Chuckaholics Let’s Rally for Ellie.

Earlier this year, Zachary Levi ran a campaign dedicated to helping him fund Nerd HQ 2014, and we supported him like he was a family member, which he will always be.

The campaign was designed to help Operation Smile, and its efforts went like wildfire, now its time to help another member of the cast, and she is fitting for this article because its time to help Sarah Lancaster. Chuckaholics knows her as Ellie Bartowski. If we took the time to help Chuck Bartowski, why not his sister.

Sarah is conducting a fundraiser for Alzheimer’s. A very noble cause, Below is a link to the twitter account for information.

Alzheimers is a very bad disease that causes the death of so many people, According to,  68& of deaths are caused by this disease. Its a very large number, and yet we can’t find a cure to help stop this deadly disease. So, take the time and help Sarah Lancaster. She provided us with great entertainment. Let’s give back to her with the kindness I know Chuckaholics can bring.

Not everyone can provide support by the way of finance, but what we can do is promote the cause. Ellie is a Bartowski, so let’s give her the love she deserves.

Chuckaholics Founder,






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