Rewatch Season One Review.

Last week, we reached the end of the first season, and before moving on with our rewatch, let’s take a look at Season One one last time.

Thirteen episode of developing characters was the goal of season one, and as the season went on. The creators and writers introduced the baddies of next season. Tommy was the start of a group called Fulcrum.

Fulcrum would be drawing closer and closer in their attempt to possess the Intersect, and the very person they are after was the one who sent the program to Chuck.

Bryce Larkin is a major player in the story despite not being a main character. His influence on Team Bartowski was very important to establish where each member of the team came together.

It all started with Chuck and Bryce at Stanford in 1998, and by the time 2007 comes around Bryce set up Chuck as a cheat. Sarah believed her former partner and boyfriend turned on the country and did not tell her about his covert operation.

Casey didn’t know either, and was responsible in shooting Bryce when Bryce sent Chuck the Intersect. While at Stanford, Chuck and Bryce built a friendship that was destroyed by Bryce because he wanted to protect Chuck from being coming a field op.

Sarah’s journey to the Buymore would be unintentional match making by Bryce. We also learned that Bryce introduced Chuck to his first girlfriend, Jill Roberts.

When the series opened we had two agents with very similar backgrounds try to co-exist despite the history between the two. The fact that Sarah Walker had to work with the man who killed her boyfriend was challenging and very stressful, but during the course of the season. The two agent developed a respect for each other. The respect was enough to call each other partners.

Sarah would also learn that her feeling for Chuck were more than a cover. In particular, when Chuck decides to pursue a relationship with Lou. Sarah seeking normalcy learned that she wanted Chuck’s lifestyle, and when the agency told her to board a plane  back to Washington, she pretty much told them. “I am good here.”

The following will be my favorite music from the season with their corresponding scenes. There is no particular order. Feel free to comment on them below


While we have put a bow on season one, You can still take part in the rewatch by joining in on the great discussions we have going on. Remember watch the episode, read our take on the episode, and comment if you agree or disagree. If commenting on here is an issue feel free to contact me on twitter @Chuckaddiction2

The rewatch is our way to go on a journey towards 91 with not only veterans of the show, but for newbies as well. Season 2 is a long season, and once we are in midst of it. It will be hard to comment on season one. So, take advantage Chuckaholics, as Chuckaholics won’t start-up the rewatch until two weeks time until then.

Chuckaholics is your toy, so play…..and most importantly it is truly hard to say goodbye because we didn’t want too.




    • That is the best moment I agree, but scene I would say goes to the start of the journey. The music selection of A comet appears, follow by trust me chuck and a shoulder bump to boot.

      Sarah being there for Chuck once Chuck learned what Bryce has done. Great way for Charah’s journey to begin. We see Sarah looking at pictures of Bryce as she was thinking about Chuck. great stuff

  1. Also I think my favorite song Is Don’t Look back in Anger, but Christmas in Hollis is a close second. I’m a huge fan of 90s hip-hop, its my second favorite genre.

  2. Hey Chris…I know you’ve been waiting for a comment from the peanut gallery, so here is my .02¢ worth !!

    The only phrase I think should be put to rest when we talk about the series is, “Sarah’s desire for normalcy”…or any variation of such. I think a Chuck newbie could use that phrase if they are viewing the series for the first time, but anyone who has seen the complete series ( as most Chuckaholics have done !) should realize that normalcy was never her “real” desire. Every time she had the opportunity to pursue a normal life, whether with her mother when she was a child, to with Chuck later on, she never followed through. We all know why, so I won’t spoil it in case any newbies read this.

    I also think we have to be careful ( and this doesn’t apply to this article in particular) when talking about Sarah not having emotions, in that emotions she “discovers” during time with Chuck are new. We also know this not to be the case …she used to have emotions …even up to her Red Test. What she learned to do was bury them ( as a survival mechanism). Chuck was really about uncovering those emotions she has always had, but had buried for many years.

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