The Charles Carmichael Files: Sarah Walker’s Awakening

Chapter Three

Lou unlocked the door to her deli, and they walk in. Chuck looked around and sat on a chair. She asked him if he wanted to try a sandwich she thought would be a big hit on the market, but told him she would not tell him what was inside of the sandwich.

Chuck said that was fine, Lou kept looking up at Chuck while she was making it.  She passed him the sandwich, and took a bite. Meanwhile, car lights flashed across the walls of the store, but they didn’t notice it.

Sarah suddenly appeared looking into the store, she was sitting in her car with binoculars watching as the two were hanging out in the deli. Sarah didn’t move. She was fixated on the two, and when she saw Lou climb on top of Chuck’s lap. Sarah took off in anger.

As Lou was about to kiss him, Chuck looked at a party flyer, and flashed on the name Stavros. A smuggler with ties to international arms dealers. Chuck would ask who Stavros was, and she would tell him he was her ex, and someone he didn’t want swimming in his head, but it was too late.

The next morning, Sarah climbed out of bed from a sleepless night. The thought of Chuck sleeping with Lou was too much. She looked at her watch, and saw Chuck was at his apartment, she was relieved that Chuck didn’t spend the night with the nemesis of her personal life.

She starred in the mirror and decided I have to make an attempt to win him back. Her mission for right now was to find Chuck at the Buymore, and plead the break up was not a good idea. In Sarah’s mind she hasn’t even seen Chuck like she used to. She missed him and wasn’t going to let Lou steal Chuck from her.

At the Buymore, Chuck was looking over some hard drives, when Morgan approached him. Morgan would ask Chuck if he would like to catch up on some Halo or do Sarah and him have plans. Chuck said, he didn’t have plans with Sarah because he dumped her.

Morgan’s reaction was shock but not surprised. He would tell Chuck woman could be very cruel. Chuck calmed him down by saying he was the one who did the breaking up. Morgan couldn’t speak, and suddenly Chuck could see Sarah walk into the Buymore.

Sarah took one look at Chuck, and pointed to the home theater room. Chuck went to meet up with her by the wall of televisions, and told Chuck we need to talk. Chuck said sure and move towards the theater room.

Sarah would tell Chuck to better protect him the idea of breaking up was not a good idea. Unbeknownst to them, Casey crept up to the room, and was listening to the conversation. Sarah told Chuck it makes it easier for the cover if they stayed together, but Chuck said he understood the cliché, but was looking for a real relationship. Something he could get from Lou, but he didn’t say that to Sarah.

Sarah said fine, but she was going to have to sell it, and tears began to fall from her eyes. The same ones she started to make when watching him buy flowers. Sarah stormed off and went to work.

She walked into the Weinerlicious and into the employee bathroom. She looked in the mirror and began to wash her face. She was struggling with this breakup and suddenly a text from Casey said to meet her at his apartment, Chuck flashed on something on his date last night.

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