The Charles Carmichael Files: Sarah Walker’s Awakening

Chapter Five

Chuck walked into Casey’s apartment, and asked Casey how long before the general came on. Casey asked “Why Bartowski, you have some where you need to be.”  Chuck replied, “Yes, actually I have to fix monitors at the Buymore. For some life does go beyond stopping a bomb from going off” Casey countered with a grunt, and looked at Sarah for a second. “You sure that’s the reason Bartowski, or do you have a breakfast sandwich calling for you.” It drew a look if disgust from Sarah.

Beckman signed on the screen with a good morning, and asked Chuck about his flash.  Chuck would go into detail about Stavros and his dealings at the dock as a smuggler.  He worked with his father, who was tied to international weapons smugglers.

Beckman asked for Chuck to use Lou’s previous connection with Stavros to smoke out their plans. Word was a package was headed to Los Angeles, and they wanted to know why?

Chuck asked the general if she was sure, and further would claim he didn’t want to get his girlfriend mixed up with the CIA. It instantly Sarah looked like she had eaten a lemon straight up, but quickly remembers who she was in the room with and fought her aggravation in hearing what Chuck said.

Beckman said it was the only way to flush out the threat, and signed off. “Looks like your sandwich maker will be rolling along with us tonight, Bartowski, you heard the general, make a date with Lou and her ex,” As Casey was finishing his remark, Sarah was ready to lose it, but saw Casey looking at her, and she returned a look of displeasure in Casey’s teasing.

Chuck looked at Casey one last time, and left for the Buymore. Not once during the briefing or while he was in the apartment did Bartowski glance at Walker. Something that didn’t go over well with her.

Chuck was working on some monitors, when Lou walked into the Buymore. She would run into Morgan, who question why she needed to speak with Chuck. She told him she was his girlfriend. “Oh, the sandwich maker.” Morgan was studying her like a best friend would. He asked, Chuck never mentioned him. Lou just shook her head. Morgan took it as Chuck didn’t think Lou would be around forever.

Chuck would spot the two conversing and went to introduce the two Lou said she brought him a sandwich. It made Morgan happy with delight over the gesture.

Lou asked Chuck what are our plans for this evening. He thought it would be a good idea to meet her ex before he found out about him. At first, Lou was against this idea. She insisted it was a bad idea, but she wilted to his charms, and agreed to the date.

As Sarah pulled into the parking lot, she can see Chuck and Lou talking in the Buymore, and was not pleased with having to go on Chuck’s date, but grinned because she saw it as an opportunity to take action. She thought she would spoil the date, but had to wait for the perfect timing.

After all Casey was on to her, and she had to curb the suspicion. Casey called her to let her know the set up was a success. He told her to meet them back at the apartment for mission preparation.

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