Rewatch Week Thirteen: Season One Episode Thirteen: Season Finale

Chuck vs The Marlin

We reached the final episode of season one, and this one is a very good finale. Major changes are going to occur for Team Bartowski and it has to do with Chuck. Both Casey and Sarah feelings have changed for Bartowski.

What is interesting to note about this particular episode was when it  ran. The 2007/2008 Writer’s Strike would force the first season to end with this episode. The first four three episodes of the second season were supposed to be apart of the first season, but thanks to the strike, Marlin would end up being the finale of Season One.

The final scene of this episode will be the bulk of this episode’s article, Let’s get to it.

There are two articles that I have written about this episode that I will share with you.

1. Marlin vs The Dream Job

2. The First Seductive Marlin Break Up

For the entire episode article, please refer to this article.

Chuck vs The Marlin

While my views may have changed when  I first wrote Chuck vs The Marlin, the canon of the episode doesn’t change.

There are three scenes in Marlin worth talking about in-depth for rewatch purposes, and it has to due with all three members of Team Bartowski.

Chuck will learn what being the Human intersect means to the government when Fulcrum plants several bugs into the Buymore. It would force Beckman and Graham to consider bunkering Chuck. All in the interest in protecting government secrets.

Devon came to the Buymore seeking to ask Chuck permission to marry Ellie, but before Devon could get the question out. Chuck spotted a bug at the nerd herd desk.

Chuck sees the Bug GLG-20 Once Chuck found the bug, he went to look for Casey. He would tell him about what he found. Casey knew it was not theirs and went to tell Walker about it. Both agents agreed the bug caused a problem.

We have a problem, we are being spied on

Sarah hearing her time with Chuck might be up
She starting to feel like her time with Chuck was almost up, and it already was starting to take its toll on Walker.

They report it to their superiors, and much to Sarah’s dismay, Her bosses told her they had 48 hrs to find the receiver and the one whole placed the bug or Chuck goes underground.

Sarah’s reaction was the first of the series question orders when it came to Chuck. She has begun to show her loyalty to Chuck without setting off bells and whistles. She knew this was a delicate situation.

The next order of business was to see how many bugs were in the Buymore, so the CIA robbed the store taking everything including the kitchen sink. They took the store to a warehouse where they can find anymore listening devices. They were able to find 29 bugs.

Chuck arrived at the store, and Big Mike asked where was Casey. He found it suspicious that John didn’t come to work with Bartowski. Mike made Chuck call Casey, in which Casey told him to get down to the warehouse.

Empty BuymoreCasey telling Chuck to get down to the warehouse


Chuck would arrive, and is greeted by both Casey and Sarah. She is rather happy to see Chuck. Almost like a girlfriend missing her boyfriend, but it was hard to keep the smile on knowing what was really going on.

Sarah greeting Chuck

The change in the two agents are really showcased in this scene. As Chuck was not understanding why they had to rob the Buymore, Sarah and Casey don’t see any easy way to break the news to Chuck.

Sarah said, she didn’t want to hear Casey’s version of what Beckman and Graham ordered. However, Chuck was quick to figure out they were hiding something. The difference in Casey has really changed since Chuck was there for Casey when dealing with Ilsa not being dead.

It makes Undercover Lover that more important in character development. Casey broke the news to Chuck the best way he could. He told him bluntly if they didn’t find the person responsible Chuck would be placed in an underground facility.

It put added pressure in finding the mole. While Chuck and Casey returned to the Buymore, they immediately question jeffster after all they saw on a camera a dual robbery for BIg Mike’s fish. The spy put the receiver inside of Norman. Jeffster went into the Buymore to do dastardly deeds.

Chuck and Casey were working over Jeffster and the line of the episode took place here.

 Casey:  Okay, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.
Easy way is I shove his foot up your ass.
What’s the hard way? I use my foot.

I use my foot

Jeffster told them they put the fish in Chuck’s pad. Chuck and Casey rush to the apartment looking for the Marlin. They made a mess of the place. Ellie walked in on them, but she wasn’t too happy. She asked Chuck if there really was anything important to talk about he plenty of people to ask. Ellie would eventually tell them Morgan took the fish the night before.

Chuck and Casey made their way back to the Buymore, this time the police officer wanted to talk to Chuck about the robbery. Mike thought the thief was Bartowski because the others couldn’t tie their shoes without Bartowski’s say so. If there was a ring leader, you’re looking at him.

Meanwhile Casey interrogated Morgan, It was funny how it went down because Morgan wasn’t afraid of Casey’s hard nose attitude, but was able to get a grape soda out of it. Great stuff.

Big Mike and the cop left Chuck to think about his options. While looking outside, he heard the pita girl tell Jeffster 30 delivery in one month, she gave them a free babaganoush.  Chuck put it together. 29 bugs and 29 deliveries. Chuck crawled through the vent to find Jeffster’s memocam  video. In the video, he found the pita girl and sent it to Sarah.

Pita girl overheard Morgan sent the fish over to Wienerlicious. She went over to fetch the receiver, but Sarah was waiting for her. The two girls have a mega fight in which Sarah loses. Lizzie put Sarah into the freezer and also getting away with the fish.

Lizzie putting Sarah in Freezer

Chuck ran back to the hotdog store, and found the fish cracked in half. Both the receiver and Devon’s ring were taken. Chuck would hear someone scream in the back, and went to see where it was coming from. He found Sarah locked in the freezer, but Chuck wasn’t able to get her out because the cop that questioned Chuck came over and snatch Chuck.

Morgan would tell Casey where the fish was, and Casey went to go to the Wienerlicious, but discovered the fish was broken, he also heard Sarah call for help, and freed her from the ice box. She would also tell Casey the police took Chuck into custody.

Casey and Sarah reported the latest to Beckman and Graham, but were told to not worry about the Intersect anymore, but to find the mole and get the receiver.  These drew a reaction out of Sarah, which didn’t go  unnoticed.

The change is in progress. Sarah questions orders twice in this episode. The first time was when Beckman told her they were extracting Chuck right away.  She would complain by saying they gave her 48 hours and now when finding out the police officer was really a CIA Agent with the code name Longshore.

Sarah visibly distraught in losing Chuck without a goodbye

The hero in this scene was really Casey. When the commanders signed off. He told her to go find Chuck and he would go after Lizzie. Something Walker never expected. When then come to the best moment of the season, and it’s not even close.

This was the scene of Season one because of the impact on the characters. Sarah upset the man she was falling for was set to be taken out of her life was too much for her. The fact that Sarah slipped by saying “My Guy” was awesome.

She was ready to draw her weapon on Longshore in order to keep Chuck in her life. Finally, Sarah accepting of her feelings for now.

Lizzie would crash the party, and shot Longshore, and started open fire on Sarah and Chuck. The chase was on. Lizzie would tell them she knew Chuck’s secret, and also had the ring. Lizzie would chase Chuck back to the helipad, and we get the second line of the episode.

He has me


Lizzie: What do you have?

Sarah: ME.

And we come up to the scene that I hold dear to my heart, and is in my hall of fame of scenes. This scene will be talked about the rest of the way.

There is really one expression that makes me appreciate this scene more and don’t believe she was acting like a hero.

This is the expression that changed Sarah

I would have agreed she was acting like a hero, but after this expression. She wanted to be inside with Chuck and his family. No matter what Sarah was going to make it her personal mission to stay in these people lives. Most specifically, she wanted to stay with Chuck.

Overall thoughts about Marlin

Casey and Sarah make strong character changes. They both defied the agency in protecting Chuck, It was the start of the second arc of the series. A lot of great moments are coming.

Season One is now in the books, you still can go back and look over the first 13 episodes of our rewatch.

The rewatch will commence again in two weeks. This way people who have missed our rewatch can catch up. Enjoy the moments everyone until First Date, Remember this is your toy so play








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