Chuck vs The Angel De La Muerte

After two backlash episodes from the events of Prague, the third episode offered a chance to breathe a little bit.  Chuck and Sarah are still feeling the effects of post Prague, but as they work together feelings are beginning to return . Sarah and Chuck begin to patch their working relationship. it’s a small but significant step towards recovery.

Meanwhile, Devon gets to tag along on one of Chuck’s missions and we get one of Chuck’s great guest stars as Armand Assante makes his first of two appearances on the show. He portrayed the generalissimo from Costa Gravas  Let’s get into a fun third episode of Chuck from season three.

How Devon and Ellie met

The episode opens at UCLA medical school back in 2000, a flashback from when Devon and Ellie first met. They were happy and definitely hot for each other. The scene shifts to modern time and we see Ellie and Devon moving into their new apartment.

Ellie in a hissy tone, told Devon to forget the television and help her clean up the broken plates. Devon said he needed to challenge his inner Chuck, Ellie would sarcastically  said, “Chuck who? he’s dead to me.” It is really annoying how Ellie can become snippy when Chuck doesn’t do what Ellie wants. Its part of the reason I can’t stand the character.

He may have said, he was going to help, but things happen Ellie. The truth was Chuck was a mission, and as Devon suggested enough moving for one night. Ellie was on board about that.

A helicopter would come by and drop Chuck off, but it alarmed Ellie because it was quite unusual for her to hear so many helicopters in the area. It would cause Devon to ask Chuck to change the drop off location, and learn about what Chuck did on missions.

Devon talking about missions

You might want to leave the bulletproof vest on Chuck

Chuck told him what he did most of the time, and Devon thought it was bad ass. It made Devon consider what he did for a moment. Devon warned Chuck not to take of the bullet proof vest because Ellie was ready to blow because he didn’t show to help with the moving.

Chuck fixing the television

While Chuck was fixing the television, Ellie continued her snickering by lecturing Chuck about being on time, but quickly took back what she said after he fixed the television. When they turned on the television. There was a report about Premier Alejandro Fulgencio Goya, had collapsed. Seconds later both Devon and Chuck got calls about the same subject.

It was comical how they acted with each other. Devon asked if this was about the premier, but Chuck would counter with “It’s spies stuff” Devon would be able to turn the tables on Chuck, when Devon’s phone went off, and Chuck asked him about it. Devon would say “Sorry Chuck, its doctor stuff.” Very funny stuff. As both Devon and Chuck were splitting, Ellie asked about watching the wedding video. Devon responded with “Sorry babe, duty calls.”

The Premier

Sarah asking Chuck to report to Castle

It's spy stuff Devon's  call

Its doctor stuff

Chuck understood

The cape crusaders off to save the day

At Castle, Beckman was explaining to the team how important for the premier to not die, and look into the suddenly collapse. Casey was not thrilled with having to protect the former communist despot. I think the animosity towards the leader would be the fact he was given the order three times to kill him, but failed all three times.

Sarah challenged her inner Casey, and teased the Colonel on his perfect record. It made the room awkwardly entertaining as Chuck said.

Sarah teasing Casey Casey caught off guard

Beckman would go over their assignment. They were to seize the medical records of said premier to ascertain the cause of the problem. This would mean going to West Side Medical Center. As Beckman was saying this, Devon was the doctor that handled the premier’s case.

On the television, Devon was taking questions from reports about the leader’s condition. He went as spoke in spanish to let the world know he would be ok. Casey said it was time to apprehend the good doctor, but Chuck said “He is family, he could talk to him.” Sarah would advise Chuck about Devon being a civilian.

Hello He is family

Later, Chuck found out through Devon that the premier was poisoned, but the scene was worth mentioning because it was funny.  Devon asked if the CIA needed and extra pair of hands, of there was a secret base so they could debrief him. Chuck’s expression was priceless.

Devon your a outdoor sports cardiologists
Chuck: If we ever need a tight end, you’re the first call I’m making, but until then, you’re my brother-in-law. Ellie would kill me.

Chuck would report his finding to the team and general, The general figured the assassin was still in play, and ordered them to protect the premier. She further told them there protection needed to go unprotected. Thus, the agency had no knowledge of them working this mission. The classic get caught and we won’t be their for you. Chuck suggested why not just tell the general about the hit on him. Beckman would put it in great perspective. “would you trust a country, who tried to kill you over the course of three decades about this?”

After Beckman gave them their orders, Sarah explained to Chuck the recourse for getting caught. Costa Gravas law was death by firing squad. Casey would recuse himself from the mission because of his history in trying to kill the premier.

Team B getting their orders from GB in Angel

It was quite funny what Chuck said, and it is my favorite line of the episode.

Angel De La Muerte
Casey: You know what they’d do if they knew I was in Los Angeles? I spilled more blood than that Mickey Mouse revolution than any other Don’t you think you’re being a little paranoid? They call me el Angel de la Muerte. The Angel of Death.
Oh no its the angel of death
Chuck: Please. Bro, it was the ’80s. Come on. You really think the premier gives a flying crap about you, John Casey? Oh, no! It’s the Angel of Death! Casey

no one cares Casey

What I love about the scene is how close the team really has become. Casey would have killed Chuck in Season One for his mockery. The comradely has really taken shape between the three.  First, Sarah busting Casey on his perfect record and now Chuck calling him out on his nickname in Costa Gravas.  The three really have become friends in that sense.

As Chuck finished mocking Casey.  Guards starting taking places in the courtyard. Casey recognized the uniforms as Costan Gravan. He was preparing to lock and load before they can get to him, but Chuck noticed they were there for them. They were there for the Woodcombs.

TB trying to warn Woodcombs

As they knocked on the doctor’s door, Ellie begged Devon to get the door as she had been on call for three days. It took a little bit but Devon does answer the door, and at the door was the Premier himself. He came to thank the doctor for his services, and to invite them to a dinner function at his embassy.

The Premier thanking Devon

Team Bartowski watched from Casey’s apartment. Chuck was going in case of any issues.

Casey and Sarah looking onAs Chuck heard about the gala, Chuck made his presence felt in the courtyard. He tried to get the team invited as well. The plan worked. Mission is a go.

Chuck invited to Costa Gravas Gala

At the Gala, Chuck was freaking out with being on a mission with his family on site. However, Sarah told him to relax. She reminded him how his emotions get in the way. She told him to scan the room for any would be assassins.

Mr and Mrs Carmichael

Chuck and Sarah working the grounds

Devon would catch up with Chuck, and asked him if the Premier was going to be whacked tonight, and Chuck assured him that was not the case.  Devon would ask what is his mission, but Chuck quickly told him focus on keeping Ellie out of danger.

Chuck working the room

Chuck telling Devon focus on Ellie

Devon would see the premier schmoozing his wife, and was going to make a move, but Chuck stopped him because he saw Sarah headed over to make the save.

Sarah saving Ellie from the Premier's advancesSarah would tell the premier she needed Ellie, and stole her from him. Ellie thanked her and insulted the cologne for good measure. As Sarah leaned back laugh, she glanced at Chuck with feelings in her eyes. This scene showed me she still had feelings for Chuck.

That beautiful smile again She still loves Chuck

There are feelings behind those eyes, and what makes it worse for Sarah, Ellie caught her. She asked Sarah if she still had feelings for her brother. Ellie would give her relationship advice that seemed to hit home because Sarah’s feelings for Chuck had returned in a sense. It took time, but the wounds are healing.

Meanwhile, the guys are talking about the cover, and Devon asked Chuck how did he fake being in love with a woman like Sarah and not actually fall for her. As I mentioned many times in other articles.

This scene is a prime example on why Chuck and Sarah had relationship issues. They couldn’t admit to themselves they were more than friends. The friendship ship sailed after Sarah kissed him in hard salami. Furthermore, Chuck giving her a love token despite the relationship only being a cover. The two were working on building a real relationship with what they had to work with.

This season also illustrates the denial the two were living. Everyone in the world knew the two were in love except for Chuck and Sarah.

Another thing to point out would be what Sarah did once she sat down with Ellie. The first thing she did was scan the room for Chuck. While she was talking with Ellie. It is a very classic move a person would do when you deem yourself with someone.  Sometimes being in a real relationship just falls into place.

Actions and countermeasures make people do things instinctively. Sarah looking for Chuck was something a girlfriend or boyfriend would do. How many times do you go to a function looking around the room for the person you’re with.

It is the very reason why Ellie picked up on quickly, remember Ellie was the first to pick up on it back in Chuck vs The Tango. She was the first to realize that Sarah was into her brother, and Sarah tried to deny it, but Ellie pointed out things only a woman would understand. The dress, her actions and stares all spoke to the contrary.

Sarah looking to see where Chuck isEllie very astute in Sarah's feelings for ChuckRemember what we discussed in The Truth, Ellie and Devon provided Chuck and Sarah an education on how real relationships worked. They showed them what the benefits are when the relationship is genuine. Look at what Ellie said,

Ellie: You know, you go through hot and cold patches.
When Devon and I got married, we kind of put the passion on hold, but being here in a place like this, it just brings it all back, you know? It feels like it did in the beginning.

In essence, Sarah got the counseling she needed to get over Prague. As bad as Prague was, the love and passion you have for someone no matter how bad the situation can be. Love finds a way to overcome it. As long as the love is real, Devon and Ellie once again were the perfect antidote to the problems thus far, but Sarah and Chuck were acting like teenagers.

The inexperienced woman in Sarah trying to tell the experienced married woman she didn’t understand her situation.  Sound familiar? A daughter telling her mother how she never went through it before.

You don't understandThe other benefit from Sarah hearing this from Ellie was the advice she wasn’t going to get from a Carina. The reason is because the problems she was going through with Chuck was something a real couple has to work through. It’s a tough road, but it has to be done.

Sarah listening to the advice Ellie was giving
This was a bonding moment between Ellie and Sarah. A sister Sarah never had.
Devon asking Chuck about his relationship with Sarah
Devon: That must be excruciating. But having to fake like you’re in love with someone for almost three years. Especially someone like her. How do you do it, Chuck? How do you not fall for her

Chuck’s response to Devon was Agent Carmichael. Chuck challenging his inner Agent Walker if you will. “It’s our job to fool people like you.”

Denial  is what truly holding Chuck and Sarah back. First Communication and now denial.  Does it make sense?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The buzz kill that is Casey would interrupt the free counseling session by reminding the two agents they were on mission. The two agents walk towards the dance floor, Casey would spot a potential assassin because he was able to get into the embassy with a stolen passport.

Casey and Sarah spotted him, and it was one of the 2.0 best flashes. Chuck needed to get across the dance floor. instinctively thought dancing across would be ideal. He aggressively started to dance with Sarah moving closer and closer to the target.

Chuck and Sarah getting info on target

As they came into position Chuck elbowed the target, but he turned out to be only a protestor. The Premier guards ordered  Chuck and Sarah to be thrown out of the building. As the guards were getting ready to throw Charah out. Chuck saw a guard and flashed on him. He was the real assassin, but Chuck couldn’t warn them fast enough.

Chuck would tell Sarah the man he just saw was the real assassin. Sarah would inform Casey he was needed inside for the premier was completely unprotected. Casey dressed like one of the guards and came into the ballroom. He went towards the premier.

Devon taking out Casey

Saved my life again

Devon saw him inching closer, but didn’t notice it was Casey, but did notice Casey pulled a gun out. Devon went charging for Casey knocking him down.  The guards noticed Casey right away by saying “Angel De La Muerte?” the premier would thank Devon again for saving his life.  However, Devon knew he screwed up the mission.

At Castle, Chuck and Sarah were pleading with Beckman to give them the order to storm the embassy so they can retrieve the colonel, but the general denied that order in protecting Costa Gravas’s speech about becoming democratic country.

It didn’t go over too well with Chuck and Sarah. No man left behind.

Chuck and Sarah trying to help Casey

Meanwhile, Casey was being interrogated by the Costa Gravans. He was tied to a chair with a rag in his mouth. The premier said “When are you going to learn you can’t kill me.” He was taunting Casey, behind the premier Casey can see the assassin inject poison into the cigar that he brought the premier, Casey tried to warn the foreign head of state, but he didn’t believe him. The assassin gave him the  cigar, and what I find to be the funniest scene of the season thus far, Casey kicks the cigar out of the Premier’s mouth. I am even laughing now as I am writing this.

The Premier’s expression was priceless.

The kick by Casey angered the Premier, he informed Casey he would be doing the torture/interrogation himself in the morning, and as he smoked the cigar. He would fall over shortly after. The assassin and Casey exchange looks.

Meanwhile as Devon and Ellie get home, Devon’s phone goes off.  He was to report to the embassy right away. As Devon was leaving the complex he ran into Chuck. He came up with an idea how he can get them into the embassy, which Chuck was on board with and showed Devon where he had his secret base.

Not going to get a job with the CIA I want to fix the mistake I made

This is bad ass
This is Bad Ass

Chuck instructed for Devon not to touch anything, and furthermore to keep it down because if Sarah was to find out Chuck brought a civilian into Castle. Before Chuck could finish, Sarah walked in and said “What the hell do you think you are doing bringing a civilian down here, do you know how far off the reservation you are going.”

Sarah was getting prepared to storm the embassy, but Chuck told her she was going to get shot instead Devon is here to help us.

Before you go and get yourself shot

Before Devon can explain his idea, Sarah already knew what Devon was going to suggest. Nurse Sarah Walker enough said.

Nurse Walker and Doctor Carmichael

The trio was taken to the premier’s room. the premier’s right hand recognized Chuck right away, but Devon needed the room clear so he could work on the general. Meanwhile, the assassin pays a visit to the colonel. Casey asked the assassin who he worked for and why the need for the premier being dead.

The assassin said he worked for an organization called The Ring, and his bosses wanted Costa Gravas’s status to remain the same. The assassin  was prepared to kill Casey, but Casey was able to get the upper hand.

Meanwhile, Chuck explained to Devon how Sarah was going attack the two guards with machine guns with her fists. It was a funny line giving the timing of it.

Chuck and Casey would find Casey and rescue him, but they told him Awesome was here as well. When they get to the premier’s room. They try to convince Awesome to leave with them, but Devon was honoring his oath as a doctor.  The team was not able to leave because Costa Gravans caught up to them.

they would force Chuck to operate on Casey, who was shot while trying to escape. The flash Chuck used was one of my favorites.

Chuck performing surgery

Chuck was able to remove the bullet lodged in the colonel’s leg. Devon would say he needed to get the premier to the hospital anything short of a blood transfusion and he would be dead.  He asked them what the premier’s blood type was, and Casey knew from the years of trying to kill the general.

With much resistance, Chuck was able to find out Casey had the blood type needed. However, the colonel didn’t want to help him because of his communist days, but Chuck didn’t give him a chance to fight by knocking him out with anesthesia .

There is an interesting expression from Sarah when Chuck took charge. Did Sarah not like Chuck’s forceful nature? Is this where Sarah realized she didn’t want Chuck to become a spy? Tell me your opinion in the comment section below.

Are those early concern in her eyesSarah not use to the take charge Chuck

Sarah is not used to this kind of Chuck, the take action in order to complete a mission. He has always been one to consider all measures before just doing. Sarah saw an aggressive man. A man who just performed surgery like he had done it before. it’s like how she looked when she saw him perform kung fu flawlessly.

It may have spooked her. Again, I would like to know your opinion on that issue, Is this where Sarah began to worry about what the 2.0 could do to Chuck?

Back at Castle, Casey was able to wake up, and was rather pleased to see Chuck until he found out his blood was stolen from him and put in the premier, but was happy once he found out the premier gave him pre revolutionary cigars from Costa Gravas.

Upstairs at the Orange Orange, Devon came knocking. He told Chuck he scratched his espionage itch, and if giving up his part of  life meant living a double life. It was just  not worth it to Devon. Sarah came up from Castle to meet up with the boys, and Devon said goodnight by saying you too look out for each other.

We come to the song of the episode, Daniel Zott’s Living a Lie was a perfect selection for this scene because the reality is Charah was living a lie. Not only were they lying to each other about how the whole friendship thing. Chuck and Sarah wanted each other. The true crime was they were lying to themselves.

Another handshake after a misunderstanding

Back in Crown Vic, they shared a handshake and everything was hunky dory, but something tells me a handshake won’t help this time around.  This episode brought them closer to recovery but they still have work to do.

What did we learn thus far in three episodes.

1. There is a huge communication breakdown. Feelings aren’t being discussed truthfully.

2. Chuck and Sarah are clearly in denial about what they mean to each other.

until they break these trends. The relationship is stuck in neutral. Things will get more cloudy when Daniel Shaw comes into the picture.

Chuck vs Operation Awesome is next on our journey through season 3 until then my friends Chuckaholics is your toy, so play










  1. “Did Sarah not like Chuck’s forceful nature? Is this where Sarah realized she didn’t want Chuck to become a spy?”

    To get the ball rolling, I am thinking …

    Sarah enjoyed the role as a handler. It kept her in control (driving seat), and it reduced the chance of surprises.

    Unfortunately, the surgery scene showed two main things:

    1] The intersect was a learning experience for everyone and this inspires fear of the unknown. We also know that she must protect the world from Chuck. WOW factor becoming scary …
    2] Chuck was competent, but he was now throwing in surprises because of the intersect. Good surprises but it did indicate a loss of control for Sarah. With Sarah asking herself – does Chuck need me any more? If yes, in what capacity does he need me? If not, who am i?

    Note it was Sarah who dived in with a plan to become the Nurse.

    Remember, everything Sarah does has a purpose (even on a night out with Carina was an introduction to a new missions), friends on the other hand can just ‘hang out’ together (Morgan/Chuck) and enjoy each others company. Which is what Ellie pointed out.

    I agree that she was looking for Chuck.
    I also think that Sarah was scanning for Chuck because a conversation with Ellie is too emotional for her. Chuck is her guardian to all things real and a regular conversation with a regular girl about regular things is all too off-mission for a spy. Thus the regular and tiresome response of ‘its complicated’ rears its ugly head – an excuse for not understanding what you want never mind what the other person wants.

    Chuck is too busy trying to work out how the land lies. Meanwhile, Sarah hasn’t understood that love is something you feel for another person without putting a value on it. Sadly, to Sarah, all relationships have purpose/value/activity which probably stems back to her childhood – i.e. she asks during a lingering hand shake, ‘what do friends do?’

    This episode did prove that Sarah (and Casey) still trusted Chuck, that Sarah still has feelings for him, that the team still believe in Chuck and that they all have a future together. But I think it also shows that the main characters are starting to ‘live for today’ (live in the moment) rather than plan for a future goal/mission/purpose/objective.

    On top of this, I think this episode was a strange injection from the writers in an attempt to satisfy and remind us about the impact of a new intersect and how it would change or alter the team dynamic. After all, they never really approached this in the previous two episodes.

    I just wished they dropped the ‘friends angle’ and really got Sarah and Chuck past this pause. A lingering handshake, which is no marked difference to the status quo in the previous episode. As we all know, a ‘pause’ in a relationship, if it lasts too long can kill a relationship.

    Come on writers what happened here ….
    Chuck just completed an important surgical operation. He saved Casey’s life and then saved the Premiers life. If that doesn’t kick Chuck in the backside (enough to promote some confidence in the man) what will ???? Similarly, Sarah should be in awe of the guy. He can do stuff no other spy can dream about, surely this would make her want to talk to him rather than consider playing xbox games????

    I am lost for words.

    At this point he should be talking to Sarah about how he feels, not acting like a teenager. Sadly, another missed opportunity to straighten out the character assassination mess and get the series back on track …

    It is almost as if the writers want this malaise to continue.

    • I think the pain of the audience in watching the Chuck/Sarah relationship hit pause is reflected in the fact that Casey is denied pain killers and given a leather strap to bite on instead …

      • Chris …you’re not answering my question. Other than putting him on the plane, how did Shaw push Chuck ? Give examples, please. Remember, he was about to blow him up in The Beard………..

      • As I said to Sean,

        There many ways a person can push someone. There are many reasons why someone does it.

        Shaw came to Burbank with one reason revenge. The man was hell bent on it. As a spy your supposed to read the files, find the weakness and exploit them.

        The Nacho Sampler Episode showed what a handler is supposed to do. Shaw came to Burbank with a plan to take down the ring. He was a lone wolf if you will.

        He spent five years working alone on trying to stop this faction. Now Beckman pleads the man to come to Castle and work with three people who have history with in the group. He also needed to get the intersect working.

        In order to do that he threatened the things that mattered most to Chuck. Took his woman. Threatened to send his friend away. Buffoon Chuck would of let it happen. No, Gary not this Chuck. Shaw’s actions brought out the man we knew Chuck can be.

        When Bryce threatened him in Nemesis in taking Sarah from him. He mopped around and let things happen. not Chuck in Season 3, he fought for hear.

        He saved him despite having feelings for Sarah because as he said it was the right thing to do and she cared for him.

        Shaw pushed him to use a real gun. Shaw made him come up with a brilliant plan in Ring two to frame him for the fraud that he was.

        No where in season two other then finding out Orion was his father did we truly see Charles Carmichael. Roan told him he was a spy. Cole told him he was a spy. However, his own team didn’t say he was spy.

        Remember in Subway, “I don’t know when it happen but our boy became a man. He is a real spy.”

        Shaw drove this out of him when he was good and when he was bad. Especially after killing his Father. Chuck wasn’t the nerd anymore. He was a man that took the swagger and moxy and used it to take down Shaw.

        Hence, Anniversary where we see a Chuck who went to look for his mother on his own, and came close.

        Shaw is responsible for all that. Not Sarah, Not Casey or the agency. Casey saw Chuck abilities in Tic Tac when he save his ex fiance. Hence “your smart before the intersect. Take this intel and figure it out” Chuck emotions got the better of him most nights. Its his flaw, but Shaw curbed those emotions when it came to protecting Sarah and the people that matter most to him

      • WOW …… that’s a whole lot wild eyed conjecture !!! Shaw put him on the plane. I think your imagination is running pretty wild with the rest of it since you aren’t giving any specific examples of Shaw actually doing anything except being in the show. In order to connect Shaw to those actions Chuck takes without giving credit to him manning up in the face of losing Sarah for good…well, it takes a real leap of faith. There is absolutely no specificity to those actions and Shaw’s inputs, so your “examples” are nothing more than theories.

      • I am giving Chuck credit for it. He manned up, but Shaw sparked it.

        Besides being put on the plane.

        In Operation Awesome: He told Chuck if you start something finish it, and told Casey and Sarah to stand down, he wanted to see how Chuck handled himself. What’s wrong with that?

        Chuck lured the ring to the buymore on his own put the team and Castle in jeopardy. While i understand the merit behind it. It was a message from Shaw, get through it yourself.

        He showed Chuck how to use an alias in Fake name, and the whole plane thing? those are really the only examples I can give.

        But Chuck saw it as a mission to prove himself to Shaw. Remember when Sarah tried to talk him out of going to paris.

        He told her he wanted to prove to Shaw he was a real spy. Evan Shaw said to Sarah I want to see what he is capable of.

      • Does Charles Carmichael ( an alias ), ring a bell ? LOL

        I think Shaw being the first one to “trust” Chuck ( or use him ) was a big step. But how anyone thinks killing someone’s father is a great character builder leaves me a little bit perplexed…..

        Chuck was growing before Shaw came into the picture. Sarah was responsible for that….his need to try to win her after she rejected him at the end of Season 2. His need to train as a spy, and therefore download the Intersect 2.0 was because of Sarah. Remember….he even went on the mission to try to save Bryce WITHOUT the intersect. That was not buffoon Chuck at that point…and Sarah and Casey didn’t hold him back there either. Chuck was at his worse during the Beefcake arc as a whiner and a buffoon, but Season 2 had already seen some growth in the positive direction. He was growing in Season 3 too…just like what he did in this episode and especially in Operation Awesome …BEFORE Shaw came into the picture.

      • I never said killing orion was good for Chuck, and the damage was impactful, but what did it do. It made Chuck become dead set on bringing down the ring and Shaw.

        He didn’t wait for Casey and Sarah to come up with a plan. He did it.

        Yes, I agree Chuck’s maturation really began once he learned his dad was a spy. He stormed the Fulcrum base after tranqing Casey.

        Yes the maturation was working, but The first two episodes of season 3 he was an emotional ruin because he lost Sarah. When Shaw came to town he was flashing with ease. Emotions didn’t get int the way.

        Do you think Chuck in season one would zipline down into a vault to move a mask. even Chuck in Season two was reluctant to tie a banner around his waist, he did it but complained about it.

        Cole was the one that showed respect and taught him to improvise on missions because they don’t always go to plan. He did a search for Orion since then and it was great I was proud of that Chuck, but then we got whiny Chuck again the first part of season 3

        Not until Shaw come around look at the first meeting in First Class. He said quite Chuck this is my meeting.

        He said, “The problem with this team was them.” He said Chuck you could be a great spy. They just don’t let you evolve.

        I said, yes finally someone is going to let Chuck actually work on missions.

        When he was up on the plane worried he was going to die. Sarah was worried too, and what did Shaw say,” go ahead answer the phone, but know each time you do. you put him in danger, and some day that may get him killed.”

        It did he got kidnapped as a result. The fear in her eyes as the Belgian said “Pursue Agent Carmichael and we will kill him slowly..There will be no further warning.”

        She knew it was her fault.

        Chuck went four episodes in a row without buffoon Chuck until Beard. When he thought he was alone. Its when the whole I don’t have a best friend or cant tell my sister anything surfaced again.

        Sarah gave him a chance to talk to them, but he refused.

        I just see Chuck became a man dealing with Shaw Casey said that not me

      • @Christopher

        Remember, Shaw on returning to the Buy More said, it was always about Chuck, it was never about Sarah.

        “He said, “The problem with this team was them.” He said Chuck you could be a great spy. They just don’t let you evolve.”

        Yes, evolve in to a weapon for Shaw to bring revenge on the Ring at any cost.

        “I just see Chuck became a man dealing with Shaw”

        Shaw did two things for Chuck:

        1] Forced him to take a red test and use a real gun. He brought the reality of his chosen profession to light, something that Sarah had been protecting him from.

        2] Made him realise that he was taking Sarah for granted and as a result, he nearly lost her. As he overheard as a sniper, Chuck is disappearing. And this is the only time in nearly three seasons (to date) that Sarah was able to talk about Chuck and her feelings (Chuck would always cut her off on a face to face). As a result, he didn’t allow Chuck to spiral – notice he went to fight Shaw to save them both.

        After Shaw in American Hero, Chuck began to show maturation but only because of point 1 and (mainly) due to point 2 above. Take the lift scene for example.

        As he said hanging off the cable car, he could live without the intersect, but he couldn’t live without Sarah.

    • i agree with you about Sarah’s need to have control. There many times when Chuck went off on his own ala finding orion she would balk and be a bit hurt by Chuck’s decision to do it alone. The Tooth,but she was happy to be in the car with him to help rescue Orion in the end of First Kill.

      I know the writers make mistakes, drop bombs, and make miss opportunities but to be fair we don’t know what the writers were faced with. I have mentioned before the show needed a new direction because Myself included would take a whinny nerd with buffoon tendencies for so long. how his handlers did all the work, but and every three episodes come up with a brilliant plan to save the team. I also believe how the writers incorporated 2.0 was the best way to give Chuck spy skills like Kung Fun or speak several languages. Even to perform Surgery just like that was an impressive skill the 2.0 offered.

      I have no problem with Sarah and Chuck still struggling with their relationship because I was an advocate against them sleeping together in Barstow. The problem with Chuck and Sarah was the words Morgan said in S4. They are crap communicators. Bryce said Sarah never liked to talk about her feelings because of the stress it caused. Remember this is a woman that was taught to curb her feelings, but at the same time she was learning how to express herself through Chuck, an excellent teacher in charisma. The problem though was Chuck never expressed his true feelings other then the first break up back in S1.

      Did the writers screw up when they shared a passionate kiss only to reveal Bryce was in the package? or was that a bomb of the life time. See we praise writing like this, but when the show was trying to design a story that was spread out throughout the season fans balk at it. Bryce was asked several times by Chuck why he sent him the intersect? Bryce didn’t tell the truth until Ring One. But Bryce is a hero and Shaw is vilified because he pushed Sarah and Chuck.

      without spoiling there is a future event that I will kill the writers for but until then we have what we have right now. I shall dive into the mistakes the writers made, but to fill your mind with something

      I thought the writers dropped the ball on Chuck/Sarah/Bryce/Jill story. There was so much they could of done with that story. Please Read Chuck and Sarah vs The Exes for that and we can discuss it more there.

      • Other than putting him on the plane in First Class, I’d really like you to explain how Shaw was good for Chuck. Remember, there were ulterior motives to putting him on the plane ….mostly, putting a schism between him and Sarah.

      • Shaw was good for Chuck because he pushed him. He ignored his whiny tendencies and forced him to grow up as a spy. Showed him how to use an alias even as far as to use a real gun.

      • @gmhenderson

        “Shaw was good for Chuck.”

        I cannot agree here.
        Shaw was there to weaponise Chuck. So he could use him as an instrument of revenge against the Ring. When he found out that it was the CIA, he then used Chuck to try to create a super hero to his super villain nature – see the classic film, ‘Unbreakable’ with Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson.

        Chuck was the intersect and under the original rules – Sarah and Casey were there to protect him. Sticking Chuck in harms way out (for personal motive) is not something you can say is good for someone. So Sarah and Casey were right, even though Sarah had some personal motives.

        Chuck survived his first mission, but only because Sarah could fly the plane.

        Saying Shaw was good for Chuck implies that he benefited him in some way. Throwing a baby in to the deep end of the swimming pool may enable the baby to learn how to deal with water, but it certainly isn’t good for them. There was nothing kind about Shaw; a good teacher is kind/fair/trust worthy with pure motives. Something Shaw lacked from the outset.

        “Oh…and who actually thinks Bryce was a hero ?”

        Bryce was a heroic but not a hero; but he had nothing to sacrifice.
        He admitted that he had no friends, not even Sarah.
        He was a spy from college. We know nothing except that he was a loner – thus the beach scene on the wedding day where he is a spectator.

        Doesn’t a hero need to sacrifice a sense of humanity to become a true hero?

        He believed and died for a cause. So yes, he had heroic tendencies but he wasn’t a regular guy – he didn’t feel things like a regular guy and for this reason he would never be able to feel what a hero feels.

        I would say he is a member of the round table but he is no King Arthur or Sir Gawain.

      • First I dont even think Shaw wanted ti be in Burbank. He was forced to go to Burbank because Beckman pleaded him to go Shaw was used to penthouse and working alone now he had to adjust to living in Castle

        Working with a team that at times worked like Bond but other times as a jerry Lewis film his words not mine

        He then sees how valuable Chuck and Sarah are because he saw them as Marks. He never did that to the colonel Right.

        He did what Big Mike said a manger does he saw the weakest link which was Chuck and Sarah feelings for each other and pounced What was wrong with that?

        Shaw wasn’t there to make friends it wasn’t his job too.

      • Hey guys, I think you need to watch the movie:


        It’s all there.
        The super villain creates a super hero in order to create balance in the world.

        Shaw is the villain and he needs Chuck to become a hero in order to validate him and provide a sense of purpose. Without purpose a super villain falls in to anarchy and chaos – he needs someone to target. But as always, they never target the super hero, they always try to target those that they love in order to subvert the super hero. With the whole intention to prove that a super villain is a victim and can be made.

        Shaw was this villain and he targeted Sarah to subvert Chuck who he was building to become a hero. Shaw knew that to become a super hero Chuck must sacrifice that which makes him great. This was Sarah.

        Chuck had to sacrifice Sarah to become a true super hero = red test.

      • and reverse Sarah was never into Shaw. She used him as a mark as well. She was with Shaw, but her heart belong to Chuck. Wireplay, you could agree with that right. She slept with Shaw sure, but she did the same with the mark in Pink Slip. She did what she had to do.

        In wrestling, the heel’s job is to get the crowd to work against him. He or she is suppose to do whatever it takes to get the crowd hostile. Most Heels will tell you if the fans cheered the person they didn’t do the job correctly.

        The same can be said for Shaw, everyone hates him. He did his job flawlessly. I call it the ralphie factor. Tony Soprano never had a rival like Ralphie who invaded tony’s life by dating his sister. Shaw did the same. He ended up dating Sarah but this wasn’t really a relationship or even lust for that matter it was just that Sex.

        Chuck isn’t innocent here either. He told Sarah he couldn’t be with her because he wanted to finish training to become a spy. It would be a fair assessment except he fell to the advance of Hannah. Thus, it negates the reason in Prague if he slept with Hannah. I can’t blame Sarah for sleeping with Shaw because it was a direct result from watching Hannah invade her home.

        The staring into the monitor while watching Hannah eat dinner at Chuck’s home (which was hers for 3 years) and eating with her family (Ellie and Devon are the closest thing to a real family for Sarah) remember Sarah doesn’t kiss Shaw until the end of Fake Name. Shaw and Sarah were working each other for the same prize Chuck.

        Two agents working for the same thing for very different reasons. I like your thinking Wireplay. BTW what is your name so we can get better acquainted.

      • @Christopher

        “Sarah was never into Shaw”

        Agreed. Although i do scratch my head when i say this.

        “She was with Shaw, but her heart belong to Chuck.”
        Absolutely … totally agreed.

        “She slept with Shaw sure, but she did the same with the mark in Pink Slip. She did what she had to do.”

        Sarah had a different view on sex born from her job. Example, she was upset with Hannah at the dinner table than Hannah in his bed.

        I can’t blame Sarah for her actions with Shaw. It was Chuck’s fault.
        And Hannah, well, Chuck’s fault again. He should have kept his trousers on. Morgan was right here which goes to explain why he was having Morgan problems as well.

        My name is Sean 🙂
        Pleased to meet you all.

      • When I say good for Chuck I mean challenged him. He made him become a real spy. Chuck was better then Shaw as a spy. Cole taught Chuck sometimes you need to be a hero.

        Chuck took that and ran with it. Taking on Fulcrum by himself in dream Job again in Ring one.

        So Shaw was not as good as Chuck but what he did was make Chuck fight for Sarah. Chuck didn’t fight for her when Bryce was back? So again Shaw was good for Chuck

      • I just notice how people love to vilify Shaw for being interested in Sarah and what not, but give Bryce a pass.

        I thought Shaw was being Shaw he didn’t sugarcoat his arrogance he came in and took control its what a spy was supposed to act.

        The team never gave Shaw a warm welcome. He was sprung on them by Beckman, but before he said how dysfunctional the team was? did they offer him a chance to have dinner with them. No, they left him in Castle. TB was not very receptive of this new guy being forced on them.

      • “I just notice how people love to vilify Shaw for being interested in Sarah and what not, but give Bryce a pass.”

        Bryce knew Sarah before Chuck. And once he realised her feelings , he gave her a choice – he didn’t hit on her or pressure her. Bryce had flair, but he wasn’t arrogant.

        Shaw hit on Sarah knowing that she and Chuck were hot ‘n’ cold.
        The kiss on the neck was quite predatory.

        He admitted to it and supposedly, he was a guy who believed in marriage but had books best suited to a guy who didn’t have that history.

        He targeted Sarah in order to weaponise Chuck.

        Shaw was a guy whose morale compass could go with the flow and change based on what served his purpose, while Bryce had principles and stuck to them. Can a true hero really go bad?

      • I’ve watched The Mask numerous times and I don’t see the Sarah / Shaw thing coming after the Hannah / Chuck thing. Chuck witnessed Shaw coming onto Sarah in Castle, then saw his natural role as Sarah’s date for the museum usurped by Shaw. At that point he was still oblivious to Hannah’s advances… until she cornered him at the museum computer room. At that point, Shaw was also kissing Sarah’s neck. So while Chuck did not push Hannah away at that point, he did refocus on the mission, and left her in the control room. Sarah could only surmise that something had happened because of the perfume, but really….what could have happened in the short time they were together in the control room ?? Plus Chuck didn’t spill the beans. At that point Hannah was pretty pissed with Chuck for going back to Sarah. The next day, Sarah admitted to Shaw that she liked the attention he gave her the night before. So how can one of those instances be attributed to the other, when they both happened simultaneously ? As a matter of Fact, Chuck saved Sarah first when he went back to the museum, and never really picked back up on the Hannah thing until he saw Sarah in Shaw’s arms.

      • I don’t think Sarah was telling the truth about liking Shaw kissing her neck. I think she was telling him something he wanted to hear. A great spy does that. She didn’t like it in the theater and when Chuck came to them about the ring agent being in the room with them.

        And Shaw remember the guy, Sarah had no problem teaming with Chuck. In fact she was more then pleased with the idea of Shaw being in the van. So, she lied she was uncomfortable with the advance.

        She wasn’t even truthful in Castle when she told him she was alright with the whole Hannah thing because what choice did she have. However, i do believe Chuck when he said he respected Shaw for saving her from the gas.

        Sarah was just going with the motions. However, that all changed when watching Hannah with Chuck and his family.

  2. Chris…care to elaborate on how Sarah used Shaw ? For what ? and to what end ?

    And how do you know that Sarah and Shaw never kissed until after Fake Name ? The were cosying up together in The Mask, and even at the start of Fake Name, Sarah told Shaw they should take things slow ( which was probably the next morning ). Anything could have happened between the 2 of them that night ….

    • Sure anything could of happen. Gary, you clearly don’t understand women if you don’t see Sarah being with Shaw was to make Chuck jealous.

      If sarah was truly into Shaw, why would she even contemplate on kissing Chuck during the stakeout. She said take things slow because she didn’t want to be with Shaw. She was still into Chuck, There really wasn’t anyone that was going to break that.

      They could venture off but didn’t waiver too long.

      Sarah only let him massage her shoulders but felt guilty about it while Shaw look like a snake. He knew what he was doing. I have no doubts Shaw was playing Sarah.

      When Sarah said she has her type, she was speaking in tongue and cheek. She was acting like from season one and two with not putting up a fight anymore. like she did when Lou and Jill was around.

      Again, she was with Shaw only because she was only trying to get the message through to Chuck. IF she was truly into her type, she would of left Burbank years ago. In other words, she was lying to herself.

      • She was packing up and getting ready to go to Washington with Shaw…..I’d say she was into him. They had romantic dinners and massages in Washington…. he shopped for her at Tiffany’s … these are all things Chuck wouldn’t have known about, so how was she doing them to make him jealous ??

        I don’t know women ? I’ve been married over 30 years to the same woman. Both my staff are women. 90% of my patients are women. If you want to make a guy jealous, you flirt with another guy. If you want the guy to high tail it out of town, you sleep with another guy…..

      • She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go until she saw Chuck try to kill the ring agent in Tic Tac. When she though he killed the mole she was gone. As usual Sarah elected to run.

        Its what her dad taught her. Run. she ran when Bryce stole the intersect. she was willing to run with Chuck to save his dad and wanted to run in Prague. running with Shaw to Washington was just that. The mark in Pink Slip wind and dined her so did Lonn Kirk. Does that mean she was into them too?

      • Just putting this out there ….

        On her initial visit to Washington Sarah told the taxi driver she was considering it.

        When she was packing to leave, remember she took the picture of Chuck. Why would you take a picture of Chuck if you are going to live with another man?

        Shaw was in hospital. She did not visit him, she didn’t even express any great concern for him. Also she was surprised when he turned up. She wasn’t expecting to see him.

        She also told Casey he did not have to defend Chuck.

        She was leaving with Chuck; noted by the fact that she left her gun.

        Chuck had slept with several women during the course of the show, so why not Sarah sleeping with Shaw. Sex is the best weapon to hit any guy with – remember in season 1, Sarah moved into his bedroom to take over and stop him thinking about Lou (she even slept in his side of the bed). She also used the prostitute look to dominate Jill. She used the beefcake to make Chuck jealous … Sex (kissing/sleeping with) is used throughout the show as a means to incite jealousy in Chuck.

        Chuck got used to Sarah kissing strangers but he couldn’t get over the sex part. Remember, kisses from Sarah were part of the fake relationship. Sleeping with someone is real.

  3. I still cannot be certain that Sarah gave Shaw her real name?

    I believe she made that up for Shaw.
    So she could be Sam to Shaw and Sarah to Chuck.

    In that way she was denying Shaw access to the Sarah (a person with heart) who wanted a real life with Chuck.

  4. @gmhenderson

    “Chris …you’re not answering my question. Other than putting him on the plane, how did Shaw push Chuck ? Give examples, please. Remember, he was about to blow him up in The Beard………..”

    She may have started using him as a mark in order to find out about him, discover his motivations etc … but as with all great journeys, the purpose can be lost over time.

    Sarah used Shaw to get back at Chuck and to escape Burbank. She had a history of getting involved with men she worked with, so again, be recreating the past she may be able to access the past.

    Moreover, she used Shaw as a way of getting back into being a full spy with no emotions.

    Feeling dumped after Hannah, to get back on top of her game (as her father told her) she had to live without emotion and bury everything deep inside.

    Shaw was her key back into that world.

    • If you’re saying she felt dumped, and she never really got with Shaw until after Fake Name,( to make Chuck jealous), then why continue with the charade. I mean, Chuck and Hannah were a 4 day deal. Chuck broke up with Hannah the night of Fake Name…just when you say Sarah started going with Shaw. Wouldn’t you think Sarah would have seen that her ploy to make Chuck jealous had worked, and now she could get him back ? Instead she let Chuck hang….knowing he was now in danger because the Intersect didn’t work, while her relationship with Shaw went further and further…..

      • There is truth to that Gary,

        She asked Chuck, he could to talk to them when she stopped flashing after witnessing the assassin almost kill Sarah. Again When Sarah said talk to us I chalk it up to the time she said You still trust us it was a loaded question.

        She kept the charade going because Chuck continued down the path as Sean said the Intersect 2.0 was making Chuck perform. He didn’t need her more and more. She didn’t like this and the only retort was to return to the world she knew instead of talking it out with Chuck she ran to the place she felt comfortable.

        She wasn’t’ with Shaw for him. She was with Shaw for what he represented much like you have said Sarah wasn’t attracted to Chuck physically she was into the inner Chuck. The ballerina helping Chuck.

    • The song in my sleep summed up Sarah feelings on giving the order to kill the mole.

      In her sleep she will get to hold Chuck, this was a game changing moment. It was the last straw.

      BY Chuck sleeping with Hannah and having her at Sarah’s home and with her family knifed her and then when she thought Chuck turned into a killer it was adios amigo

    • in that scene, she was alive moving around the apartment. Happy preparing dinner like she did in the Suburbs, but reality struck when hearing their voices.

      She wasn’t interested in Shaw. She was doing this for Chuck, and she liked it because deep down she was wishing she was doing it for him as a couple. Hence, the expression she gave in Castle.

      She doesn’t like being on the sidelines. She wants to be in that apartment in the chair she has sat in for three years.

  5. Funnily enough, Sarah gave Chuck the knife as she threw it into the cheese. A bit of imagery for you 🙂

    So you could say, by making the dinner for him, she was giving him a chance to make his own decisions.

    • Its funny how Sarah tellis him what Flowers Lou likes and tells Chuck Jill is great when asking if everything is alright.

      its a very noble quality she had. Sarah wanted to see Chuck happy and stepping aside was something she would be willing to do as long as she did suspect a threat.

      Hence why she didn’t trust Mary.

      Hannah struck her in place she never suspected. As I mentioned, she had set roots down. She didn’t set them in a place like a home. She set them in Chuck and his family.

      Its why I stand by the notion that the final scene in Marlin is not a hero stance. Its a stance no one is going to come between me and these people. They were hers and hers alone. Hannah in the house was crushing.

      • To be honest.

        I could live with Sarah and Shaw.
        But Hannah and Chuck …….. that was different.

        What the hell was he doing? Picking up with the first girl who throws herself at him and then taking her home to eat with his family.

        He is technically a spy and he never once questioned it.
        Especially after Jill.

        Chuck in his most ugly – he never learns from the mistakes he made in the past. He attempts to avoid those situations in the future.

        I don’t think I will ever understand that and to be very honest. It tarnished his image as a hero. Now I kind of see him as a regular guy who got the girl.

        I think Sarah was more heroic than Chuck.
        After all, Sarah made the biggest jumps in development and the biggest sacrifices and I suspect that is why she was reduced in season 5 – to make Chuck the champion to save the day.

        Maybe the next iteration of Chuck should cast Sarah as the lead?
        It would certainly need to be more Sarah centric if it ever happened. I am hopeful, but i suspect the way things finished implied a complete finish.

      • Chris Fedak,

        Feels the story is complete he is on record saying as much. Thus, it will be a long time for a movie to come because of that frame of mind.

      • If Chris Fedak waits too long then the actors will be too old and he will lose the Chuck buzz – remember, to many in the under 25 age range, being over 30 makes you old and redundant. Unless of course he doesn’t mind throwing the movie timeline in to the future – after all, I remember Chuck telling us that Sarah was a 28 year old. So age was obviously an important factor.

        I would also make an assumption by saying that Miss Strahovski might want to review the script first (5 years of character development reduced to a ghost of her former self might not help his cause). A spin-off show is possible but it wouldn’t be the same without Sarah and Chuck.

        So with that in mind, I think a movie is a long shot and more remakes of 80s/90s movies to come.

      • You still haven’t explained Sarah and Shaw’s romance in Washington….it was AFTER Chuck and Hannah broke up. If it was meant to make Chuck jealous, shouldn’t they have been doing that so he knew about it? And Chuck actually being “with” Hannah was after Sarah and Shaw were together as well. Chuck realized the mistake right off the bat. He was resigned to the fact that Sarah was with Shaw, but he didn’t realize the depth of what it really meant to lose her until she confided in Shaw in Fake Name. Thus the whole relationship being only 4 days long.

        And you’re giving an awful lot of credit to Sarah for playing Shaw when she couldn’t even stand up to him in refusing to give Chuck his Red Test. Saying her name was Sam ( she didn’t know Chuck was listening, so why would she lie ?), staying with him when Chuck had broken up with Hannah, not stopping him from destroying Castle in The Beard…… it doesn’t really seem like a woman who was in control of the situation…..

      • @gmhenderson
        Just throwing this out there for Chris:

        “You still haven’t explained Sarah and Shaw’s romance in Washington”
        The look on her face when Casey questioned her was enough to show that it wasn’t the real deal.

        “If it was meant to make Chuck jealous, shouldn’t they have been doing that so he knew about it?”
        Initially it was to find out who Shaw was, remember how coy she was about the bag bing left in the car. Finally and after Hannah at dinner, it was about Sarah finding a way back to her former life – a life she thought would be without Chuck after he started finishing his spy tests.

        On the first test, the picnic basket scene, if Shaw had not intervened on the phone, I suspect Sarah and Chuck would have made the necessary kiss – thus allowing the phoenix to rise from the fire.

        “he didn’t realize the depth of what it really meant to lose her until she confided in Shaw in Fake Name.”
        No. At that moment Chuck found out what it mean’t to Sarah. She said Chuck was disappearing. And I think that impacted more than the name, after all, in Season 2 he said no more questions about her past as he knew who she was (today). At the time of being the sniper he realised that he had lost touch with the person she is (today).

        “And you’re giving an awful lot of credit to Sarah for playing Shaw when she couldn’t even stand up to him in refusing to give Chuck his Red Test. Saying her name was Sam”

        There is a deleted scene where Casey asks Sarah to use her female spy craft powers to discover more about Shaw.


        Sarah could not refuse a red test, it was beyond her pay grade. These orders would be sanctioned by the CIA top brass.

        Does it matter if she knew Chuck was listening or not. If she was undercover, she would have to make it believable. Don;t forget, the Ring wanted Shaw dead, and this is how we found out. The real name was just put in to make everything seem so real.

        Sarah asked Shaw to cover himself up. She was definitely not into him, she looked, but she was more embarrassed that swooned.

        Sarah was more bothered about Hannah being at his family dinner table than anything else.

        Sarah bought Chuck 5 more minutes, again, beyond sticking a gun in his face what else can she do? Sarah wasn’t in control of herself after the Hannah dinner invitation. If I was in her shoes I think I would do the same. To become a traitor for someone who just threw you out of his life is a big gamble.

        Did you also notice how happy she was when Chuck rediscovered Morgan as his best friend. That was the first time she smiled in a long time.

        There were also a few other incidents when Chuck and Sarah were on the same page.

        All you have to consider is this:

        If Shaw was the mark, and I believe he was, everything and every moment had to seem real to everyone to make it work. The name Sam became a mask for her to hide behind, it also drew Shaw in. He was a good spy, and a kiss would not work – remember, Sarah taught Chuck you get them at the most vulnerable moment. So she turned the tables, allowed Shaw to consider that she was vulnerable and gave him something … a fake name, which he relished.

        I think we are getting hung up on the idea that Sarah involved herself in a relationship in order to protect Chuck. It wasn’t so long ago that she killed an unarmed Fulcrum agent for him and then lied about that as well.

        After that, she was invited to go solo with him and he no longer saw her as a credible threat. Sadly, we were not privy to the plan as a whole, but she did tell Chuck one Christmas (after she got the bracelet). I will never let anyone hurt you – so we need to have faith. Without it, then we reduce Sarah to an insignificant little girl (not the best spy in the world) who cannot be trusted or believed (and i think this came of age when she told Chuck ‘Yes’ …. ‘ i fell for you blah blah blah’).

        We have to give Sarah some latitude and credit.

      • I agree with everything you said, and another deleted scene was when she told Chuck she would move mountains for him if she could, but she couldn’t because Shaw was a high ranking agent.

        The only thing I differ was when Shaw told him to give the order to kill the mole as his final test. She didn’t want to do it. she told him so. She didn’t think she wanted Chuck to kill.

        Again Sarah sticking up for Chuck like she did in Predator. except She fell in line once the superior spoke down to her.

      • @Christopher
        “Again Sarah sticking up for Chuck like she did in Predator. except She fell in line once the superior spoke down to her.”

        As you said – “she couldn’t because Shaw was a high ranking agent.”

        The red test threatened the very essence of Chuck. The man she loved.
        She couldn’t live with the idea that the new killer Chuck was her creation.

        His plausible death in the Castle would be different. She got 5 minutes for him and she had faith in Chuck. If she stuck a gun in Shaw’s face, would it have saved Chuck – doubtful. Shaw had thrown him to the lions on every occasion to date.

        Which is more than I can say for Chuck in Sarah. Remember, he decided to save Hannah over Sarah, serve Jill’s safety over Sarah, defend Lou’s meat business over Sarah’s issues. He was only upset when he thought she would engage in sex on a boat.

        So as i said, Chuck took Sarah for granted.

        So the golden rule of thumb is, never take anyone you care about for granted.

      • There is two categories Rewatch guide and episodes. The rewatch are in both I believe are in both.

        We have done only 14 episodes the way we do it is watch the episode on your time schedule. Read the article and comment. simple enough right?

        Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker is my baby. Its the series that got Chuckaholics off the ground.

        I wanted to read articles about Sarah’s jealousy after my first run through the series. I was fascinated with her struggle between being a real girlfriend while trying to maintain her role as an agent.

        One scene that was the best to illustrate that point was the debriefing scene in Hard Salami. Hearing Chuck say he didn’t want to get his girlfriend involved, while Sarah was standing next to him. Bothered her to no end follow by remembering the general was on screen was great acting by Yvonne.

        One of the early scenes that told me his woman can act.

      • @Christopher
        “There is two categories Rewatch guide and episodes. The rewatch are in both I believe are in both.”

        I think i have dropped some comments in there already, but I was asked to concentrate on season 3 for the moment. I will happily do what I can and add long comments here and there, no problem at all 🙂

        Happy to 🙂

      • we live by the motto:

        Chuckaholics is your toy, so play. enjoy what we have here. We aren’t going away, so get comfortable and enjoy the memories.

      • Shaw and Sarah’s romance in Washington was something just was apart of the journey as Sean said.

        Sarah was into it because she saw she had no other choice in the matter. Hannah and Chuck were over, so what. It was about time Sarah take liberty and look after herself for once.

        I still say the scoreboard, and here is why Sarah is not wrong in season three lets back track.

        Chuck breaks up with Sarah in season one, what does he do. he goes with Lou. He completely ignores Sarah’s signals about breaking up from wearing sexy lingerie to crying her eyes out.

        she told him their time together was not always work. I believe in what Sean said about not giving Sarah a chance to speak. He spoke his mind and left.

        Season 2 broke up with because Bryce got into his head. We all know that Sarah wanted to live the normalcy life she saw in Chuck’s world. So, when the teacher said “you will never be normal, Sarah” its a haymaker in the gut.

        Its like Sarah said in season 4 “Your not spy Chuck, not right now.” It hurt Chuck. The teacher telling the student you won’t amount to anything you were working on is crippling to some.

        Sarah holding back tears after the second break up leads to Chuck pursuing Jill when she returns.

        So two breaks up two women. Lou was one thing for Sarah.

        Who was the one the initiated passion, Sarah did she kissed Chuck not the other way around. She leaped into his arms and kissed him. There is the intimacy. Once she did that we knew where Sarah’s heart was.

        Bryce revelation would take the soul out of anyone. There was no closure there, and if Sarah put in a request to leave with Bryce. I am sure they would of granted it, but she stayed in Burbank.

        She had a shot to leave with Cole on a vacation and said “I don’t cheat on my cover boyfriend”

        She went against orders several times in order to show her loyalty to the man that broke up with her to soon try to replace her.

        Two breaks up two women, Two offers to leave Burbank Sarah stayed.

        Despite what happened in Prague, Sarah was still in Burbank. Did she tell Chuck, no because she was still pissed off with what happen in the train station. As I said 6 months is not that long, and when Carina offers a trip away from Burbank she said no.

        Grant it, she asked for a transfer out of Burbank, but how long would that last before she was back in burbank. Even in Season 5 when she left she was back at the Buymore.

        Each time Chuck broke it off with her he never gave her a chance to talk and use words that were worse then bullets.

        I just see Chuck was selfish in his own way. So excuse me if Sarah decided to have a little fun for herself with Shaw, and thats the thing it was a fling. Sarah didn’t love Shaw even after the red test. Sarah didn’t really fall in Shaw’s arms.

      • Just throwing this into the mix.

        Shaw originally considered Sarah to be a Ring spy.
        Remember, he questioned her about Madrid, but she countered by stating she buried (spread ashes) of Bryce.

        So when we think about Prague and the swimming pool. Remember that nugget of information.

        We also need to remember that Shaw saved Sarah because Chuck was obsessed with protecting Hannah. He did the same thing with Jill when Sarah had to give the lecture at the biology conference.

        Chuck in many respects showed little or no concern for how Sarah felt, he was self-obsessed with his own state of mind. As we learned on the first date – she could kick the ass of everyone in the restaurant. He never really saw her feminine needs until he saw her through the barrel of a gun and see Sarah saying he was disappearing. Chuck just assumed she would always be there.

        In fact, the sniper incident was the longest time Sarah ever got to speak in Chuck’s presence (about Chuck) until after Paris.

        So you could say Chuck took Sarah for granted.

      • I totally agree that Chuck became very self absorbed ….just like Sarah did. Sarah didn’t really ever care about what Chuck needed …she just assumed…and she really didn’t want Chuck to change from the lovable loser she first met. It didn’t matter to her that Chuck wasn’t happy with that life and wanted to become someone…to achieve something similar to what he thought he would have been if he didn’t get kicked out of college. Chuck totally took Sarah for granted, but he also thought it was over between them. Hannah was a huge mistake, but it didn’t drag out…Chuck did the right thing ending it after a few days. But it certainly showed how self absorbed he had become to start the relationship, but he gets a worse image for breaking it off ( although it was the right thing to do).

        And by confiding in Shaw, I mean the whole conversation…the fact that she thought Chuck was becoming a different person. But that was a conversation she could have had with Chuck on numerous occasions. And I disagree with you about Shaw saving Sarah because of Chuck being obsessed with saving Hannah…he devised the plan to find the antidote first and that was his first order of business when he got to the museum. He was visibly upset when he thought he didn’t get the antidote in time, but Casey then told him to go save Hannah. That’s when he saw Sarah costing up to Shaw.

  6. God Chris…you and the stupid “breakups” of a fake relationship with a guy who is overwhelmed by what just happened in his life. Every time he gave her a chance to talk, she said it wasn’t real, it was just a cover…all the way up to the Suburbs. That’s the height of ridiculous to blame Chuck for those fake breakups… you can’t breakup a relationship that isn’t real in the first place.

    • But Gary, it was real.

      There actions spoke differently. They were in denial. If they were fake break ups why did it hurt Sarah so much? Why did she have to get a hold of herself

      its because they were in a real relationship they were just scared to say they were with all the issues well documented.

      • Sarah was hurt because she would never tell Chuck the truth. Right off the bat, Chuck asked Sarah if the fake relationship would go anywhere indicating to Sarah that he wanted it to be real( the Truth). And then, Chuck told Sarah that having a fake relationship so they could fool everyone was actually just fooling himself ( Sarah knew what that meant…Chuck wanted a real relationship because he had fallen for her). Chuck told Sarah that he was crazy about her. Sarah was the one that didn’t let her cat out of the bag…always insisting it was fake. And sleeping with him ???? C’mon….Casey always implied that it was standard operating procedure for the blondes to sleep with whomever for whatever, so Chuck would never know that it was intimate in any way. And how difficult was that, to have this beautiful thing sleeping next to you, and you can’t even touch it !!! Come to think of it, Sarah was just downright cruel !!! ( LOL )

      • “Thought you said she went with Shaw as a ruse to gain information? Hmmm.”

        I did, but in that blurry world of being a spy. Fake and real become interchangeable expressions of purpose. In the end, Sarah had no emotional connection with Shaw. It was and always will be Chuck.

        I think with a spy, you need to keep the goal in mind, how that goal is achieved and what lines get crossed is something that happens in a war.

        It’s like saying, what happens on a battlefield should stay on a battlefield and it should remain away from the eyes of arm chair heroes and the general public.

        “Sarah was just downright cruel”

        Agreed. A tease and a form of torture – and she knew, she admitted it. But every girl likes to flirt, to test, to make a guy burn with desire and pour lots of cold water on them. That’s life.

        But remember, she was an assassin, she was also his bodyguard, so she needed a bit more latitude. Everything she would say or do would be scrutinised, and eventually it was. Chuck’s attitude nearly caused Sarah to be removed as his handler.

        Moreover, due to the blurry lives of spies. Sarah also needed to know that Chuck was a sure thing. And she started to believe.

        Chuck got her back with Lou. A taste of her own medicine. He even had fun the car with her. He could have used other tactics as well but he missed those.

        When we get to Hannah. No problem, go sleep with the girl, but if you are still thinking about Sarah – DON”T invite her to dinner (to sit with your family) unless she really is the one for you.

        In less than a few days Hannah went from fellow passenger, fellow herder, on-site kiss, bed friend to his dinner table. She had it all in less than a week. Any ex-girlfriend, regardless of whether you are sleeping with them or not would explode like a bomb when faced with that.

        Hannah was obviously a girl in a hurry, she wanted to own Chuck and Chuck fell for it. I have to ask why, was Chuck so cheap that throwing away a chance with Sarah Walker for some girl that would act like a dizzy teenager made him insincere. I think so.

        It made his stories, ambitions, dreams and hopes cheap as well.

        You are not telling me that Chuck knew enough about Hannah to make her real within a ‘couple of days’ as opposed to what he knew about Sarah.

        He knew Sarah would was putting her life on the line for him and his family – you could not ask for more. He also knew that she committed treason for him and misappropriated government resources to find his dad. Would Hannah do that, probably not.

        So what can you expect from Sarah. That’s like the President telling his body guards to work for free and work without bullet proof vests. Trust me, assassins only use blanks ….

        You certainly test trust in that way. When you do, it breaks.

        Chuck and Sarah had an unspoken bond. An agreement.
        He simply ripped it up and threw it away all for a ‘roll in the haystacks’ with some stranger who stalked him from Paris. The last time this happened, the girl in question nearly got him killed.

        And then family life – it was everything to Chuck (or so he told Sarah)

        Well he poured water on that when he grabbed the first girl that threw herself at him and took her home and replaced Sarah in less than a few days.

        Chuck was cheap, using his family in the same way Sarah flirted in her lingerie. Once he did that, he proved that the family thing wasn’t the utopia he said it was. Any one could have it, it wasn’t special and it was as easy as a roll in the hay.

        In other words, he made Sarah feel cheap and used. He was handed everything on a plate.

        All he had to do was be patient and wait, but he ruined it; he had to run before he could walk – just like Prague all over again.

        Good things come in time but in this instance, the hand of fate saved Chuck. Chuck had become his very own nemesis.

  7. @gmhenderson
    “you can’t breakup a relationship that isn’t real in the first place.”
    Remember the bracelet scene with Santa Clause and Fulcrum staged hostage scene.

    Hidden amongst the DVDs.
    Chuck finally realised that she was always his girlfriend – cover or not. So i think that covers it – Chuck understood it was as real as it would ever get, which makes it real. Just different.

    • Sarah said as much in Sandworm,

      We are a real couple just a different kind of couple. Its a cover for a cover,

      Sarah and Chuck were living the good life. Work together be together. She told him she loved working with him and being with him. So we have to wait and say. Sarah you are my girlfriend.

      She jumped at any chance to sleep with the man. Felt comfortable enough to sleep in her panties with him. Share a bathroom with him.

      Cooked breakfast for him. Got his degree for him.
      Helped find his father. Grant Orion let them find him. but its all the same.

      When Chuck took off their lifeline in the ex Sarah was angry with him, but also was worried. If it was a fake relationship why would sarah feel hurt when he claimed the relationship was a fake to jill

      so it was a real relationship

      • To Chuck, it wan’t a real relationship by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t care what you want to call it, or what she did for him ( her job was to protect him), but a real relationship would involve kissing and sex…especially at the age they were.

        Sleeping with girls with their panties on was teenage stuff … nudity and sex is where relationships usually go……

      • not neccesarity Gary,

        Sex is just apart of a relationship not the only thing. If we use that as a barometer then we lose the concept of what a relationship is supposed to be.

        A relationship has all parts communication which they sucked at. Feelings which they had. intimacy for them at that point was kissing or holding hands.

        So, I don’t believe sex has to be apart of the equation for it to be called a real relationship. If two people decide to wait until they are married. Does that mean they aren’t in a real relationship.

    • Sure…by then it was as real as it was going to get, but Sarah wasn’t letting Chuck in on it going any further than it was. After the Suburbs, Chuck was fine with the fake relationship, but Ellie coerced him into doing something he really didn’t want to do…. same with Bryce. Lou was different because they were just starting out and Chuck was totally confused by the whole fake relationship thing.( Plus it gave us a chance to see how serious Sarah’s feeling for him were). Having Jill back meant that he could have a little normalcy in his crazy life again, and maybe a “real relationship”. Once that was over, he always let it be known that he loved Sarah and wanted to be with her…and, yes, gave her the bracelet. But remember what she said to him….”this is something you should give a real girlfriend.”, once again reinforcing that it was just a fake or cover relationship to her. By then, I don’t think Chuck really cared that it was fake, but Ellie and Bruce making him break up with Sarah wasn’t to hurt her, but they convinced him it was the right thing to do for her. They were altruistic acts…

      • Again it wasn’t so much the break up its self its the words he used.

        Sarah’s responded in the third break up by saying tell them why we don’t want to label anything we enjoy each others company any thats it.

        Chuck thought of it as another lie, but it was because her body language said as much. its what lead to her comment in the bar with Cole. Noticed she was looking in Chuck direction when she said it. “Sometimes a girl wants a guy to act rather then talk about things.”

        Its funny how the two progressed throughout the first two seasons. it was the best in my view because each episode made you say will this be the episode.

        Each time they were close something crazy happened.

        The issue for me though is one thing and will always be the hannah issue.

        Chuck was a jerk to tell Sarah he couldn’t be with her because he wanted to be a spy then later hook up with Hannah no matter who and what happened. Its what his reason was. The woman put her heart out there for him. Someone that wasn’t use to exposing her heart like that.

        He hurt her in Prague, but crushed her with having Hannah over for dinner and sex. This sent Sarah spiraling to Shaw.

      • The Buy More was under surveillance.
        So anything that was said would be left to facial expressions – and both Sarah and Chuck provided the right facial expressions when they delivered the words. I almost though that Chuck and Sarah had finally cracked it. But when Sarah rushes back in to say he’s safe – she misses Chucks facial expressions when she lied.

        Why didn’t Chuck go off grid and visit Sarah at her hotel room?

        I think Chuck was using the ‘fake relationship’ as a way of hiding from his reality and staying self-absorbed. Remember, it wasn’t until the beard that Morgan reminded him of his love for Sarah.

        How do you forget you love someone without being so self-absorbed its destructive?

        On one occasion Chuck did break up with Sarah on the promise that he would get the intersect out of his head. That wasn’t altruism, it was to stop a fake live together situation developing. He was fine with fake on a day to day basis because he new the fake would have to continue until he was free of the CIA (then he could be with the women he loves), but he could not fake living with that same someone, sharing a bed etc … this would have to wait until its real.

        In a way it is like traditional courtship. We will go out, kiss and other stuff, but until we are married, no sleeping/living together ….

        “Having Jill back meant that he could have a little normalcy in his crazy life again, and maybe a “real relationship”.”

        That’s what he told himself, but it wasn’t the reality of the situation. Ignoring the lie detector test.

        In many respects, Chuck was merely idling through life hoping it would come and give him what he was looking for. The irony, fate gave him Sarah and for some reason he completely ignored her and took her for granted. Maybe he didn’t believe he was deserving of Sarah. Maybe he was just acting like a plank of wood because his perceived ‘love story’ was not what he dreamed it would be …

        He wanted to be normal. He wanted to date a girl to death until they finally get married. He obviously believes this is the only way two people meet – trial and error maybe.

        But FATE was handed to him on a plate. She gave him a broken mobile phone and asked him to call her.

        It took Morgan to wake him up in the Buy More.
        It took Morgan to wake him up in Castle (Beard)
        It took Morgan to wake him up when Jeffster was performing Africa.

        Morgan was the catalyst of action for Chuck, Sarah knew this after he freed Morgan from the boot of a car, and thus she smiled when they both left Castle (Beard) as friends.

        Morgan saw it how it was.
        Ellie was a bit of mix of different messages until she told him that he never went far enough. Ellie was more confusion for Chuck but she did serve to bring Sarah into the fold of the family. The sister she never had.

      • Thought you said she went with Shaw as a ruse to gain information? Hmmm.

        Hannah was a reaction to seeing Shaw take over his place with Sarah. It was wrong, no doubt. But Chuck actually thought he was never getting Sarah back after what had happened in Prague. He explained everything to her…he apologized to her…he told her he loved her …..and Sarah didn’t really budge. And I think that is when he really started taking her for granted ….figuring she would understand what seemed like a reasonable course of action on his part. But Sarah is partly to blame too, because she never told Chuck what her true concerns were. Chuck thought the plan was for him to become a spy so they could be together, but Sarah obviously didn’t know that was the plan. But she also never told him why she was acting the way she was acting, or that she was worried he would change from who he was. That was another huge misunderstanding on Sarah’s part, because she never realized that Chuck didn’t like who he was….like I always said, they were both a little bit too self absorbed to even want to try to understand the other person’s wants and concerns.

      • goes back to the same problem Communication.

        IT didn’t start until Tic Tac when Sarah started it by saying I thought you change please don’t lose that guy you were three years ago.

        Its a start

      • Oh, I think Chuck knew he loved Sarah when he broke up with Hannah so quickly, he just couldn’t admit it to himself. When Morgan reminded him that he loved Sarah, that’s when Chuck realized how big a mistake he had made in Prague, how big a mistake he had made by giving up on Sarah and sleeping with Hannah. He knew they were wrong at first, but he didn’t understand the magnitude. And, for the first time in a long, long time, he didn’t have to lie to his best friend….and I think you guys always forget how hard it was for Chuck to always lie, (being innately a good guy, it goes against the grain). He became a lot less self absorbed after the Beard …doing what was right in Tic Tac with Casey. He got a lot of grief from Sarah about the end of that episode, which was unfair since she knew he took the drug, and Sarah didn’t even give him credit snapping out of it when she yelled his name ( since it was a medication, her calling out to him shouldn’t have had any effect.) That’s why I don’t think Sarah was in control of the whole Shaw thing as you think she was….she was pretty lost in those few episodes…..

      • Chris said,
        ” its what lead to her comment in the bar with Cole. Noticed she was looking in Chuck direction when she said it. “Sometimes a girl wants a guy to act rather then talk about things.”

        Another strange quote from Sarah. Since Suburbs was actually supposed to be the episode before Beefcake, Chuck had approached Sarah about going out spending the night in the house in the Suburbs. I don’t know what you call that, but that is action….no talk. It was Sarah that shot down the idea…reinforcing to Chuck once again that the whole “relationship ” was a cover…a fake.

        Sarah and chuck had a relationship, but it was a work/friends relationship. Chuck wanted more and told Sarah all the time he wanted more. Sarah would never break out of her agent mode, so this thought that Chuck didn’t let Sarah speak is inane. Whenever she did speak, she either lied or spewed the company line. As a matter of fact, Sarah never really told Chuck the whole truth until Phase 3, so I don’t know why you make such a big deal of Chuck ” not allowing Sarah to say anything”.

  8. @gmhenderson

    “Chuck ” not allowing Sarah to say anything”

    It is not that Chuck never let her say anything it is more that:

    – Chuck always had to speak first.

    – Chuck never looked at her when he spoke.

    Some people have a hard time expressing themselves so you need to learn how they do it – especially if they are important to you. Sarah was all about expression and non verbal signs. If he had noticed that earlier on, then it may have de-cluttered his communication. I was always taught, you should always look at people when you speak to them because [a] it is good manners and [b] your tone, words and overall language can be more reactionary and efficient.

    In many respects Chuck’s personality was both his strength and weakness. As I have said before, during this phase, Chuck was his own nemesis and that is the same for most people trying to assert themselves after a tough period in their life.

    • +1 …. my contention was never that Chuck WASN’T a dirtbag in this arc, my contention is that, like Chuck, Sarah must also shoulder a lot of the blame….. she, too, was her own worse enemy.

      As you pointed out, Chuck often broke up with Sarah, because it was the only leverage he had, especially when he was frustrated by putting his heart out there, but Sarah couldn’t move the relationship forward as fast as he wanted to. What Sarah would do, rather than breaking up with Chuck, was throw the “cover” word at him. That was her leverage when the relationship started to move forward faster than she wanted it to. It was really the same thing…. it was how they dealt with their real fake relationship….

  9. You guys are trying to make sense out of nonsense.

    S3 is completely up to the fans to figure out since nothing that was shown on the screen make ANY sense. The story only exist in the showrunners heads.

    The only thing that S3 did was diminish Chuck, Sarah AND their relationship (past and future).

    Excellent story telling.

    • Welcome to Chuckaholics Lost Sheep, I am sorry for deleting your comment before I thought you were one of those scam comments I have to filter out sometimes.

      As the founder of chocoholics I do not like to delete people’s comments cuz I have seen it done on other sites so please accept my apology.

      It is not so much trying to make sense out of something that we have no way of inputting and or changing. When it comes to groups like book clubs and other social gatherings we take the same book and have our own interpretations. it makes it fun to read difference of opinions. We can take the canon of the story as it is but I like to and I seems because often there is more than what is said. Yes, gary I am writing this through my cell phone

    • Hey Shepherd … I really can’t watch Season 3 …kinda makes my blood boil…I even lie awake at night and ruminate over what they did to the characters. But I do like to hear what some people take away from the arc. It’s amazing that some people actually see different things in the episodes as well, so, just for the joy of it, I like to hear what people said. Sometimes, I even like Chris’ rose colored Sarah glasses version.

      But not usually !! 😉

      • @Shepherd of Lost Sheep

        It’s not about making sense out of a story, its about making sense of how we interpret that story: yes, the story has been played and all of the actors have left the stage but the work resonates across time and place – just like your favourite piece of music.

        All opinions are welcome.

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