gallery Chuckaholics Hall of Fame Coming Next Week

When you speak of greatness, you think about Sports Stars, Professional wrestlers, Musicians and finally the movies. While, the honors are decided by the Associated Press or committees. The reactions that follow are usually awesome reads.

The common theme in these articles are the lack of fan involvement in who gets in to these prestigious clubs.

Chuckaholics never seems to end with ideas to help flourish this site, and provide entertainment. What am I talking about really. Well, starting next week, when the first batch of polls close.

Chuckaholics will introduce the first inductees into the Chuckaholics Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame will be the best of everything that is related to Chuck. On the page below, you will find a link to the page of polls called Chuckaholics have been heard.

Chuckaholics have Spoken,

All Polls last a week, and once they are closed  The top two vote getter will be inducted into the Chuckaholics Hall of Fame. All Results are final.

The mission of this Hall of Fame is to let the fan determine what qualifies getting into the Hall. Thus, everything that gets voted in has been decides by you.  I will not take part in the voting process.

The Hall of Fame is our way to create an interactive community. So, get to the page and start voting everyone. Whatever finishes in the top two spots make it in.

If there are ties, Nothing will go in. For example, The best of S2 poll reads right now as Suburbs being No. 1. If the polls close that episode will go into the Hall of Fame.

I hope you enjoy this latest feature, I know I will. I am interested in seeing what you decide was Hall of Fame Caliber Chuck related.




  1. Great idea Chris! However, I think that you might consider a “Hall of Shame” as well. Plot holes, poor writing, ill defined or unpopular characters and bad episodes should be given their due as well…….

      • Really Chris, I not just referring to that episode that shall remain nameless (Goodbye-sorry). There are several plot holes and story that was left on the table, as well as unpopular characters (Shaw) and storylines that deserve their own category.

      • LOL… most shows are not of “Hall” quality, but they are very good. Then there are some “meh” shows….and then there are the ones that make your blood boil. Trouble is, there are always some redeeming qualities to almost every show. It’s no secret I hate the first half of season 3…(and Chris…you haven’t wanted to address my questions I asked about Pink Slip, but that’s OK, dude !!) mostly due to the massive plot holes and character changes. But I thought Tic Tac and the Beard were excellent shows, minus some goofy Sarah moments. So while it’s not a bad idea to celebrate the highs of the shows, awards can also go to the worst of the shows as well. After all, the fans can be passionate.

        Hopefully this might get some action on the comment sections. It’s really just Chris and I rehashing the same old stuff. Can’t wait until we are fully done with the Shaw arc and get back to the show that Chuck was always meant to be.

      • However, the fans want to vote. It is up to them, but not everyone hates Shaw or Season 3, thus having Shaw listed as the worse and best sounds a bit redundant if you ask me. how the voting will take place is once a month I will be putting polls for people to vote on various topics.

        Whatever people don’t vote in, you won’t see them. It should be incentive.

      • I agree Gary, we were hot for a while with comments, but they have dried up. Its ok though eventually people will feel comfortable to comment’

        I still love writing about the show. I am actually taking a break from episode writing and start to work on other series like Master of expressions and coming up with new ideas to enhance the viewership.

        I don’t mind debating Prague with you Gary, but we have done that on two other articles. You know my position on it. While I see your point about Sarah now, You can’t take pink slip as one episode. it really is a continuation of The Ring, and since that is the case you have to take the whole day not just what happened at night.

        Like Chuck, Sarah went through a change that made her vulnerable. She went with her feelings and told Bryce she wasn’t coming, She was ready to tell Chuck she wanted to stay, but work got in the way again. Its a pattern really at this point.

        The first Kiss what happened next Bryce return

        The second kiss and Bryce gets into Chuck’s head to break things off with Sarah. Something she was effected by the choice of words Chuck used.

        They almost have sex, but Casey stopped that. She gets him his degree and it was a special moment ruined by Jill showing up in Burbank and let’s not forget Christmas and Mauser incident.

        Its pattern that would continue, Orion takes out the Intersect. Sarah sees this as a bad thing because it means she has to leave. WE both know Sarah wasn’t going to quit spying, but working with Chuck gave her the chance to be with him professionally and personally. Something that she was used to for the two years together. Orion screwed that up.

        Prague was major but it was apart of the ultimate problem, The agency got in their way just like Bryce did. What the rest of the world already knew in Chuck and Sarah’s mind the agency was the biggest thing that held them back.

        Just look back at the sequence of events from S1 to S3,

        Chuck meets this beautiful blond female in the Buymore, she returned the next day to ask him out. Chuck was never going to call her or go out with her until Morgan put him on the spot. Chuck doubts Sarah really is into him, but Ellie told him otherwise.

        Sarah was flipping out Chuck was on a date with someone, and Casey said same bit with you in fact I think this is worth writing about in an article. Its why I believe the real villain of Charah was the Agency. Even Bryce saw how the agency was working, he wanted to destroy the intersect twice.

        The agency screwed Shaw, didn’t help Volkoff. Let Mary Bartowski rot in Russia. Made Orion disappear Screwed Quinn and so on. They tried to screw Sarah, but she was too smart for them and hid the baby. So by the time she stepped foot into the Buymore, she already began to doubt her chosen profession.

        more on this later guys

      • It’s not Prague, Chris…

        It’s the need of Fedak to take the heart and soul of the show and try to create a MAJOR conflict where there was none. It’s the need of Fedak to concentrate solely on Chuck’s Hero Journey, allowing him to redeem himself for his indiscretions and mistakes in Season 3. However, he doesn’t give Sarah the same opportunity…we never really know her motivation for turning on Chuck so vehemently, for throwing him under the bus so often. We never see her have any remorse about any of her actions during the arc. We don’t ever understand why she suddenly “loves” him again. Unless people have a wild imagination like yourself and an undying devotion to Sarah the beauty queen, her actions should have vilified her to the general public….this was not a good person in Season 3 !! Instead of vilifying Sarah, we forgive her for nothing more than the line, ” You’re still my Chuck”, when it was pretty obvious that she wasn’t still his Sarah. I think most fans took it as relief the nightmare was finally over ….many others (20% of the viewership), just stopped watching. This was supposed to be a comedy at heart, with dramatic moments. It just wasn’t a lot of fun to watch during that stretch.

      • I think that you’re being too hard on Sarah gm; you have to remember that the only other man who Sarah ever gave her heart to was her father, and look at how that ended up. Sarah was hurt, and until that off handed explanation in Three Words, she only saw the rejection, not the motivation behind it. And, not to be sexist, but in Fedak’s mind, all he could see was “hell hath no fury”, not the emotional motivation. Yes, she treated Chuck badly, and built that wall back up very quickly, but when it came to Chuck’s hero’s journey, Sarah often became an afterthought. That’s just one of the huge plot holes seen in S3, but then, that became the norm for the rest of the series…..Sarah to Fedak was always just a supporting character, not the driving force that she actually was. He never liked the fact that she was more popular than the title character, and his creation.

      • And how sexist / misogynist is that !!???? That’s my point about the writing, but also about society in general. If we let Sarah get away with , “Hell hath no fury…”, when she can reject Chuck in the church and not suffer any arrows, then that is a sad statement about ourselves.

        And the “rejection” itself…what about her reaction after Chuck explains it to her ? She weeps…. but WHY ? If she somehow made peace with, or blamed herself, why keep throwing Chuck under the bus? Why would she allow him to die out of indifference…twice ? I’m saying it didn’t fit her persona from the first 2 seasons.

        And I’m not sure she didn’t love Bryce. The whole point of the story doesn’t seem to be about Sarah and her “love” of Chuck, but it was Sarah and her need for Chuck. Chuck really wasn’t the type of person she needed as a lover…she needed him in her life to balance the inner turmoil of the life she had previously chosen. For the first 2 seasons, just having him around was sufficient to fulfill that need …no “love” necessary. It was certainly different than Chuck…who loved Sarah unconditionally.

      • So its not ok for Sarah to “throw Chuck under the Bus” but it was ok for Chuck to break up with her numerous times and then venture of with other women.

        Its ok For Chuck to hand over a omen virus to save his sister when he knows they would kill them anyway.

        Its ok for Chuck to constantly put Sarah in danger in order to protect him. Chuck isn’t innocent. Gary, sometimes you make Chuck seem like a innocent victim, while Sarah kissed Bryce she didn’t know Chuck was watching.

        Unlike in Fat Lady, when Chuck was rubbing it in Sarah face with the affections he gave Jill. BTW I thought he didn’t like PDA. He had no problem with Jill.

        Honestly, Did Chuck really love Sarah, when he was quick to replace her, and don’t tell me about Cole please because a kiss didn’t constitute enough to say that was a lover.

        The reason people relate so well with Sarah is because she was in a no win situation for herself. The CIA is not a regular job where she could tell her bosses screw you I am dating Chuck Bartowski. It’s a military type atmosphere, which means The CIA wasn’t going to let their best agent just walk away.

        Sarah had to come up with a why to stay with Chuck in the best way seem fit. The cover relationship was perfect. She could be with him personally as well as professionally, but as the story moved on she wanted to be more personal then professional.

        I mean at times Sarah was so beside herself with her feelings she had to record her thoughts on tape. If I am wrong for see Sarah as a woman wanting to commit herself to Chuck, but couldn’t or at time didn’t know how too.

      • I agree; Chuck was no innocent here. And, he had been burned badly by Jill. The fact is, both Chuck and Sarah had tons of emotional baggage that they carried around, constantly. The big difference was the support system (or lack thereof) that was in place for each. Sarah simply didn’t have one, where Chuck had family and friends, although somewhat weird ones, that help him cope. Sarah’s world was a series of lies, aliases, and hotels around the world, with no roots to keep her grounded. Yes, her mother was out there, but she had to keep her at arms length just to keep her and the baby safe. The constant for both however, was the desire to have a normal, happy life. The reason that I tend to cut Sarah some slack is that she absolutely didn’t know how to deal with the notion of being in love. It was a new, and very foreign feeling for her. She said as much in “Tooth” when she had a difficult time telling Chuck that she loved him. That’s what made me know that she wasn’t in love with Bryce. Sure, she may have loved him, but she wasn’t “in love” with him. There is a difference. You only see Sarah’s love for Chuck manifested when there was a real possibility that she could lose him in “Phase Three”, and that was powerful. But again, therein lies the problem with the plot holes; there simply wasn’t enough time devoted, in S3 especially, in showing where Sarah’s head was at. It was pretty much an afterthought, and we all know why.

      • Chris and Rev…where do I say that Chuck was innocent ?? This is not about Chuck and his Hero Journey…it’s about taking a strong female protagonist and making her weak and needy and overtly emotional, i.e. a “typical female”.

        And Chris, cut the crap about Chuck “breaking up” with Sarah. It wasn’t a relationship per se that could be “broken up.” Sarah chose her life as a CIA agent out of her love of adventure. Chuck did not choose to have the Intersect and have his life turned upside down…it was thrust upon him. His support system was “there”, but like you said, it was weird. Why else would he be a 27 year old genius working for $11 an hour and living with his sister ?? He was a wreck even before he got the Intersect …support system or not. For some reason, you 2 seem to look at Chuck as some worldly Lothario with all the answers …he was struggling throughout the whole series of events as well. He made bad choices when he couldn’t get Sarah to talk about things the way he liked to talk about things. And even Bryce put it in his head that he was endangering Sarah by making her reciprocate his feelings. Chuck is not innocent, but he is just as confused as Sarah.

        And putting Sarah in danger ???? THAT’S HER JOB, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD !!! Chuck wouldn’t be putting anyone in danger if they just bunkered him ….they’re the ones that take him on missions. He has no training for that, so he’s not putting Sarah’s life in danger on purpose. And the Omen Virus…jeez Chris, gimme a break. Chuck is supposed to stand by while Ellie and Devon are tortured and killed. Did you watch the rest of the show?? You KNOW Chuck couldn’t do that ..he had to try something. It was a bad/rash decision, but worked out in the end ( as these things tend to do !)

        And so what if Sarah didn’t know Chuck was watching her kiss Bryce…it doesn’t change the fact that she did it. WHY ??? You go on and on and on about Bryce dying having such an emotional impact on Sarah, but you give no value to her kissing him , especially after he betrayed her?? (Isn’t that a “rejection” ???) Totally different response than she gave Chuck when he makes a return from the “rejection”, don’t you think?

        Your premise for allowing Sarah to throw Chuck under the bus is a joke…Chuck told Sarah many times in Season 2 he was crazy about her and this “fake relationship” was taking a toll, but Sarah never reciprocated. Even after Barstow, Sarah rejected Chuck, so how could Chuck know it was real? All I’m saying is that the Prague rejection seemed to elicit a disproportionate response, and Sarah’s response to both Chuck’s explanation in both the Pink Slip and Three Words was never fully fleshed out. I mean, why was she crying after seeing the video? Why would she let him die in The Beard and the Final Test if she felt partially responsible for him wanting to be a spy? Why did she suffer no remorse for those decisions? Why did she feel no remorse for the decision to have an affair with Shaw, like Chuck did with Hannah?

        Got your Rose-coloured glasses firmly planted on your face today, Chris. I never even brought up the thought that “Chuck was innocent” , but was complaining about the writing of Sarah’s character. Hell, even Yvonne hated what they did to her character in Season 3.

      • Gary; I wasn’t inferring that you called Chuck innocent; I was only agreeing with Chris’ point there. I absolute agree with you that Sarah left many a mixed signal with Chuck, especially in regards to Bryce. And then there’s Cole, whom she allowed to kiss her as well, although if the timeline the show established is to be believed, was already in love with Chuck at that point. If anything, it shows a sign of weakness on her part, because it would have been an easy thing to reject his advances…but she didn’t; at least until she was faced once again with leaving Chuck behind. She clearly had issues, and those were never really addressed on the show, at least not nearly enough. I know that both of them exhibited a strong failure to communicate, and Chuck especially took a lot for granted, since the talk of marriage, and more so children, almost sent Sarah running for the hills in season 4. To quote Ricky Ricardo: Sarah had “a lot of splainin’ to do” and, unless it happened off camera, we can only assume that those issues were resolved (or maybe not, since she cant even remember being married now). So many questions…so few answers.

      • Rev…my point wasn’t that Chuck was innocent or that Sarah was a jerk. My main point is that the Season 3 writers allowed Chuck to redeem his actions ( Prague, Hannah) with explanations. He tried to become a spy for Sarah and the greater good because he loved her. He thought that it was over between him and Sarah, so he tried to move on with Hannah, only to discover that he still really loved Sarah. ( his talk with Morgan in the Beard).
        Sarah was never given that opportunity by the writers. We are only left to guess what her motivations, her emotions, her levels of remorse are. No one knows because the story wasn’t told. If you love Yvonne and her beauty, then you let that glow somehow brighten the untold story. My assistant watched that arc, and told me Sarah really needed a good, hard smack !! Why the difference of opinion ?? It’s how you feel about Yvonne ….my ( female ) assistant doesn’t have the hots for Yvonne, so looks at the story differently than all the men, who would never imagine anything negative about her. And perhaps there is nothing negative, but she did some pretty nasty things to Chuck in Season 3. It would be nice to know where her mind was at during those moments.

      • Gary, sometimes you come off that way, When I come to Sarah’s defense it has nothing to do with looks because if that was the case, I wouldn’t mention my disdain for Final Exam when she said she fell out of love with Chuck, but as I think about it.

        I don’t think the killing of the mole was the sole reason she fell out of love, maybe the icy on the cake with everything that had happened.

        The reason i defend Sarah so much was how I have always felt the writers didn’t like the fact that Sarah became just as popular as Chuck and in some circles even more then Chuck. The writers did more to destroy the character.

        Everyone in the final episode had their story told or finished. Sarah’s wasn’t when Quinn erased Sarah’s mind, I felt it was like the writers taking a pencil and erasing the character we all loved, just so Chuck could have his day. Why? for what reason.

        I mean they made sure Morgan and Chuck stayed friends, but Chuck and his wife we are left wondering?

      • It’s because you don’t read what I say, but infer and project instead. When I said Sarah threw Chuck under the bus in Season 3, I said it in reference to the writing of her character…it didn’t fit in with her persona from the earlier seasons. You have to admit that she threw Chuck under the bus, the problem is that we don’t really know why. And from that, you say it’s OK for Sarah to do that because Chuck did it to her in Season 1 and 2. I’m not arguing that Sarah did or didn’t have a reason to throw Chuck under the bus, I asked “Why?” And the truth is that we don’t know because the true reason is never given by the writers….we are left to try to piece it together ourselves. To me, that’s just poor storytelling.

        And, really Chris. Is true love really all about getting even for past indiscretions ?? That’s what you come off defending …

      • Oh, Gary I realize that, and I totally agree. It all goes back to my point about the way Feaak viewed Sarah, especially in season. He never wanted to acknowledge that she was cental to the story, and more importantly, to Chuck’s hero’s journey. Even in season 4, in “Push Mix” and even more so in “Cliffhanger”, Sarah became and afterthought (she was barely visible in Cliffhanger) so that Chuck could be the hero. Even at the end she became to antagonist, so that Chuck could make the tough choice. It never should have mattered that Chuck was the shows title. Even Dawson’s Creek at some point became more about Joey Potter and less and less about Dawson.

      • Learning how to love a complicated person like Sarah was part of Chuck’s growing experience. Sarah was a “big fish”, but she also had traits that were anathema to Chuck’s values. The chemistry that Zac and Yvonne had, though, transcended the original story so that the relationship became a driving force. Chuck’s growth was a necessary plot line for the series, but the rediscovery of the human emotions Sarah had buried also became a heroic journey…and Chuck was very central to that rediscovery. The series didn’t suffer because of the “new” relationship that threw the original plot line off course …it had a lot of bad luck going against it. Fedak trying to undermine the reason for the fans’ passion so he could get back to his original intent was immensely short-sighted, and it cost the series 20% of the dedicated fandom.

        When we actually got to peer into Sarah’s motivations and emotions, Yvonne was really able to shine brighter than usual. Phase Three is a perfect example… we knew what the problem was, we knew what part she played in it because she told us, and the episode soared because of that. When we’re always having to “guess what Sarah’s thinking, based on Yvonne’s facial expression,” it becomes open to interpretation and motivation becomes vague. If we guess wrong, then the plot becomes bogged down and we lose the story. We are lucky we get to watch on Netflix and DVD to try to piece together the events in some logical manner, but those having to watch it weekly on the networks would have been perplexed at the best of times, and would probably need to just, “cut the character some slack,” which is unfortunate. We would often get snapshots of the struggles in the relationship after S3E13, and Sarah would be a big part of those. It was a comedy again, but mainly, it was a love story again. I personally would have left the Intersect story lines alone ( especially other people with the Intersect ), mainly relying on Chuck losing the Intersect so as to grow in some other manner. But Sarah’s “growth” should have been as well documented, since it was so intertwined with Chuck’s. I don’t even mind her losing her memory…just not right at the end. That would have been an awesome arc to have everyone fighting to bring her to the level of humanity she had already achieved….but only if we got a resolution.

      • Absolutely my friend; you hit the nail on the head. My hope always was that season 5 was going to focus on Chuck and, by extention, Sarah were going to learn to live and love into life without the intersect. Instead we got the intersect of the week (almost). After it was extracted in Goodbye, it (the intersect) should have buried once and for all. Again, it was the writers insatiable need to 1) keep Morgan a major part of the story (something I surely could have done without) and 2) continue to remind the viewer that Chuck was the central figure in the saga, not Chuck and Sarah by default. I was amazed that even after nearly 5 years they still didn’t get it. I have re-watched the story now over 100 times (well season 1-4 anyway-cant watch s5 w/o getting angry yet again) and I still cant see why Fedak could get it. He tried, but he refused to relent in his desire to build up Chuck, all the while tearing down Sarah….yet again. .

      • LOL…and I can’t watch the first part of season 3 !!! I guess I’m just not one of those people who can explain the whole of Season 3 Sarah with , ” She had her heart broken.” I understand her caution, and I understand her hurt. But to give up on Chuck after the explanation, and finding out he loved her ? I want to know why she cried after viewing the video. I want to know why him pretending to be Rafe bothered her so much ( especially since Chuck “played” other people beforehand without much of an issue.) I want to know why she went with Shaw, especially since she told Shaw she still loved Chuck ( sort of…”not any more” after the Red Test). I want to know why she was willing to let him die in Castle in the Beard, and why she was willing to take a chance that he might die in the Red Test ? I can see trying to drag Prague out for the whole year if there hadn’t been some type of reconciliation in Angel de la Muerta, but something else was at play. We can only guess it was the fear of Chuck changing, but we were never sure because she turned around so quickly in Other Guy. She was going through so much, but her story was never really told.

  2. gm; I with you about most of the first half of S3, and yes there are good points to be made of even those poor episodes, including “Pink Slip” and “Three Words” (the better parts of those 2 should have been combined to make one better explanatory story). I just feel that. as good as Chuck was overall, it doesn’t hurt to point out the flaws as well. I have never kept it a secret of my disdain for Fedak’s interpretation of the the driving force behind the show (hero’s journey vs romance), I give him credit for it’s creation, just not his overall vision at the end. The good and the bad should be given equal weight,

  3. BTW, Chris…. some of your questions are pretty amateur. Hannah McKay or Sarah Walker on a Chuck site ?? Sarah and Chuck together or apart ????
    Do you want me to spare you the bandwidth and data charges to name the winner to those questions ? 😉

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