Preview of Season Two Rewatch.

With Season One officially in the books, we open the door to the next season in our rewatch. Chuck’s series really begins its series long journey in this season. A lot of plot driven episodes including the first two Sarah Centric episodes. Great guest stars like the late Michael Clarke Duncan, Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase just to name a few.

You also can’t have a season without Matt Bomer aka Bryce Larkin can you? However, I promise by the end of the season. Bryce Larkin will become a key figure in the main plot.

Chuck and Sarah’s relationship really begins to blossom in this season, and truth be told. The relationship really started to take off at the end of Chuck vs The Marlin.

Season 2 also introduces Jill Roberts into the story, a very key character, who has her own secret.  Secrets are the theme of this season because  Chuck’s past will be put into better perspective as his journey in becoming a spy and even better a man. He no longer has time to be the underachiever like he was in Season One.

Fulcrum won’t let him, Bryce won’t let him and most specifically his love for Sarah won’t let him. Sarah struggles between Sarah the girlfriend and Agent Walker will shift heavily in the direction of girlfriend . A year working together does that to a person even if the person is a top of the line spy. Hey, even Jack Bauer had his love for Audrey Raines, which fueled him to get through missions. Sarah Walker was no different.

The problem was simply she couldn’t convey her true feelings for Chuck to the man out of fear of the agency learning about it, and most importantly she never experience real emotions. She was trained to bottle those feelings or risk being sent home in a body bag.

Season 2 also has puts our favorite couple through real life situations for Charah to deal with like In The Santa Claus or Sarah’s dealings with Jill Roberts not only being back in the good graces with Chuck, but she also was working with Jill, which will be explored when the Jill Arc comes along.

Season 2 also provides some of the series best music. Visit The Music of Chuck, The page has all of the songs played in season two that we have in our Itunes collections. All songs are paid for and are strictly for entertainment purposes.

Chuck will learn who created the Intersect, and the man behind code name Orion, which will impact him for the rest of the series.  Veterans of the show know what I am talking about, but for newbies , we shall wait until those episodes come. The only thing I will reveal is how great the Orion episodes are arguably the best the series has to offer.

The Chuckaholics Rewatch will continue either this coming Monday or next, and since the season is a long one maybe it would be practical to start on Monday. We will see how the rest of the week pans out.

My other love which is the Green Bay Packers are playing exceptional football despite this past Sunday’s setback, but football fans know its hard to win them all. Since they are on their bye week, I may release Chuck vs the First Date sooner.

The other issue would be the start of the holiday season. Since the holidays are fast approaching, I will be releasing two articles at times just so I don’t neglect you. I also believe the Board of Directors will be making her debut on the site, and I am excited about that as well.

In closing, remember the sites desire for feedback. Chuckaholics wants to know what you guys think about the episodes. The comment section below the articles is where we have our conversations for those that don’t know. Again, no one has wrong answers or comments.

until next time…..Week fourteen: Season 2 Episode One, Chuck vs the First Date will commence the rewatch. Remember Chuckaholics is your toy, so play.

Most importantly, it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t













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