good start to Emmett’s reign as king of Buymoria. In two episodes, Morgan, Chuck and Casey all bailed on the store.

Casey and Chuck about to quitEmmet thinking Chuck was coming on to him'

I quit Emmett
You take your flag and this job and shove it.

Emmett Shocked by Chuck's decision

Down in Castle, Beckman was finishing things up with operation Bartowski, when she asked Chuck what were his future plans. Chuck would say he was looking forward to getting a buzz on and dancing with his date at his sister’s wedding. The comment drew a look from Beckman, Casey  and Sarah.

The question was not meant about personal plans, but vocational. He said he didn’t have anything lined up at the moment. Beckman would ask Chuck, how would he feel working on the new Intersect Project. She would tell Chuck, the company was building its own Intersect, but Chuck turned her down claiming he was not a hero.

What I want to talk about would be Sarah in this scene. She was going through a tough time. She was leaving, which meant she was losing Chuck. When Beckman offered Chuck a job with the CIA, she felt relief briefly, but once again felt some pain when Chuck said no.

What it really means was Sarah had a chance in working with Chuck. She could be with him in that capacity with no problem. It was a solution to the overwhelming conflict that was going on in Sarah’s mind.

Chuck saying he was going to be dancing with his date

Fellow Chuckaholic, Gary liked to point out how Sarah was cold  and mean to Chuck in this episode, but here is where I differ and since we are up to the episode I will talk more about Sarah and Chuck for most of this article.

Sarah hearing the words “How would you like to work on the new Intersect Project.” put a  brief smile on her face because nothing would change. She loved working with Chuck and being with him was possible. She alluded to it in Seduction that she couldn’t be with him because it was unprofessional.

Sarah was always going to be a spy, and she loved it because it was an outlet for her from her dad’s chosen profession.  So, when faced with the reality again, it would’ve been an easy choice. Sarah quits being a spy, and stayed in Burbank with Chuck. Great, but what would she had been able to do?

For Chuck, he wanted to stay in Burbank because of his friends and family lived there. When Chuck and Sarah were on the lam, what did Chuck do, he called his sister. Something a fugitive wouldn’t normally do, but what would Chuck do now since he quit the Buymore?

So when asked to join the CIA, Chuck quivered away out of listening to the words he was used to hearing. “I am not a spy.” However, what he didn’t see was Sarah’s reaction to hearing all of this.

Sarah hearing Beckman offer Chuck a job Sarah's reaction to Chuck turning it down Sarah back to being conflicted

Sarah felt a little disappointed by Chuck’s decision, and even more so when Beckman told her she would be working with Bryce again. She was not interested in Larkin anymore, and her expression said as much.

She didnt want to work with Bryce anymore

Her mind was on Chuck and how she can stay with him if working with him as an analyst. Larkin being back only complicated it for her because she would have to tell Chuck she was leaving with Bryce in the morning. Its deja Vu all over again.

So when she showed up at the Church, She already was conflicted on how to tell Chuck what she knew. She didn’t want to ruin Ellie’s day by just coming out with it, but Chuck was excited and happy about his life being back, and he missed how something was eating at Sarah.  She couldn’t even look at him when she entered the bridal suite.

She knows its going to not go over well with ChuckShe can't look at him because of what she has to say

You feel for Chuck here because he doesn’t know what was coming, and I really don’t know when it would be appropriate for Sarah to tell Chuck, but she had no choice in the matter.

You look like a real spyChuck preparing to ask Sarah to go on a vacation with him

When she fixed his bow tie, she had already began to regret what she was going to tell him, and when Chuck asked her about going on a vacation, she had to tell him now.

What makes the scene so special for me would be these screen caps.

She was trying to hold her smile
Is Chuck going to ask me to be his girlfriend

She was ready to smile in anticipation of what Chuck was going to ask her. However, as much as she wanted to go with him. She wouldn’t be able too, and she told him about leaving the morning.

The second screen cap that touched me was this one.

Its hurting her to say this

If you don’t see how much it was hurting her to have to say she was leaving, you don’t understand her position in this. Her eyes tell you she was in pain, and then we get Chuck’s reaction.

Bryce doing it again

It was bothering Sarah as well
Sarah can see already the effects of her untimely news. She never wanted to hurt Chuck. Especially, when she can’t deal with it either.

If you know anything by now, Sarah has never wanted or have desire to purposely hurt Chuck. This was a woman who was by his side when he found his father, and worked on getting his degree. She was there for him through the Jill fiasco.

The idea she was callous here are the people who missed this screen cap then.

Sarah really didn't want to hurt Chuck

Does this look like a woman who purposely wanted to ruin Chuck’s day? She knew going into the bridal suite the news would make things  complicated again, but while Chuck was hurting from the news, Sarah was hurting just at much. It reminded me Chuck vs The Break Up.

For Chuck, he too has a pain again, and that would be in the form of Bryce Larkin. Chuck’s mind was telling him Bryce was hurting him again, but in reality it was not personal this time. Sarah was being taken from him because of the job. There was no romantic involvement here, and Chuck used the words that usually would come out of Sarah’s mouth.

Chuck hurting about the news
Thank you for coming to the wedding. Good for the cover.

With all the progress made over the last few episodes, Sarah didn’t want to hurt Chuck here, but what would be worse would going through the whole day with the pressure of telling Chuck looming over her head. IF she could salvage anything it would be at least friendship if this was indeed the end.

The problem here of course was the expression Sarah gave when Chuck walked off. She gave the expression of not being there because of a cover. She was there to support him and his family.

At this point in the story, I feel bad for both of them. They have come so long in accepting the feelings they were developing, and here is why this episode for me is impactful as whole.  This was the first episode where we see Sarah suffering because of her job taking her from where she feels she belongs.

The situation gets worse for Sarah when Roark crashes the wedding. Chuck not only has to deal with the notion that Sarah was leaving, but now Fulcrum and Roark had came to spoil his sister’s day. The pressure of balancing the spy life with his real one was clashing right now.

Roark would threaten Chuck by saying if he didn’t get the Intersect cube, he would kill the bride. It made Chuck leave, but before he could. Morgan stopped him. Chuck told Morgan to find Sarah and tell her specifically he forgot the rings. Morgan said he would stall the wedding as long as he could.

Morgan beelined for the bridal suite, but Father Woodcomb stopped him. Sarah walked out of the room, and Morgan would tell her about the rings. The reason its significant was because Chuck showed her earlier he indeed had the rings, but this was a warning about something was wrong.


Back at Castle, Chuck came running down the stairs looking for the cube but Bryce told him the cube was gone. No one was allowed to know where it was not even Beckman.

Chuck would inform Bryce about Roark taking the wedding as hostage for the cube, and we get the real reason Bryce sent Chuck the Intersect. Bryce told Chuck everything.

All this time Bryce was working with Orion. His father sent Bryce to Stanford to protect him. It makes the dynamic that more important and why Bryce was an unsung hero. Bryce wasn’t a bad guy. and like Sarah, Bryce learned to care for Chuck.

It’s why he went into Fleming’s office to stop the recruitment. Its why Bryce told Chuck in order to defeat Fulcrum he must act and think like Fulcrum. He also knew Sarah would find Chuck, but he didn’t think Sarah would fall for Chuck. It is also why Bryce sent him the Intersect because he knew Chuck would be responsible on how to use it.

When Orion created the Intersect, he made it for the purpose of helping people. When Orion discovered how the government and agencies like Fulcrum were planning on using his invention. Orion bolted, and that was the biggest thing Bryce wanted Chuck to know. Orion was a hero.

It ties the whole first two years into a nicely neat bow. Bryce would go with Chuck because Fulcrum believed Bryce was the Human Intersect. Thus, Bryce was going to hand himself over to Roark and his men.

What would pursue next would be the essence of what the series of Chuck could provide in entertainment. A nice blend of action, comedy and bit of romance.

It also would mark one of Jeffster’s best performances,

The chaos that pursued was epic. When Chuck entered the room, it was all downhill from there when it came for Ellie. As Bryce was ready to hand himself over Roark said Fulcrum wanted Bartowski dead, Sarah ran out of knives to throw, Bryce went dry in his gun. All seem lost. Suddenly, a wave of special forces including Casey came out of the sky.

They completely wrecked the reception hall. They took out all of Fulcrum, but the result of the gunfire would cause the sprinkler system to come on drenching Ellie and her guest.  Ellie canceled the wedding out of humiliation.

Later at Chuck’s apartment Chuck was feeling down because of what happened at the wedding, but Orion was trying to comfort him. Orion said, he had no other choice. Sarah walked in Chuck’s room to see how Chuck was holding up.

Chuck wallowing in wake of the Wedding
I don’t want to have to save my sister using a Special Forces team. I just want to be a normal guy who helps his sister in normal ways. Like right now, if I could give her anything in the world, I would Excuse me. I think I might know how to fix this

Chuck has reached his limit with this spy stuff

Sarah listening to Chuck Orion feels for Chuck


What Chuck did next would make convince Sarah she wasn’t leaving. It was the same kind of selfless act when he helped the ballerina. Chuck gave up the money he earned being an asset, and gave it up so his sister could have her big day.

Its not what a normal guy would do
It’s not what a normal guy would do.

Chuck would tell his sister the reason Morgan and his friends ruined her wedding was because he asked them too. He told her he forgot the rings. Ellie became very upset with Chuck, but Chuck told her he would fix it.

The scene is breathtaking so I will save my thoughts after you watch the scene. It still makes me weep when I watch it. The scene also offered the song of the episode, and not only for the episode but for the overall series. Slow Club’s Christmas TV.

A few things before I get into the scene were I felt  Sarah was ready to commit to Chuck.  The scene offered a interesting cork to it. I love it when the reverend ask if anyone felt Devon and Ellie  should not wed speak now or forever hold their piece. Bryce was the one who would ask Sarah, you’re not coming are you?

The scene spoke volumes to where Sarah was even a year ago standing out the window. Sarah was with her family. Most of all, she was with the man she was ready to leave the spy world for.

The only person she was focused on was Chuck. When the vows were being said, she was looking at Chuck the whole time. Her eyes fixated and smiling as if she was talking to herself.

Sarah happy and all but commited to Chuck She is thinking about quiting the CIA for Chuck Fixated on Chuck

As Sarah looked up, and Ellie said “I do”  It was Sarah’s point to say “I do want to be with Chuck” Everything was moving nicely.

She told Bryce she wasn’t coming, and at the reception Ellie would thank Chuck for saving the day. Chuck would also say good bye to Morgan who was headed to Hawaii to study Hibachi cooking with Anna by his side.

The next scene I love from this episode took place when Chuck and Sarah were dancing, and for this particular episode. I am offering a second song that would be a favorite of mine.

There is one particular screen cap that stands out in the dance screen.

The woman is finally in love

Chuck allowed the nerd to spoil the fun when he would make reference to Larkin. He said she should be out there saving the world. He put himself down again, but Sarah being Sarah said “How many times do you have to be a hero, to realize you are that guy.”

I believe Sarah never asked Chuck to become a spy, she said he was a hero, does that constitute her wanting him to be a spy. When reference to a spy, Sarah said often he wasn’t a spy. She didn’t have quarrels about saying he was hero, and there was a difference in my opinion.

Bryce would show up at the reception and run into Orion. Bryce would ask if this was a orion conversation or Stephan. Orion said, it a bit of both. He said, he finished the cube for them as part of a deal to leave his family alone. Bryce told Orion they offered Chuck a chance on his team, and he said no.

Orion would ask Bryce about the changes the agency made to his designs, but Bryce told him he wouldn’t want to know. A agent appeared to take Bryce in, and before they left. Orion flashed on the man. He was not CIA, and he was not Fulcrum either.

Orion fell back a bit, and rushed to tell Chuck and Sarah. Right before Sarah was ready to say she wanted to stay, Orion told them Bryce was taken by someone that was not CIA. Chuck asked his dad how would he know that. It would turn out that Orion had an Intersect in his head too. It makes sense since he created the program.

Sarah rushed off to get Casey so they can help Bryce. Chuck wanted to follow, but his dad stopped him. He said you’re not a spy, and Chuck admitted to his father, he loved her. After hearing this, Orion gave him his wrist computer, and told him he couldn’t follow, but told Chuck please be careful.

Chuck would catch up to Casey and Sarah, and they quickly told him this was not his fight, but Chuck reminded them he was a Bartowski and showed them the wrist computer, and off they went to save Bryce.

Bryce and the agent were walking down the hall towards the Intersect vault, and Bryce was talking about Walker, and finished by saying she was in love with another guy, bad day to be me.

The agent pulled his weapon on Bryce, and soon Bryce was surrounded by agents including the man who tried to killed Casey earlier, but Bryce grabbed the closests agent’s weapon and used it to shoot at the far men, and in midst of the action Bryce was shot in an attempt to get into the vault. He was able to lock the vault.

As the agents were trying to get the vault open, Team Bartowski arrived to dead agents. They move slowly through the halls, and Chuck using the wrist computer told them where they were. They move quickly and right before they reached the corner. One of the agents spotted them and opened fired on them causing a shootout in the hall.

Sarah sent Chuck to get some help, and as he was running to do so, he looked at the computer and he saw a way into the vault. He climbs through the vent, and crashes to the floor inside the vault. Chuck saw Bryce laying on against the wall. He was struggling to get to his feet.

Chuck told him Sarah and Casey were outside and were pinned down by agents, but Bryce couldn’t move. Chuck insisted by saying Sarah needed her, and they were going to go on adventures together. Bryce was trying to tell him, she wasn’t going to come, but the pain was too much for him to finish.

He was able to tell Chuck to destroy the new computer. It was far too powerful and should not be used, and what proceeded next would be my favorite ending to a season.

We also get a rare tie in selecting my line of the episode rather than talk about it, Let’s watch it.

This scene set up Season 3’s story, and I will save my thoughts from this scene in my preview for Season 3.

We made it everyone, Season two is now complete. Well until our rewatch reaches season two, but true Chuckaholics don’t get tired of feeding our Chuckaddiction.

Stay tune for a review of season two, which will follow a preview of season 3


















  1. Always putting Chuck down, eh Chris ?

    “The nerd in him spoils the fun …” Crap…. Chuck was hurt by Sarah’s decision. Once again he lost out to Bryce Larkin. Chuck was being the good guy he always was by trying to correct his previous outburst when Sarah first told him she was leaving with Bryce. You have to know that Bryce is a sore spot with Chuck. Sure he was looking out for Chuck, but he ruined his life. No one ever asked Chuck about these decisions that were made for him by Bryce. He truly thought that Sarah and Bryce were getting back together as a team …he said so in the Intersect room. But he’s supposed to suck all that up because, of course, the AUDIENCE know Sarah changed her mind, so Chuck should have known too.

    And I don’t have a problem with Sarah in this episode … except she could have expected Chuck wasn’t going to be part of the Agency anymore. It was fortuitous that he was given the opportunity to be on the Intersect Project with Bryce and Sarah, but playing second fiddle to Bryce wasn’t really what Chuck had in mind. If Sarah could change her mind during the second wedding, she certainly could have made the choice to leave the Agency to be with Chuck right off the bat. But of course, once again, Chuck had to prove to her that he was a great guy by giving up all his newfound money. Somehow, Sarah had forgotten that Chuck was a great guy, I guess !! 😉

    And I’ll give you some leeway on your assertion that Sarah didn’t want Chuck to be a spy. I feel just the opposite. All her talk about being anything he wanted to be, you are a hero, you are that guy ( especially that line because he was referring to Bryce)…..doesn’t seem she was wanting him to be a Nerd Herder the rest of his life.

    And saying at one point that he can have “anyone he wants” kinda makes me think that she was putting it out there that he could have her. But if she never intended to leave the spy life, how could he actually have her ? She’s be off wherever …… so I think she really wanted him to be involved. I mean, she could tell he really enjoyed the missions they were on. He also had a certain knack for getting out of trouble with his smarts. So all that talk, while not exactly specific, points to her wanting him to be a spy, IMHO. Later episodes ( such as the Honeymooners ) also bear out that the perfect scenario for Sarah was for Chuck to be a spy so she could also continue to do what she loved.

    • That is the direction I been leading, its piggyback of sorts with what you said about Chuck balancing Sarah in a sense.

      It also marks the bigger difference between Chuck, Bryce and Shaw.

      While Bryce and Shaw was her calm center professionally, Sarah was looking for a normal life too. She said as much to both Casey and Carina when she asked them did they ever want to live a normal life, but she asked the wrong people the question.

      Casey and Carina were pure spies like herself, and of course the answer would be in favor of duty.

      In The Ring One, I saw a conflicted Sarah. Yes, she could of said no to Beckman about working with Bryce again, but she was still a company girl. She didn’t want to stop spying until Season 5.

      I agree with your essenment to extent because Sarah and Casey both thought of Chuck more as an analyst, the computer guy basically. He did handle himself well on missions when he didn’t allow his emotions to get in the way. It forced Sarah to have to lie to calm him down.

      Like in Three Words, he blew the mission by being recorded. He not only compromised himself, but Carina and Sarah as well. Something a spy shouldn’t do.

      In the ring, What I saw was a woman struggling with how to keep that balance you talk about. Bryce being back only worsen that situation. We both know Bryce being back was bad timing.

      Sarah knew she would have to tell Chuck she was leaving but when was the right time, and I am not saying Chuck didn’t have the right to be hurt, he did, but I don’t think Sarah ever saw Chuck as a spy.

      I make reference to First Class and Fear of Death as great examples, She was find when he was safe in the car or in Castle. She always had that desire to protect Chuck.

      but we can’t ignore the impact seeing Bryce dead and seeing Chuck take on 5 guys by himself when he had no previous kung fu training. So, Sarah went into panic mode. I understand it completely.

      She was scared. Can you blame her seeing what she did. so, lets take it further then the night Chuck downloaded 2.0 If we can agree that Sarah wanted not only being with Chuck, but working with him was something she enjoyed. A lot more then with Bryce because that was strictly a professional relationship.

      We can take it further from the night into the events of the day. Chuck was faced with Bryce ruining his life, and then Sarah dealing with the agency moving her else where. Everything was unraveling for the both of them.

      As I told Gary, when Orion said its out son..your free. It meant Chuck and Sarah dreams were too. something both didn’t want.

      I also will defend Sarah in a sense because every time Sarah tried to get a word in about her feelings, Chuck would cut her off and go into a speech that would ultimate strike hard into Sarah’s core.

      I will talk to you about this more in a few, I just have to do dishes right now 🙂

      • I think the premise that all spies have to be the same was a little bit of unfortunate writing. If Sarah was the ultimate weapon to the CIA, she certainly had assets that no other spy had. Same with Casey. Why Chuck had to be trained as a spy in their mould is beyond me. Chuck had a certain skill set that no one else had. Why he had to be trained as an assassin makes no sense…train him to use his skill set, give him some self defence and gun training, etc. He wasn’t supposed to ever be used as an operative like casey and Sarah..that’s why they formed a TEAM !

        My big argument with you here in your last post was that Sarah panicked. There was no evidence that she panicked because of the reasons you say….you are making an assumption that may or may not be a fact. We don’t really know why Sarah lied to Chuck, but we should agree that lying isn’t a great way to start a relationship….at least I don’t think it’s a good part. (You, of course, will think it’s OK if because it’s Sarah that was lying, and she should be allowed to…..because, well, she’s Sarah.)

        The Fear of Death thing is an interesting reference. Yes…Sarah was a protector. But it also proved that Sarah never trusted Chuck AND she never talked to Chuck about her emotions (you always say Chuck cut her off) Fear of Death happened long after they were together, yet Sarah had never expressed her concerns about Chuck with vs. without the Intersect. Morgan had to tell Sarah that Chuck felt he would lose her if he wasn’t a spy, and he couldn’t be a real spy without the Intersect. Sarah even realized that she hadn’t told Chuck why she loved him. Interesting dynamic that episode revealed !!

      • Gary,

        You will be proud of me here, I am on board with you. After watching the first 12 episodes of season 3. I see the problem now, it goes back to my original thought of being crap communicators. My own wife said as much tonight, We both agreed if Sarah just would of told Chuck from the start, she loved him as the regular Chuck and him being a spy wasn’t necessary. Maybe all of this nastiness never happens, but then again what kind of story could they tell really.

        I have been saying Chuck’s talents as a computer guru should of been written better. I just feel that Sarah really used Shaw. She didn’t want to be with Shaw, but succumbs to the powers of what guys like Cole, Bryce and Shaw have always been her personal kryptonite. However, as my wife pointed out to me today, She wanted to have her cake and eat it too. She wanted him to talk to her about not flashing after Hannah left, but then said don’t lose the things that make you great. She was tight walking around the major issue which was Chuck being a spy.

        however, I still didn’t like Chuck ditching Sarah to become a spy, to later sleep with Hannah. That bothers me as well as Sarah falling out of love with Chuck after killing the mole. Watching all this furthers my point about Barstow. It would of been a mistake for them to sleep together. They needed to get past the whole understanding where they wanted to take the relationship.

        Chuck should’ve told Sarah that he wanted to be a spy which he does in American Hero. Twice. great, but Sarah doesn’t say her true feelings until Phase Three really

  2. And that was my point … I don’t see why Sarah had to lie to him. Remember…when he was standing over the Intersect computer about to destroy it, what were the voices in his head telling him ?? The voices were Sarah’s telling him he could be great, he was that guy, he was a hero. She may not have meant she wanted him to be a spy, but it’s what Chuck thought she wanted. Now, he didn’t have to became a self-important dirtbag about it and not tell her in Prague what he told her in the Three Words, but I have to say that was aberrant writing. Chuck being a bad guy didn’t sit well with the viewers, so they had to reset him in American Hero and The Other Guy. It was also aberrant to write Sarah as a self-absorbed, self-pitying bitch, thus the reset in the Honeymooners where she showed she was crazy about Chuck, but still struggling to express her emotions verbally. That was the heart and soul of the show in the first 2 seasons, and why we rooted so hard for the 2 of them. They really weren’t the characters they had to portray in the first 12 episodes of S3. I mean, can you imagine Sarah ever doing nothing to save Chuck from dying on 2 separate occasions ?? It just made no sense, and that’s why it’s hard to try to rationalize it by looking for the characters’ motivations or emotions during certain episodes in S3. But that’s why it makes it hard for me to accept that they were more ready for sex in Paris, because I just could never accept the changes to the characters. Paris, or the Honeymooners was really the exact same spot they were in when Chuck asked Sarah to go away on a romantic vacation with him……if she had said yes.

    • I would agree with the sentiment to an extent. While watching Sarah’s actions during the first 12 episodes I saw a woman watching Chuck disappear, Remember he use to tell her everything, and when she asked he could talk to them, it was sort of like she did in Predator. When she asked do you still trust us, bad choice of words in my opinion. It always was trust her, when every she said trust us i felt she was towing the line. I also saw her reaction to him lying to Ellie bothered her as well as being cold to manoosh.

      The problem Gary, i have with Chuck in the first 12 episodes and it really bothered me just like it bothered you watching Sarah throw him under the bus. I don’t get when he told his father he loved Sarah, and worked so hard for two years to get Sarah to commit to him despite the fact that she did. by not leaving with Bryce, Cole or Carina in three words, Sarah committed herself to Chuck. She never wanted to leave Burbank. She was making a home for herself.

      Now it does fall in the realm of bad communicators, but how do you say to the woman you supposedly love for two years, I can’t because I want to be a spy first, that is fine and dandy and I respect that, but then why Hannah why did he sleep with her, and please don’t tell me she went with Shaw first because Sarah really didn’t go for Shaw until after watching Hannah in her home and eating dinner with her family. I watched the Mask, and while she said she thought it was nice, she didn’t act on her attraction to Shaw until she came back to Castle with the crock pot and Bamboo food.

      In fact in the beginning of Fake Name she told Shaw she needed to stop mixing her personal life with her professional. She then witnessed Chuck pull Casey’s tooth, but I really think watching Hannah invade Sarah’s territory not only eating with his family and Chuck, but also sleeping in the bed that Sarah so much wanted to call her own, but couldn’t get out of her own way to tell Chuck she wanted too.

      It just seemed to me watching season 3 last night, Chuck and Sarah were assholes to each other as you said, but both had rights to act how they did after Prague.

      • Chuck was bothered by Shaw paying so much attention to Sarah, and also by the little kiss on the neck at the museum. Until then, he hadn’t done anything with Hannah. As a matter of fact, he was oblivious to her come ons. We know Sarah was just playing her role as Shaw’s GF at the museum, but Chuck still saw what happened. It was after all that that Hannah put the moves on Chuck and kissed him. Chuck didn’t resist, granted, so it was a dirtbag move. But he did think it was over between him and Sarah …remember what he told Morgan in the Beard. After Hannah kissed him, Chuck went back to his spy duties when he flashed on the Ring agent, and then, once again, left Hannah to go down and talk to Shaw….and Sarah !! So Hannah was pretty pissed at him after the kiss, and Sarah didn’t REALLY know that anything happened. But she was jealous of Hannah even pursuing Chuck, just like Chuck was jealous of Shaw pursuing Sarah.

        It was the next day in Castle when the gas was released. Hannah was still pissed at Chuck and went to the museum by herself. When Chuck saw that Sarah was poisoned, that was his first priority. Since Sarah didn’t know if anything happened yet between Chuck and Hannah, she started professing that she enjoyed all the attention that Shaw was giving her, so that is the actual start of Sarah and Shaw’s relationship, unless you want to argue that it was actually the night before at the museum because Sarah was actually enjoying the little kisses and the hands on treatment. So it was the same time as Chuck finally noticing that Hannah was interested.

        And the day that Sarah and Shaw were poisoned was the day that Chuck saw Sarah all cuddled up to Shaw….you could tell he was hurt by seeing that, but then he refocused on going in to save Hannah. It was the day after that that Chuck asked Sarah if she was OK with him pursuing Hannah, and they even talked about Shaw and Sarah as a couple, and how they were perfect together, so Sarah and Shaw were in a relationship whether you want to admit it or not. Remember, Shaw was ” her type” !!! Was it sexual ? Hard to say….. there was never any indication it was sexual until much later in S3, and we are never privy to when it actually became sexual. For all we know they could have slept together right off the bat when Sarah felt Shaw “saved” her by carrying her to the museum.

        Now, at the start of Fake Name she talked about always mixing her personal and professional relationship, but that would mean they were in a relationship and they should take it slow. And, c’mon, that little lunch thing with the dessert was a couple thing. We also know that Chuck slept with Hannah once Sarah told him it was OK to be with Hannah. And the night after he slept with her, they had supper at his place, and yes, Sarah felt really bad. But maybe she should have told Chuck she still had feelings for him rather than always pushing him away !! Sarah seems to want it both ways….Chuck tells her he loves her in Three Words, she won’t discuss it with him, she won’t tell him how she feels, she pushes him away….and then she gets mad because Chuck tries to move on. And even though she was still in Burbank, Chuck heard her ask for a transfer out … but Beckman told her to get over whatever happened. Sarah never told Chuck again that she wanted to be there.

        And of course Sarah was bothered by Chuck changing, but it wasn’t until Tic Tac that she voiced her concerns to him about changing. Chuck would’ve been still of the opinion that Sarah wanted him to be a spy. I don’t know why she’d have a problem with Chuck lying to Ellie, since he had to do that ever since the Pilot. And burning Manoosh was really hard on Chuck. Instead of Sarah noticing how Chuck was suffering from having to do that, she started wallowing in her own self pity about him changing. It was Casey that had to pick up the pieces and help Chuck deal with his emotions, just like it was Casey who had to save Chuck from getting killed in his Red Test because he KNEW Chuck wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger. Casey understood Chuck so much better than Sarah because Sarah was too self absorbed, trying to deal with her perceived loss rather than what Chuck was going through. And, she always took the most negative aspect of Chuck’s behaviour as a sign of change, rather than notice that Chuck was doing these things, but not really changing his core values. She was her own worse enemy in S3, for sure.

      • and that is why I agree with you about Sarah now, I watched it last night, and saw what you were talking about. She was ready to pull a gun on Longshore, but not Shaw? It didn’t fit the Sarah we knew from the first two seasons.

        This was not Sarah Walker confronting Jill about not hurting Chuck again or even in broken Heart this was a Sarah Walker that changed the night Chuck downloaded the 2.0 and seeing Bryce Dead. Do you feel she really ever recovered from that experience?

        Face it Gary, Seeing Bryce dead, and Chuck perform Kung Fu without any previous training. Wouldn’t that scare the crap out of you. Then throw in three weeks later. Chuck wasn’t the same guy, she could tell by the way he kissed her.

        I really don’t think she recovered from that night because its something you can’t get over right away. She started to recover, but then learned she killed Shaw’s wife. so during the course of the time frame, Sarah went through some crazy stuff mentally.

        I mean do recall her losing one on one combat to anyone like she did to Sidney?

      • Yeah…she was different, but you can’t really pin it on Chuck getting the Intersect or on Bryce dying. It should have affected her, but she was an expert at burying her emotions. All the same, why wouldn’t she talk to Chuck at some point ? If she was concerned about Chuck being a spy, well…she had to know he got kicked out of the Agency after a short period. That should have relieved her worries a bit. She also found out that Chuck didn’t reject her…he wanted to become a spy for her…so he could be with her. That seemed to allay some of the hurt of the Prague rejection, but she still didn’t want to talk to him about their relationship …she just gave up on it. At least Chuck tried to repair it the best he could, but he just wasn’t getting anywhere with Sarah. Finally by the Mask, he tried to move on.

        And Chuck was right for pursuing being a spy, no matter Sarah’s worries. It was the only way he was ever going to be with her. It seemed Sarah was never again going to put her personal life ahead of her career as a spy, and she never really did. If Chuck didn’t become a spy, he could never be with her AND he didn’t ever really know why Sarah was giving him so much grief. He had to do these things to become a spy, but every time he moved forward, Sarah moved farther away. Even when he showed her he was still the same guy, Sarah never became closer to him…she just looked for the negative in the situation. That’s why Chuck was really caught between a rock and a hard place. It was brought to a head in the Red Test … he finally understood that he could never be with Sarah no matter what. If he completed the Red Test, she wouldn’t love him anymore. If he didn’t complete it, he couldn’t be a spy, and therefore they couldn’t be a couple. The worse thing is that Chuck was going to lose Sarah either way, so he chose to stay true to himself and lose out on becoming a spy, too….and it almost cost him his life. On top of it, Sarah got the entire wrong read on the situation… not even bothering to check out what really happened.

        So not only was she now self absorbed and self pitying, ( which may have accounted for the loss of her edge as a fighter), submissive to Shaw and overall negative, she lost her ability to reason, to investigate, to assess situations and read people…..

        She most definitely was a mess. But it was becoming worse as the season wore on …. so I don’t know if you can pin it on the end of S2. And I don’t really know how you can accept the major change in her towards Chuck just because he saved Shaw and told her he loved her. There didn’t seem to be any real flow to her attitude change either….. I mean, Chuck had always loved her, and she knew that. She might have been shaken by Hannah, but she didn’t seem any more relieved when Chuck ended that short fling after about 4 days with her. She certainly was projecting a disproportionate amount of anger and mistrust for whatever happened in Prague, Maybe it was just that she couldn’t really find her moral center without being able to talk to Chuck.

  3. I’m total agree with your point ( the auhtor make sarah selfish) , even after they are together, the how was already finsh, we have just some good scene in season 4 aboout this couple but nothing more.

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