Rewatch Week Twelve: Season One Episode Twelve

Chuck vs The Undercover Lover

The twelfth episode of our rewatch marked the first Casey-centric episode. We learned that Casey is really human after all, and we find Casey smitten over a very beautiful Ilsa Tranchina.

This episode really is a bonding episode between Chuck and Casey.  While Casey was struggling with the thought Ilsa had died in an explosion, He will even have more of angst knowing she was alive. Chuck becomes a coach in Casey reconnecting with his former lover. A great stand alone from the emerging Fulcrum Story.

For the full write-up of the episode click the link to the episode article for the entire episode, here I am going to spend some time writing about how Chuck was there for Casey during this troubling time.

Chuck vs The Undercover Lover,

Its Bonding Time for Chuck and Casey

At this point in the story, Chuck and Casey really had a boss/employee relationship. From day one, Casey would be barking orders towards Chuck. Casey made it known quite often he didn’t care about Chuck’s lady feelings.

He went as far as said, he confused him for actually caring about Chuck’s life before the intersect, but something told me after this episode Chuck and Casey would close the gap on respect.

When Chuck flashed on the list of Russian bad guys, Chuck noticed a name on the list he flashed on, and it turned out Casey would be the NSA Operative who had an on going relationship with Ilsa. The name sugar bear was apart of the file.

When Chuck went to tell Casey about the list of baddies he flashed on, he also informed Casey he had omitted Sugar Bear’s former girlfriend out of respect to the Major. However, Casey was in no joking mood.  The reason being was the last time Casey saw her was the morning he assumed she died in a bomb explosion. Thus, when Chuck was making light of the situation Casey became very defensive and attacked Chuck.

Ilsa and Casey smooching it upIs Ilsa dead

It made Casey miserable with the aspect of knowing a woman Casey really cared for was dead. It still affected him to the day. When thinking about it as he was helping a customer with a camera.

Even Casey had a love in his lifeIlsa's Camera

A very angry customer would bring out the angry Casey, which we right away get the best line of the episode,

Casey: I’m capable of stopping your heart

Chuck saw Casey was readying to pounce on the poor bastard, and Chuck saved the customer from a painful death, and later after Chuck told Casey about Ilsa, no one  would be able to help Bartowski from the wrath of John Casey.

Casey thinking about IlsaCasey ready to pounce on the customerChuck can see Casey was ready unleash the CaseyBreathe Casey, Breatheor growlChuck holding the big dog back

Ilsa is alive
This was going to be a rough episode for Mr. Casey

Sugar Bear's girlfriend is in town

As Chuck reported his flashes, Chuck went in with a kind heart not knowing the history, and to be fair Casey may have acted a bit hasty, but after the confrontation with the customer, Casey was heated, and it was ill-advised to egg Casey on knowing that, but this was Bartowski right?

Chuck letting Casey know about his findings List of baddies Casey finding out Ilsa is alive I will end you

After Casey dumped Chuck’s body to the ground, Chuck would seek the aid of Sarah to help find out more about Sugar Bear’s former girlfriend.

Chuck asking Sarah to help find out about Ilsa

She did agree to look into it, but once Sarah found out the truth, she would tell Chuck to take it easy.

Beckman would tell the team it was unusual for baddies of this magnitude to be meeting all in one place. Chuck and Sarah were instructed to go to the hotel and do some recon on the Russians. Chuck would then ask Casey about his plans for the mission.

Casey once again became heated, Chuck really didn’t understand why Casey didn’t want to reconnect with his ex. He assumed it was because of a bad break up, but Sarah said Ilsa was dead.

Team Bartowski getting orders about RussiansIlsa is dead ChuckWhen they get to the hotel, Sarah was looking stunning in that beautiful black and white dress. One of my favorite dresses she was in during the course of the series.

Very nice Agent WalkerSorry Casey about before

Chuck and Sarah have nice chemistry during this mission. They were not bickering like little school girls. They are talking and embracing each other’s company on a mission for once. While dancing, Chuck spotted Ilsa coming into the hall.

When they entered the hall where the baddie were partying, as they are walking Chuck would flash on every person. Once they reached the bar area Casey said they weren’t attending the party. He was the help. While serving vodka to the baddie, one of the Russians spotted Chuck. He mistakenly thought Chuck was a Sasha and started to dance with Chuck. He would spot Ilsa sitting with a woman.

Chuck tried to get the attention of Sarah to let her know, but one of the baddies noticed Chuck was looking at the blond, and made Sarah join in the dance. Chuck whispered in Sarah’s ear about Ilsa.

Sarah saw Ilsa

Ilsa arrived at the party

After Sarah saw this, she immediately called for an extraction because there cover was compromised. However, Casey ran in the direction of Ilsa. It left Big Johnnie speechless and shock to see the woman he clearly had feelings for was still alive.

Casey seeing a ghost Ilsa just as shock in seeing Casey

After reuniting with Ilsa, the team would learn why the baddies were in town. The ring leader Victor Federov was in town to marry Ilsa much to the dismay of Casey.

Viktor Federov

Not only does the news of Casey’s former girlfriend still being a live become a shock to the system, but to learn  she was getting married sent Casey into a brief state of confusion.

Ilsa would explain to Casey, she was cooped up in a hospital and took over a year to recover, but she never forgot his face. She should him the necklace he gave her. It was an indication Ilsa still had feelings for Casey, but once it was revealed Ilsa would marry Victor, Casey became confused.

At the Buymore, Chuck ask Casey if he was alright, and the Major in typical fashion treated the situation like another mission. He told Chuck there was nothing to worry about. Furthermore, Sarah was going to conduct an all night recon of the hotel.

Later  Chuck kept asking Casey about Ilsa, it made Casey ask him why so much interest in Ilsa and him,

Chuck and Casey continue their conversation about Ilsa, and Chuck puts it in perspective for Casey,

Chuck: Well, I hate to break it to you, but nice girls don’t go around marrying guys like you, either.
G-man assassin? International spy? I mean, pardon me for saying it, Casey, but at least on paper, you’re kind of unsavory dude.

Casey telling Chuck about Ilsa Chuck listening to Casey Chuck pointing out Casey's flaws Casey your an unsavory dude

Its nice conversation between the two, and the fact that Casey was actually talking made it that more of a bonding moment. Chuck was able to convince Casey to go find Ilsa at the hotel.

Chuck and Casey working together to find Casey's old flame

What are you two doing here

They arrive at the hotel and start searching through the halls, but guess who they bumped into. Sarah wasn’t keen on seem them. She asked them what they were doing at the hotel.

Chuck would make the cover for Casey, by saying he couldn’t sleep so maybe doing some surveillance would knock him out.  Once in the room, Sarah went to sweep Victor’s floor, but one of Victor’s men spotted her, and immediately called for backup.

Sarah took him out. Meanwhile, Casey and Chuck were watching the monitors, and saw Ilsa enter the bar. Chuck talked Casey into going downstairs to see her. The reason she was in the bar was to see Casey. Casey goes to see Ilsa.

Sarah would call to them about the agent she had to hide. Chuck went to put the bug in the room. When he noticed a briefcase on the desk. He went to look at the stuff inside, and started flashing. It revealed Ilsa was more than she seemed.

Your scared

Chuck placing the bug in Ilsa's room Ilsa is an agentCasey and Ilsa returned to the room, and were ready to make love. Chuck was underneath the bed. Sarah looking for Bartowski called him making his phone go off.

Casey knew it was Bartowski, and looked under the bed. He told Casey about his flash, but before Casey could look up. Ilsa had a gun on sugar bear.

Casey seeing Chuck under bed Ilsa point gun at Sugar Bear

Casey asked Ilsa why she had a gun, and she would return the question to him, but before they can hash out the details, Victor came to the room. It caused Casey and Bartowski to retreat under the bed. As Victor walked in, and was ready to consummate the marriage. He fell asleep from drinking.

It gave Chuck and Casey the opportunity to run. The next day at the store, Casey was laying down on the couch when Chuck went looking for him, but Casey quickly cut Chuck off at the bridge. He told what Ilsa and him had been over, but before Casey could finish off his banter. Chuck told him then you may want to tell her yourself.

Casey telling Chuck it was enough Ilsa came to see Casey

Ilsa said she was working undercover, and trying to nail Victor for the french. Furthermore, she would tell Casey she would love to be with him, but couldn’t because of the job. She would return the trinket he gave her.  It would send Casey to a drinking binge of emotion.

Again Chuck came to the aide of Casey, and in the middle of Casey’s wallowing, Casey threw the trinket on the table. It would break apart with a long-range bug coming out of it. Chuck flashed on the bug.

The two would discover that Victor knew she was an agent, and the wedding was a mirage. It made Chuck and Casey rush to the hotel to save Ilsa from the ambush, but when they get to the hotel room, Victor and his men were waiting in Ilsa’s room.

When Chuck and Casey made their way back to the hotel, Chuck called Sarah and informed her of the trap. Sarah made her way to the hotel as well, and what happened was a tribute to Lethal Weapon.

Chuck and Casey were tied up, and in the midst of battle the Russians. They moved closer to the balcony. Chuck and Casey ended up falling from the balcony into the pool.

What I love about the scene was how both ladies were worried for the two men they were interested in.

Ilsa Worried for Casey

Sarah worried Chuck was hurt from the fall

The team and Ilsa take down Victor and his men, and all is safe again in Burbank. Ilsa and Casey would say their goodbyes and Casey closed with the line of the episode.

Casey: I am glad you’re not dead.

Devon and Ellie

Ellie and Devon were at odds in this episode. They both went to the Buymore in hopes to buy an anniversary gift. It was comical on the role reversal with Devon wanting the washing machine and dryer, while Ellie wanted the TV.

Morgan would be the retail therapist, which was funny in itself. The feud over what gift to get sent Ellie and Devon to spend the night alone. Morgan would get his chance to spoon with Ellie, but nothing happened.

Overall Thoughts of the Episode 

All of the Casey centric episodes are great. They are fun and a nice stand alone episode. Ilsa was a nice way to show Casey had a heart, and really this episode was the bonding moment between Chuck and Casey. The relationship between Casey and Chuck would change after this episode.

The song of the episode would be Neil Diamond’s Love on the Rocks

The next episode will be the season one finale, Chuck vs The Marlin would start the second arc of the series.  Sarah and Casey both will defy orders to protect Chuck. for a discussion on the arc as a whole please read the following article.

The First Seductive Marlin Break Up

Until next time Chuckaholics,


  1. The Undercover Lover
    Casey does have a heart buried beneath that tough exterior! And when it involves celebrity info, Jeff is 2nd to none for his ability to get the goods! His smarts dictates the whole episode.
    Because I am so far behind, I will just mention some points that stood out for me.
    – Sarah has become more than a handler with Chuck. She also tries to steer Chucks behaviour a bit. Shushing him a few times when he was trying to tease Casey a bit. (Sounds like more of a couple to me)
    – Chuck is tenacious when he is trying to get info out of Casey. You know he may be a better spy than you think!
    – I don’t want to play Buymore Poker!
    – Sarah’s first response to the bad guys was “Where is Chuck” Sounds like looking after the her beau!
    – Great Neil Diamond music!
    – I did miss not having a Chuck and Sarah moment at the end!
    Nice to see Casey being a bit of a focus. I also liked the Morgan Ellie spot as well.

    My continuing order! A long way from my favourite 20!
    The Truth, The Intersect Project (Pilot), The Imported Hard Salami, The Nemesis, The Crown Vic, The Alma Mater, The Sizzling Shrimp, The Tango, The Helicopter, The Undercover Lover, The Sandworm and The Wookie!

    • The Casey and Sarah only episodes were some of the best written and back story episodes of the series.

      They were designed to give the viewer a break from the main story, but offer more for character building with in the team. Undercover Lover was is a prime example of this.

      While your right about Sarah’s concern for her boyfriend. This episode really was about Chuck and Casey. The bond was started in this episode between the two, and I would like to believe was the driving force in Casey not wanting to follow through on his order to kill Bartowski.

      We are entering the start of a new arc, and changes are a plenty among the team. The whole episode Chuck was there for Casey from the time Casey was ready to stop the customer’s heart until the end. Great bonding episode

      As far as Sarah goes, I find it interesting when Sarah goes looking for Chuck she elected to visit his apartment. It was cool Casey and Chuck kept Sarah out of the loop on this one, but when needed they call for her to join in. No arguments about distrust just working together as a team.

      Loved it.

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