Master of Expressions: Yvonne Strahovski’s Mastery of Sarah Walker: Part 5

Did Chuck Bartowski accept Sarah into his World: Part V

After Bryce had returned and went away, Sarah decision to stay in Burbank  would become the agent’s first taste of normal human interaction. Do I leave with Bryce Larkin or Do I stay with Chuck. The decision was tough one, and we know Sarah elected to stay with Chuck.

A decision only she can make

There is a reason the decision was not easy for Sarah to make, first, she still had feelings for Bryce, but she also started to fall in love with Chuck. It also didn’t help  when  she had initiated the  kiss she had with Chuck before Bryce was revealed to be in the package .  The second comes at the hands of making a real life human decision without the orders of the government.

Life as an agent means someone higher than the agent makes the decisions. Thus, Sarah was used to getting her orders and without question carried those orders out. However, the situation with Bryce and Chuck left Sarah holding the bag herself.

The agency wasn’t going to make the decision for Walker. Sarah had to make the decision for herself. While the decision was made by her, she showed how making this kind of decision was hard for her to cope with. She was seen sleeping in bed, when the alarm goes off, and already  signs of struggling with her decision caused her to toss and turn, but it wasn’t the men that caused the stir. Sarah chose Chuck a long time ago.

Sarah looks like she had a rough night

She would throw a knife at the clock in a rage that only emotions can deliver. I personally have lost great video games because of my tendency to want to frisbee them out the window.

She has been working with the CIA since she was a teenager, which means she has been taking orders all her life, and prior to meeting Chuck was beginning to struggle with the company, but after Langston Graham didn’t side with Sarah in protecting the baby, and soon after her partner Bryce had turned on the government. Sarah was looking for a breath of fresh air.

She followed her orders and went to Burbank to probe Chuck, The only thing she would learn was Burbank was her going to be her home. She didn’t hesitate to tell Graham she was staying to fix the mess, but really do you guys believed she was leaving. Especially how her reaction towards Chuck helping the Ballerina.

She is already attracted to the man
Sarah instantly became attracted to him. She was impressed with the figure standing before her.
Shes use to assassins, weapons dealers and terrorists.
Seeing Chuck help the little girl made Sarah think about the baby she left with her mother.

Remember before this mission she had given the baby to her mother in order to protect her from the CIA. She did so because she has a heart.  What she just watched warmed her heart and then we get this scene.

two things stand out by the date scene in the pilot, the board of directors likes to point out how Chuck was expecting Sarah to stick around by saying he couldn’t wait for her to meet Ellie and Awesome.  Something that made Sarah feel more comfortable.

It meant Chuck accepted her already in his world, and then the line “I can be Your Baggage Handler.”  It impressed her a lot. He let the words slip out of his mouth.

Something stood out to me about the scene as well, and it had to do with Sarah’s question after She talked about “Bruce.” From the outset  Sarah’s question, was about the secrets he had, but when asking about women, don’t you think that was a personal question as well? What do you think?

In my opinion, she was asking because she wanted to know if she could pursue a relationship with him. It’s the question asking about other women, do we get the first indication Sarah was falling in love. Just look at the reaction from Sarah, when Chuck he started to talk about Jill.

She is phishing both professionally and personally
The question she asked was fully loaded, It was both a professional and personal question.

Chuck ready to talk about Jill Sarah hoping there isn't there is another woman But after Chuck said it was over,  Chuck picked up on Sarah’s reaction if hearing he had a girlfriend, and quickly made a joke out of it. It helped Sarah relax when she heard it was over. The result a smile from ear to ear.

After finding out Chuck was single, she lite up like a Christmas Tree

Already in Sarah’s mind she was hooked, she said as much. “I like you, Chuck” This was not Agent Walker talking. It was Sarah the girlfriend. Enjoying her date with him. She genuinely didn’t want to hear Chuck say he was having a terrible date.

She wasn’t going to leave Burbank from this moment on. The fresh start was here with Chuck.

Fast Forward to Crown Vic,

She came to the briefing looking very angry, and Chuck poking the topic with a needle didn’t help matters with Sarah. Her response was very Agent Walker. Especially in the hotel room.

Not the lovable Sarah Walker hereShe is in no mood in talking

When Chuck came to the hotel room, he can see she had a rough morning. She left the knife in the clock. Chuck tried to make small talk, but the bitterness from making a decision on her own was still fresh on her mind. Whether Chuck was a reason behind is not the topic at hand here. I am discussing the nature of what a real life decision like the one Sarah had to make. Again, Do I leave or do I stay.

Chuck miss read the situation
Sarah doesn’t want to be bitchy towards Chuck, and you can see in her expression as he was walking away.

Stunning as usually Talking about work

I was proud of Chuck in this scene. As Sarah was still being cold, she proceeded to fix his tie, but Chuck was having none of it.

You can't have your cake and eat it too

It got a reaction out of Sarah alright, at this point one of the things Sarah liked to do was fix his tie. She looked forward to it, and chance to touch Chuck she went for, but not this time.

But I like fixing your tie
Sarah, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

The awkwardness between Chuck and Sarah would find its way on the mission again. While Chuck was supposed to look around and flash, he didn’t take too kindly in Sarah flirting with Kirk.

Flirting with the baddie

Chuck’s issues with separating the mission with real life would hinder his progress to a fault at times.  He doesn’t realize Sarah was still in Burbank because she chose him. He doesn’t understand Sarah was working the mark like a spy is supposed too.  As Casey would later explain, her job was to get information out of him by any means.

Something Chuck wasn’t thrilled about., and it would lead to a real fight about what really was long over due. The kiss finally was discussed. An event that needed to be discussed.

Sarah doing her job

Chuck realizing what Sarah would have to do, he went to the mission, and while he did flash on the crates. Sarah took out her frustrations on Chuck, but it was built up Frustration and it was only a matter of time before Walker imploded.

Chuck calling her out on the kissSarah can't find words to speakSarah trying to dodge the question at handThe much needed conversation about the kiss

 Chuck was right in this scene to ask about her reason in kissing him. They haven’t talked about it, and Chuck just throwing it out their was the right tactic. Sarah dodging the question only means she liked kissing him, but now was not the time to discuss it.

A very familiar response from someone who didn’t like discussing her feelings as Bryce stated in the car with Walker. After Beckman and Graham scolded them for moving in on Kirk. It would cause the team to be benched. It left Casey no choice but to ask if she compromise herself with the Intersect.  However, Sarah wasn’t thinking about being an agent. She was thinking about her own feelings, and slipped her tongue by asking the major if he ever wanted to be normal.

Casey would put her moment of doubt into perspective. The choice they made to protect something bigger than them was the right choice, but she asked the wrong person the question. Casey was still pretty much all solider. Thus, he was going to favor the cause.

Sarah is thinking about a life with ChuckSarah realizing the biggest hurdle she has to jump

As often as Chuck wanted a normal daily existence, but had a job he didn’t see a way out. Well, the same can be said for Sarah. The fact that Sarah had to justify her desire by asking Casey about wanting a normal life should tell you where the woman’s head is at. As I mentioned, once she had the taste of intimacy. Sarah wanted that. The ballerina, the date, Lou and the kiss ignited the feelings she had suppressed for so many years.

After hearing the major’s reassurance, Sarah put things into perspective. She loved being a spy, but she also wanted to be with Chuck and the life he lived. It was something she was looking for.

When Chuck comes to the hotdog shot to seek her help, she immediately was there for Chuck. She was beginning to shift her loyalty from the agency to Chuck, which would make the agency furious if they found out their top agent was acting on her own feelings towards the subject.

Sarah lsitening to Chuck plea for help

We know what happens, Team Bartowski make the save, and we come to the best part of the episode.

Sarah would come to the Christmas Party not as the bitter angry agent she was earlier. She flashed the smile when ever she was in the presence of Chuck. He was her calm center. For the first time Sarah opens up to Chuck. A real positive sign.

A smile of the day

The glow in her eyes was back, and all was well for Sarah. She was with her man. In her new home, and she was planting roots. She just didn’t know it yet.


  1. Speaking of expressions, has anyone read Manhattan Nocturne ?

    Seems to me Yvonne is the perfect fit for Caroline Crowley …. the description in the book is Yvonne to a “T”. Tall, blonde, beautiful ( the most beautiful woman in the room ), full lips, and a “strong” nose. The only thing that they mention that perhaps isn’t Yvonne, is the first sex scene when Porter Wren gazes at her naked body and says, ” She has not dieted away her essence like so many other women in New York.” It seems Yvonne may have “dieted” away some of her essence, but in reality, she’s just eating much healthier than before. The only other actress I could see being Caroline would be someone like Cameron Diaz , but she’s a bit too old for the part.

    Could be an interesting star turn for Yvonne…she is the female lead. The book really isn’t that good …. the story is OK, the writing a little heavy handed. It’s very graphic, sexually explicit, almost bordering on pornographic at times. Caroline Crowley will remind you of a cross between Sarah Walker at the Masquerade Ball, and Hannah McKay on the table !! I’m not sure where the film will end up….not sure if the story is good enough to get wide release, although Adrien Brody, Jennifer Beals and Yvonne aren’t chopped liver. Seems to me to be more of an art house film, but we shall see. It really depends on how true the film is to the book …if they are as graphic as the book, there may be just enough implied sex and skin to garner some attention. It’s probably a good thing Yvonne is comfortable in her own skin …in spite of her protestations against objectification and gratuitous nudity.

    • The issue about skin and bras and panties really isn’t an issue with me, I was nervous watching Dexter because I have too much respect for her to being sitting in front of the screen with tissues and lotion if you know what i mean. Yvonne is the kind of person I feel I could I would be friends with her.

      The more I see her pictures on instagram, the more I see her tweets the more I realize what a special person she is. I usually lose interest in actresses especially when they become bigger than they are. I use to love Angelina Jolie, but over expose killed it for me. I like actress like Yvonne, Scarlett, Eva Green those types of actresses because they put the work in their craft. Scarlett has done Broadway. I like Eliza Dushku and Anna Kendricks from Pitch perfect. I think all these actress are the ideal women of Hollywood

      • I make wrestling references all the time,

        I am Brett Hart Chris benoit type not the Hulk Hogan John Cena person. Austin was the exception because he cared way too much. It cost him his career, but hey passion does that too people.

      • Yvonne seems very adept at separating art from reality ….you can see that in her photography.

        The nudity / implied nudity and sex is part of the art ….part of the character. It is not Yvonne and she knows this. Even when she models, she acknowledges that it isn’t her …it’s like she is playing the character of the model. What it shows is her commitment to her art …. she fully immerses herself. Caroline Crowley will be an interesting character for her, especially since it seems quite different than the characters she’s played before. It’s quite interesting to watch the transformation that she is able to accomplish between Rene Carpenter and Caroline in such a short amount of time. It will make for “must see” status for these 2 events.

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