Chuckaholics Disappointed in Discussion Drop OFF

When starting Chuckaholics, I wanted to make a place where people can openly talk about the series of Chuck without fear of having their comment deleted or criticized. When  I used to comment on other Chuck’s sites. it came a chore because of some site hosts difference of opinion and not valuing other’s thoughts and theories. For example, some people may hate Shaw, but not everyone has the same sentiment.

Chuckaholics is different in that sense. We encourage people to speak their minds. If you don’t like something say it, but do it with respect to the other commenters, which brings me to the reason for me writing this article.

Over the course of the last few months, I was happy because the comments were flooring in, and the conversations were great. A lot of the articles were having interesting conversations, but then it stopped. People were participating in the rewatch, but the comments in those articles have dried up as well.

I created a rewatch with the hopes of creating a place where we can talk about Chuck episodes without being limited by characters that can be used. For example, twitter only allows 140 characters per posting, which for most of use talking about Chuck is not enough. It also becomes difficult to follow the various comments.

The concept of the rewatch was to watch the episode on your own time because everyone has busy schedules or different time zones like fellow Chuckaholics in New Zealand, but i have encourage people to comment and we will respond to them all.

No comment will go unanswered, no comment is right or wrong. It helps move the conversations rather than be stuck on one subject all the time.

I love talking to Gary about Prague and season three, but we need new blood. We need different opinions. We need more Chuck fans involved.

One of the things needed to fulfil the vision I have instilled for this site was to create a family here, and while we have done nicely the fact people don’t comment is discouraging. No one is saying you have to comment all the time, but  we want the conversations to grow into creating friendships, creating a family atmosphere.

Chuckaholics won’t rise if there is no action. The action needed is not just views, but conversations help bring the site up the ranks of search engines like google.

Action helps The Intersect Project to get more downloads, more followers and most importantly helps get the message out there. It helps generate new people to the show we all love. The more people love Chuck, the more we have a shot at the ultimate prize which is a Chuck Movie.

The site has over 500 followers, and averages 60 views a day. There should be more commenting going on other than the same 5 people.

I am very disappointed in having 16,535 views with only 1,322 comments. It means people are reading but no one wants to engage in conversations, I am not saying everyone will leave comments or forced to comment, but people on twitter tell me they love reading my site, However, where is the feedback on Chuckaholics.

I love doing what I am doing, and just because there is no conversations going doesn’t mean I am walking away from this. I still have a lot of work to do.

I want to make Chuckaholics a place where the people of Chuck and the fans can come together and relive the show we can’t have. This site  a gift I presented to everyone, who loves Chuck

Without revealing names, I recently came in contact with someone from Chuck, and I am happy for that, I am happy they are enjoying what we are doing here.  Hopefully the person would love to share with us what it was like to be actually working with the cast and production crew, what it took to prepare for an episode and what not, but why would I ask the person to contribute when Chuckaholics aren’t responding to the material we have already.

**Please don’t ask me who the person is, I won’t reveal who it is out of respect to the new found friendship.**

We are working hard here to bring you a memorable site. Please take advantage of what we have going on here. I am giving the rewatch a two week break, so people can join the rewatch we started 13 weeks ago, to allow people to catch up with us before we get into season two.

There will always be time for people to join in, but season two is a long season, and getting to the comments may take a while. We also have reached season three for the veterans of the series, which will require attention there too.

The season three articles should be seeing some action since the season is a hot topic amongst viewership.

One last note, while Chuckaholics is up and running, I plan to keep this site open for a long time, I believe everything has an expiration date. Someday we may have to close the doors on this site. Whether it be WB telling me I am copyright infringing or the bands from the music complain about providing music for your entertainment or finances become a burden when it comes time to renewing the domain.  Just remember Chuckaholics is here now, and like maybe someday, we won’t be.

Take advantage Chuckaholics. Get to know your fellow Chuckaholics and let’s talk about Chuck. Hopefully, the site will get people from Chuck involved , which would be great.

One last thing, please take the time to read For Chucksters and listen to the intersect Project Podcast. Paul and @Charah9 are working hard in delivering their passion for Chuck, so you can be treated to great Chuck material.

Finally, I would also like to recommend helping cast members with their fundraising causes. Whether it be Zachary Levi or Sarah Lancaster. We are a family here, thus families stick together.

Chuckaholics Founder,

















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