Rewatch Week Fifteen: Episode Two Season Two

Chuck vs The Seduction

Chuck vs The Seduction marked the debut of a very interesting character. A character that is this series version of James Bond. The seductive master himself Roan Montgomery. Roan was asked to work with Team Bartowski as they try to retrieve the real cipher from Sasha Banachek.

Roan was portrayed by John Larroquette and Sasha was played by Melinda Clarke. The art of seduction would be the theme of this episode. As all cast members are affected by this emotion.

Seduction also offers the second intimate moment between Chuck and Sarah this time Agent Roan watches and he will be the third character to know there is something going on between the two.

The episode also offers the first sentiments between Chuck and Sarah more on that later. Chuck vs The Seduction is a classic episode. Let’s get into this week’s rewatch

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Chuck vs The Seduction

Main Story

The episode opens with Chuck and Casey arriving at the Buymore. Chuck was asking Casey if there was a computer problem he could fix it. Casey told him if he wanted to help grab some gloves and pachalur

Chuck asking Casey about Graham Chuck walked into the Buymore and had a down face. He is stuck working in the store again, and the spy life he was trying to get rid of just had that bad penny feel. It never was going away.

After a meeting with Lester, Chuck walked out of the meeting mopping. It was obvious enough for Morgan to listen to the big guy wallow, but Morgan quickly reminded Chuck despite the negative feelings he had. At least he went home to that, in the doorway stood Sarah.

Now after the scene I would like to talk about the kiss because in this episode there are two kisses and I will discuss with you the poll question of this episode.

First the scene, which includes a song that I really liked for this episode, but it’s not the song of the episode. Huey Lewis and The News  Do You Believe in Love was great for the moment in which it played. Here is Chuck standing by the Nerd Herd Desk, watching as Sarah walked towards him. In his mind, he sees Sarah doing cartwheels and crawling on her knees for him in a very seductive way. Cat like features and all. She has a hop in her step, and as Chuck leans in she plants one on him. It’s not a peak either. There is a few seconds in that kiss. More on that kiss in a second.

When Sarah kissed Chuck, I think back to Tango, and how that kiss transpired. I remembered how she tested him. “Gimme kiss.” Chuck caught off guard quelled the opportunity by pecking her cheek. Fast Forward a year, and we have Chuck again comfortable in his shoes offering to kiss her, and she doesn’t disappoint, but Chuck needed explanation for everything had to ruin the moment by asking if the kiss was real. Hey, Chuck she kissed you willingly and smiled to boot afterwards.

She grabbed your hand and pulled you like a woman in love does when flirting. She didn’t mind kissing him remember she hasn’t kissed him since the packaged arrived. Thus, kissing was no big deal anymore. It’s simple, she liked it. A woman isn’t going to kiss you again if she didn’t.

she kissed him with eyes closed, the definition of a real kiss

A real kiss in the making

Eyes closed and getting their money’s worth. Great scene for me. They actually wanted to kiss each other. Look at the difference in Chuck for that matter from Tango

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What makes the two scenes great is the progression Chuck has made in his confidence. The other thing to note would be the disappointment in Sarah when Chuck just gave her a peck. Whereas in Seduction, she is more than satisfied.

on with the episode.,

For Gary, who likes to say Sarah never gave an explanation about why she couldn’t be with Chuck, she did in the freezer. As Chuck was courting her, she never said she didn’t want to be with him. All she said was she couldn’t. When the subject of Bryce came up Sarah got testy because Chuck misread the situation. Sure Bryce was a spy, but it’s not the reason Sarah was saying no. Bryce was a spy, Chuck was an Asset.  Her job was to protect him. Where did she say it? in a freezer loaded with cameras and voice hearing devices.

She followed protocol for the sake of protecting their cover. She was covering for them, but there was also some truth in it. As long as she was his superior it would look bad on her record in the future. The woman was in love wanted to act on it, but just couldn’t.  She didn’t say he had to be a spy. Chuck and we knew that was the only way because she never said as much.

Sarah explaining the rules of the agency about dating

In my book, the explanation was there and clear, but Chuck had to compare himself to Bryce again. Sarah never brought up Bryce or her spy type. She didn’t say, I don’t want to be with you Chuck or anything like that Chuck just assumed, and you know what happens when you assume. I will explain further on this theory in the next episode. but as per the rules of the rewatch we can’t spoil anything for rewatch articles.

For the first time, Chuck and the viewer got

Castle revealed to see the team’s new digs. Castle was revealed to be the new home for the spies to run their operation. A secret base underneath the Orange Orange. Bartowski looked around and asked “Look’s expensive, does this mean you plan on stick around for a while.” Beckman chimed in on that one. “That depends on you Chuck,

she told the team about Sasha Banachek, and how she had the real cipher. She told them she was imprisoned for 7 years, but they got nothing out of her. There was only one agent who got close that man was Agent Roan Montgomery.

Chuck was thrilled with the latest development, but he took a stance and told them he didn’t want to do this anymore, and was returning to his pathetic life at the Buymore. The general wanted to know if everything was alright with the asset.

Sarah assured the general she had everything under control, and here I will agree with everyone and say. Sarah lied and told the truth. Sarah’s actions in the first two episode are telling the viewer her heart and mind are into Chuck, but the elephant in the room was the issue.

If they found the real cipher maybe they can find out how they truly feel about each other, so I believe her when she said “you can have everything you always wanted.” I also believe her when she said “You can live the life you always wanted…with whoever you choose.” It’s a confession in sense, but not enough for her to create suspicion.

It also was a lie in a sense to get her asset to focus on Roan. It’s the kind of lie in hopes to satisfy everyone listening. In other words, She is making it sound like she is sounding like a handler trying to get the asset to function properly, but she also was telling him the truth in what she was thinking. It’s where Gary is right about mixed messages.

It also puts the truth in what Sarah is dealing with. She doesn’t have a regular job like you and I have. She has a job where she could be fired for dating her asset, and she has to walk a tightrope to keep Chuck in her life, and to not lose him in the process. It’s why I have such admiration for the character.

Look at her expression,

ITs a lie and truth

It also furthers my theory on Sarah not wanting Chuck to become a spy. She doesn’t want him to enter her world. She wants to enter his, and by never talking about this. it causes Chuck to think otherwise. Again, the nasty word of communication has resurfaced.

She was able to get the asset to calm down, and look at the file. He flashed on the whereabouts of one Roan Montgomery, and it also played the song of the episode for me. Roan’s theme song was an excellent choice for this character.

A Chuck Memento

While in Florida, Sarah and Chuck wore the outfits in this scene that would happen to be the clothing they wore in this picture. Thus, the happy couple made it a mission to take a picture on their trip?

Tell me your theory on how and when did Chuck and Sarah find time to take a picture when they were down in Florida looking for Roan.

very famous picture
Who took the photo? Was it Casey?

The clothes from the picture

Back to the main story,

Team Bartowski enter the premises of Roan, and they find the place was ransacked as Sarah said. As they sweep  the place, they find a man under his bed with a green bottle laying on his chest. Chuck suggested he would go wait in the car because the last few dead bodies have given him nightmares.

Suddenly, A flush startled the team as a woman came out from the bathroom. Chuck took one look at this guy, and sighed at the sight of this drunken man was A supposed to help them find Sasha.

After the credits,

Chuck was having breakfast with Ellie, when Devon came in and loudly asked Ellie for a quicky. A rather disturbing sound to the ears for Chuck, and it would lead into a little spat between the future Mr. and Mrs. Woodcomb.

Ellie complained about a lack of romance from Devon since they were engaged. They would ultimately turn their verbal assault on to Chuck and Sarah. As they asked him how do they keep the spark alive.

Again and Again

Chuck sarcastically said, he had to pretend they weren’t really dating, so he would have to win her over again and again. It charmed Ellie and used that as a point of emphasis towards Mr. Woodcomb.

At Casey’s apartment,  Casey and Sarah were giving their briefing. They were suggesting they would have to go find Sasha themselves because Roan was out cold. However, what they didn’t know the Czen of seduction was getting dressed and already had three martinis before even getting into the shower.

As Casey said, “We will torture it out of her.” Roan coming down the stairs said “Torture will never work.” As he and the general met eyes. The general pushed back her hair, and said Hello Roan, and Roan returned with a “Hello, Diane” Remember this part because it will come up again in a future episode.

The meeting of the minds

After Roan and Beckman extend pleasantries. Mission at hand was on the table. Roan said “The only way to get to Sasha would be to seduce her.” Casey thought he had to do it, but Roan said “Not you tranqenstein”, she would spot you as an agent from a distance. What they needed was an agent who she would never suspect was an agent.  Enter Chuck.

Casey would retrieve Chuck from the Buymore, and when they get to Casey’s apartment, Sarah informed Chuck about the mission of the night. He would be seducing Sasha. There are a couple of things I would like to discuss about the mission, but we will get their after their explosive kiss in this scene, but first the line of the episode.

The line of the episode goes to Roan in this scene. As Chuck was doubting his seducing prawless. Roan Said, You’re not going to be you, you’re going to be me.”  Then we get an awesome line.

Sarah and Chuck look at Roan, and said he would teach Chuck how to seduce Sasha, but first how to hold a martini, and here is the line.

Roan:  Hold by stem, nod to mark, Slowly tilt back

A moment to learn, a lifetime to perfect. Let’s get to work.

It worked because he had Sarah impressed, lol

Chuck and Sarah going over the mission at handProper way to hold a martini 1

tilt back Let's get to work An impressed Sarah

What happens next is a classic moment in the history of Chuck and Sarah an easily top 10 moment of the series. After the video, I will explain my theory on this one.

There is a reason the kiss was so intense. There is a reason why the kiss lasted longer than it should’ve of. The reason is simple. This would mark the third time they kissed, but this third kiss was aggressive and sexual tension sparked as soon as the lips connected.

A five second demonstrated would be enough for Roan, but as the second continued and the line Sarah used after the kiss was complete. Sarah and Chuck both were into this kiss. However, this kiss was built up from the last time they kissed.

The circumstances were a lot more extreme in Chuck vs The Hard Salami but the passion was just the same. The difference was Sarah initiated the first one. Chuck aggressively pulled Sarah in and she loved every second of it. Last season’s Chuck would never dare think of doing it. Not this Chuck, who is very much different already this his season one counterpart.

This brings me to my theory, The question would be what were the difference between the three kisses. Well, the middle kiss is a simple greeting kiss. It could be interpreted in many ways. As Chuck asked, was it a cover or real kiss. The response should be who cares what the definition of the kiss was, she did it willingly.

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 The question really would be about the bookend kisses. There are four episodes between the kiss from Hard Salami and the kiss in seduction. A lot happened between them. Bryce’s return, threats of bunkering and even fear of losing him as Colt dropped him. 

So, the idea that Sarah and Chuck would have shared only one passionate moment seemed to be driving force behind the extensive kiss. It is indeed a kiss driven behind a build up. Yes, the initiator was Roan, but the end result is the same. They enjoyed the intimate moment albeit only for a few seconds.

Sarah’s line and expression said the kiss hit home.

“I  have to fix my lipstick, excuse me.”

Sarah was the one this time who exremely  enjoyed the kiss
The expressions said a lot, Chuck did it to impress Roan, but Sarah enjoy the kiss more then she anticipated. Maybe a little caliente down below.

The other thing I noticed in the scene was Sarah’s defense of Chuck when Roan was knocking Chuck’s qualities. She looked like it was insulting her as well.

But I like those qualities

The reason it was bothering her was because she has fallen for those qualities and she knows it now. She isn’t hiding behind the agent persona anymore. She is learning and understanding the feelings she has. Does she have Agent Walker moments of course.

During the preparation scene, Sarah and Chuck are talking about their steamy relationship. What I love about the scene was for the second time in the episode Sarah admitted real relationship admissions. The first was the truth in the freezer. Here in this scene she does what she loves to do fix his tie, and then admits that his charms have worked on her.

It was a slip because as soon as she said it, she looked down. Sort of like the baggage line from the Pilot for Chuck.

Take a look,

Chuck prepping for his mission

They wait for Casey to leave before discussing their relationship. Another thing to note when talking about the relationship. They didn’t say fake this time. They are communicating which is why Sarah slipped her tongue.

talking about steamy relationship

Sarah fixing Chuck's suit

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lucky for Sarah, Roan came into the room to save her from elaborating on that more because you know Chuck would have asked.

At the hotel , we get a glimpse of more jealousy from Sarah as she kept preaching all day. Chuck should be himself. Ignore Roan’s advice. However, when Chuck gets to the hotel. Roan right off the bat thinks if he survived it would be a miracle.

Under the instructions from Roan, Chuck walked into the lounge area of the hotel. Sasha was sitting in the middle of the room. She looked directly at Chuck, but her look didn’t last long.

Roan and Sarah ready to talk Chuck through this mission


 Roan said there is four prong strategy Chuck was to use in seducing this woman. The first was to walk the room and grab her attention, which he did.

Sasha spotting Chuck

Chuck orders Sasha a martiniChuck working Sasha

 Roan said the second prong was to get her drunk. Chuck precedes to order Sasha a martini, but she rejects the martini by saying she doesn’t drink. Chuck dejected already, but Roan and Sarah both encourage him, but what was funny was Roan asked Sarah how is this boy supposed to seduce her without alcohol assistance.

Sarah assured Roan, Chuck on his own could seduce this woman, but Roan didn’t buy into it. He advised Chuck of the third prong in which a woman likes to be rescued, but Sarah didn’t like this and told Chuck. Sometimes a woman likes a man, who is willing to take a backseat. Roan and Sarah bicker over this for a bit until Chuck asked can we return to the mission.

Then Roan pulls a Casey, what I mean by a Casey, while Chuck was walking over to Sasha, who was sitting at the bar. Roan turned to Sarah and asked her how long has Chuck and her been courting. This is what I call a Casey, The colonel had a similar conversation with her in Hard Salami. Roan stirred Sarah as he told her not how she protected him, but how she kissed him.

It upset Sarah to the point the two agents begin to get anxious enough to spill Roan’s drink on the computer board. The same can be said when Casey pointed out her feelings both times Agent Walker would jump the gun.  It caused Chuck to lose connection with the van, and handle this own his own. Sasha would ask Chuck something in French, and all Chuck could manage was a basis french phrase. Sasha got bored and moved on rather quickly.

The agents were ready to pack it up, and Sarah furious at Roan said I told you he is an analyst not a spy, and ran out of the van. The whole display of protest convinced Roan that Sarah had real none spy feelings for the asset.

So, scoreboard update.

Elle, Carina, Casey and now Roan all know Sarah is in love with Chuck. it infuriates Sarah because someone who does have true feelings always denies those feelings because they are scared.  The fear comes from never experience the true emotion. Pure not a lie, but pure love.

Throw in Chuck taking a stand and asking Roan about the fourth prong. When Roan told him to be a bastard.  This time he was able to get upstairs, and Sasha would reward him with a make out session in the elevator enough to bring out jealousy in Sarah.

Remember she just had those lips on her a little bit ago. She claimed those lips and to be fair had to work for the kiss. It’s almost like the series of Chuck made a kiss far worse than sex. For example, when Sarah kissed Bryce in Chuck’s room. the act of kissing hurt Chuck, and Sarah wasn’t too thrilled hearing about Lou and Chuck kissing.

Hey, those are my lips
Clearly, Sarah watching Sasha kissing Chuck struck a bit of jealousy out of her.
Sarah not cool with another woman kissing Chuck
She doesn’t want to share those lips once she had a taste of them. 

Sasha kissing Chuck in the elevator

Chuck and Sasha enter her room, and sasha said she would slip into something more comfortable, when she entered the bathroom. Chuck looked around and found a knife in her bag, which he flashed on. He screamed like a little girl. Chuck and Sarah ran up the stairs.

Sasha came out of the bathroom dressed in evening attire walking very sexy towards Chuck. However, Sasha and her men were on to them, and turned the tables for the time being. She was becoming aggressive by taking his belt off. Chuck was becoming a bit nervous by the lioness approach of Sasha. She reached his ear, and said hello Roan, shouldn’t send a boy to do a man’s job. Roan screamed in the ear piece get out of there now.

Roan hopped into the driver’s seat and drove off.  While Sasha was walking towards him Chuck was able to flash on the object hanging from her neck. It turned out to be the real cipher. While Sasha was threatening Chuck, he was able to swipe the cipher and attempted to climb to the room above but was kicked off the ledge by the couple occupying the room.

Chuck fell from the floor all the way down on to an air mattress. He apologized for the disturbance. He got up and ran off. He was asking Sarah if she saw that and boasted how he had the cipher. What Chuck didn’t know was Sasha had captured Casey and Sarah.

When he got to the apartment complex, Roan told him if he tried to save them there would be three dead agents instead of just two. Chuck plead his case and further said he couldn’t save them himself, He said he wouldn’t help because he was a coward and he wasn’t in love with one of the agents.

Chuck would tell Roan he didn’t love her, he cared about both of them, and further said besides we heard what she said. he was just an asset. Roan told him “No you’re not, The Lady Doth Protest too much.” He also told Chuck about the rules in spying. How falling in love was breaking rule number one.

The scene would close with Chuck saying he was not much of a spy, and Roan was not much of a legend either. Chuck would try to get a hold of Beckman to no a vail.

The next day at the Buymore, Roan would show up at the store, and complimented sarcastically on the cover they had for him, and had another great line of the episode. “Do you really care for these people.” Then “try to come up with a plan that doesn’t get all of us killed.”

Chuck would contact Sasha at the drop off spot, and instructed them to come to the Buymore, which she obliges Sarah and Casey came into the store with their hands tied. Suddenly, Chuck came on the wall of televisions. He said, if they wanted the cipher they would need to release his friends, but before he could continue, one of the henchmen found his location.

He started to run after bartowski, Chuck would retreat to the roof the store, and closed the roof door. The henchman ran back to Sasha and told her where Chuck was. Since he was secured, Sasha said she didn’t need hostages anymore and was ready to shoot them, but Roan stopped Sasha in her tracks.

A fight broke out between the baddies and agents with the good guys getting the upper hand. Sasha would grab Sarah and put a gun to her head. Roan would summon Chuck and tell him remember Thailand. At first Chuck was resistant, but eventually gave in. He tied the banner around his waist and swung down to free Sarah from the clutches of Sasha. Roan complimented his bravery by saying now that’s a spy.

At the courtyard, Sarah and Chuck are sharing pleasantries about who owed who on the life saving scoreboard.  Another confession of sorts from Sarah. She said ” It’s safe to say Chuck, I never met anyone quite like you.”

I never met anyone like you

Roan left Casey’s pad and came up to Chuck. Again more pleasant tries, and after the video. Another passionate kiss and special moment ruined by the return of Bryce Larkin. 

The Return of Bryce
Sarah doesn’t seem too thrilled with Bryce’s return this time around.

Bryce’s untimely return was much like the last one, but this time around will be more disruptive in Chuck and Sarah’s blossoming relationship.

However, while Bryce was excited to see everyone. He too will learn what Carina, Ellie, Devon,  Roan and Casey all know. For those that know will be back for The Break Up.

For the newbies,  return next Monday and find out what happened next  between Chuck and Sarah.

For the Buymore and Ellie/Devon stories please read the full episode article found at the top of the page until next week.

Chuckaholics is your toy so play, and remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.

























  1. Well done Christopher.
    Here are a few comments to get the ball rolling.

    It started with a kiss.

    This is the first time that Chuck let’s his emotions over take him and thus we see Sarah approaching him in a very ‘heart felt’ way. Of course, it is happening in his mind, but because of this, he let’s go of any constraints and they really do kiss. Obviously, we cannot interpret what Sarah is thinking but we can imagine that Sarah can either sense this in Chuck or she allows his emotion to over come hers and yes she kisses him very naturally – boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Beyond that, I think we can agree to say they are very happy to see one another and yes, they are quite comfortable/receptive with/to each other.

    So now we can see that for both Sarah and Chuck, there is an emotional and physical enjoyment of each others company.

    “Sarah never gave an explanation about why she couldn’t be with Chuck, she did in the freezer”

    I agree with Christopher.

    She never said I don’t want to be with you; she merely said it would be un-professional due to his status as an asset. Sadly, Chuck wanted a relationship now and could not wait. Sarah could wait, while Chuck wanted everything here and now.

    Yes, Chuck would always throw in remarks about Bryce etc … in order to tease Sarah, to test Sarah, to try to affect the timeline and get things rolling (faster). Why not, wouldn’t every guy in the same position. It’s human and yes, eventually, if you cannot keep your emotions in check, the entire feeling would run away itself and create frustration/anxiety.

    When Chuck ‘popped’ he would often go for a fake break-up as it was his only bartering tool. Then he would go off and try and find succour in what he was after – a physical relationship which he could enjoy immediately.

    Chuck was always in a rush. Sarah preferred to ‘take things slow’.
    No different to real life I would say – one person is always in a rush, the other likes to take there time (generally speaking you could say this is determined by what else is happening in your life at the time).

    In this instance – Chuck wanted to started living and had no concerns for the day to day where Sarah had life and death decisions to make affecting Chuck’s world.

    “I have to fix my lipstick, excuse me.”

    I agree with Christopher. This kiss was the show stopper. I think how we all feel about this is obvious. Sarah’s defensive nature was only to be expected by someone who had started to measure their heart.

    “Sometimes a woman likes a man, who is willing to take a backseat.”

    I don’t want to go off-episode, but remember this line for the beefcake episode when the roles are reversed.

    “Tell me your theory on how and when did Chuck and Sarah find time to take a picture when they were down in Florida looking for Roan.”

    This is the day when Sarah actually hears herself think emotionally. A day away from Burbank talking about romance (for the purpose of a mission). No cameras (except theres), no hidden microphones leads to the picture that will sit next to her bed and then reside in her suitcase.

    The morning kiss and conversation gave it away.

    I think Casey may have taken the photo but the entire shot was all very natural but now, i think it is easier to say that this paragraph sums it all up so far:

    “Chuck would tell Roan he didn’t love her, he cared about both of them, and further said besides we heard what she said. he was just an asset. Roan told him “No you’re not, The Lady Doth Protest too much.” He also told Chuck about the rules in spying. How falling in love was breaking rule number one.”

    Both individuals still fighting their feelings because the current situation implies they must do this.

    I am sure I will make some additional comments later on 🙂

    • Very good. Sean,

      Without spoiling this article, even when they were actually together. Chuck wood wanna push to the next level right away. They just got bag from paris and he already wanted to ask her to move in .

      Very good point

      • “She claimed those lips and to be fair had to work for the kiss.”

        I think we have to see Sarah on two journeys:

        1] To establish/understand/express her own feelings for Chuck.
        2] To trust Chuck as a partner for life.

        The trick is, at one point of the journey do the two overlap?

        In Season 1 we have the growth of girlfriend walker and at the beginning of Season 3 she is wanting to trust chuck. So where in Season 2 does this happen and are we seeing it now?

        Now, see the third picture down where Chuck is kissing Sasha.

        Note how Chuck is looking at Sarah as it happens. Whether he is asking for permission, expressing an opinion that this is fake/forced/required by the mission or what.

        I wonder if he sees the expression on Sarah’s face and vice versa but given the current emotions between the two I think he feels her look.

        And just to throw it out there:
        I also want to consider the fact that falling from the balcony on to a bag of air is a good description of the current relationship in Chuck’s mind (he wants Sarah to see this emotion, look at me, but due to the job, and being taken as a hostage, she does not).

        Due to that feeling he finds the courage to go to Sarah’s hotel room without prior arrangement (armed with a single red rose). Sarah is happy to see him, but almost instantaneously she knows the presence of Bryce will set everything in downward spiral.

        Bryce cannot help himself but own the scene.

        I can see Chuck’s point.

        If it was me and there was no apparent/explained reason as to why he (an ex-boyfriend who had intimate knowledge of Sarah) was there. I would be ‘gutted’ as well. Chuck’s joy lasted a few days (from a kiss in Buy More, to pictures in florida and being a hero, to knocking on Sarah’s door in a white jacket).

        I think Chuck held it together as best he could and I feel that Sarah could have explained the presence of Bryce and not let Bryce dominate the entire scene or let Chuck leave down hearted.

      • “If it was me and there was no apparent/explained reason as to why he (an ex-boyfriend who had intimate knowledge of Sarah) was there. I would be ‘gutted’ as well. Chuck’s joy lasted a few days (from a kiss in Buy More, to pictures in florida and being a hero, to knocking on Sarah’s door in a white jacket).”

        Agree sort of, the problem was Sarah showed an expression of not understanding what is going on here. It was a shock to see Bryce waiting for her in the hallway. Sarah didn’t get any time to understand Bryce’s return let alone explain it to Chuck. However, there was a deleted scene in which I wish they kept because it showed communication from Sarah end. In the deleted scene she assured what Bryce and her had was in the past.

        Actually he didn’t go to Sarah’s room on his own. He was coached by Roan to get the jacket, wine and rose. I will give credit to Chuck in following through with the advise though.

        When I mentioned Sasha and Chuck kissing, I thought about Lonn Kirk for a second. When Chuck watched Sarah and him go below deck and watched how Chuck became jealous while also flashing on the crates.

        Sarah got to see it from Chuck’s’ shoes even if it’s a mission. As a girlfriend, she would be a bit jealous seeing her lips kissing another woman. I also remember when Chuck said wouldn’t that be disrespectful to her boyfriend, and she pulled a Chuck by saying Bryce wasn’t her boyfriend and even if he was he would understand this line of work. Did Sarah show understanding from her expression I think she felt uncomfortable watching Chuck kissing another woman.

        Spoiler Alert,

        Look at her reaction to Stepanova, she didn’t like Chuck giving the model acknowledgment in S4

      • “Look at her reaction to Stepanova, she didn’t like Chuck giving the model acknowledgment in S4”

        Say no more 😉

      • “Agree sort of, the problem was Sarah showed an expression of not understanding what is going on here.”

        True, but she is a quick thinker.
        She could have easily followed him out in to the hallway and said something nice. The hallway was not under surveillance.

        I saw the deleted scene, but that was the day after.
        She dropped the ball on that one.

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Roan in Palm Springs ? I’ll have to rewatch this at some point.

      Chris ….I don’t say Sarah doesn’t ever give Chuck an explanation why they can’t be together, but she had explained it that they couldn’t be together because of the asset / handler relationship, OR that he wasn’t a spy ( like Bryce ). So in Chuck’s mind, the only 2 ways he could be with Sarah ( for REAL ) was to get rid of the Intersect and be a regular guy ( thus ending the handler / asset obstacle ) OR become a spy.

      Obviously, the first option was sort of Chuck’s first choice ….but that’s not to say he didn’t enjoy some of the stunts he pulled off, because they did seem to catch Sarah’s attention. She was starting to realize that Chuck had some potential…that will probably come to a climax in Tom Sawyer.

      • Yes, he was in Palm Springs, but the scenery and ranch style home reeks of Florida, I could be wrong, but the scene looked to be florida.

        See the enigma that is Bryce, Sarah and Chuck is an interesting dynamic. Here we have two men who are quite similar in nature, I mean they speak Klingon to each others. However, whenever Chuck doesn’t get his way he brings Bryce into the equation. His own hang up seemed to be Bryce and how good he has it.

        But what we veterans of Chuck know about Bryce is it fair to say Bryce had it all. He was killed twice only to be saved for agency purposes. He loses his girlfriend and let’s be honest Bryce did have feelings for Sarah. its why he asked her to come work with him again. The problem of course was Bryce didn’t know Sarah had fallen for the man he protected in Stanford.

        See the reality is and I leave this to both you and Sean, Sarah doesn’t understand where Chuck is coming from but she will in a few weeks and we know what happens. The only way Sarah will understand’s Chuck’s position is to experience it. The only thing i can say is Sarah wasn’t happy Bryce was back. Things were moving nicely between Her and Chuck, and she knew Bryce’s return only would complicate things even if Bryce had no ill intentions on being there.

        What a crazy world the spy life can be.

      • Naw….that’s Palm Springs California ….no water, mountains in the background….won’t see that in Palm Beach Florida. Plus it makes more sense that would just drive out to Palm Springs from Burbank….

        I don’t see why you have a problem with Chuck hating having Bryce around. He may have been “protecting” him, but it ruined his life. He stole his first love from him…and he was pretty good at attracting attention from the present love of his life. He took away his dream of being a tech billionaire. He was correct to always be wary of Bryce…. even when Bryce was doing what he thought was best for Chuck, it still managed to make his life worse.

      • I never said I had an issue with Chuck hating Bryce, I just find it to be an easy blame for Chuck. Just like Chuck blamed his inability to be a spy was because he didn’t have the Intersect. Bryce and the Intersect were easy outs for the Chuck.

        Instead of moving on like Ellie said in the Pilot, Chuck dwelled on all the issues that turned out to be reasons behind the planting of the tests. Sarah staying in Burbank should of proved to Chuck that Sarah was his. She couldn’t say it officially, but why do you have a hard time saying the cover was a cover for their true feelings.

        Sarah wasn’t hiding her feelings from Chuck. She was hiding them from the agency and herself. Yet, a line like Why not it worked on me is telling Chuck she has feelings for him she just not the type of character thats going to spell everything out for him.

      • Well sarah would say stuff like, “It worked on me…” and then the next episode she would go back to everything being a cover. Chuck was a verbal person ( as are most men, BTW). It was certainly confusing, especially to a socially awkward man….

    • “Sometimes a woman likes a man, who is willing to take a backseat.”

      No wonder Chuck can’t figure Sarah out. The comparison to her line in Beefcake, especially right after Chuck’s offer in Suburbs, would have even the most socially perceptive guy in the world confused….

      • All women are confusing.
        They say one thing and mean another, then they say one thing and mean exactly what they said. It just means we have to spend more time considering there mood than what they are wearing 🙂

      • My wife says exactly what she means…..she leaves very little doubt as to what she is actually telling me.

        It’s usually not good, either !!! 😉

  2. Problem is:

    Whenever Bryce shows up. Everyone gives him the stage.
    If Bryce wasn’t given front-billing every time he was around, then you easily wipe the floor with him. As I have said, much of his heroic nature borders on the suicidal; where Chuck would try to think things through (on missions), Bryce was more reactionary and explosive.

    To be honest, I don’t think Bryce had feelings for Sarah beyond a close professional relationship. By comparison, not in the same way as Chuck because Bryce has no emotions. Expectations yes, but no deep emotions: Yes he liked her, but the mission was everything to him, and that’s why we will see Sarah make a clear choice very shortly.

  3. One more for the mix:

    Remember the scene in a previous episode where Chuck trashes Sarah’s fake picture.

    Now compare that to the scene where Sarah gives Chuck a picture of Lou doing her deal on the docks and says something like – “keep it, we have copies”.

    Now there’s a bit of Sarah dropping a bomb of reality on Chuck!

  4. Hi all… great to read Chris’ articles and all the feedback. I haven’t really stopped my re-re-re-re-watch (never enough Chuck) but I am finally I’m at the hotel and can take some time to participate!

    This is one of those episodes that really helps move the romantic story along, but also Chuck’s spy life as well. Lots going on.

    Of course I appreciate and basically agree with all the comments on the two kisses. Definitely ‘not’ a cover kiss for the first, but like everyone said, why ruin it. Chuck’s lack of self-confidence is why it takes over 2 seasons to get them together, less so Sarah’s trust issues and self-awareness..

    Roan is indeed a great character, plus I loved Night Court! Anyway, I loved the build up to the second kiss so much because Chuck’s really working it with Sarah, and gets her laughing (oh that laugh.) Then Roan also delivers an awesome line ‘don’t encourage him, this isn’t happy hour at Chilis’. Then, ‘perhaps I’ve moved to fast, have you had intercourse before?’ Classic. Then we get some real passion.

    Now we got some of it in S2E1 but Chuck’s spy confidence is getting even better here, with obvious gaps. I appreciate his not giving up on the Sasha mission, even when he knew she was a killer.

    But the climax here when he saves Sarah’s life (not first time though) by swinging from the roof is a real clear message for Sarah (after the freezer,) Like, ‘I can do this stuff too, and am doing it for you.’ He might have done the same for Casey but this is clearly Chuck feeling to have a relationship he can not be only an asset.

    As far as the end goes, I also questioned why Sarah didn’t reassure him at the door or in the hallway, given she knows how he is and the past. We don’t really see what happens after the door, just Chuck back home. The deleted scene was probably the one most of them all from the DVDs cut scenes I’d put back. At least we see some more conversation between them (on a pseudo-dinner date) and Sarah making it clear Chuck is the one she’s with from now on.

    Well, I’ve been jumping around re-watching bits of one and two so I can keep up and get my fix while traveling. So, it’s great to see all of you participating and being in the Chuck family!

    Happy Watching!

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