Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker Part Four: Jealousy of a Different Kind

Jealousy of the Intersect 2.0: Chapter One

When it comes to Sarah Walker we have studied the enigma she can be. Her ability to flip from Agent Walker to Sarah the girlfriend was fun to watch for me.

We have dived into her jealousy of other women in Chuck’s life other than herself. It didn’t matter who the woman was. Sarah had a hard time dealing with other women touching and kissing her boyfriend.

We have seen her struggling with being loyal to Chuck while maintaining true with the agency, but for the purpose of this article, we will explore her jealousy of the Intersect 2.0. Let’s get started.

When Chuck had the original Intersect in his head, Sarah was ordered to protect him, and during the course of time she learned to love him, and most specifically be with him on a professional and personal. Through the protection, came the love for doing it. She took it from not just a work relationship either. She confronted Lou and Jill as a result of it, and went on the lam with him.

She also would take it as a personal gripe when Chuck didn’t include her in his adventures. As Gary, stated before she was a woman who loved adventure. Her father took her on con jobs and the CIA offered her an adventure every day, but when Chuck decided to not include her in his personal matters. She made it known it bothered her.

It is a response both egos would give. Sarah the girlfriend doesn’t want to be in the background, she wants to beside Chuck fighting with him. Agent Walker also has the same sentiments.

In Chuck vs the 3D, When Chuck went off with Tyler by himself, Sarah’s response was  very matter of fact . While Agent Walker spoke her piece, but as girlfriend as well.

I need to be where I can protect you
Sarah: But Chuck, you are a spy, and you should know better than to put yourself in a dangerous situation where I can’t protect you.

Chuck makes a point in this scene as well, he doesn’t get a day off like Casey and Sarah because the Intersect doesn’t give him that luxury. As soon as there is a mission, Chuck is dragged into it without say or question.

However, Sarah’s response is deeper than that just an agent speaking to her asset. It’s deeper than fake relationships and all. It’s a normal woman response to a normal male problem. Let me explain.

Chuck and Sarah have been dating for a year and half at this time, and the fact that they spend a lot of time together constitutes the familiarity of always been around each other. Especially when the two work together. Picture a wife telling her husband, why didn’t you call if you were out all night kind of thing.

Sarah is speaking like a girlfriend, who felt her boyfriend put her in tough position not only as an agent, but made her worry as girlfriend. Look at the expression again,

I need to be where I can protect you

Agent Walker at her best
Here is agent walker, not the screen cap above

What makes it a good scene was how they were communicating, but because Chuck kept something from her. It made her push more. A real girlfriend would push her boyfriend to give up a secret.

A very girlfriend kind of response

Just look at the methods Sarah went to get her way in Seduction Impossible or Zoom. Sarah wanted to know everything and be there with him.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What does this have to do with the 2.0? Well, its simple really. Jealousy has many forms, and while she did show jealousy towards other women we talked about.  Sarah developed a jealousy for something all together.

Sarah became jealous and fearful of the Intersect 2.0, and why because of what I talked about. The program was designed in letting a spy work by themselves, and as I mentioned above. This didn’t  sit well for Sarah. Her expression the night Chuck downloaded the 2.0 was evident of that.

Sarah shocked and aweChuck never went to train for Kung Fu before.  Suddenly, when he downloads the Intersect, he was able to perform Kung Fu  flawlessly, and it stunned Sarah. It’s hard to fathom for someone who doesn’t understand it.

If watching Chuck become a machine was frightening for her, the news about Chuck was going to be sent to Prague to train was too much of a burden to deal with. If Chuck became a spy there wouldn’t be a need for her in his life, and the rest is history as they say.

When Chuck and Sarah reunite after being away from each other for 6 months. The initial feelings were tested because of Prague still fresh on the mind, but it was just one of the issues. When he is up on the stage, Sarah kept teasing him with her dancing, but it had nothing to do with impressing the mark. It was more at sticking it to Chuck. It’s why when they are dancing. she kept glancing up at the stage.

Sarah making sure Chuck was watching her dance

It’s letting Chuck know what could of been. Remember Sarah doesn’t’ use words. It’s not her character’s make up/ She was trying to make Chuck jealous, but the problem was Chuck was working the floor looking for Javier. He was trying to prove he still can be a functioning spy.

Sarah the girlfriend would appear again later,  as she was watching Chuck from the monitor. She missed him, but the anger still was strong. Six months isn’t that long of a time gap to smooth things over.  It certainty wouldn’t be the case for someone who never put their heart out.

When captured Sarah was trying to get Chuck to focus on getting them out. Something Sarah wasn’t use to. It had been the other way around. She lied to keep him calm and as soon as she did. Chuck was able to flash.

The two find themselves caught in the tower, and Chuck would flash on zip lining, However, Sarah was hesitant at first because Chuck never did it before. It’s another remind on how Chuck may not need her anymore, but with her life on the line she had no other choice.

Again no training priorSarah and Chuck zip line

The skills Chuck were performing are  very new to her and will take time for her to adjust too. The jealousy doesn’t start to kick in until Angel De Le Muerte, when Chuck performs surgery. She gives a very dirty look at watching this.

Sarah not use to the take charge Chuck Are those early concern in her eyes

The fear in her eyes returned once Chuck began performing  surgery.  The fear of losing Chuck has begun to sink in. Something she doesn’t want. However, the man performing  surgery definitely was not the same man she was use to. In other words, she didn’t fall for the post 2.0 Chuck.

Sarah fell in love with the guy below, The lovable nerd, who needed her protection. Her guidance. She loved the feeling of being needed.


She didn’t fall for this guy,  She shows fear at times around this version of Chuck. He may be still Chuck on the inside, but his performance was scaring Sarah.

Thats not the kiss i was expecting

Listening to Chuck speak Thai

After watching Chuck punt Lester into the third Aisle

Sarah really struggling with this version of Chuck

We shall continue on this journey, as we look into Sarah’s struggles with the Intersect 2.0

Chapter two will discuss Sarah’s fear of losing her grip on Chuck was harder for Sarah then she thought.



  1. Interesting take on it, Chris. Still not sure I would use the word “jealousy” when speaking about 2.0 ….maybe not even fearful of the program. The program allowed Chuck to function without her (sort of )…agree there. If she loved him, then she would want him to be better equipped to handle the dangers of the spy world. At this point, she hasn’t tried to talk to Chuck about being a spy (other than the initial, ” Let’s run away,” speech…which was full of lies to get him to give up his dream of being a spy). By Angel de la Muerta, she even knows he wants to become a spy for all the right reasons. As Sean said, she finally understands Chuck. So she’s not jealous of the 2.0 …heck, she has most of those powers anyway !!! It’s now fear of the unknown…as you said, what’s her place in Chuck’s life. Unfortunately, she forgets that he is doing it all for her. But that’s understandable …. she sees her place in Chuck’s life very differently than what Chuck sees. She does see herself as his protector, and probably doesn’t really see herself as someone Chuck could love for herself. She can’t offer Chuck what the other women can, because of her professional responsibilities and her own emotional constipation. Chuck falls in love with her in spite of these shortcomings, because, as Sarah says, he sees the good in everyone.

    So Sarah gets really confused with what happens to Chuck and gets emotional at certain things. When Sarah and shaw are at Chuck’s apartment preparing dinner for Chuck and Hannah, is she jealous ? Is she mad? Is she hurt ? If she’s hurt, why is she hurt? Is she hurt because of what Chuck is doing, or is she hurt because of what she didn’t do or say when she had the chance?

    The only time I saw jealousy from Sarah was with Lou and the “cover” sleep over. That’s because she didn’t know Chuck that well and lost a bit of control over him ( unfamiliar territory for her). She could probably understand the Jill situation, because she had a past with Bryce and could see the comfort in falling back into a relationship like that. ( She didn’t like it, but by then, she had more of an understanding of Chuck). By the time we get to the Suitcase, there may have been a little bit of jealousy in Chuck’s reaction to Sophia, but it was well worth it to see the priceless look Sarah shoots over at Chuck !!!

    • The jealousy I am talking about is bit different than just a woman jealousy of another woman. It’s a woman jealousy of the pace at which the man she loved was changing. Most people like to slowly get adjusted into the change they are witnessing. For Sarah, she didn’t know what kind program the new Intersect was. She did know by one single flash, Chuck would be able to dance Salsa or speaking Mandarin.

      She is jealous that she is fading to the back. While we know its not true because Chuck was looking at building a future with her, but its like Chuck comparing himself to Bryce. He wasn’t good enough for her unless he became a spy. Sarah started to feel like he may not need me anymore. As Chuck thought Sarah was only around because of the Intersect. It’s a strange way to think, but you will see what I mean in Chapter Two.

      As far as Hannah/Sarah and the dinner scene. I compare it to suburbs Gary. Sarah was alive preparing the meal for Chuck. She is flying around the apartment, and even flings a knife at the cheese plate. However, reality struck when she heard their voices. Sarah watching Hannah at dinner with Chuck, Ellie and Awesome. While Prague was a distant memory the rapid changes Chuck was going through, but wait for chapter two as I am writing it up now.

      • Cool….not saying you’re wrong about the jealousy part, just struggling to come up with a more apt emotion….

        And yes, as Sean has mentioned before , it gave Sarah trouble now understanding where she fit into Chuck’s world. Like I said, if he didn’t need her for protection, then why would he need her at all ? Such were Sarah’s insecurities…..I think Sean also mentioned at one point, ” Who could love an assassin ?”

        I just mention Hannah at dinner because it emphasizes Sarah’s confusion. We all know she is hurt …that used to be her spot. But WHY is she hurt ? Is it because Chuck moved on, or did she move on? If Chuck moved on ( as it seems) why did he move on ? Is she hurt because she regrets not saying anything to Chuck when she had the chance ?

        I look forward to Part 2…..

  2. “When captured Sarah was trying to get Chuck to focus on getting them out. Something Sarah wasn’t use to. It had been the other way around. She lied to keep him calm and as soon as she did. ”

    Interesting read overall; but you forgot to mention she was trying to escape without Chuck.

    I think we see a Sarah who is caught up in something she knows little about. Look at it this way:

    1] The dancehall scene saw chuck bleating on about a sniper. Sarah was obviously not interested in hearing from Chuck (we know why) and Chuck went to extreme lengths to try and prove his point. But because Sarah was too wrapped up in not listening to him, the entire mission briefing went south. What sniper?

    2] The sniper turns up and captures Chuck and Sarah. Chuck knows what is happening but Sarah does not. Sarah is unaware of the big picture (a characteristic that will haunt her through Season 3). Things are going on but Sarah is oblivious of them all and just goes with the flow – so they escape.

    3] Chuck pulls a stunt he was practising in Prague to save them both. At this moment in time, Chuck is now reliving his Prague experience but instead of failing. He passes the test. Why? Because Sarah is with him. Again, Sarah is oblivious to what is going through Chuck’s mind.

    As a result, Chuck’s success here, fuels his urge to pursue being a spy in Sarah’s presence. Again Sarah is oblivious to this as Chuck and Sarah do not talk or communicate (for reason we all know).

    So what is going through Sarah’s mind.
    Self-righteousness, pity, anger, anguish, upset, love for Chuck not forgotten and much, much more … Sarah is looking inward. Events go on about her without really seeing them.

    “struggles with the Intersect 2.0”

    This is correct, I agree with this, but no I do not see her being jealous of it. Sarah, like everyone else, does not understand it. So she fears it and what it might do to ‘her guy’ and mean to ‘her life’.

    Is the intersect going to take Chuck away from her?
    That is the question that haunts her, and due to the issues at Prague. Obviously she is never going to approach Chuck and talk about it.

    Stalemate in the communicative relationship between Sarah and Chuck is reached – as a result, up go the blinkers and blinds; but as we will see, they can get over this.

    You can only be jealous of something you understand. So jealousy not so much, more like fear and uncertainty.

    • See thats the thing though, she does understand the intersect. She doesn’t like this version of the intersect.

      She wasn’t bothered by Chuck 1.0 because that version didn’t have skill sets like speaking mandarin or playing mexican music on the spot.

      I think she was scared when she watched Chuck perform surgery. It took a lot of time to get over her jealousy. Think of it this way. A wife getting jealous of her Husband’s new toy that he spends more time with. Does this make sense?

      • “See thats the thing though, she does understand the intersect. She doesn’t like this version of the intersect.”

        This is why I say Sarah versus Fear of the Intersect, rather than jealousy.

        I am still not on the jealousy thing though 😦

      • Sarah could become jealous of the extra attention Chuck gets from everyone else though – like Shaw. Why, because she loses control over Chuck.

        So fear and loss of control makes a very uncertain Sarah.

      • Ever heard the expression, : You spend more time with that new toy then you do with me?

        That’s a woman’s jealousy of a toy she doesn’t understand would get more attention then her.

      • “Ever heard the expression, : You spend more time with that new toy then you do with me?”

        Yes but that is usually something they can pick up and throw out of window if needs be. The intersect is Chuck, its like buying your girlfriend breast implants – you don’t get jealous of them, you get worried that she may go shopping else where (and find a new guy).

      • Sorry, Chris, but I’ve made the point before that Sean is trying to make…she doesn’t seem jealous, she seems fearful. They’re different. Just as the 2 Intersects are different, so Sarah does not know 2.0. There may be similarities ( in that the data base is in there ), but they are different programs because of the abilities it affords Chuck. The jealousy angle just doesn’t seem to fly here.

      • Orion said, the new intersect was still the same with exception of the new designs. It still flashed intel.

        The only difference was the added skills sets. It’s still the Intersect. now 3.0 was a total different prgram

  3. The difference is simple:

    Intersect 1.0 was inside him and worked like a filing system of data.
    Intersect 2.0 did the above but it also converted knowledge into practical skills. So in effect, the intersect 2.0 consumed Chuck and made him think very differently about the world.

  4. What is the difference between a barman and a drunk.

    One sells it, one consumes it. But they both deal with alcohol.
    The alcohol does not change, but the application of the alcohol and its purpose changes.

    • There is such as thing as the new program causing the old computer to be obsolete. We are talking about a bigger program here. Thus, the need for the governor. Orion wasn’t told by Chuck he had downloaded the new intersect, and when Orion came he explained the new Intersect caused the same damage of over time the flashes were caused his brain to fry.

      The newer verison was too much for the original application. Thus, the difference. Still the same computer though in which case it’s Chuck. It’s also why Orion couldn’t complete the design without the help of Ellie Bartowski.

      It’s also why all those that tried to download the Intersect didn’t work because all it was was an upgrade really. As a former IT guy I knew, You can totally delete a program. It’s still there. the template is still in the computer. For purposes of reloads.

      Sarah’s issue with 2.0 was Chuck was disappearing, she said as much, and for a short time frame Chuck was a jerk. we all can agree on that.

      My feeling on Chuck 2.0 was the life Sarah was trying to leave. Sure, she said she had her type. Her type was a hero. There was no one bigger hero than Bartowski.

  5. “It’s also why all those that tried to download the Intersect didn’t work because all it was was an upgrade really.”

    So would intersect 1.0 be an upgrade to what Chuck had as a child?
    However, it did work for Shaw.
    So who knows.

    Although I do see this, Sarah was the teacher in the spy relationship until intersect 2.0 appeared. Then everyone became a pupil.

    Chuck was not in control of intersect 2.0. He was in control of intersect 1.0 and it didn’t turn Chuck into a moron who believed he was a superstar – which puts Sarah on a completely different footing.

    Intersect 2 did change Chuck – he was a moron, Sarah was right. It was only after the red test (which brought him down to earth with a crash) did he regain control of himself.

    • I think he regained control over everything in the Beard…getting everything off his chest with Morgan helped ground him again. I think, like Sarah, he needed to be grounded since he was drifting…Sarah and Chuck kept each other grounded in the first 2 seasons …they used their various breakups to keep each other from flying too far from the other’s comfort zones. Now they needed someone else. Sarah latched onto Shaw, but Chuck couldn’t talk about his real issues with anyone because they were secret. Once he spilled the beans to Morgan…and realized he still loved Sarah, he seemed back to normal. He was willing to give up being a spy AND go to jail to rescue Casey….same as his Red Test.

      • “he seemed back to normal. He was willing to give up being a spy AND go to jail to rescue Casey”

        He still was not in control of himself at that point. There are elements of a heroic Chuck, but one with his emotions all over the place.

        Yes, I think vs The Beard signalled a starting point to the return of Chuck of old; right at the end, when they left Castle (Chuck and Morgan) you could see joy in Sarah’s face that he found his friend again. But it was only the start of his journey back to being himself. The Red Test concluded his journey, so yes, he was the old Chuck by the time he saw Sarah at the restaurant.

        And if you carefully watch the expressions on Sarah’s face, she could see the old Chuck speaking to her when he mentioned keeping just one secret – she wanted to believe him (but being Sarah, she was holding out because she is ‘Doubting Thomas’, she always wants to know everything on Chucks mind – no secrets, no lies). But she was starting to realise that the red test was possibly not all that it seemed.

        Shame Shaw fell through the window, the end of that scene was going in the right direction.

        The restaurant scene is a forgotten key scene for many reasons; which I can relate to later on in the re-watch series.

      • I have been saying for a long time. The fact that the two weren’t communicating about their true feelings things became a standstill. They assumed the other moved on, but miss reads and truly not understand the other’s motives was the spiraling part for both Chuck and Sarah.

        They worked it out quicker before because there wasn’t a serious threat like in this season.

        Think of this,

        Bryce came and went several times so its a different dynamic for Chuck with Shaw living in Burbank.

        Cole came and went but his impact was what lead to Sarah’s Day 564 entry, but again Cole left Burbank and never was heard from again.

        on Sarah’s part

        Lou came conquered but left Chuck after he accused her of dirty deeds. Sarah still has her place.

        Jill was back, but went to the big house. no threat there.

        Hannah really was devastating because she was working with Chuck and like Sarah wanted a personal relationship with Chuck. It’s rough for Chuck and Sarah because the PLI was living in Burbank. A very different situation all together

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