Review of Season Two

Season two had a lot of great memories. Some fell in the classic category and others were not quite their, but close was good enough.

Chuckaholics will start a new concept I would like to get opinions of the various topics that we discussion, and we also want to start a ranking system, which we want your take on all things Chuck.

What made season so special was the numerous guest stars that worked well with the story being told. This first poll from season two will be about the guest stars. The results of the following post will added to a new page coming that will focus on your opinions.

What was the best episode of Season TWO

Season two had some great music like Frightened Rabbit and The Terminals and a host of other songs that helped shape the season with over 50 songs. It would be too much to poll it.

I like how Sarah got a taste of her own medicine when Jill comes to town. She learned what it was like working with an ex, and it also brought a bigger perspective on the overall story.

These are my favorite screencaps of the season of Chuck and Sarah.

Sarah getting Chuck his degree


Christmas Bracelet

Death she can't handle

The woman is finally in love Sarah really didn't want to hurt Chuck

She wants to know why Chuck didn't include her in his quest to find Orion

2 beds

Now its on to season three,




  1. Season 2 of Chuck is truly something special. 22 fantastic, entertaining episodes. Very witty, smart and funny writing throughout the season. Without a doubt this is the funniest season of Chuck out of the 5. This season should have been nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. My favorite Chuck episode of all time is in this season also, Chuck versus the Best Friend. (I’m not a conventional Chuck fan) Most, if not all Chuck fans will say Seasons 3 or 4 are the best seasons, I enjoy those Seasons, however I believe that Season 2 just set the bar too high and no other Season of Chuck was able to match the glory of this Season. Season 2 is flawless in my opinion. Best Friend, Cougars, Santa Claus, Colonel and The Ring are all in my Top 10 favorite Chuck episodes of all time. This season also had the best action out of the 5 seasons. Some of my favorites being the Shower fight in Cougars, the final fight in Sensei, and the car fight in Best Friend.

    • What i love about season 2 was the great story telling, my favorite episode was Predator. The triple robbery for Orion’s computer was the funniest thing I have ever saw. I also love the Orion episodes so it was a cool way to introduce the creator of the Intersect.

      my favorite scene would be in Dream Job, when Sarah was sitting next to Chuck not outside like in Marlin.

      Nicole Richie really did a great job as Heather Chandler. I even like her more in Cubic Z. great season, but the next two seasons were really was my favorite of the series. Pretty much from Predator on Chuck was my Chuckaddiction.

  2. Season 2 was my favourite season and I can’t decide if Best Friend or Colonel was my favourite episode.

    And my favourite scene was Chuck and Sarah holding hands while Jeffster was playing. I don’t remember very well, but I think that was the moment I realized “Chuck” was a special show

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