Preview of Season Three

Season Three  is by far my favorite season. There was a lot to offer in this season despite the negative issues presented by many Chuckaholics.

However, I never felt the season was that bad. Every season has its weak episodes. Season two had the Third Dimension. In fact the groundwork for the direction the show was going started at the end of First Kill. It was time for Chuck to become a spy.

The other thing that needed to change was Sarah and Casey doing all the action scenes. Intersect 2.0 provided Chuck with that opportunity.

2.0 was the best way to provide Chuck the skills needed to survive in the field. It would be unrealistic for Bartowski to learn Kung Fu in 6 months or learn languages, dance moves. It was not feasible.

Daniel Shaw Chuck also needed to come out of the van, and what perfect character for that then Daniel Shaw, who would bring out the best in Bartowski. So much was said about how Daniel Shaw and in particular Brandon Routh was a terrible decision, but the fact is Brandon could only perform what was on paper or directed. Shaw only came alive by the way the creators saw fit. Thus, the stiff emotions was all because of them.

People also don’t like Shaw because he got in between Chuck and Sarah, but I will discuss why he was not the wedge. The problems between Chuck and Sarah happened way before Shaw and Hannah every got involved in the story.

The Ring will turn out to be more of a formidable unit then Fulcrum. They cause tension within Team Bartowski, and finally Morgan and Ellie will learn what Chuck does outside of the Buymore.

and by the end of this season Chuck and Sarah will come together, but not before some serious issues they need to get through.

Season Three also helped me get into Vampire Weekend and Austin Hartley.  Chuckaholics does have a playlist dedicated to the music of Season 3 so check it out.

so, Let’s get started on my favorite season. Here we go Gary, its time to explain myself.






  1. I’m glad you liked Season 3, Chris. It makes you different from all the other Chuck fans who hated it and the many who just gave up on the show….which started the slide into it’s premature demise.
    Favorite twitter expression from the last few days…

    The show got “Fedaked” ……

    • I understand why people didn’t like the third season, but when I went through my first run with the show, I was getting tired of Buffoon Chuck. The whinny and complaining Chuck, who brought his emotions on to missions. The fact he couldn’t separate a mission from real life was getting old.

      A lot of people regard the 2.0 the worst download Chuck did, but I disagree because it would be hard to fathom in 6 months Chuck would learn Kung Fu and all the other skill sets a spy needed to do. Chuck needed to get involved in the action more than hiding in a car like a girl.

      What Shaw provided was the same Bryce would of done if Matt Bomer didn’t sign on with White Collar, and as a writer I would of love to see how Bryce would of helped Chuck deal with transition of become a spy, all Team Bartowski liked to do was keep Chuck in the van. When Shaw said to Sarah every time you pick up the phone it grows a bigger risk of him getting killed. I loved it. It was the same thoughts that came out of Shaw’s mouth. We know when faced with adversity Chuck was quick on his feet, but Sarah and Casey never believed in Chuck as a spy. How many times did they say he wasn’t a spy.

      Shaw pushed Chuck like no one had, and did the team open themselves up to Shaw not really. Team Bartowski never liked an outsider. When Agent Rye came to use pain therapy in hopes to get the Intersect working. The team acted the same way.

      This is why I love season 3, I also liked the test Prague brought. How can these two survive the damage it caused. As a good person that I am, it would be hard to fathom in real life after Sarah put herself out there for Chuck to be with him, whether we thought running was a good idea or not has no baring its the fact that Sarah put her heart out there for Chuck. The best way she thought was right. The running aspect that she tried to do was what Jack Burton taught her. This was a normal action for her.

      They wouldn’t of got far because of what happened in Colonel. The CIA wasn’t going to let 2.0 just leave. They would of sent the Colonel after them. I can’t fault Chuck either for wanting to pursue being a spy. I am about to write up pink slip i will give a full article now that Season 3 is here.

      • Shaw pushed him to do one assignment by himself. As if the government would let an unproven not-yet-agent with all their secrets on a plane with no back up…. Yeah … Great writing.

        I’m sick of the woe is Sarah BS too. She did the same thing to Chuck at the end of S2. She lied to Chuck about why they should run. She turned into a sniveling, whiny airhead with no self confidence. She threw Chuck under the bus many times, and then never redeemed herself. Hey…. But she still “took Chuck back!” Why the Hell would he ever want her back???

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